Solara's November 2008 Surf Report

Flipping It Over

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We are urgently seeking a Benefactor to help us move onto our next level.




November is an extremely powerful transitional month full of monolithic shifts and major breakthroughs. The shifts that occur will not only affect us deeply on a personal level, but they will dramatically alter our known landscape with an influx of the New and totally Unexpected.

November is one of those months when who we are when we enter the month and who we are as we exit the month are significantly different. We will be profoundly changed by what we experience this month. November will take us on a wild, transformational ride to an entirely new landscape, one that we won't be able to see or imagine until we actually arrive there.

Because of this, we are undergoing a thorough recalibration that will enable us to make the massive leaps available in November. Our Express Trains into the New are being refitted with streamlined titanium wheels that will enable them to travel on the super Fast Track that lies just ahead.

November will bring us several new, and often completely unexpected, openings with lots of long sought information, giving us key pieces of the jigsaw puzzle of our New Lives. We will have numerous profound revelations that may completely reconfigure what we previously thought to be true. We will encounter new kindred people with whom we share a deep alignment of both essence and purpose. We will receive major glimpses of our New Landscape. More of our Sealed Orders will burst open, aligning us with the emerging next level of our true purpose.

The Wheel of Destiny will make a major turn....


As we move closer to our new, infinitely truer level, many glitches, blockages, old wounds and stuck patterns in our personal and planetary matrixes are coming up to the surface to be healed, transformed or simply taken out of the matrix. These glitches can come up quickly when we least expect them. Whenever this happens, it doesn't help at all to stop and try to process them on their old level. This just creates a distraction that takes us off course. Instead, deluge them with Pure Heart Love. Use !! Xuá !! to wash them away.

!! Xuá !! (pronounced Zzwah!) is the sound of a wave and is part of the absolutely brilliant filtering system of the Lotus World. This sound, accompanied by vigorously raising your arms high above your head from an arms down at the side, palms facing forward position, can instantly remove blockages from the matrix. It can also clear the path in front of you. It is simple, but highly effective.

Each time that old hurts, glitches, knots and patterns are cleared out, the old matrix reconfigures and rebalances. There is an almost instantaneous shift in the matrix causing miraculous manifestations and breakthroughs to occur.

The same is true when any divisive feelings of separation happen. We need to watch out for the slightest hints of separation and immediately !! Xuá !! them away, instantly transforming them into LOVE and ONENESS.


We are also dealing with the return of our Forlorn Fragments, scattered pieces of our selves which have long been separated from us. Some of them got stuck in past lives or were left in geographical locations that we had strong connections with in times past. Other fragments we gave away to people who had powerful impacts on us, whether they be past lovers, adversaries or ones we revered, such as gurus and other authority figures. We now need to call in all the Forlorn Fragments of our being that have been scattered in the past, present or future. We can call them to spiral back into us. Once they do, they become threads of our beings in our tapestry of Oneness, allowing us to become more whole and more present in the HERE and NOW.


Many people are feeling fear at this time. In order to transform our fear, we have to remain true to what we know is REALLY happening and anchor our beings in the Ultra Greater Reality. Fear cannot exist in the frequency band of the Ultra Greater Reality. Neither can scarcity exist. Instead of focusing on the lack of funds in our physical bank accounts, it's time to call in our hidden bank accounts. (We all have them.) In order to do this, we must step fully in, embrace our true authority as Queen of Queens or King of Kings, and willingly take on the responsibility for this momentous changeover from duality to Oneness. This is why we are here at this time and this is what we came here to do.

Right now, many of us have been abdicating our true authority and our rightful positions to turn our back on our true destiny. Amazingly, right at the moment when it is most needed to step in, some are walking away to sit on the sidelines. Much of this is happening because of our old fears of misusing our power, as well as our old fears of being attacked for speaking our truth. We have to realize that we are not the same people that we were back then; we can no longer walk away from cleanly expressing our true power and authority. This is not the time to be a passive observer. It is time to leap in right into the heart of it all.

