Solara's November 2006 Surf Report
Opening our Sealed Orders


Opening our Sealed Orders

During October, huge waves of Quantum Surf rolled in causing a noticeable intensification of the energies. We experienced sudden power surges and sometimes felt that we were burning up with fire. When this happened, tremendous heat coursed throughout our body, sometimes causing us to be drenched in sweat even in cool weather. These were the Fires of Purification stripping us down to the core. And indeed, much was burned away from us, enabling us to reach yet another new level where it has now become imperative to let go of several more layers.

We are shedding many skins at this time. This is especially emphasized in the areas which have passed their expiration dates. This includes areas of previous mastery, old contracts with soul groups and individuals, outdated spiritual practices and concepts, old vows that have been in effect for countless lifetimes and roles that we have now outgrown. We need to go through the cupboards of our being and throw out all that has now expired. If we don't, we will find that anything which has expired will become spoiled and distorted and hold us back from doing what we are really meant to do.

The intensity of October's Quantum Surf also caused an immense deepening of our feelings. Surges of powerful love washed through us, often when we least expected it, blasting open our hearts way beyond our previous boundaries. Keeping our balance while we surfed such intense Waves of Love was extremely challenging at times. Love seared us to the core and burned away much of the dross of the old. Whenever this happens, it greatly helps to see ourselves as a petal of the Lotus Heart; this will help keep us grounded.

This deepening of our Love will continue to intensify throughout November and far beyond, for we are shifting emotional bodies, moving from the One Heart into the Lotus Heart. As we do, the artificial split between the fulfillment of our most intimately personal desires and our service to the One will dissolve. They will merge into one and we will no longer have to choose between them.

For the past few months it has become increasingly obvious that we can no longer live with a foot in both worlds. Although many of us have long tried to straddle the worlds of duality and Oneness, it no longer works. Nor can we attempt to jump back and forth between duality and Oneness. If we continue to try to do it, we will be pulled apart. We can no longer live true by compromising ourselves in any manner, for it will ultimately destroy us. We must live what we know to be real and express the integrity of our full being in every moment.

During this time, a massive reshuffling is taking place. Many important elements of our lives, including jobs, places of residence, possessions, long established beliefs and people are appearing and disappearing from our lives. We need to pay special attention to the new people we encounter, for many of them will play important roles in our future.

It really reminds me of the time of the evacuation of Atlantis which I wrote about in my book, "The Legend of Altazar". This was when we were assigned to the long, low, covered wooden boats which were to take us forth to our new lives. Each boat was given Sealed Orders for their new destination to be opened at an appointed time. And although many boats set off, few made it to their appointed destinations.

We have all carried a set of personal Sealed Orders with us for a very long time. These could not be forced open until we began building our New Foundations. And they have finally begun to open.... Our New Matrix is being revealed.

Right now, some of us are already heading into our true directions. Our Sealed Orders are steadily being revealed. As our journey progresses, we will find that there are many others sharing the same new boat with us. These ones will become the key people in our new lives. Our connection will be effortless, exciting, inspiring and extremely comfortable with an abundance of love, respect and integrity. We will suddenly see a large round table in front of us. It has been there since the beginning of time, waiting for us to take our true positions in our appointed seats. As soon as a few of us are seated at our round table, the energies will intensify and deepen as our journey into our new lives will quicken and accelerate. We will be effortlessly propelled into our new positions. And more of the empty seats will soon be filled with the people that we've been waiting to reconnect with for a very long time. Then the second set of Sealed Orders, our collective Sealed Orders, will start to open....

Others are still veering off towards an illusionary course, focusing solely on the fulfillment of their own personal desires or ignoring their personal desires and focusing solely on serving others, without serving themselves. Neither of these paths is complete in itself and neither of these paths will get us to where we most want to go. If you are on one of these boats, it's time to jump ship and leap into the Sea of Love.

Before you jump, remember to let go of everything that has expired, including your past areas of mastery, outdated roles, old contracts and vows, limited concepts and old tools--- for if you try to hold onto any of them, they will pull you under. To jump ship, we need to suspend all judgment, blame and guilt for these are all duality-based and no longer real. Judgment is like carrying heavy stones. We carry them whenever we judge others or when we are judged. We no longer need to be encumbered that way, for if we are, we will definitely sink. We can suspend judgment by looking at everything with new eyes and expanded understanding. Instead of making a judgment or taking on a judgment that was placed on you, let it just hang there in a state of suspension. Then, the heavy weight of judgment will have no effect on you and won't pull you down.

