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August was a deeply challenging month for many of us that was full of shock waves. At times, it felt like the end of the world had arrived and everything appeared hopeless. Some of us felt extremely detached from the physical and felt as if we were barely alive. Without energy, all we could do was lie down as much as possible as we were pulled into far, far away realms. It felt like we were holding onto life by a thread and had little energy to do anything else. For me personally, August was one of the hardest times I have experienced in years and it actually started at the beginning of the last week in July and lasted for five weeks.

August was full of STOP and GO energy. Since there was a constant Yellow Light reminding us to proceed with caution, it kept us from decisively moving forward. At the same time, we traveled through an intense Band of Distortion. Situations and minor events that normally would have been easily dealt with, were magnified and occasionally blew up in our faces.

There were numerous upheavals and ruptures that affected many areas of our lives. Long standing friendships were unexpectedly broken over what appeared to be nothing. These were with people whom we believed would be in our lives for a long time. Some of us had the unquestionable realization that it is now time to change our jobs and do something that is more aligned with who we are or that it's essential to move into our True Position as soon as possible.

All month long, we dealt with numerous health problems, either in ourselves or those close to us. Since so much of the old world is dying away, the energies of physical mortality were strong at times. We might have felt that we were dying or we may have had people close to us hovering between life and death. This gave us a heightened seriousness -- the feeling that everything is now ON THE LINE. It also deepened our love as we realized the preciousness of these earthly lives.

Droughts, earthquakes, wildfires, volcanos, terrorist attacks, wars and floods seemed to mirror the whole Earth groaning under the weight of the clash of two very different reality systems. It felt like almost everyone was touched by some calamity, minor or major, personal or collective. There were also random acts of kindness, bravery and compassion that were deeply touching.

A great cleaning out and revision took place throughout August. We combed through everything to sort out, recalibrate and clear our path. We honed our discernment so we could see what was true and what was untrue. Many elements were discarded as our old level dissolved under our feet. It felt as if our beings had been reforged in the fires of transformation. From this, we emerged more serious, more raw and real, with a renewed dedication to staying True, no matter what!

An Insertion Point:

The Kayumari is the blue deer of the Huichol Indians of Mexico. He / she is the guardian of the dimensional doorways known as Nierikas. It is the Kayumari who decides if we can enter another world. Most importantly, when we return, the Kayumari decides whether or not we can bring back to this world the memories of what we experienced.

When I first heard of the Kayumari over thirty years ago, I resolved to do my utmost to make friends with them so I could have total access to all the worlds within worlds and full remembrance of what I experienced there. Every day I would sing a special song to the Kayumari while playing my Tarahumara drum with my fingertips to make sounds like the soft pattering of deer footsteps. I even painted a small wooden deer cobalt blue and placed it upon my altar. The Kayumari and I became close friends.

The Kayumari are playing an important role at this time. They are guiding us through some of the dimensional doorways that we haven't explored. This is reawakening our remembrance of times past and enabling us to simultaneously activate and release pockets of old memories which have long been in a dormant state within us. These memories are not only from our personal story during our cycle of earthly lifetimes, but lingering traces of multi-dimensional memories from parallel worlds outside of time and space. We are also retrieving and releasing memories carried in the collective, such as the sinking of Atlantis or the devastating wars on Mars.

The Kayumari energy of remembrance and release is also very present in my book, "The Legend of Altazar", even though the Kayumari doesn't appear in the story. This is why many people are being called to read or reread this book right now. This remembrance of all we have been and of the vaster picture of our personal story helps us merge with our scattered fragments and unhook ourselves from duality. It creates new space within us for the freshness of the New Reality to fill.

There's another aspect to the Kayumari which is very strong at this time. Since the Kayumaris have access to all worlds within worlds, both within Time and in No-Time, they have the ability to find anything which needs to be found. We can send forth our Kayumari to find something that we need to connect with. Your Kayumari can find your True Partner, True Home and True People. They can find whatever is most needed. And when they do, they will lead them to you.

Right now, many of are us are not only working with the Kayumaris, but we are embodying the Kayumari. We are traveling through numerous worlds within worlds, within multiple dimensions, gathering up all memories and rolling them up on a gossamer skein so we can bring everything into the HERE and NOW.

