Solara's November 2010 Surf Report
The New Navigation


On the Path of LOVE



The New Navigation

Many of us have had a challenging year with little outer confirmation that we were on the right track and that things would happen as we would like them to. Yet, for those of us who persevered in strengthening our Trueness, our internal knowingness has grown ever stronger until we no longer require outer confirmation. We no longer need to know the details of how, when, where or why. Once we changed our internal landscape, our outer landscape started experiencing dramatic changes. This brought us to where we are right now.

We have reached the last steps of our Final Miles and are now aligning with our new coordinates. We are in a Major Intersection of RIGHT TIME - RIGHT PLACE that enables us to make sweeping, decisive changes in our lives. We are being unhooked from our old set of coordinates. And it feels immensely liberating.

October was a key, pivotal month that brought us a powerful infusion of the fresh new energy of the New and True. It called forth our Trueness as never before. The True Ones are emerging. This emergence of the True Ones has set off a cosmic trigger, causing massive waves of change to spread out in all the directions, like rows upon rows of dominos all tipping over into new positions. These waves are touching all areas of our lives and washing away anything within us that cannot coexist with True One energy. They are washing away any elements in our outer lives that don't resonate with our internal Trueness and giving us increased clarity. A huge releasing of old and misaligned energy is going on all over the world.

The emergence of the True Ones has propelled us into a wondrous New World. This New World is aligned with our new coordinates and is exquisitely beautiful. It is sparkling with the promise of fulfillment far beyond our Wildest Dreams. The New World feels amazing. It's so clear and uncluttered. The resonance of PURE HEART LOVE has never been stronger. Everything feels as if it has been washed in a cleansing rain and dried in a brand new Sun. And now, even the ground that we walk upon and the air we breathe feels different....

Everything is becoming increasingly lighter and clearer since we emerged as True Ones. All our preconditioning is dropping away. A massively thorough cleansing is taking place on an unprecedented scale. We are shedding the final, most hidden, layers of old emotional residue. We are releasing long forgotten, ancient memories that were embedded into our cells from past lifetimes. These are memories that we long carried, but didn't consciously remember. Yet, they have had a strong influence upon us and upon everything we experienced. Now, they are finally dissolving away.

Since October's infusion of new energies, many of us feel as if we are hovering between our old world and our New True Life. We feel as if we are hovering between our old selves and our New True Self. Some of us have the feeling of not knowing who we really are anymore. This is because the transition between the old world and the New World is so immense.

If we are still in the catterfly / butterpillar stage, we may look in the mirror and not recognize ourselves. It may look like a stranger in the mirror looking back at us. We may not like the way we look. But as we continue to emerge as True Ones, we will suddenly start looking like ourselves again, only in a more enhanced, more concentrated and more real way. We will see ourself as a True One, and this will feel so good.

As we take our first steps into the New World, it is similar to water rising in a lake that has long been held in check by a giant dam. Finally, the water rises so high that the dam breaks. Water spills forth in all directions, flooding everything in its path. Villages of our outdated concepts are swept away, trees that anchored our fears and insecurities are uprooted, doubts of our internal knowingness are washed away, limiting beliefs about ourselves are dissolved in the flood of water.

Bits of debris are floating everywhere and occasionally we bump into them. An old story from our childhood surfaces like a bubble, then pops and disappears back into the nothingness from which it arose. A fleeting emotion brings us to instant tears and is immediately gone. Or we may encounter pockets of Choppy Surf formed by the debris that temporarily knock us out of balance. None of this debris is very solid or real. Even when we bump into the bits and pieces of our old lives, old personas, old ways of doing things and old ways of being, we simply continue moving forward into the New and True.

As we emerge more fully as True Ones, we start to discover that we are no longer carrying an overlay of old emotions with us. Instead, there is the sense of emerging from the Ultimate Perfect Storm into the brilliant dawn of a fresh new day. We have been liberated from all the old hurts of the past, our burdens have immeasurably lightened and there is a large smile in our heart.


First, Second, Third Waves & Bridges

During our 11:11 Ninth Gate Activation in Bali on October 25th, we formed a procession in groups of Waves and Bridges. Gathering together with others of the same Wave was a huge learning experience. Here's a brief recap of what we learned.


First Waves are now experiencing a deep liberation. They are passing on many sceptres of responsibility and knowledge and are feeling immense relief. They are letting go of control and are now actually having fun!