Numerous resistances are around us even when we don't know that they're around. But we don't need to know their details. !! Xuá !! anything that feels tight or uncomfortable. !! Xuá !! anything that feels untrue or non integrous. !! Xuá !! anything that makes you feel small and powerless.

Right now, there is a very thin membrane between everything that beats us down and makes us feel small and diminished, and the clicking into position which opens the clear path to the fulfillment of our Wildest Dreams. It just requires a subtle adjustment that happens when we step fully in. This totally changes everything. Then we Flip It Over!

The super intensity that we are currently experiencing is perfect training so we will be able to function clearly in the chaotic times ahead as the entire planet shifts reality systems. Yet, we all need to let go of the element of struggle while we are being severely tested and occasionally slammed and instead focus solely on the pure energy level. When we do, everything calms down considerably.

Since this is such a powerful time with a profusion of elements both dying away and getting born, many of us are finding that while it's easy and refreshing to be with people on our same level, as well as those who are normal and real, that it's becoming almost impossible to be with those who are still stubbornly resisting fully stepping into their True Core Beings.


Many of us are still dealing with our Perfect Storms. Some are denying their Perfect Storm or trying to avoid it. We really don't want to walk away from our Perfect Storm because if we do, we will drastically alter our destiny. We will be walking away from the opportunity of a lifetime.

After we move past our walls of fear and courageously walk into our Perfect Storm, the fear subsides. The next challenge is not to get so drawn into our Perfect Storm that it sucks us in and consumes us. The stance that we need to take is a greatly expanded one. We need to be much vaster than our Perfect Storm at all times.

Perfect Storms are extremely intense and require much of our attention. Reaching the eye of the Perfect Storm is our final initiation of duality, but it is not our ultimate destination. It is merely part of the path that we travel on to become fully present and to reach our New Life.

Inside our Perfect Storm, we are dealing with many Gordian Knot type of situations. These are situations which seem impossible to unravel. The key to mastering your Gordian Knot is to not regard it as a knot. See it as something else. Don't try to untie it as you would a knot; instead find a wildly original solution. Just like Alexander the Great did when he encountered the original Gordian Knot. Although many had tried to untie the knot for hundreds of years, all he had to do was bring out his sword and cut the knot in two! Our desired solutions are as easy as that. We don't have to be intimidated by what appears to block our path; instead we can expand our beings so we can clearly see the way to dissolve the knot once and for all.


Right now, we all need to step up a level. All of us! Even those of us who have been comfortably residing on the plateau of their old mastery. These old plateaus are now crumbling. Many good people who have been living lives dedicated to mastery and service are now receiving huge wake-up calls. These wake-up calls are coming from outside their usual realms of mastery and they hit hard. This is not happening because their old levels of mastery and service weren't good; they were. But they simply aren't strong enough for the critical times we are in. We all need to step it up and get extra real and true, regardless of our previous mastery. It has never been so vitally important. We are in the Time of Completion. And this doesn't occur very often.

As always, it is much easier to make the leap voluntarily, rather than to wait until you are pushed off the plateau when it crumbles. And we can't attach any preconditions to leaping. We simply leap into the Unknown with our full being. There is no visible safety net except for our own inner knowing and sense of rightness.

This is no longer the time to be alone or isolated. Hibernation season is over. All the hermits are being called back into the world to help us through this monumental Time of Completion.

Our greatest success comes from working together as One Being. This will take us to the new level called One Being in Action which is the keynote of 9th Gate. Our greatest joy comes from working together with others who are on a similar level. We need to support those who know who they are, for they are also the ones who know who we are. We are here to help each other stay true and remain focused on what needs to be done.


There will be lots of super Choppy Surf as the New Matrix gets born. Many new energies are coming in. This includes information, people, places and major revelations. Many new openings will appear in November. Sometimes it will feel like we are traversing an obstacle course or a minefield, but if we remain true to who we are, we will find our way through. Go step by step, but always keep the focus of your true destination. Otherwise, we will become distracted and lose our way. Distraction is a big trap right now; we always need to remain on the lookout for it.

No matter what, don't let the energies fall and don't fall back into your old habits and patterns.

