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Quantum Breakthroughs


On the Path of LOVE

One Being in Action: The Emergence of the True Ones
October 25, 2010
Master Cylinder in Bali



Quantum Breakthroughs

August was an interesting combination of both Fast Track and Waiting Room energies. It felt as if we were zooming ahead on the Fast Track, yet at the same time, nothing outwardly appeared to be happening. There was a strong feeling of expectancy -- that something immensely life-changing was going to occur at any moment. Then the dam broke and the Tsunamis of Change burst forth with a mighty roar! A series of breakdowns, quickly followed by Quantum Breakthroughs, came crashing upon the shores of our lives.

Our Perfect Storms returned, but this time they manifested on a whole new level of concentrated intensity. Even though we were in the midst of a thorough clearing away of the old and expired, it felt like we were being sand-blasted into becoming even truer True Ones. Layer after layer after layer was scoured off of us.

The super concentrated intensity of our Perfect Storms was due to the addition of new components that created an extremely rare alignment of previously unrelated elements. Our Perfect Storms transformed into Major Intersections of Right Time - Right Place. This was like a double X. When the double X activated, our Perfect Storms became Quantum Breakthroughs! And the larger the Perfect Storm, the bigger the Quantum Breakthrough.

These Quantum Breakthroughs will continue throughout the year. The size of each breakthrough is directly connected with the scale of our emergence as a True One. If we allow ourselves to be constantly distracted from what is Real and True, we won't be able to see the melons that are coming to us. If we are still trying to hold onto the past, our hands will be too full to receive the melons. But if we are standing strong as a True One with our hands open in readiness to embrace the New, then we will be free to catch melon after melon after melon.

September's Quantum Breakthroughs are pushing us out of our old landscapes and bringing us closer to our New Landscapes. Each time that we experience a Quantum Breakthrough, an entirely new sector of the New Map is revealed. Each time this happens, it gives us a whole new list of things to do. Whenever a Quantum Breakthrough occurs, our priorities must be immediately reordered. Numerous new tasks and activities appear and previously invisible layers of things to release are made visible. We suddenly start doing things that we never thought we would do. When old emotions and responses come up, we now know that they aren't real, and immediately push them aside for greater truths and new ways of doing things.


Resisting change is a waste of energy. This is a Year of Massive Change in a Decade of even larger Massive Change. Change is here, right at our doorstep, and it's not going to go away. Even if we try to stay in our same old situations, our situations will not remain the same....

In Christchurch, New Zealand a few nights ago, people went to sleep in their homes, not knowing that by morning their entire environment would be changed. Some of them went to bed with smiles on their faces, some were angry, some tired, some sad, perhaps some were drunk.... all of them expecting their world to be the same when they woke up. And then in the early morning came the earthquake....

There is no way to avoid change. Change is coming to us, whether we like it or not. Very little will be untouched by the immense change of this Time of Completion. This is in-depth and penetrating change that is astoundingly thorough. And that's just how it is. So we might as well embrace change and be grateful that it is breaking up the old stuck patterns and bringing us gifts of Newness and Trueness.


As we prepare to depart our old landscape behind to travel into the Unknown, this is when we start seeing the beauty of the old landscape that we are now leaving. It suddenly feels very poignant to leave the old behind. Although we know that our New Life is full of wondrous surprises, we feel occasional pangs of sadness at what we are leaving behind. This happens even when we are very clear that we really don't want to remain in our old lives.

From a deep level of knowingness, we are greatly excited about our New Lives; but we also feel tremendous uncertainty about them. This is because we still don't have all the information about our New Lives that we feel we need. There are too many unknown factors to put us at ease.

Our uncertainty causes another layer of doubts to rise to the surface. "Are we going to the right place?" "Will we like it?" "Will we be welcomed when we arrive there?" "How will we support ourselves in our New Landscape?" "Will we find True Ones there?" "Can we bring our cat?"

We longingly look back at the familiar territory of our old landscape and notice that all the bridges behind us are burning. The bridge under our feet is also on fire. There is nowhere to go, but into the Unknown. And since the burning bridge that we are standing on is getting very hot, we better hurry up.