The First Wave led our procession. They didn't need to practice their movements much since they already had lifetimes of training. First Waves entered the planet with confidence in a state of vastness. They carried their sceptres with calm authority. Then they suddenly held their sceptres on high and tossed them in the air to the Bridges -- some of whom ducked out of old reflex patterns so they wouldn't have to catch them. After releasing their sceptres, the First Wave experienced a profound shift. Lifetimes of tiredness suddenly evaporated. They became embodiments of PURE HEART LOVE and walked along with a quiet joyfulness.


The time has come for all the Bridges to step forward. They need to toughen up quickly and let go of any lingering reluctance or fears of stepping into positions of authority and responsibility. They can do this much more easily once they realize that they don't have to carry this responsibility all by themselves, as First Waves did.

Some Bridges speak First Wave language, while others speak Second Wave language. Bridges 1 and Bridges 2 had very different earthly experiences and have very different responses. First Wave Bridges tend to be more serious and deep with a strong affinity and compassion for the First Wave. The Second Wave Bridges take things more lightly and like to have fun. They are more aligned with the Second Wave and sometimes question whether the knowledge and experience of the First Wave is needed anymore.


The First Wave Bridges had a much heavier immersion into the world of duality than Second Wave Bridges. They entered the planet full of confidence and enthusiasm only to be crushed by the weight of duality. They also felt that they had to quickly catch up with the hard experiences of the First Wave, so they threw themselves into many challenging and extremely dense situations. While this was damaging to some of them, the hardship and pain did have the effect of deepening them. The First Wave had long awaited the arrival of the first Bridges and were very disheartened to see their triumphant arrival dissipate as the First Wave Bridges constantly took two steps forward and one step back.

First Wave Bridges needed to develop the understanding of what is going on in other people; this is why they are so good at communicating with First Waves. They feel more secure when they have solid structures and pre-defined communication patterns. They feel uneasy and a bit lost in undefined or wide open situations. Many of them felt that they needed extensive education from established institutions to give them validation from a source outside of themselves, before they felt qualified to share the immense knowledge that they already contained within them. They are immensely capable and have numerous much needed skills. They have a deep understanding of energy and can maintain the integrity of it. First Wave Bridges really don't want to be on the front line and would rather assist in the background than be in charge. But they also know that they are meant to be at the forefront and are finally stepping forward. It is now time for First Wave Bridges to share what they know.

At Ninth Gate, it took a while for the First Wave Bridges to align with each other and work together. Once they did, it was very healing for them to realize that the travails and challenges of their personal journeys were shared by so many others. They realized that what they experienced was not a personal falling from grace, but it was a common experience shared by all First Wave Bridges.

During our procession, the First Wave Bridges entered triumphantly with lots of energy and enthusiasm. Some of the First Wave were brought to tears at the sight of them. We had waited so long! Then suddenly the First Wave Bridges stopped. They bent over, crushed by the dense energies of earth and the heavy experiences that they threw themselves into. Finally, they came together and built a bridge. They were strong and solid and ready to step forward as One.


Second Wave Bridges are the ones who understand the Second Wave more than the First Wave. Some of them are a bit impatient for the First Wave to move aside so they can step into their positions. What they haven't yet realized is that there are no old positions to fill, as everything is being totally reconfigured into a new synergetic patterning where Waves and Bridges work together in totally new ways.

Second Wave Bridges are more open with their love than First Wave Bridges and find it easy to work together. They have developed more efficiency than the Second Wave which makes them better prepared to carry responsibility. Most of them secretly love responsibility, and they bring a sense of joy and fun to everything they do. Second Wave Bridges are the forerunners of the Second Wave, but they also feel responsible for the well being of the First Wave Bridges. They have a strong need for security, especially financial security. They feel much more relaxed when they have money in the bank. Although Second Wave Bridges seem to have a lot of natural confidence, some of this is a cover up for their insecurity.

Second Wave Bridges like to keep busy; otherwise, they get restless and feel unsettled. When they feel restless, they can do things in a rush, which can sometimes make their work sloppy or superficial. This is why it is valuable for them to learn to embrace the stillness and be at peace when they are alone. By doing this, they will allow themselves to deepen.

Unlike First Wave Bridges, Second Wave Bridges instantly form a cohesive whole. They like working together and find it easy to connect with others. In fact, many of them don't like to be alone or work alone. During our Ninth Gate procession, the Second Wave Bridges formed a strong bridgework of unified energy. They love their role of connecting the old and new.


