November 2003: Antarion Conversion

Updated November 1, 2003


November is a powerful month of shifting perspectives. It is one of those months in which we enter from one set of realities and exit with an extremely different vantage point of perception.

During November, we will be passing through an Antarion Conversion which can be simply described as a stepping up / stepping down station somewhat similar to the process of moving through a black hole. In order to pass through the Antarion Conversion everything is turned inside out, or more accurately, right side out.

We will officially enter the Antarion Conversion on November 8th during the Lunar Eclipse and exit it on November 23rd during the Solar Eclipse.

Throughout this process many more veils will be lifting, enabling us to see further beyond outer appearances. Deception and misuse of power will be highlighted, allowing many people, including those who could not see it before, to finally perceive what is really going on. The process of making accountable those who have tried to deceive us and those who have greatly misused power shall grow as more and more people realize that this is not an acceptable reality. The ulterior motives of some people in positions of power and influence will be exposed and they will fall from grace during the next year.

For the past several months, many of us have been frustrated at the pace of our transitions into new lives and a new level of being. It has been a constant process of Two Steps Forward / One Step Backward. Every time we feel that we are finally moving forward with energy and focus, the wave we are riding suddenly disappears and we are thrust back into resolving past issues and areas of neglect.

This is happening due to several important factors at play right now.

The first of these has to do with an extension of the very nature of time. During the month of November, time as we have known it is going to change. Our perceptions of time are going to change.

Previously, we divided time into three tidy segments: past, present and future. The past was generally something that we wanted to be done with, while the future was the place of our aspirations. The area of our present was the weakest link since it was so full of the baggage of the past and our hopes for the future that we never gave it our full attention.

Of course, there are always people who try to capture the past and stay frozen in it, either out of fear or the feeling that it would bring security or simply because those were our times of mastery of the old levels. Although we may not have liked it that well, we've regarded the past as the comfortable place of the known. But have we really mastered the past? If we did, then we would now be free of it. It would be merged within us as threads of the weavings of our beings, but we would not still be dealing with its emotional residue and baggage.

There are also those who attempt to live solely in the future. They are always ahead of themselves and no matter what they are doing in the present moment, they are constantly thinking of what they're going to do in five minutes or next week or in a year. This makes the present moment somewhat hollow and unfulfilling.

The past and the future can be perceived of as breaths. The future is our ingoing breath and the past is what we are expelling. The more that we make peace with our pasts and release them, the more space we have to take in the new energies of the future.

All of this takes place within the present moment. Each moment becomes inclusive as we breathe in the future and breathe out the past. As we become aware of this, the present expands and moves forward. Time itself is altered.

We are no longer living in the template of the separation of past and future and can no longer perceive of them as different. Although we might still carry some preferences for the future over the past, for example, this is an illusion that we would do well to release.

Due to this false separation in our perceptions of past and future, we have attached judgments to whatever we happen to be experiencing. If we are "moving forward", it is good; if we are dealing with past issues and emotional residue, it is not so positive-- perhaps, we've lost our track.

Instead, we can look at this in terms of sewing. If we are sewing a seam, we are making a steady line of stitches going in one direction. We are happy with the great progress we are making.

Now, put our current state of Two Steps Forward / One Step Backward into our sewing. When we do this, we don't go as far forward as before. Yet, looking at the stitches, they have become incredibly strong, much stronger than the single line of stitches going all in one direction.

A similar thing happens in astrology when planets go retrograde. It's the thread going backwards to make our stitches stronger.

Once we understand and embrace this process and relax into letting everything unfold in its perfect timing, we can let go of our preferences relating to past and future and just deal with and accept whatever comes up without any judgment. The knots of the past will continue to unravel, melting into our cells, but holding no charge of emotional residue or unresolved issues. We realize that whenever we are dealing with the past, we are also creating our future.

Another factor that we're dealing with now has to do with Right Timing. Perfect timing is everything. When we enter the flow of perfect timing, all things are possible. It's like one of those Chinese puzzle boxes. We have to get all the elements into their proper position, then the box opens to reveal its treasure.