It's very easy to get overloaded with too much input. When this happens, it's essential that we allow ourselves time to download all the energies, information, tasks and responsibilities coming at us, and empty out our beings. We can do this just by lying down for fifteen minutes or by taking a short walk in nature.

There is so much at stake right now that we are being given no down time; we are working night and day to birth the New Matrix. Often we are working even harder at night while we are asleep than we do in the daytime. Many of us are having profound dreams and constant revelations.

Transform the place that you're in right now. We need to do this before we can move to our new place. There is still work that we have to do where we are or we wouldn't still be here.

Bring your New Self out into your relations with others and find a way to serve your community.

Bring your inner core being all the way out to the surface so it is totally visible. Step fully in. This is the most important thing we can do.



In one of October's Surf Updates, I briefly mentioned the resistance that many of the Second Wave people are currently experiencing. After this, I received many emails asking for more information. So here is a brief summary of First and Second Wave. I go into this in much greater depth in the upcoming new edition of "The Star-Borne".

First Wave people are aligned with the Master Number 11. We have been on Earth for a very, very long time. This has given us a lot of ancient knowledge, earth experience and deep wisdom. Throughout our many lifetimes, we have seen and experienced almost everything. We are the workhorses who have been plugging away for lifetimes to get us to the point where we are today. Our job was to Anchor the New by inserting the Greater Reality into duality. Since we have been here so long, working so hard in rather adverse conditions of extreme density, many of us are quite tired of carrying the weight of this immense responsibility by ourselves. We have done the job that we came here to do and we are ready to go to our next level. Now it is time for sceptres to be passed....

Second Wave people are aligned with the Master Number 22. They have much less ancient knowledge and earth experience, but they do have an openness, fresh creativity and lots of energy. The Second Wave are here to Build the New. Their job could not begin until the First Wave finished Anchoring the New. Now the time has come for the Second Wave to leap into action. It's time for them to accept the sceptres that are being handed to them and share the responsibility.

This is what I wrote about the Second Wave in the Surf Update:

This wall of resistance is mainly coming from those of the Second Wave, the 22s. These are the ones with massive creativity swirling around inside them, the ones who are here to Build upon the New. They are the fresh troops who are meant to take over from the ones of us of the First Wave who have been on the front lines for aeons.

Many of the Second Wave have been sitting on the sidelines for a long time, gathering earthly experiences, talking about what they are going to create in the future, doing spiritual practices or taking drugs, being immensely bored and impatient. Now that it's finally time for them to leap into action and start receiving sceptres, many of them are hitting a huge wall of resistance and self sabotage. Some of this comes from the laziness they developed from not having to do anything important for such a long time. Some of this is caused by their fears of their own power and magnificence since they've never had to put themselves to the test. If you are Second Wave, it's vitally important that you step in RIGHT NOW! THIS IS IT. The time you've been waiting for is here!

There is also a very special, somewhat rare, third category of people who arrived on this planet between the First and Second Wave, but belong to neither of them. They serve as bridges or connectors between the First and Second Wave. Most of them were born in the mid 1970s. There are not nearly as many of them as there are First and Second Wave. The bridge people are vitally important because they understand the arduousness of what the First Wave experienced and have great compassion for them. (This is something that many Second Wave don't understand. They often see the First Wave as simply tired and old, rather than acknowledging what they achieved for all of us.) Bridge people can also readily communicate with and understand the Second Wave. This makes their role as intermediaries especially important.

There is much for the Second Wave to learn from the First Wave and the Second Wave brings in the fresh energy that the First Wave so desperately needs. And the Bridge people will connect it all together.

What is truly unique about the time we are in is that it's the first, and perhaps only, occasion in which all of us -- First Wave, Second Wave and Bridge people -- are greatly needed to work together as ONE BEING.



Throughout November we will be experiencing Quantum Surf of Tsunamis proportions. To successfully traverse this month, we all need to reach into the furthest depths of the well of our beings and bring up to the surface previously unseen levels of our mastery. November requires us to utilize all the skills we have developed so far and all the mastery we have acquired. Then we need to move everything to a totally new level.