The Second Wave are eagerly trying to catch any sceptres of responsibility coming their way, but some of them don't yet have the experience, knowledge, discipline or training to know what to do with them. Although they are very smart, the Second Wave still needs to develop the capability to be truly effective, but they are eager to learn and full of enthusiasm. Sometimes, they don't feel that the First Wave's knowledge and experience is useful to them, yet this is just what they need. They come in with a strong freshness and are eager to build the New World. Second Waves are finally ready to leap in. Their time for action is almost here.

During Ninth Gate, the Second Wave entered strongly while vigorously rowing the Canoe of the New. They cleared the path in front of them with Xuas. Their stance was one of readiness to leap in and do what is needed.


The totally unique Third Waves are like Insertion Points of the New. They don't come in after the Second Wave in a linear progression, but can insert themselves wherever they choose to be. In many ways, it's like they have a Fast Forward Pass. Each Third Wave is like a piece of uniquely shaped sacred geometry that carries a very specific resonance. None of these sacred geometries are the same. The sacred geometries of the Third Wave blend together in a most unusual manner to create something totally new.

Each Third Wave has a strong presence and focus. They are very self contained and complete within themselves. Even though they have an abundance of advanced knowledge and deep wisdom far beyond their years, they still need to strengthen the outward expression of their Love.

At the Ninth Gate Master Cylinder in Bali, the, as yet, rare Third Waves were able to come together with other Third Waves for the first time. Their part of the procession was complex and intricate, similar to weaving strands of DNA that opened up into a new configuration. It was stunning in its powerful newness and had a strong impact upon everyone.

Although the roles and paths of all the Waves and Bridges are becoming increasingly clearer and more defined, the way of the immediate future is for all the Waves and Bridges to come together as ONE BEING IN ACTION. On many levels it will not happen in a linear progression. And there will come a time when none of these Wave - Bridges definitions will matter anymore. This will happen when we have all fully emerged as True Ones and are inhabiting the New World.



Parts of the New Navigation have been coming in for several months. We have learned that True Ones navigate with their internal knowingness. We don't rely on outer appearances of what "seems" to be happening. We know that when we emerge as True Ones and embody PURE HEART LOVE, we reside in the Centerpoint of RIGHT TIME - RIGHT PLACE in the Expanded HERE and NOW. And that ALL IS WELL.

Then we simply leap into action, unafraid to do what is needed. Sometimes this requires that we make strong, decisive actions that may not be understood by those around us. We can no longer compromise our personal integrity. We require trueness and honesty in all our interactions with others. True Ones are not afraid of openly honest; we don't hesitate to be responsible when it is needed.

More of the New Navigation was revealed at the Ninth Gate Activation in Bali. Because of the delicate balance in Bali between Light and Dark, the only way that we could have an 11:11 Activation there was as True Ones. We had to make our entire ceremony in the Ultra Greater Reality, far beyond the realms of Light and Dark. And this we did....

During our seven days of preparations, we realized that one of the sacred dances which we greatly loved, The Dance of the Elements, had been completed during the second Eighth Gate Activation at Lake Titicaca. Without hesitation, we tenderly let it go. This included the ones who had so loved embodying the Dragons of the Elements and had been deeply excited to dance as Dragons again.

Many of us are facing the same type of choices in our own lives, willingly letting go of some of the elements that we greatly value, simply because they are now complete and cannot travel further with us. Sometimes, this takes tremendous courage to let these beloved things go.

At the Ninth Gate Activation Ceremony, each step was revealed one at a time. Those of us who were leading the Ceremony couldn't see more than the next immediate step. It was impossible to try to see two or three steps ahead of what we would do next. At one point, we had a small Lotus Dance in the center of our circle. This Lotus contained eight dancers, four men and four women, and was highly concentrated Heart of the Lotus energy. As our central Lotus expanded, I had thought that we would align with it as petals of the Lotus and perhaps perform a Lotus Dance around it. But that was not what came to me.

What happened instead was revealed to me one step at a time. 1. I stepped inside the expanded Lotus and sent someone to get the two white banners of our two White Dragons. 2. Then I sent someone to get the two White Dragons who had been birthed at our previous Activation. 3. I handed the White Dragons their banners. 4. I saw that we were supposed to get in a line of twos behind the White Dragons. 5. The White Dragons started walking in a ceremonial step towards this special grassy circle that was surrounded by Lotus ponds. The procession of twos followed behind them. 6. As we entered the Lotus circle, the ground was spongy and bouncy. We entered a totally New World. Then, I saw that we were meant to spiral inwards.... And so it went in absolute perfection.