The reverse of this is also true. What doesn't happen is simply not meant to be. It's alright. We may not understand why things are happening the way they are happening right now, but we will later on and we'll see the perfection of the journey.

What I call Major Intersections are around us. These are the rare occurrences that often take lifetimes to get into position. It's that total alignment of Right Time, Right Place. Whenever we reach a Major Intersection, we are given the opportunity to make dramatic changes in our lives and shift levels.

Once we shift levels, we move into infinitely greater alignment with our core beings and life's purpose. When this happens, we can expect major career shifts, new people coming into our lives, perhaps new love relationships, changes of residence, etc. It pretty much hits all aspects of our lives, our beings, and how we do things.

The way to find your Major Intersection is to keep on doing what you've been doing. Recalibrate your being and your surroundings. Clear out the meaningless clutter. Weed through your activities. Accept, merge with and release your past. Be true, real, honest, integrous in all ways possible. Listen to your heart and listen to your body and follow their promptings.

We are in the process of weaving the new fabric of our beings. Everything is being recalibrated and repositioned as we make the shift onto a totally new level which is on a totally new map.

We are constantly being given innumerable experiences for deepening. Each day is full of lessons, choices to become more loving and freer, opportunities to recalibrate our lives and beings.

It's important that we take time for our healing and for undergoing this process. Sometimes, we just have to withdraw from life and be quiet. Don't force yourself to do too much when you need to simply be. This is a very valid part of our evolutionary process. Allow yourself the space to dismantle your being if necessary. Or to expand throughout the myriad universes. Withdrawing and going to bed for the day if necessary are part of our weaving process. They balance out the forward motions. Two Steps Forward / One Step Backward. Activity and non-activity. Doing and being. Not being and not doing. The threads go back and forth.....

And if you are still feeling frustrated, remember that frustration is the irritant which brings change. (The grain of sand in the oyster which births the pearl.) Comb through your past and see if there are any areas which still need forgiveness. Forgive, merge, let go and move on. Then take a good look at yourself and locate the areas where you are not being true to yourself. And ask yourself, why not? Then strip off the layers and be real.

We are all being continually bombarded and deeply affected by the eruptions on our Sun which is also moving with us to a new level. Deep within our cells, we feel the imbalance on this planet-- the violence, starvation, suffering, greed, hatred, ignorance, etc. It's healthy to feel this as long as we remain large and balanced within ourselves. As long as we embrace the many within the One. Sometimes, it's easy to become overwhelmed or depressed. When that happens, just remember, "Two Steps Forward / One Step Backward". The weaving grows stronger every day.

Another thing to watch for are wild cards. They are definitely in the picture in November. As the Winds of Change stir up again, some wild cards my be blown into our lives. These are elements that we just couldn't possibly imagine, that fly into our lives totally out of the blue. Wild cards are always surprising, but most helpful as long as we are open to them.

During November, we will still be in the snow globe, shaking around with many of the elements of our lives all mixed up in the air. After the Solar Eclipse on November 23rd, watch for some of the known elements, as well as some unknown elements, to start landing in their new positions.

About the Harmonic Concordance event on November 8th & 9th:

When I first heard of this event, it didn't have much of a resonance. I looked at the astrological charts and saw that the configurations were created using the asteroid Chiron which felt like stretching the facts a bit. The stated purpose of the Harmonic Concordance as the ascension of Earth and all beings, also didn't feel vital and tingly.

However, while feeling the energies of this month, it becomes obvious that this unified focus on November 8th & 9th is quite timely. It will serve as our method of propulsion to move through the Antarion Conversion into a greater understanding and experience of the true nature of time. I have heard November 8th described as a "tear in the fabric of time". I don't see it as a tear, but as an opening or extension of time which will occur from November 8th - 23rd.

