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Taking the Plunge


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One Being in Action: The Emergence of the True Ones
October 25, 2010
Master Cylinder in Bali



Taking the Plunge


The best way that I can describe September is "WILD, WILDER and EVEN WILDER!" Each week became increasingly more intense and more full of urgent things to do. In a frenzy of relentless rowing -- Row to the right! -- Row to the left! --Look out for the rocks! -- Row faster!!! -- we were plunged along the Wild Rapids of Change.

Then just when we thought that we didn't have the strength to go further, we could hear the huge, resounding roar of a mammoth waterfall right ahead of us. There was no time to react, no time to escape. All we could do was go over the edge in our tiny boats and hope for the best. That's when we started falling - falling - falling - falling into the Unknown. We are taking the plunge....

In September, some of us were faced with the most Ultimate Perfect Storm imaginable. They were created by extremely rare alignments that were brilliantly put together to push us through the Black Hole that would strip away the old world and make us infinitely truer. They contain a nearly impossible profusion of tasks that must be accomplished in a very short time. They challenge us to our very core. They touch upon our greatest fears. They present us with a massive testing of our inner knowingness as a True One.

These Ultimate Perfect Storms take many forms. Many people experienced the unanticipated death of someone close to them. Others were given impossible challenges to achieve in a short period of time that felt like running a relay race through an obstacle course. The Good News is that we somehow survived these Ultimate Perfect Storms and did what was needed, when it was needed. Passing through the Black Hole of our Ultimate Perfect Storms stripped off innumerable layers and made us truer than ever before.

My Ultimate Perfect Storm took place with the impossible alignment of organizing an 11:11 Gate Activation and moving from my house at the same time. I have never been so challenged and so overstretched in my entire life. I haven't had a day of rest in a month. And I still don't know for sure that my house is truly sold, although I should find out next week. Here is my story:

In August, I signed a sales contract for my house, yet the house sale wouldn't officially close until the second week of October. My buyers' final loan approval wasn't due until the last minute. And although we have now passed the deadline, we are still waiting for all the paperwork to be finished. This meant that I had to prepare for moving out of the house where I have lived for eight years, without knowing that the sale would happen for sure. I had to take the plunge without the safety net of having a new house to move into. And I had to be completely out of my house before October 8th. This situation was immensely complicated by the fact that I was in the final month of feverish preparations for the Ninth Gate Activation and had to leave for Bali on October 2nd.

This meant that I couldn't simply move from my old life in Hawaii to my new one in Peru. I couldn't pack my suitcases with what I most needed for the cooler climate of Peru. Instead, I had to fill precious suitcase space with hot weather 11:11 Activation clothes and microphones for Bali.

For the past month, I have had no outer confirmation of some of the most essential elements, except for my inner knowing that it was the right time for me to move. I had to proceed as if the house sale was definitely going to happen, without knowing for sure that it would. It took a super-human effort, and the crucial help of several people, to go through all my things, sell off and give away multiple truckloads of stuff, arrange for storage of what I was keeping, sell my car, and completely empty my house. At the same time, I did office work all day, organizing Ninth Gate, canceling utilities, finding a mover to put my remaining possessions in storage, booking airline tickets, dealing with Surf Subscriptions, and packing until late at night. The final week Hawaii had a heat wave, and I had already given away my fans, so it was like working in a sauna. All of this was miraculously accomplished by the late afternoon of October 1st. On the morning of October 2nd, I jumped on the airplane to Bali.

I left my old life with a one way ticket. I left an empty house. I sold my car. I got rid of many of my possessions. And yet, I still don't have outer proof that my house is sold. Everything was put on the line and I followed my inner knowingness. This was a supreme test for me.

As soon as I shifted worlds and arrived in Bali on October 4th, I leapt into a series of meetings with our Ninth Gate Master Cylinder hotel and found the right Activation Site for Ninth Gate. Now, it is October 6th and after yet another meeting, I had to change hotels this morning. Another shift in worlds.... Upon arriving at my new hotel in Ubud, they unexpectedly upgraded me to a beautiful villa with a private plunge pool. So it is here, in exquisite surroundings and lush gardens, complete with a small Balinese temple, that I am given my first chance to write the October Surf Report and finally replenish my being.

So for the present moment, I am "homeless" in a beautiful hotel in Bali, in the Transition Zone between my old life and my new one, and still residing in the expanded HERE and NOW. In the middle of November, I will finally go to Peru, find a place to live and get settled as soon as possible. Then hopefully, things will calm down.

