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September brought us the beginning of sweeping changes. These changes were widely experienced by almost everyone on the planet, no matter where we are and what level of awareness we have. It was not always easy as we continued to be squeezed through the Great Sifter of Trueness. Everything that was real and anchored in Love and Trueness rose to the top and everything which was untrue sank to the bottom. At times, this was unsettling, but we held onto our knowingness that each step we make has to be a true step in full integrity and Right Time - Right Place or else it won't work.

The sweeping changes brought us several shocking events. There was the huge earthquake in Chile which destroyed many buildings, yet had little loss of life. There were devastating fires in California which destroyed many homes and the spiritual center of Harbin Hot Springs, yet spared people. There was the senseless attack in the desert of Egypt of a spiritual group from Mexico. And the "Welcome Refugees!" signs in Europe quickly flipped over to "Go Home! as borders closed one after another.

Yet through it all, we discovered that we were able to deal with whatever happened in a much smoother, more grounded manner than we could in August. For the past few months, it feels as if each month a cloud lifts. In September, the heaviness of August was removed and in October, the turmoils of the collective won't pull us down as much as before and we will feel less energetically drained.

The rare Full "Blood" Moon / Lunar Eclipse on the 27 - 28 was extremely powerful. It cleared away a lot of old debris from our energetic fields, giving us a clearer vision. It's not that our eyes didn't function well before, but after the debris was removed, we could see more of what was previously unseen. There is a new map in the Invisible that is now being revealed in the physical; it will soon become visible to everyone.

At the same time, a massive wave of fresh, concentrated, new energy swept over the planet, awakening and transforming many. Although it didn't instantly sweep away all the injustices on the planet, nor did I expect it to, it did give us a much needed energy reboot. For a few days, a sense of deep peace settled over the Earth....

Surfing in the Sea of Distraction

We are surrounded by the Sea of Distraction in October. As I write this, there are the sounds of a baby crying in the field next to us as its mother plants seeds. Downstairs, several men are going back and forth with wheelbarrows of cement, creating new river rock pathways around our house. Our new dog, Manzana, constantly comes in and out of my office seeking attention. There are the sounds of chain saws cutting down eucalyptus trees on a nearby hill. These are definitely not optimal writing conditions. Yet, this is somewhat indicative of the circumstances that we will encounter in October.

Even though we chose to be here at this time, the Final Days of Duality aren't easy to traverse. There's a lot of Choppy Surf around us right now. At times, it can be extremely challenging to navigate through such diverse waves, coming from multiple directions and disparate reality systems. We are often bombarded with energies coming from the collective, rather than from our own personal matrix. We do our utmost to keep ourselves positioned in the eye of the storm, but with strong energies coming from so many levels, it's not always easy to do so.

We are here to birth the New Reality and to do this we need to be clear and follow our True Path. Yet, when the energies of the dying world of duality become too strong, it can easily throw us off course. We can suddenly experience waves of fear and a sense of gloominess coming from the collective. We can feel the end of the world all around us. This isn't always easy to shake off. Yet, we have to find a way to stand strong in our Trueness and focus on the New World that is being born, rather than the old reality that is dying away.

Even though we don't willingly chose to step into the drama, sometimes it's nearly impossible not to feel completely overwhelmed with everything that is taking place on the planet. If we're open and sensitive beings, which most of us are, we can feel it affecting us. Sometimes we just have to stop everything, sit down and let it pass through us. We can choose to embrace everything with love instead of feeling resistance or tiredness from watching the same waves of duality try to crush humanity again and again.

Sometimes our minds disconnect from all that is around us and everything feels unreal. There are times when we experience waves of sadness where we just want to cry and cry, yet no tears come. Our feelings are so overloaded that it's like they're a heavy mountain on top of us. Yet even though much of this sadness and fear is coming from the collective, not from us personally, it strongly affects us.

We keep waiting for things to return to "normal", but they never do. And they probably never will. We keep hoping to reach the ultimate Turning Point when everything flips over into the New Reality, but it's not here yet. All the while, time is flying by like the pages of a book fluttering in the wind.

We know that we cannot block out what is happening in the world. We need to be ultra aware and alert at all times. We cannot shut ourselves down and detach ourselves. We cannot throw up shields around us and place ourselves in a magic bubble of violet light. Yet, for those of us who are deeply sensitive, the bombardment of tumultuous energies coming from the collective is often extremely intense and uncomfortable. Sometimes this makes us feel fragile and vulnerable.

It's not easy to navigate through the Sea of Distraction that is all around us, but it's crucial that we learn to do so. That we continually realign ourselves with the New Reality. That when we get swept up in the multiple distractions coming from the collective, we realize that this isn't coming from our internal selves. They are simply symptoms of the Final Days of Duality - the days that we knew would come. We are in the throes of birthing a New World and births are always messy and fraught with danger. That's just how it is.

Even though it often feels like we are passing through an obstacle course or walking through a minefield, this is only a part of the complete picture of what is happening. We are closing the door of duality and birthing a New World!

Holding onto this focus will enable us to find clear pathways where we can stay anchored in the New Reality, no matter what else is going on. At times, this is a great challenge, but it's essential that we discover how to do this. Whenever we realize that we are surfing in a layer of duality, we move our beings onto a new level where the New Reality prevails.