I recently had a dream where I was climbing on the side of a steep wall of a hotel in Bali. Far below me was sand. I wanted so much to get off this wall, but I couldn't remember how to go backwards to where I had begun. I was afraid to jump because it was too far down, so I decided to try to climb to the top of the wall. When I finally reached the edge of the top of the wall, there was nothing to pull myself up with. I was just dangling over the edge. I called for help and finally two hotel security men came. I thought that they would simply pull me up over the top, but instead they pulled out a mouse and pushed it towards my face. I was so shocked that I jerked backwards and let go of the wall, falling about twenty feet down to the soft sand. I landed gently without injury and realized that the message of my dream was to simply let go and leap. And that ALL WOULD BE WELL.

We all need to leap right now. Leap after leap after leap. Yes, we don't have all the detailed information that we think we need before we do it. We don't have safety nets in place. And that's just how it is. We simply need to leap, no matter what.


During this intense time of changing paradigms, we are constantly being bombarded with a multitude of diverse energies coming from multiple directions. There is so much to do, most of them unrelated tasks. Often there is simply too much input coming at us.

With these heightened conditions, it's no surprise that many people's energies are being pulled all over the place right now. It's very easy to get overwhelmed and slip into the swamp of inertia. Or to get pulled into numerous distractions and lose focus on what is important. For me, I seem to have a day of extreme focus and effectiveness, followed by a day on the edge of overwhelm, in which my mind just doesn't function with its usual clarity. On these days, I keep my mental tasks to a minimum and turn my attention to my long list of physical ones, which are much easier to do. Much of this is happening for the purpose of integration.

What is required in order not to get overwhelmed or distracted is Focused Intent using an expanded focus. From the stance of a True One, focus on the vaster picture of what is real, not on the profusion of elements that are clamoring for your attention.

One of the basic rules of the old duality-based time management principle is to identify the 20% of the most important tasks in front of you and to spend 80% of your time doing them. That's very logical and a good idea in the old template, but.... it simply is no longer possible. The Surf is too wild and unpredictable. It is full of Tsunamis of Change.

When surfing, we used to ride the prevailing waves, but this no longer works since everything has become super multi-dimensional. If we use our expanded Focused Intent, we can align ourselves with the surging current of Right Time - Right Place that emanates from the expanded HERE and NOW. This is how we can stay balanced and do what needs to be done.


Some of us feel as if our Blank Canvas has been washed away, along with all our paints and brushes. Our Wildest Dreams have dissolved into dust. Our elusive One True Loves have disappeared into the Invisible. Our ideas of what we would like in our New Life have been swept out to sea. All our old definitions are gone. Our footprints in the sand behind us that contained the memories of our journey so far have all been erased.

Everything is new and unformed. Undefined. Wide open. Ultra blank.

But still we know that everything we need in our New Lives will be there waiting for us. All we can do now is to be a True One and put our attention on removing ourselves from the old and expired. Everything is moving forward rapidly, yet we are still sailing in the Sea of Uncertainty.

The reason that this is happening is that we are in the midst of a mega MUA, the beginning of a major new cycle. Some of us knew this, but we didn't realize the full scope of the MUA that we are in. We didn't know that it would wash away so thoroughly all that had been. That it would irrevocably alter the fabric of all that we have known.

Now it's like we are traveling in a small canoe over a series of wild Rapids of Change. We are frantically rowing to the left, rowing to the right, watching out for sharp rocks in our path. There is no time for calmly looking around to see the details of where we are or for stopping to enjoy a picnic lunch; instead we need to be on full alert, ready to leap into action or change direction at a second's notice.

There is so much intensity and so much action that sometimes we think that we've reached our limits and can't take any more. That's when we hear a loud roar coming ever closer. We are approaching the top of a huge waterfall. There is no time to avoid it. We drop over the edge. Falling - falling - falling.

And there is our New Life in all its beauty.


Holding Strong to our Knowingness

True Ones have a strong inner knowingness of what is REAL and TRUE.

No matter what appears to be happening, or what appears to NOT be happening, we must trust our inner knowingness. Often there will be no outer signs that what we know to be true is real, except for our knowingness. Yet we must follow what we know.

