September 2000: On the Fast Track into our New Lives

August was an extremely intense month. We were catapulted through the wild Rapids of Change with no time to rest or integrate the dramatic changes happening in our lives. Often we were hurled from rock to rock, thrown through the Rough Surf. Each time that we crashed into a rock, something was knocked off. Much has been stripped away from us.

The changes were many and the challenges great. There was no possibility of removing ourselves from the surging rapids; it took everything we had just to survive the wild ride.

In the uncontrolled wildness of our journey, we traveled far, much farther than we yet realize. We haven't been able to get a clear picture of where we are going or of the depth and scope of the changes taking place. This is because this journey down the wild Rapids of Changes hasn't yet slowed down to allow us to see where we are or how we are doing.

In September, we are going to continue our travels down the wild Rapids of Change. We will still be overstretched and dealing with much intensity. There is such a profusion of things happening that it is nearly impossible to sit and think about what we are doing. There will be a few brief moments of respite in which we can partially regroup ourselves and integrate some of the powerful energies which are propelling us into our New Lives, but these precious moments will be brief.

The Surf is surging and pulling us along. We still have little control over what is happening. We can try to paddle ourselves to the right or the left to correct our course or attempt to avoid the rocks in our path, but most of the time, this will have very little effect. We are going to be relentlessly swept along and will probably crash into many of the boulders in our path. The good news is that each time we crash into a rock and something is knocked off of us, we become more free and true.

We are being forcibly pulled into our New Lives. The Surf is taking us on the fast track. It's a rough ride, but it's getting us to where we need to be. Perhaps, the best thing we can do is just surrender to the Surf. Let go completely and let ourselves be swept along by the raging currents. If we offer no resistance, then we will have less to release. Don't even try to control where you are going. Float along and be surprised.

What we can do is to set our intent to follow our hearts and go to what is most true. We can delve deep inside ourselves to weed out what no longer resonates with our core beings and discover those things which give us joy. And we can make the choices to follow our joy and inspiration.

It's also important that we stay attuned to the places where the energy of the Surf is calmer. Whenever we discover such a place, it's good to go in that direction.

We're going to encounter many open and closed doorways in September. Some areas of our lives are going to close up and we won't be able to go there anymore. Even if we want to and try our best to stay there, we will be pulled away from them. This includes relationships, places of residence, the work we do, friends, habits, behaviors, etc.

Other areas will open up, some where we least expect them. These are the subtle clues which will guide our way and illuminate our path. We need to follow the path of least resistance, heading away from the areas which are now closed to us to the newly opened doors in unexpected places.

By October, our intense ride on the wild Rapids of Change will be nearly over. We will be amazed at the vast distance of our journey and will find ourselves in a totally new place, our wondrous New Lives.


The Wild Rapids of Change are not affecting all of us. Some passed through them last year; others' journey has yet to come. It is always like this and needs to be. Some of us must remain clear and focused in the beam to help the ones who are undergoing the wild turmoil.

FOR THOSE WHO ARE IN THE MIDST OF THE RAPIDS: It may well seem that our passage through these troubling times will never end. Challenging circumstances keep getting piled upon us. Just when we think we can't go any further, something else happens to make it even more challenging. We are being stretched beyond our known limits, beyond our strength, beyond all past experiences.

This is similar to the passage through the birth canal. The pressure is great and the darkness is sometimes all pervading. During this time, we must remember that we ARE in the process of being born and that soon this time will pass and things will settle around us.

Part of what is happening to us is that we are being pulled free from our past. We are being ripped from the places where we have been stuck.

Many of us have been stuck into old life situations or ways of being which we don't want to be in. We have been like the hamster on his wheel, endlessly propelling ourselves around and around and going nowhere. Some part of our belief system has gotten stuck in an illusion and we believe that if we just keep going, making the wheel spin faster and faster, that we will reach the end. But sadly, we won't.

We need to step off the wheel.....

The Rapids of Change are hitting upon the parts of ourselves that have been stuck. And although the pulling free is not a gentle process, it will take us where we need to go. We need to willingly let go of as much as possible. We need to find ways to nourish ourselves and find moments of gentleness and fun. We can't force things to happen during this time; enough is happening already.

Surrender and try to float. Don't think about where you are going or how you are going to get there. Be in the present moment as much as possible. Help one another with love and encouragement.

FOR THOSE WHO ARE NOT CURRENTLY EXPERIENCING THE RAPIDS: Hold strong to our One Being. Help support and carry along those who are undergoing the tumultuous Rapids in whatever ways you can. Don't judge them as being less or mixed up or off the beam for what they are experiencing; they are undergoing an immense initiation which requires great courage. Radiate your compassion and love to them. Try to serve as stabilizers of the raging currents.

By October, most of the Rapids will be over and we can finally pick up the pieces of our New Lives.


In late summer there is always a certain moment when we can feel an Insertion Point of the cooler weather to come. It may be very hot weather and then suddenly we will feel a hint of the change in temperature which is on its way. After that point, the weather may continue to be hot, yet something has changed; the pattern of the summer has been irrevocably altered and we know that cool weather will come. The same thing will happen in the winter when we experience a brief Insertion Point of the spring to come. This moment gives us a glimpse of the times to come; it breaks the solidity of the winter's cold.

This is what has just happened to us in terms of our wild ride on the Rapids of Change. We are now experiencing numerous Insertion Points of the times to come. There are hints of the open doorways into our future. A waft of fresh air and fresh experience....

On the outer levels, perhaps little has changed. Our outer circumstances may still appear to be extremely challenging and nearly impossible. Yet, these sometimes subtle Insertion Points are changing everything. In October, the changes will be ever more apparent.

We are creating the templates for our future now!

Enjoy this wild ride into the New.

Let's fearlessly love with our whole beings!

Be constantly open to the unexpected!

BE REAL, no matter what!

Copyright 2000 by Solara. All Rights Reserved.