One small, practical thing that is extremely helpful at these times, is to do any kind of physical cleaning. We can sort through things in our home, weed our gardens, let go of meaningless activities. We can do simple physical actions and implement small projects. Most of these aren't actions that you go, "Oh wow! What a great accomplishment!" They are usually small things that are practically unnoticed. Yet, we are clearing away the old energies and moving things into their True Position and that always feels good. And it always moves us forward.


October is a strong month of transition. It's a month of Falling Leaves and Planting Seeds - of Completion and New Beginnings merged together. Old wounds are coming to the surface to be healed while we are also having experiences of seeing the New and True manifest on the physical as never before. It's the autumn of our old lives and the spring of our True Lives.

Many things will get completed this month as we create and solidify the foundation of the New. We are finishing up many projects and preparing for what is to come. We are unhooking ourselves from our old lives and expired ways of doing things. We are reducing our baggage while preparing for changes that may require the ability to move quickly. At the same time, we are taking the needed steps to move forward into our new environment.

The Eclipse of the "Blood" Moon on September 27 - 28 brought in a strong infusion of totally new energies from the New Reality that added a new component to the air we breathe. This new component is resetting our personal and planetary matrixes. This is similar to installing an important upgrade to the operating system on a computer that has some new elements which we didn't have before. One aspect of these new elements is increased courage and the confidence to boldly move forward.

In October we will start getting used to the new upgrade of our operating system. We will experiment with new elements until we become familiar with them. Although many elements and situations may outwardly appear the same as they were before, they now feel quite different, for something in their very core has changed.

This shiftover to an enhanced operating system will help us move beyond many old situations as we are strongly called into our new environment. Throughout the month, numerous new options, opportunities and directions open up. We meet more of our new True People. We prepare ourselves to leave behind the previous cycle. It's the end of an era and the beginning of a new one!

As we increasingly unhook ourselves from the past cycle, we may experience a period of not knowing what comes next. This can be uncomfortable for some until we remember that our Heart's Knowingness is always leading us into our True Direction.

This month will bring us many shifts. Shifts of direction, shifts of habits, shifts in our jobs, deepening of our relationships and shifts into our True Purpose. The forward moving energies of 'A Mu'a are here again! We are finally getting some things done which we've wanted to do for a long time. These small victories feel wonderful.

October is also a time of refinement, both internally and externally. It's like we now have time to take stock of our progress and see more clearly how we are and who we are. We can also see the dust of the journey which we have accumulated. The nicks and bruises we have acquired along the way. The hidden corners of our lives which are full of dirt. All of this needs to be cleaned and healed. We have to move everything to a new level.

During this time, some situations may flip over unexpectedly. A good example of this was the Pope's visit to the United States. It was a great success and everyone loved him! Then came the news of his meeting with Kim Davis, the Kentucky clerk who has refused to give marriage licenses to gay couples. Suddenly, everything flipped over and the lovefest was replaced with disappointment. Whether or not this disappointment was based on truth or not, doesn't really matter; the damage was done. Nevertheless, these types of situations help remind us to remain ultra alert that everything is subject to dramatic change, at any moment. We cannot let go of our integrity or stray from our true path for a second. It's ON THE LINE time!

We may encounter small things that disrupt our old patterns. Here are some examples from my life: Over a month ago one of the pieces of the glass base of our dining room table came loose and broke. We went to buy a new piece of glass and discovered that the width of glass we need is not available in Peru. Since then, we have been trying to find brackets to connect the Peruvian width of glass, but they are also not available. Next, we will go to a metal worker and see if he can make new brackets. If that doesn't work, we will have to come up with a new solution in either wood or metal to hold the glass top of our dining table. So we have been eating on a small table in the art studio for over a month.

A similar type of disruption has affected our cats. They have always had their food dishes on the kitchen floor, but since we got a dog, their food has now been moved to our upstairs bathroom, a place where the dog cannot go. And they are definitely not happy about this.

These small changes in our lives are not really an improvement over how we did things before. They are simply temporary detours until we find a new solution. In the meanwhile, they are serving to break up old patterns.

While waves of people are continually leaving our lives, either through death or a gap in resonance, our connection with others is becoming deeper and more precious. It feels like we are reaching out and clasping their hands with a strong grip across the universe. We are all going through these super challenging times together. We are all One!

October is a month of being super ultra aware because we know, through aeons of experiences, that after so many changes the time has come to fully integrate these new energies into our daily lives. We now have to be completely clear about what we want, what we choose to give our energy to and what kind of new world we really are birthing. Each step we take helps us get into better alignment with our personal Trueness.

Birthing a New World isn't done overnight. But we can't give up; we can't allow ourselves to be in doubt anymore, to not trust ourself or others. We came here to birth a New Reality, and now WE ARE DOING IT. We are one big wave of consciousness birthing the New. If we put our complete focus on why we are here,we will have a magical October.

With True, True Love,

With deep Gratitude and Love for the inspiration and brilliant insights of:
Cristine, Denise, Emanaku, Inger, Keenuane, Lorrayne, Michael, Nina, Thomas

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