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If you have any Anchor Group questions, please email Laya our 11:11 International Anchor Group Coordinator at anchors@nvisible.com



11:11 Anchor Groups are absolutely vital to the successful activation of a Gate of the 11:11 Doorway. They work closely with the Master Cylinder, creating an expanded One Being, and help to fully anchor and globally distribute the new pure, concentrated 11:11 energies that pour in from the Invisible during the 11:11 Gate Activation.

When it comes to working with new energies and templates on this planet, participating in an 11:11 Anchor Group or Master Cylinder is true pioneering at its greatest!

The 9th Gate Activation is on a totally new level than the previous 11:11 Gates. It requires totally focused, clear, open beings who are utterly committed to emerging as True Ones.

It would infinitely help to strengthen the connection of our One Being if a representative from your Anchor Group is able to participate in the 9th Gate Master Cylinder in Bali. This would also make it possible for your representative to bring back and share the very newest energies and tools that are moving us deeper into the Ultra Greater Reality and into the very new level of Pure Heart Love. Please, do whatever you can to make this possible; Anchor Groups can even pool their resources to sponsor their representative's participation in the Master Cylinder.This will be a true service to your entire Anchor Group and also help to activate our One Being in Action.

If any of your Anchor Group feel called to become an 11:11 Workshop Facilitator and Teacher of the Sacred Dances, then participation in the 9th Gate Activation Master Cylinder is a prerequisite. Additional meetings will be held at the Master Cylinder in Bali for those interested in becoming 11:11 Workshop Facilitators, and invitations will be extended to those chosen for the next Teacher Training Master Class.

With Deepest Gratitude to all those who are now stepping forward as True Ones!