The Cracking Open of Compassion

This is a time for facing the consequences of our actions. And of our inactions....

Sweeping changes are taking place all over the world. It's like a gigantic broom that is sweeping up all the dirt, all the insects - living and dead, that have been hiding in the forgotten corners of the planet. Now we have to honesty face the consequences of our actions and inactions. And even if we have been honest and integrous in our own lives; it's now time to honesty deal with the actions and inactions of the collective, for we are all part of the ONE.

Since we're in a time of massive change, it's important to remember that it's always much easier to make a voluntary change than to have a change forced upon us. So if we already know that we need or want to change in our lives, let's do it now without any hesitation!

Right now, great movement is taking place all over the world. There is a diaspore of refugees who are fleeing their war ravaged countries, leaving behind all they have and all they've known, to find a safe haven. Are we going to open our hearts so they can be flooded with compassion? Are we going to open our physical doors to them? Or are we going to lock our doors (and hearts) out of fear, ignorance and selfishness?

In Australia, the government has sadly chosen to lock their doors and put those who have come to them in need, those who have already suffered greatly, into temporary tents on the island of Nauru. They have even enacted laws which forbid disclosure by the staff there of the dismal and dangerous conditions they are living in. This is a national disgrace on the level of how they treated the original people of Australia, the Aboriginals.

It heartens me greatly to see the "Welcome Refugees" signs in some of the countries of Europe, to see the awakening of compassion in the hearts of many. The Prime Minister of Finland has even offered space for four refugee families in his own home. After the Icelandic government recently agreed to give asylum to fifty refugees, the Icelandic people responded by offering places in 11,000 homes. But as of yet, no one has arranged transportation for them to get there.

On August 18th, thousands of Buddhist Monks in Thailand filled the streets
beside the Erawan Hindu Shrine in Bangkok that was bombed the day before.
This is a beautiful example of how, together as One Being,
we can transform the energies of duality.

(Photo by Michael Massey.)


There is much more to do. These Sweeping Changes are not just happening to "others" - people separate from us; they are affecting absolutely everyone, whether we realize it or not. We really can't isolate ourselves from what's going on in the world anymore, even if it's not happening where we live. We can't passively ignore the sufferings of others, while we focus solely on our "spiritual" practices, constantly seek to be entertained and eat healthy food.

It's time for our One Being in Action to make our presence felt all over the world. It's time for True People Power! Once again, we are being repeatedly shown how People Power is far more effective in bringing change and helping humanity, than relying on the help of our governments and other established institutions.

WE the people, WE the awakened humanity of planet Earth, WE the True Ones, are ready to create positive change all over the world. We are ready to open our hearts and homes to welcome the refugees in Europe and Australia. We are ready to build houses in Nepal. (Winter is coming!) We are ready to preserve the environment and protect the animals. We are ready to do whatever is needed. We are ready to birth a New Reality in the midst of the crumbling world of duality. We can no longer wait for the leadership of our governments, the support of large corporations and financial aid from our financial institutions, for they only serve themselves and no longer serve the people. WE the people, as ONE BEING IN ACTION, are finally ready to throw off our blinders so we can clearly see what is really happening. We are ready to leap into action and make our unified presence felt.

A friend of mine who is very clear and true had a vision at the end of August / beginning of September. She saw hundreds and hundreds of Buddhas all over the world standing stronger, bigger, pure and true. She said that it's similar to the feeling on the roller coaster when you're about to go straight down that first, steep hill and you grab onto the seat as strongly as you can because it's about to go mega fast. The same way the Buddhas all over the world are holding strongly to Trueness because it's about to get stormy.

And this is what we must do too.... Stand tall in our Trueness. Stand strong in our Love. Stand irrevocably firm in our Oneness. Take our positions as Silent Watchers watching over all the worlds within worlds, strengthening the resonance of Trueness, embodying Pure Heart True Love, and sending forth the resonance that ALL IS WELL.


