Solara's October 2006 Surf Report
Building a New Foundation


Building a New Foundation

During the last few weeks of September there was a noticeable shift in the energies. Our focus was turned to the need to create our New Foundation. This New Foundation contains both our personal matrix and the collective matrix of the One. Once we place our first stone into the New Foundation, a major Turning Point is reached.

This New Foundation is not the same as the old personal foundations of our individual beings. We've been building on our personal foundations for many years; this is what has made us ready to now create our New Foundation. Our New Foundation is infinitely vaster than our old personal ones and combines both the personal and the collective One into something totally new. It is the template for all future endeavors and is built upon the ground of Right Time - Right Place. The New Foundation is composed of the stones of our willingness, our integrity, our whole-hearted love, our full beings, our dedication to the One.

It is essential that we create this New Foundation if we wish to go forward; for without a totally recalibrated and much vaster foundation, we will have nothing strong enough to build upon. We cannot build large edifices upon small foundations. If we are standing on a small foundation, we cannot move to the level where we can experience the fulfillment of our wildest dreams.

This also marks the time when we have reached the end of the road of our "personal" experiences. We must let go of the importance of doing it for ourself or by ourself. We can no longer live our lives just for our own desires and needs. If we are focusing only on our own personal lives, we will miss some exciting opportunities.

This doesn't mean that we need to let go of our personal needs and desires---for once we create our New Foundation we will finally be on the road that takes us to real personal fulfillment. Our New Foundation creates the template that allows our true personal fulfillment to manifest.

Our next level of deepened personal experiences and expansive growth comes from broadening our focus to encompass everything and everyone. The fabric of the Greater Reality is composed of interwoven threads of the whole, US as ONE. We need to become constantly aware of this interwovenness into One Being; for if we only concentrate on our own lives and own needs, we will miss out on why we are here. We won't be able to fulfill our true purpose.

We also need to be aware of the ripples we make that are sent out and affect the One. These ripples, riptides and currents are caused by the choices we make daily, the attitudes we express and the energy we embody. We are not just responsible for our own personal "stuff", for whatever we are going through and whatever emotions we are feeling have far reaching effects upon our entire One Being. Once we realize this, our responsibility expands to a far vaster scope. As this greater responsibility is embraced, another of our stones is placed into the New Foundation and our development quickens. Another Red Light turns Green....

Our New Foundation is being created by US as ONE. By each of us contributing to the whole. To build it, we need to carefully dismantle our own personal foundations and take from it the rocks that are still relevant and place them into the larger foundation. As we do this, we will discover that some of our old personal rocks are now being placed far away from us. This is because our time with them has expired and they are now being passed on to others.

As we take apart our old foundations, we also temporarily dismantle our beings which is why we have been covered with the heavy metal scaffolding of the past few months while we are undergoing massive reconstruction. Each rock that is consciously removed from our old foundation and carefully placed into the new one helps break up and dissolve our old patterns, limiting concepts and duality-based ways of doing things that have held us back from fully being who we are.

Although we may initially experience some resistance to moving beyond our old comfort zones, we will soon discover that the more of our rocks that we put into the New Foundation, the more comfortable and at home we feel. There is a sense of returning to our true self as we close the gap between who we really are and who we embody in everyday life.

This is all part of Ho'o Ponopono or Making Things Right. It's the rebalancing process going to its next level which enables us to move to our next level.

Every time that we place one of our rocks into the New Foundation of the One which is the LOTUS HEART, we experience a breakthrough, a surge of freedom and noticeable forward movement. At the same time, every rock that we cling onto and try to keep into its old position, holds us back and keeps our energy stuck.

The Tide is turning... A Turning Point has been reached.

This Turning Point gives us all the opportunity to stay where we are or move forward dramatically. The choice is up to each of us. If enough of us make our personal choices to move onto our new levels, it will be strongly felt in our collective One Being.

The foundation of the New is being built. Will your stones be part of the New? Or will your pile of stones remain on the sidelines? Perhaps we might be able to put ourselves into the New Foundation at a later date, but if the foundation of the New is small right now, then how much can be built upon it? We are truly setting the new grids into position and this is extremely important.

A significant portion of our New Foundation must be in place before we can activate the 8th Gate of the 11:11. And although the 8th Gate energies are already streaming in, there is much that is waiting for the actual moment when the Lotus Heart will be awakened and anchored into the planet. When this happens, it will be like opening the floodgates. We will experience huge breakthroughs and forward movement.

New Doors are definitely opening, but in order to go through them, we must follow the promptings of our hearts rather than our logical minds or what we or others "think we should do". By following the compass of our hearts, we will allow ourselves to go to our true directions. It's time to continually ask ourselves if we are really doing what our heart tells us to do. If we're not, then all we need to do is look at our compass and correct our course.

October is a breakthrough month. The pace is definitely quickening. There could well be profound changes in our lives between now and the end of the year as more elements of our new lives click into position. Many of us will have our sealed orders opened to reveal our new directions. New people with whom we have an enduring connection may also enter our lives. It all depends on where we are choosing to place our foundation stones.

During the last week of October the Winds of Change are going to intensify. Everything will happen quickly, almost in a blur. Deep and far reaching changes could definitely come into our lives as more of our new directions are revealed. It will be a time of profound realizations, deep connections and major Green Lights.

Communication is very important in October. Our communication with others with whom we feel interwoven in the One Being needs to be strengthened. Although many of us have a constant unspoken, essence connection, we also need to keep in touch through some form of physical communication.

We are truly moving into an infinitely deeper level of Seeing the Unseen. Often, it will feel much like when we go to the eye doctor and are looking through the machine at the eye chart on the wall. At first we may only be able to read the big letter at the top. Then the lenses are readjusted and we can read the next two lines. Then, another adjustment and yet another, until the whole chart is readable. This enhanced seeing may happen to us in measured increments several times a day. We will experience greater clarity with each stone that we put into the New Foundation.

During this powerful month of transition, we will also see many unresolved elements in our lives finally coming to completion. Many endings of old situations will be experienced. These will be resolved by stepping beyond the perimeters of our own individual selves, for we could not complete these things on our own. This is why they took so long to resolve. Once the expansion beyond ourselves takes place, completion comes.

For the next six months or more, many sceptres are being passed. These are the sceptres of responsibility, of our physical residences, of the work we have been doing, of relationships and friendships, of the roles we've been playing, of who we thought we were. There will be a dramatic changeover as we relinquish many of the known elements so we can move into the Unknown. This doesn't mean that we will be moving into a total void because at the same time that the old is leaving us, the new is coming in. This will be especially apparent whenever we place one of our stones into the New Foundation. Everything will move forward with a sudden surge....

Throughout October, more and more of us will be putting our stones into the New Foundation. The more this happens, the more breakthroughs will come. The nucleus of our One Being is noticeably strengthening. The ripples sent out from this will be far reaching and have lasting effects.




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