Yes, it can be dangerous swimming in the powerful currents of the Sea of Love. And it's definitely full of the very real, but temporary, extreme discomfort of dismantling our beings, feeling so raw and vulnerable, and letting go of any sense of control while we dive into the uncharted realms of the Unknown, but if we swim in the direction indicated by the compass of our hearts, we will find our right boat and our rightful people. And once we do, we will be warmly welcomed and our Sealed Orders will open....

Most of our journey through duality has been made by climbing up an endless flight of stairs. Going up stairs requires constant effort and makes us extremely weary for there are few resting places where we can renew ourselves along the way. We can't get a good perspective on what's around us since we always need to be watching the stairs so we won't fall off. Climbing stairs was the method of conveyance on our old journey through the realms of duality and it's not necessary anymore. Stairs won't take us to where we most want and need to go. The stairs also represent our old concepts and beliefs and our old paths of spirituality and religion. Despite all our constant efforts, we can never make it to the top of the stairs.

Once we start placing stones into our New Foundations, the floodgates open and the New pours in. During this time, we can definitely expect the Unexpected. Many new Wild Cards will be coming to us from out of the blue. We will be constantly led to new places and new situations that are perfect for us. We enter the empowered state of RIGHT TIME - RIGHT PLACE and move from the stairs to a conveyor belt. This conveyor belt is similar to the slanted conveyor belts that take boxes into a warehouse. Once we are on the conveyor belt, we can relax a bit and take a good look at what's below us to get a new, greatly expanded perspective on what is real. Traveling on the conveyor belt enables us to constantly LOOK LARGER.

While stairs require much effort, conveyor belts require balance. To travel on the conveyor belts, we must be in the HERE AND NOW with our full beings and must constantly rebalance and clean out the energies of our selves and our home environment. We also need to be totally honest with ourselves and others. If we have any resistance, doubts or fear, we can easily become unbalanced and fall off the side. If we carry too much baggage from the past, we will be thrown off. An essential component of our balance is our interconnectedness as One Being. As long as we feel this and remember that we are One, we will not fall off the conveyor belt.

As we ride the conveyor belts into the New, they will steadily speed up until everything becomes a blur. Time, Space and Distance continue to dissolve into the HERE AND NOW.

This journey doesn't take the huge effort that climbing the stairs did, but it is extremely intense. Traveling on the conveyor belt takes us on a direct trajectory into our New Lives. Going from HERE to THERE becomes infinitely easier than we can presently imagine.

We don't need to think about our futures or search for them as we are heading right towards them. We don't need to search for our True Loves, for they will be naturally drawn to us. We simply need to reset our hearts into the expanded state of the Lotus Heart, much like opening the aperture of an old fashioned camera lens. Set them into the wide open Lotus Love position. Then do what's in front of you with your full being. Before we know it, we will be deposited at the entrance of our new front door.

Quantum Surf of varying intensity will be in effect for the rest of the year. The waves of this Quantum Surf are so huge that often we cannot see or feel them. What we do feel is their force which propels us off the map of the known into something yet undefinable.

If we're still trying to straddle duality and Oneness, then we could easily lose our footing and get pulled under. Everyone is going to be affected by the Quantum Surf, but not everyone will know what to do with it. This may cause confusion, misunderstandings, distortion, a sense of separation and sudden flare ups of anger. Because of this, it's vitally important that we stay in physical communication with those we are closest to and clear out any weirdness as soon as it appears.

If we have our full being firmly planted on a really big surfboard, we'll do fine. It is our openness and willingness that will enable us to see it through and reach the shores of our new lives. We will actually enjoy riding these Wild Waves of the New for we know on the deepest levels that we are being set free of the past and propelled into new directions. It's going to be fun and exhilarating! We will be in the prime spot for lasting breakthroughs, major revelations, surges of immense Love, and brilliant new opportunities. Holding our finally opened Sealed Orders in our hands.

Sailing on the Sea of Love....



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