October 2000: Shuffling the Deck

October is a major doorway month. For the past several months we have been propelled through much upheaval. This month we will realize that we are not in the same place where we started out. Much has changed....

In October many parts of our lives will start moving into their new positions. It is like a deck of cards which is being reshuffled. Previously, everything was in a certain order. Now after our wild ride down the Rapids of Change, we can clearly see that our old established order has vastly changed. It is a profound reshuffling of the Way That Things Used To Be and the Way We Used To Be.

The same is true of our inner beings. While we were being tossed from rock to rock and flung over a series of tumultuous rapids, many parts of our beings were rather roughly stripped away. These were the areas where we were untrue to ourselves; the places where we compromised ourselves or made ourselves less than we really are.

In October, we will start to see just how far we have traveled this year. We will see how much of our past we have released, and how many of our old ways of doing things have dramatically changed. We will now begin to consciously go forward as our New Selves, even while we are still clearing up the residue of our pasts.

There are several key elements at play during the month of October.

1. Completion of our Pasts:
Until our past issues are totally resolved, we will still be dealing with the completion of the residue of our past. October will speed along the process of resolution of the incomplete parts of our lives. There will be more letting go of outmoded situations and relationships. Much will be completed and resolved this month. Huge chunks of our pasts will drop away.

We have almost completed digging the foundations of our New Lives. Our heads are now well above the ground and we can start building the walls and creating the openings for the windows. These window openings are the places where the insertion points of the New will shine into our lives, inspiring us and giving us hints of what is to come.

2. Finding and Transforming Behavior Patterns which Previously Limited Us:
Now that so much has been stripped away from us, we will be able to clearly locate any old patterns which still limit us from being fully ourselves. When this happens, we can choose to transform them.

3. An Oasis of Calm:
For the past several months we have been relentlessly barraged with change. October will finally give us some moments of calmness in which we can reassess all that has taken place. The assimilation process can begin!

4. Getting Dislodged from Places Where We Have Been Stuck:
We will now be able to free ourselves from many places where we have been stuck. This includes shifting many of our entrenched ways of doing things to move more fully into the cosmic flow. We will discover that many of our old reactionary triggers have been neutralized and no longer have any effect upon us. Some of us will actually step off the hamster wheel!

5. Finding New Ways to Transform our Fears:
Our fears will be coming up so we can find new ways to deal with them. They will manifest in the areas where we feel the most vulnerable. This will help us to identify our weakest places and to develop greater trust in the larger picture of What Is REALLY Going On.

6. Becoming Observers of our Lives:
Since many of us have recently been through so much, we have become somewhat numb in the process. In October, part of us will act as a detached observer of our lives. We will watch the situations play themselves out and we will watch ourselves reacting in new ways. We haven't been able to experience this sense of detachment for some time, especially while we were being tossed from rock to rock and thrown over churning rapids.

7. Developing New Spiritual Practices & Opening the Door to Creativity:
Since the original 11:11 Activation in early 1992, we have been letting go of many of our old spiritual practices and tools. We had to let go of all our spiritual practices which were duality-based. These were the ones which served to get us to where we are, but which would not take us any further into the Template of Oneness.

The focus has been on the grounding of our spirituality into the smallest details of everyday life. We have been deep within the earth cleaning out the old and digging the foundation of our New Lives. This has not been a very inspiring place. Deep within the ground, we could no longer look at the lofty mountain peaks or that awesome sunset. We were constantly dealing with digging deeper into the dirt and laying heavy foundation stones. The work was hard and often dirty. Most of the time, it seemed as if all we did was work, work, work. There was no time or energy for creativity or fun.

Now, it is finally time to develop new spiritual practices. There are both inner and outer things to discover and do in terms of new spiritual practices.

On inner levels, it is a deep realignment of the way we perceive reality, the way we meet each situation of life. We now need to make quiet time when we can be alone with our Selves, when we can simply sit in our Core Beings, observing life and getting to know our New Selves.

We will start more fully living our love. And be more true and real. We will become more confidant in openly being ourselves.

It's important that we find some
new spiritual practices which help strengthen our newly stripped down Core Beings. We need to sit in the heart of the One until we become the One. These new practices will come to us as we spend quite time with ourselves.

On outer levels, we can now readjust our outer lives to more perfectly reflect who we have now become. We need to constantly choose the path which brings us the most joy, being very careful not to fall into the old traps of compromise and "shoulds".

Part of this is yet another level of letting go: again going through our closets, books, music, furniture, all our "stuff" and releasing anything which is no longer joyous and vibrant to us. Sell it off, give it away, pass it on. Every time we do so, we become freer and step closer to the path of joy.

We are going to be more consciously awareness of the larger picture, of what is truly at play in the flow of the energy of the Surf. And one of our new spiritual practices will help us align with this vaster flow of cosmic energy. These new spiritual practices are going to be discovered on an individual basis. We will find them by ourselves and they will be very personal to us.

In October, we will also discover that the doorway to creativity has started to open. We might well be inspired to create something new and beautiful.

All that we have undergone this year is part of the 4th Gate process of Building our New Foundations. We have now traveled to the point where we are starting to prepare for the upcoming Activation of the 5th Gate of the 11:11 which is the Freedom Gate.

In October we will get a taste of our impending freedom. There will be many changes of residence, shifting of jobs, letting go of old relationships and friendships. We won't yet be settled into our New Lives, but we will have a stronger sense of our New Direction.

Things will speed up in the middle of the October. Changes will come streaming in, but they will be more gentle and joyous than the ones we experienced before. New relationships will begin to enter our lives. More windows will open, giving us a clear view of where we are heading. The end of the month will accelerate the changes even more.

The entire month of October will be a bringing together of the elements which belong together and the letting go of those which have served their purpose. There will be a strong sense that we are flowing down the river towards a series of major intersections which are predestined. When we arrive at these intersections, we will encounter the people, situations, and tools of our New Lives.

Enjoy the ride, float with the changes and follow your joy!

We are creating the templates for our future now!

Enjoy this wild ride into the New.

Let's fearlessly love with our whole beings!

Be constantly open to the unexpected!

BE REAL, no matter what!

Copyright 2000 by Solara. All Rights Reserved.