Living True Lives as True Ones

The changes are so profound, it's like inhabiting a new planet.
It changes what we see around us. It changes what we feel.
It changes what we think. It changes how we interact with others.
It changes what we do and it changes how we do things.

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Our October EL•AN•RA Ceremonies were beyond all expectations. More than a month has passed since then, but the energies are not diminishing. Instead, they are becoming ever stronger and are being felt by increasing numbers of people. This is because the ceremonies are still going on in the eternal, Timeless True Worlds far beyond Time and Space.

The old pins of EL•AN•RA that long held duality into position are gone. Duality is now like a phantom without any real substance, trying to convince us that it is real. The only things that keep duality alive anymore is its old muscle memory of How Things Used To Be and by our collective belief that duality is still real. Our everyday choices, limiting beliefs, attitudes, self doubts, actions and reactions based on fear are what keep duality alive. If we keep feeding duality and treating it like it's real ~ then even though there is nothing holding it into position any more ~ it will keep appearing like it's real.

The core of density is rising to the surface with ever more dramatic displays, trying to grab our attention so it can stay in control. Yet, paradoxically, as it does, the New Reality is becoming increasingly visible. The New Reality is no longer limited to a few locations on the planet. It is all around us. The reason that many people aren't yet aware of this is because they are still wearing their glasses of duality to perceive the world around them. Of course, if we do this, we won't see the New Reality.

It's essential that we now live our Trueness in every moment ~ not just when idyllic conditions are present. We have to embody the New Reality and take it out into the world with us wherever we go. This is one of our most magnificent Superpowers ~ for when we do this, it transforms everything!

Even when the New Reality comes and taps us on our shoulder, we have to respond. It's not going to grab us and transport us to a new land if we don't do anything. It's only when we meet the New Reality halfway that the sacred alchemy begins. The New Reality is a collaboration between us, the world around us and the energies of a vastly expanded reality in the Timeless True Worlds.

Collective Humanity now holds the Key as to whether we continue to live in the holographic illusion of duality while passively watching our planet become uninhabitable or whether we choose to live in a vibrantly magnificent New Reality on the physical Earth. The choice is really up to us....

October gave us an unprecedented opportunity to go where we've never gone before ~ to BREAK ON THROUGH TO THE OTHER SIDE. In the aftermath of October, many profound changes are becoming visible in our lives. In November and December, we are integrating these unprecedented shifts that took place within the inner control panels of this dimensional universe. The very Fabric of Reality has been irrevocably altered.

Now we need to incorporate these massive Quantum Shifts into our daily lives ~ to undergo yet another Mega RESET ~ to make them part of our New Normal. During these greatly accelerated final months of the year, we are building totally new foundations for all that is to come

On the most obvious duality level, there's a great heaviness on the planet. Beyond that, there's a sense of new movement created by the populace waking up and moving into action. EVEN BEYOND THAT on a greatly expanded level, there's a fresh, new lightness. This comes from the eternal Timeless True Worlds of the New Reality where we are now aligning ourselves.

During this time, some of us are suddenly realizing that our jobs have expired. After releasing our old work, many of us will stop working for others in jobs that feed the old system and instead create our own work on our own terms. We may utilizing our old skills in totally new ways that are much more fulfilling. Or we may find ourselves doing something completely different ~ something that we never imagined doing before. What's important is to find work that uses our creativity, that has a component of serving the planet in some way and that makes us smile every morning.

We may suddenly get a strong pull to make a move into an unexpected direction off the Map of the Known. We have unlimited possibilities available to us right now. The greatest success will come from stepping out of our old comfort zones and following the promptings of our Heart's Knowingness. We all need to ask ourselves, "What would I really LOVE to do? Where would I really LOVE to live? How can I best serve?"

This is all preparation for the monumental year of 2020. This will be an extremely REAL year ~ the MAKE OR BREAK YEAR in which the future course of our planet will be determined. Everything is ON THE LINE, as never before. After 2020, there will be No Down - No Return.

And the changes, are going to be huge. Now, it's up to us!


October brought in a massive Quantum Surf that unleashed lots of energy with great intensity. So much is happening all at once that it's impossible to see the full scope of what is going on. Intense energies are coming in from all directions, while at the same time, we are besieged with myriad trivial details that need our attention. And this is happening on multiple levels!

We might think that we don’t see the bigger picture, yet so much of the endemic corruption that is happening all over the world has become so glaringly obvious that we can’t deny what we are seeing. There's no place that is untouched or "safe". Everyone is feeling besieged in some form or another. And this is just what's taking place on the duality level. There is massive movement on the levels beyond duality.

We are now living in two reality systems at the same time. The entire world around us has suddenly become a Butterpillar / Catterfly world in which we can no longer do things in our old, tried and true ways, yet we cannot fly unhindered. Suddenly, it's not a choice between worlds. It's not an EITHER - OR. We are in ALL WORLDS AT THE SAME TIME! When we first experience this, it feels extremely awkward. It's uncomfortable. It's confusing. It's impossible to reconcile within our minds. We just want to get out of this strange and disturbing Transition Zone as quickly as possible.

This microcosm / macrocosm in effect isn't an EITHER - OR; it's an ALL AT ONCE! We don't choose to be a Butterpillar or a Catterfly. WE ARE BOTH OF THEM at the same time! Plus, we are already the unborn Butterfly who has already been birthed on the vaster realms!

October is full of Quantum Breakthroughs ~ far beyond our present imagining. The very Fabric of Reality is changing. We all have the opportunity to BREAK ON THROUGH TO THE OTHER SIDE ~ to go where we've never gone before. To merge with long lost parts of our True Selves. It's like the invisible barrier that kept us in our old positions suddenly dissolves and there's no more artificial boundary to keep us from going into expanded levels of Greater Love and Trueness.

As this happens, the old structures are demolished. The newly created rubble of the Past becomes the compost for our True Lives. It's like smashing the huge old puzzle of all we knew before, of all that we ever experienced ~ in countless lifetimes on this planet and beyond ~ with a sledgehammer. The broken fragments of our old puzzle creates newly shaped puzzle pieces ~ those which in 2020 we will place together in completely new configurations to form our New True Landscape.

The seeds of awakened awareness are sprouting everywhere and this brings us much joy. The awakening is happening even in places we didn't believe it would. Anything could change at any moment ~ in any direction. And EVERYTHING IS POSSIBLE!


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We are far more free than we allow ourselves to be!
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