Another very important component of this time is the seemingly random order in which things are taking place. Our old logical progression of going from Point A to Point B has totally disappeared. Instead, the clearest path between A and B may involve a detour to Point S, then Point F, then Point W. By the time we reach Point W, we may suddenly realize that Point B wasn't our right destination after all and that our true destination is Point N. It's confusing for sure, but it's also absolutely perfect. Every step along the way is absolutely necessary and serves a great purpose. Our Express Trains are picking up new passengers and we are finding some of our Hidden Treasures and acquiring needed information and insights.

In November, we need to Push It Through. If we do, we will find that the same amount of effort is having a larger effect. Major shifts will occur as long as we are willing to step it up and move to a new level by coming fully in. We are on the brink of obtaining what we really want and of doing what we came here to do.

Things are finally clicking into their rightful positions. We are getting a much clearer sense of right timing. Whenever you see an opening, leap through instantly, for sometimes they don't stay open for very long. Hone your sense of Right Time - Right Place and you will enter the super Fast Track with a steady progression of Green Lights.

There are many special occurrences in November. At times, it will feel like ripe, juicy melons are dropping down to us from heaven. This signifies an unexpected blessing. You might receive money out of the blue, get offered an exciting new job, or an opportunity that you never thought of. I received a melon last week when a realtor contacted me out of the blue and asked if I wanted to take part in a realtor caravan in which around thirty realtors came to look at my house.

Unexpected Sacred Bonuses are also happening. I received one last week when after booking my tickets to South America, I realized that we didn't have enough time in some key places of our journey. A few days later, I looked at our schedule again to discover that I had miscalculated the amount of days and we suddenly had extra days in all the places where they were most needed. A true Sacred Bonus!

We will also be finding some significant Hidden Treasures. They can come in the form of an object, a person, place or information. The nature of Hidden Treasures is that they never reveal themselves until the very moment we encounter them, and they are encountered when we least expect them. We need to remain ever vigilant so we don't miss them. Each time we find a Hidden Treasure, the corresponding part of our Cellular Memory Bank is activated and more threads are added to our beings.

In November we will develop an enhanced 360' vision. This will enable us to see things that we've never seen before and didn't know existed. It will come easily because we've already done the work. We will see some physical manifestations of the fruits of our efforts from the past two years or more. Glimpses of our New Lives, One True Loves, new purpose. We had no idea it would take so long and require so much work; yet now it is finally coming in.

Here is a very brief map of what lies ahead:

Expand your being by stepping fully in.

Get into the Central Core of the Labyrinth.

Find your Perfect Storm and walk into it.

Walk through your walls of fear.

Pass through all the bands of the storm until you finally reach the Eye of the Storm in the center of the core.

Expand into the Lotus Heart until it encompasses the entire labyrinth.

Experience a Major Intersection in the Central Core of the Labyrinth.

Then everything flips over and turns inside out.

This month, some of us will finally experience the long awaited Major Intersection at the Core of the Labyrinth. This is when everything flips over and turns inside out. From that moment onwards, nothing will ever be the same. Everything will be massively rearranged as waves upon waves ripple forth in all directions from the Centerpoint.

Once we flip things over, everything will manifest quickly and easily. All will feel new, even if we're still in our old situations.

November also contains major elements of repatterning the past and taking it to a new level. Since we are birthing an entirely New Matrix, we will soon be starting a totally new evolutionary cycle. This will officially occur at next year's 8th Gate Activation. Each vast new cycle is known as a MUA, which is the place of a new beginning on a grand scale. (MUA is a Tahitian word that means "In the beginning, before anything else.") One of the purposes of my trip to South America this month is to reconnect with ancient places of earlier MUAs. Then we will weave them together with the new MUA that is being born.

After that, we will take our first steps with sureness and clarity into a totally new landscape. We need to be ultra aware and ultra alert and make our steps the elegant ones of a Queen of Queens or King of Kings. It will be like riding a white horse into a pristine, sacred valley, following a trail that is outlined with white peacock feathers.





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We are creating the templates for our future now!

Enjoy this wild ride into the New.

Let's fearlessly love with our whole beings!

Be constantly open to the Unexpected!

BE REAL, no matter what!