• • •

If you didn't experience your Ultimate Perfect Storm in September, please know that the huge waterfall is waiting for you just ahead.... most likely before the end of this year. We are all going to experience our Ultimate Perfect Storm, in one form or another. We are all going to pass through the Black Hole. We are all going to take the plunge, in some form or another. And there is nothing to fear about it. We will survive these challenges and become infinitely stronger, wiser, deepened and more real.

Whenever your Ultimate Perfect Storm does occur, it's vitally important to hold onto your inner knowingness as a True One that ALL IS WELL. And know that people will appear to help you when it is least expected and most needed. Some of these are people we've never met before who suddenly appear and help make an impossible situation possible.



This is not based on my personal experience, but is written for those who are currently feeling beseiged and overwhelmed...

Some of us are currently facing what seem like impossible challenges. We have never been pulled in so many directions at once. At the same time, we are being pulled over the edge of the waterfall by such strong currents that there is no possibility of turning back. We are running the Grand Marathon of all marathons. Traveling through an obstacle course of constantly shifting, totally unexpected elements. Even when some of our tasks get accomplished surprisingly easily, there is no time to celebrate, since so many new tasks keep arriving to take their place.

Although our current experiences come in many different forms, they are all having the same effect of stripping off all that is untrue or expired and vastly altering our outer landscape. This can bring up lots of fears and insecurities that must be dealt with immediately, before they harden and start influencing our actions.

When we feel OVERWHELMED:

Some of us may feel that our lives have suddenly been transposed into the midst of a big construction area.... And nobody told us, there would be one. We are surrounded by loud noise, heavy machinery, big trucks and people shouting commands all day long. This makes it nearly impossible to find a place to rest or to have some clear thoughts. It's chaos all around. Of course there must be a Master Plan for this construction area, and if we knew this plan, it would be easier to deal with all the confusion. But as long as we can't see the Master Plan, we simply have to trust that it will be not only be OK at the end, but that everything will be even better than before.

We have to trust our inner knowingness as a True One, and know that despite all outer appearances, ALL IS WELL. Resisting the construction is useless, so we need to find new ways to deal with it, as a True One. Then we will soon be able to see the Master Plan, and we will survive the period of construction much better.

During this time, standard solutions for physical problems do not work. It's important that we are aware of any pain or dysfunction that we are feeling. Many of these pains are coming from the elements of our old personas and old landscapes that are dying away. As soon as we step into being a True One, they miraculously disappear.

With so many things happening and so much uncertainty in the air, some of us might easily get overwhelmed by feelings of fear, hopelessness or depression. When this happens, we need to become larger than these feelings. The world might look very dark and without hope, but this is not real; it is an illusion. It may take a day or two - but become larger.

You may experience that there is nothing you can find joy in anymore - no food that really tastes good - no movie you want to watch - no person you want to meet - and no area in the world that you would like to visit. All interest in experiencing life is gone; all the forces that propelled us in the past have disappeared. And even the hope that there will be a better life, (or a life at all), is gone. All the colors have drained out of our old landscapes, leaving a haze of dull greyness.

This is an extreme black hole experience. Everything from the past is left behind. Of course, all these things are falling away. All the things our old persona has clung onto are falling away. We can choose to consciously let them go, or allow them to simply fall away by themselves, but they are going! Since the old landscape is fading away, our old persona has nothing to hold onto anymore, and this feels like dying. Extreme feelings of dying that can even include thoughts of suicide. But we have already had the taste of a being a True One. Simply hand over the control to your True Self.

The old persona cannot be in charge anymore. It cannot survive - and it feels all the pain of its near death. Don't get lost in the pain of your old persona. This is not you. It is the old shell breaking away - giving sight to the pearl of your True Self inside. The shell has to break away, otherwise the pearl cannot emerge, revealing you as a True One. Welcome the feelings of pain and hopelessness - and say farewell to them. Welcome the black hole and willingly let go of all the old crusted shells, which you will never need again. Yes it hurts when they break off, but in the midst of all the debris, the vibrant colors of a True One infuse everything with a new brightness.



October began with a noticeable shift of energy as some huge burdens were lifted off our shoulders. This lightening of our load will continue all month as many elements disappear from our old landscapes. This is very significant. It's similar to a stage set in which the old props keep disappearing and new props appear in unexpected places.