I just had a strong experience of this. Since the beginning of June, I've had a strong knowingness that my house was finally going to sell this summer. Because of this, I knew that I needed to act as though my house had already been sold and start preparing to move right away, so I would be ready to move quickly when it actually happened.

Next, I realized that I needed to let go of half of my possessions, so I started going through everything, even boxes that I had already packed, releasing lots of things that I no longer needed. Some of these were brand new things that I had specifically bought for my New Life a few years ago and never used.

Sure enough, during the second week of June, I received an offer on my house. This propelled me into greater action and we had our first huge sale of many of the sacred objects and world treasures I have collected over the years.

Even though I had signed a Purchase Contract on my house, house sales aren't complete until the sale is final and the money is in your hand. Fully aware of this, I still felt a strong knowingness that my house was going to sell and that I would be moving to my New Life very soon, so I continued seriously preparing to move.

Then five minutes before the New Moon in August, I received a phone call that my house sale had fallen through. I was shocked, but not surprised, as the buyers didn't feel like the right people for this house. That night, part of me felt Null Zoned with a gamut of emotions and twinges of hopelessness. Yet, even when part of me was Null Zoning, my infinitely vaster knowingness as a True One that I would be moving before October's Ninth Gate Activation remained.

The very next day, another realtor called and said that some new people wanted to make an offer on my house. This happened less than 24 hours after the first sale fell apart. Two weeks later, I finally sold my house. This time, it was to the right people and it was surprisingly easy. Now, I am in full action mode getting ready to leave Hawaii by the end of September.

This is a good example of how if we align ourselves with the surging current of rightness in the expanded HERE and NOW, that ALL WILL BE WELL. The details may be unknown or they may constantly change. We may be rerouted again and again. The rug may be pulled out from underneath us. But if we follow our inner knowingness as a True One, we will always be led into our Truest Directions. And this is true for all of us!


The Third Wave!

The long anticipated Third Wave are now making their presence felt. They are the missing component of our ONE BEING IN ACTION. The Third Wave are young, but they are leaping in.

Sometimes they feel as if they were from another planet with their far reaching ideas. Their eyes shine with the depths of Far Distant Worlds. At first, it might not be easy to connect to Third Waves because they seem to be totally focused on their own tasks aligned to a specific destiny. They might accept you as you are, but if you don't fit into their destiny, they don't pay much attention to you. They don't respond on the level of old relationship patterns, such as "if I do something for you, then you will do something for me."

The Third Wave are focused, not distracted like the Second Wave. They don't have the fears of the Bridges, nor the weariness of the First Wave. They are calm, clear and quietly confidant. They look at everything with clear eyes, untainted by prejudice. They are able to do unbelievable tasks, like sailing around the world, by themselves. The young people of the Third Wave are being increasingly empowered to bring something new and fresh into the world in ways that we cannot ignore. Here comes the Third Wave!



September is an action packed month in which we make lasting progress in completing the old and preparing for our leap into the New. This isn't just normal busyness, but it's serious action done by our stripped down core self. Lots of long outstanding matters are being resolved. Some of us will be expanding the definitions of overstretched and multi-dimensional beyond all previous boundaries.

We will be tying up of loose ends, packing our bags, finalizing details, battening down the hatches, studying our maps, gathering our crew and preparing to hoist the sails for the final leg of our journey into our New Landscape.

Whenever we feel overwhelmed by too many thoughts about too many things to do, it's helpful to move our beings to the level of the expanded HERE and NOW. Then we go one step further and see ourselves as a True One. Next we expand ourselves to the level of the Silent Watcher who calmly observes the interplay in all the worlds within worlds, without being affected by it. Whenever we become overwhelmed, if we expand our beings into that vaster Zone of Silence, we can bring that energy back into our life. This makes everything easier and more manageable. Always remain larger than what is happening around you.

September will be a huge reality check time for many people. This is because much is On the Line and we are no longer able to pretend that something is right, when it isn't. The Sword of Truth is glowing, cutting through anything that is false, unreal or untrue. There will be problems to solve, challenges to move through and what appear to be blocks to dissolve. Whenever they arise, it's important that we don't collapse ourselves into our problems and challenges. Just do what needs to be done as cleanly as possible and move on.