There was never a clear plan or idea of what we were to do. Each new step was revealed as soon as we completed the previous step. Each step was made with total newness and openness. Each step was made as True Ones embodying PURE HEART LOVE. And each step took us deeper into an exquisite New World. We went to depths of Pure Love and Trueness where we could not have gone if we had thought about it or tried to preplan something.

And the same is true in our personal lives. This is the New Navigation. We don't try to see more than one step ahead, for it is only after we make our first step in our Trueness that we will be able to see our next step. If we do this, we will always be led into the truest directions.

The New Navigation is being thoroughly put to the test in my own life. In September, I had to sell my car and move out of my house without knowing for sure that the house was sold. (The sale finally closed on October 18th.) In November, I will still be temporarily in between homes. I will leave Bali in a few days and end up in Peru where I have two weeks to find the perfect place to live before my cat arrives. Doing all I need to do this month will require some major clicking into position, as well as numerous melons falling into my hands, but I know that I can't be intimidated or overwhelmed by this. I simply have to do everything in front of me step by step by step. Making the first step that I see, then waiting until the next step is revealed, until I am finally in my new home. And my inner knowingness constantly tells me that ALL IS WELL.


There may be times when we feel ourselves slipping out of being a True One. Whenever this happens, we can immediately reset ourselves to the frequency of Trueness. We do this by doing the new Ninth Gate Mudra, beginning at the end of the Eighth Gate Mudra with our hands crossed on our hearts, with palms facing inwards. Then we move into the PURE HEART LOVE position with flat, outstretched hands touching each other side by side, palms facing upwards, fingers together and thumbs extended. This is where the Ninth Gate Mudra begins. We move our hands out to the sides with palms still facing upwards, expanding the energy of PURE HEART LOVE. Then consciously choosing to be a True One, we take two steps forward.

This Mudra resets us to the resonance of Trueness and brings us back into the Centerpoint of RIGHT TIME - RIGHT PLACE. It's similar to washing away with a huge XUA!! of LOVE the long line of Footprints in the Sand behind us, which contain the memory of all we have experienced and felt since we first came to this planet. We are given a fresh, new start, unhindered by any old emotional overlays or past experiences. We can do this Mudra to reset ourselves to the resonance of Trueness whenever needed.



November is another absolutely brilliant month, in a massively brilliant year of transformation, full of deep, core level changes.
Between now and the beginning of 2011, there will be major developments in many areas of our lives. Lots of new elements are coming into our lives and many things will click into position during the next two months.

We've touched the New World; now we need to make the necessary adjustments so we can live there. We are beginning to see what needs to change. We will be letting go of hidden power games, letting go of old relationships that have run their course, releasing anything within us or in our outer lives that does not resonate with Trueness. There will be lots of cleansing and purification so we can move into greater Trueness. Deep healing is taking place. We are able to fully let go all that has held us back.

Our new coordinates are clearer than ever before, but they cannot yet be fully seen. Much is happening in the realms of the New and True that we can strongly feel, but not yet see. In November, we may experience Insertion Points of our New Lives to come when fleeting pictures and feelings of our New Lives suddenly insert themselves into the present moment. Some of us will receive the location of our New True Life. It could be somewhere completely unexpected, but it will click into position and feel completely right.

We need to put our New Navigation skills into practice in November, doing everything step by step as each new step is revealed. Not trying to look too far ahead of where we are right now. We will have the greatest success if we remain unpinned and wide open. Standing tall as True Ones. Staying in the Centerpoint of RIGHT TIME - RIGHT PLACE at all times. There is nothing more important than fully emerging as a True One.

There's nowhere to go, but forwards... even when we cannot see where it is taking us. As we more fully emerge as True Ones, we will strengthen our inner trust and knowingness that ALL IS WELL. We will step deeper in the wondrous New World that awaits. And in this New World, even the old feels new.

In November, many melons will fall into our outstretched hands. Green Lights will turn on to illuminate our path. We are emerging into the New World of our New True Lives. We can now start to create these New Lives as we really want them. Each step must be taken as a True One, step by step by step....

I will be traveling all month with uncertain internet connections. I will do my best to write timely Surf Updates, but I am always grateful for your understanding.



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