From the very beginning, September feels much better than August. An extremely heavy energy has lifted. The Band of Distortion that affected us throughout August is gone. This doesn't mean that September will be calm or without challenges; it won't be. It will be full of massive, SWEEPING CHANGES - changes large and small, changes that affect many elements of our lives and the world we live in, Tsunamis of Change. And at times, this will be very challenging. Occasionally, we may be rocked to our foundation. Yet, we will be able to deal with whatever happens in a much smoother, more grounded manner than we could in August.

The energies of STOP. and GO! will change to SLOW DOWN and GO in September, but since we won't have the heavy density and Distortion Bands of August, it won't be as difficult to deal with. I have the feeling that the reason we've been experiencing this STOP and GO is because something else, which we can't quite see, is going on in the background, and this activity is making everything visible go slower.

It feels like some kind of big, heavy machinery is grinding away just out of sight. This huge machinery is in the process of moving from their old positions where they have been stuck for a very long time, into their new positions. It's this massive action in the background that makes everything seem to go slower in our outer lives. I know that here in Peru there are times when our internet is super slow and when we check it, huge downloads are being made, but not by us. As soon as we stop these downloads, our service speeds up.

There's also an additional component to action that we are experiencing in September. As we try to do things, we are discovering that many of the actions we make contain an extension or prolongation that is connected to it. It's like one of those expanding telescopes. We try to do an action, even a rather simple one, assuming it only has one part, only to find out that it has several hidden stages containing numerous interrelated actions which we didn't see before.

Here's an example from our life in Peru: We are finally ready to get our True Guardian / Gardener for the Heart of AN and have spent several weeks interviewing potential prospects. Yesterday, we finally decided which person we are going to hire. But it's not that simple. We just found out that in order to let go of our old guardian, we need to meet with a lawyer, write a paper officially letting him go, (even though we never had a work contract with him), get it signed by all parties and take it to be notarized, and then.... we can finally create a contract with the new guardian and make the changeover. Oh, and we need to pay our previous guardian one month's salary for each year that he worked for us! This is the new multi-staged, telescopic mode of action.

This new kind of action could be frustrating if we were just trying to get things done quickly. And even though we love the concept of doing things easily and quickly, the most important thing right now is to do things correctly. To do everything with love, trueness and integrity.

Since August, we've been walking on the razor's edge. We've learned, often the hard way, that each false step can be exceedingly uncomfortable and maybe even dangerous. Right now, we are in the Great Sifter of Trueness. The True Ones are rising while any untrue and expired duality-based energies are sinking to the bottom. Everything is absolutely ON THE LINE. We now know that each step we make has to be a true step in Right Time - Right Place or else it won't work. We can no longer compromise our integrity, either through our behaviors or by tolerating any untrue behaviors of others.

Everything that was upside down and perceived backwards during the past several thousand years is finally coming to its ultimate turning point so it can flip over into its True Position. This cannot be done without further chaos, even though we are present to make sure that the shift takes place as gently as possible. We can do this by keeping ourselves centered in the eye of the storm and consciously serving as bridges between duality and Oneness.

September is a "hold onto your hat" month with myriad possibilities and unexpected changes on level after level after level. We can also expect another wave of people we know to leave the planet. This makes it even more crucial to choose our True Life over old patterns. It's essential that we break free from the Sea of Distraction which keeps us from embodying our greatness and living True Lives. It's also a month where we really need to be ultra compassionate with each other, for only love can birth the New Reality.

The Sweeping Changes in September will be experienced by everyone on the planet, no matter what level of awareness each occupies. Often it feels like Time is a red hot coal that burns our hands. We can't touch it; we can't create enough free moments with it and we can't mold it.

September will allow us to see how far we have traveled and where our True Positions are now. We will see the new places from which we will live and work. This is exciting because our True Position brings with it the Blank Canvas of our new places, new people, new great loves, new experiences and heightened creative surges.

So much is absolutely ON THE LINE this month, but it feels like somehow we will make it through and we will birth the New Reality.

With Heart of AN True Love,

With deep Gratitude and Love for the inspiration and brilliant insights of:
Barbara, Denise, Dian, Elena, Emanaku, Inana, Inger, Keenuane, Lenita, Satreya, Yuliya

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