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All Rights Reserved


We can choose to let go of fear and replace it with Oneness.
Fear is an excretion of duality and separation. When we consciously inhabit our One Being, we are living in the Greater Reality where fear cannot exist.

We don't need to compromise our Integrity.
Our integrity is one of the foundation stones of our beings. If it's full of holes or cracks, then everything which is built on top of it is flawed. It's essential that we continue to strengthen and refine our integrity.

Don't Take Things Personally!
Please remember that many of us are experiencing similar things. It's not just happening to you. These are undeniably strange times. We must all constantly LOOK LARGER and see what is really going on.

Dive Deep & Discover Who You Are:
This is the time to get back in touch with our real Selves. To ask ourselves many questions such as, "Who am I?", "What makes me happy?" "What work do I really want to be doing?" & "How can I create the kind of life that I really want?"

Let Go & Become Freer:
Let go of all unnecessary activities, friendships and clutter. Strip everything down to what really resonates with your Core Being. Each time that we release something which has become weighty, we become lighter and freer.

Stay Positive By Remembering WHAT IS REALLY GOING ON:
We don't need to fear change. Yes, it is powerful and often totally beyond our control. Try to see change as exciting and as a renewal. When our old foundations crumble, it's time to build new ones.

Watch Out For Occasional Sinkholes :
Sinkholes are places where the ground suddenly sinks underneath our feet. Without warning, we find ourselves in a deep pit. When this happens, it's easy to get discouraged and depressed. However, this condition is only temporary. Be like water and keep your love flowing. Soon the sinkhole will fill up and you will be released.

Find Effective Ways To Deal With Stress:
When things get intense around us, it's easy to lose it and become stressed out. It's important that we find ways to deal with stress: Try hot baths, exercise, long walks, meditation, swimming, dancing, massage, gardening, spending the day in bed. Whatever it takes. Just be aware when your stress levels are rising and take immediate action.

Don't Buy Into Duality:
There are no "Good Guys" and "Bad Guys". There are no "Good Countries" & "Bad Countries". There are no "Good Religions" & "Bad Religions". There is only the One!

Continually Look Beyond Outer Appearances:
Nothing is as it appears to be. Step out of any residue of fear or anger and take a good, clear look at what is really happening. Don't take anyone's word on what is happening. Don't blindly follow authority figures. Figure it out for yourself from a place of vastness and all encompassing Love.

Strengthen Your Compassion:
There is simply not enough compassion on the Earth at this time. Many of us are feeling assaulted by the energies of anger and fear. It's a challenging time with duality running amok. This is exactly when compassion is most needed. Consciously become an embodiment of compassion. Be like the Sun which has no personal favorites and extend your compassion to all things equally.

Rerouting Opportunities Abound:
Whenever there are blockages or things don't happen quite as you would like them to, simply understand that things are being rerouted to bring them into alignment with the state of RIGHT TIME, RIGHT PLACE.

When New Doorways Open, Leap!... Then Leap Again:
There is no time to sit and ponder whether we should take these new opportunities which are being presented to us. If it feels right, do it. Leap! And then Leap Again!

Don't Try To Hold On To The Elements Which Are Going Out Of Our Lives:
Many people and situations are going to be leaving our lives. The resonance is shifting dramatically, making this a natural occurrence. Let go gracefully and wish them well.

Emptiness Is Good:
If you feel empty, embrace that feeling. It's a good thing and something which all of us experience when huge chunks of our old ways of being and doing things leaves our lives. This is a pregnant emptiness, a sacred place where we await the birth of the New.

Spend Time Each Day Embodying Your Vastness, Showering The Earth And All Its Inhabitants With Love:

Inhabit Our One Being At All Times:
As we consciously live in our One being, we nourish and strengthen the resonance of Oneness throughout the world.



We are creating the templates for our future now!

Enjoy this wild ride into the New.

Let's fearlessly love with our whole beings!

Be constantly open to the unexpected!

BE REAL, no matter what!

Copyright 2003 by Solara. All Rights Reserved.