Be prepared for easy solutions to problems and easy resolutions to old, stuck situations. We no longer need to struggle in order to move forward. We also don't need to struggle against our expired situations and problems. Simply accept them as your current circumstances and deal with them as a True One. Remember that True Ones never have to struggle or experience hardship.

Don't look for rewards or solutions coming from the same area as the ones where we put our effort. Solutions are not coming from the usual directions. If we are looking at a certain area for our solution, and getting increasingly frustrated that it's not there, we might try looking in other directions. The long sought solution might be there in the new place, just waiting for us to notice it.

I noticed this when I had my second World Treasures Sale. Not so many people came, and we sold way less than the first one. It was easy to become disappointed after so much effort. Yet, at the end of the day, I gave away many treasures to the dear friends who had helped us, which gave me a great joy. And a truckload of items was given to the thrift store, so the end result was a major lightening of my load. This made my sale a huge success, just not in the financial area which was my previous measure of success.

All month long, more and more expired elements will be flying off of us, making us increasingly freer. As they do, the results of the transformation of our inner landscapes will become increasingly visible in our outer physical landscape.

It's also helpful to continually move things around in your home environment. Move your furniture, take pictures off of the walls, change the positions of what is around you. Alter your daily patterns and do something different each day.

Since the Tsunamis of Change are here, everything is highly changeable right now. Anything could change in an instant. We are going to have lots of major decisions to make this month. And usually these decisions will have to be made in a Zen-like manner, without having all the needed information. Sometimes we may need to make seemingly harsh decisions; yet, True Ones don't avoid strong decisions. It's time to make new choices, only this time we are making them consciously as a True One.

We are now being given many opportunities to develop mastery in areas that we didn't know existed or that we never thought we would do. We can even master the things that we have long avoided. We will continually demonstrate our mastery in the challenges of everyday life, especially our Mastery of Service. This gives us a feeling of immense capability. Our new mantra is "I CAN do it!"

Throughout September, we are going to experience many Perfect Storms and Quantum Breakthroughs. It's important for us to remember that breakthroughs can be easy. We don't need to do things the hard way anymore. Resolution doesn't have to be difficult. We do need to put our full effort and full beings into everything we do, and after that, we simply prepare ourselves to catch the melons that are raining down into our outstretched hands.

Just as Perfect Storms are rare alignments of unrelated elements that come together for maximum impact, the new Quantum Breakthroughs that arrive in the form of melons are also rare alignments of unrelated elements. Yet the combination of these seemingly unrelated elements is composed of the perfect mixture of what is most needed. It is extremely concentrated and highly potent. This concentrated energy of a melon has a massive and far reaching impact.

This is why melons are not simply a blessing or reward, but they bring lasting breakthroughs. Each melon is ripe and juicy with the energy of the New and True. It brings with it new freedom, new potentials, new choices, new responsibilities, new creativity, new insights and new areas of action.

And of course, we need to be True Ones in order to receive the melons that are coming to us. That's why, no matter what else is happening, being a True One is still our Number One Priority.

As we are increasingly unpinned from the constraints of Time and Space. a continual deepening is taking place. We are experiencing a massive expansion of our understanding of what is REAL and TRUE as well as an enhanced understanding of the world of duality. We realize that we really need to be True, no matter what the circumstances, even in the most heavy and expired situations.

As September progresses, we will feel more comfortable being a True One and there will be less stepping backwards into our smaller selves. There is a growing solidarity between True Ones all over the world. Together, we are birthing a new concentrated core of our One Being.

At the end of September we will be totally amazed at how much we achieved this month. We will be astounded at how vastly we have changed and how much our outer landscape has been altered. And despite the uncertainty and intensity, we will be deeply grateful at all we have achieved.

With increasing excitement and sureness, we will make our leap into the New and True.

I have never been so massively overstretched in my entire life. Moving house and trying to acquire the needed information to move to another country, while organizing an 11:11 Activation is a super Perfect Storm for me. For the rest of the year, I will be doing lots of traveling and I may be without a home base or a steady internet connection for several months. The Surf Reports and Updates will be written and sent out, although not necessarily "on time". But I will be leaping with my full being into the Unknown.



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