Our old landscapes are being irrevocably altered. Familiar elements are continually being stripped away from them. We are not just releasing the things that feel expired to us; some of the elements which are being removed from our lives are things that we really liked. We wanted them to remain in our landscape. And suddenly they are gone! This includes things like a favorite restaurant or store suddenly goes out of business or a favorite activity is cancelled. A food that we loved or a product that we always used is no longer available. A close friend moves away.

An immense process of refinement and deepening is taking place. Refinement and deepening of our inner being and the refinement of what we really want in our lives. Because of this, we will be making lots of internal and external adjustments. Many of us are being pulled out of our old lives, whether we feel ready or not. And often this will happen without any semblance of a safety net.

Existing friendships will continue to either deepen or be released. If they haven't moved to a new level, we won't be able to hold them together with threads of false politeness or old habits or a sense of obligation or simple familiarity through shared experiences of the past. We will actually feel these friendships become more distant in the very moment that it is happening. Normal communications may suddenly turn into the Final Conversation with our friend in which we sincerely thank them and calmly let them go. This happens without any prior warning and isn't triggered by a misunderstanding or argument. It's more like a dead leaf reaching its right time to fall off a tree. The paths of your lives have now diverged. It's happening because it's the right time for it to happen.

In the September Surf Report, I wrote about the letting go of our Wildest Dreams. The consequence of this is a new found serenity that comes from the absence of yearning. We only yearn when we aren't feeling fulfilled. Once yearning has been released, we don't need to eat copious amounts of chocolate, numb ourselves with alcohol or drugs, play computer games for hours or go shopping just to fill our emptiness. When we release yearning, it doesn't mean that we are suddenly fulfilled. There are still parts of us which don't feel fulfilled. It's simply that it doesn't matter anymore. The HERE and NOW is all there is. And we are at peace. It's not that we no longer believe in the existence of our Wildest Dreams. Instead it's more a knowingness that the fulfillment of our most brilliant Wildest Dreams will happen for sure. This allows us to release the need to know the details of when, where and how they will manifest. When we are a True One who is calmly waiting for the melons to fall into our open hands, we don't feel unfulfilled and we are not full of yearnings and unrequited desires. There's a tremendous freedom in this.

2010 is an absolutely brilliant year. Many issues are still being brought up to the surface to be resolved so we can begin 2011 as clear and true as possible, unencumbered by old baggage, emotional residue and outdated beliefs. For this reason, we will constantly be tested and challenged until our Trueness is rock solid. And just as we have been personally undergoing a massive clearing, a huge purging of old and expired energy is also taking place all over the world through extremes of nature such as flooding, fires, cyclones and earthquakes.

For many months of this year, our focus was on making internal shifts. We stripped off layer after layer. Finally, it got to the point where we started stripping off layers on the physical. In October, we will be arriving at a new, internal place. Then in November and December, some of us will be physically arriving at new, external places.

As we take the plunge over the Waterfall of Change, totally new elements that are completely unexpected will come into our lives. Some of them will be real surprises. Elements of our New Landscape that we haven't seen before will be introduced. All the seemingly unrelated fragments that we've been dealing with all year are coming together like pieces of a jigsaw puzzle, forming a picture that we couldn't see before and giving us the much needed missing information that we've been seeking. There will be lots to do all month long. Our Trueness and our internal knowingness as a True One will be put to the test. There will be Quantum Breakthroughs. And we will emerge from this month stronger and clearer than ever before.

October is a powerful month of transformation and emergence in which many things will change; yet, we will need to go through the month with many important details still blank. Just like in September, we will be challenged to make bold decisions and take quick, decisive actions while swimming in a Sea of Uncertainty.

The second half of October will be like an Insertion Point that gives us a powerful infusion of fresh, new energies and a Deeper Love than we've ever experienced. This infusion will blast us through a new door to a totally new level.

During October, many of us will fully emerge as True Ones. We will be ready to inhabit our wondrous New Landscape that awaits. As we come together as True Ones, we will anchor the new level of One Being in Action which signifies the beginning of a new era in which we can accomplish what was previously perceived as impossible.

Many of us have been through immense trials by fire. We have demonstrated tremendous courage and great perseverence. The sooner that we go through the black holes of our Ultimate Perfect Storms, the sooner will our path open up and everything will smooth out. We won't ever have to go through anything like this again!

Taking the plunge


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