Living True Lives as True Ones
The changes are so profound, it's like inhabiting a new planet.
It changes what we see around us; it changes what we feel;
it changes what we think; it changes how we interact with others;
it changes what we do and it changes how we do things.

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Clearing the Path into our True Position

April is a month in which anything can happen. The energies feel unstoppable now. Major shifts will take place and there will be much movement into new directions. Many of us feel so ready for this. We know that if we want to move forward onto a totally new frequency band, we have to do it now. There is no more time. The train is leaving the station.

The mighty Winds of Change are blowing strongly in April, clearing the Path into our True Position, making it more visible than ever before. The debris of our old thoughts, unrequited yearnings and worn out expectations that used to cover up our True Path are flying away! This clearing of our True Path is a major theme of April.

In April, we are able to clearly see what adjustments we need to make within our inner beings and in our outer behaviors. The Winds of Change are thoroughly scouring our beings, enabling us to release some of the illusory beliefs which have clouded our minds for some time now ~ things like false perceptions of who we are or false limits of what we can, (or cannot), do in this world.

In April we deal with any lingering issues so the way ahead is clear. We don't fully move into our True Position yet, but we can finally see it clearly and it is undeniable. Our True Position becomes infinitely more tangible, alive and real. We can see many elements which weren't visible before.

Waves of emotions are sweeping wildly across the planet and are generating a full spectrum of moods. Many people are at the edge of what they can take; it's been so many years of struggle and everyone is tired. The energy of Hopelessness is actively trying to pull people back into duality, but we need to remember that Hope is not the antidote for this. We have to go beyond Hope, all the way to our true Heart's Knowingness. It's also helpful to realize that not all the emotions we are feeling personally belong to us; many of them come from the planetary collective. As we allow them to course through us, we are also transmuting them for all.

During the first two weeks of April, it's much like drawing the string of a bow back into our heart. We will incorporate the changes which occurred in March. Everything gets realigned with the true core of our being. While this is happening, we will have opportunities to repattern the past into a clearer, truer design. At mid-month during the New Moon, Mercury goes direct and this is when we release the bow string and our arrow flies forth! We enter the Fast Track, zooming along from breakthrough to breakthrough at an accelerated speed!

April is the great bridge to May. Many of us will be moving forward during April to align with a series of essential elements which will allow us to make a noticeable Quantum Leap during May. These huge Quantum Leaps are necessary because they will greatly strengthen our connection with the New Reality of AN. Much of our work during this time is to remain as deeply grounded as possible, maintaining our balance while the Winds of Change continue to slam the planet and the New Reality of AN continues to expand.

~ ? ~ ? ~ ? ~

People all over the world love Superheros. When we are children, we try to emulate them. As we grow up, the veil of illusion descends. We outgrow our Spiderman pajamas. We take off our tiara and toss it in the back of our closet. Our Superman suit gets covered up by a business suit. We think that this is all part of growing up and getting real.

What's ironic is that we actually do have Superpowers; we've just forgotten that they are there. And even when we do get a glimpse of them, we are afraid to believe in them. Our real Superpowers are far greater than those of the cartoon characters in comic books and movies.

Here are some of our Superpowers:

1. We can remember Who We Truly Are and Why We Are Here.

4. We are Timeless, Eternal Beings in human form.

7. We can stop Time and inhabit No-Time.

11. With our clear, starry eyes, we can see through all illusion.

13. We can merge our vastness into the physical.

15. We have full access to the Worlds within Worlds.

20. We can call forth the White Dragon.

21. We can birth a magnificent New Reality on the physical Earth.

22. We embody the most powerful force in the universe ~ True, True LOVE.

(The complete list of our Superpowers is in the full April Surf Report.)

All we have to do is to awaken the Sleeping Giant within us and give ourselves permission to be brave, to be good, to be wise, to be powerful, to be real, to be magnificent! We are the Bringers of Change. We are the Emissaries of Love and Trueness. We are the True Kings and Queens. We are the Master Healers. We are the Superheros.

What are your Superpowers? Do you believe in them? Are you utilizing them? This isn't a joke. We all have Superpowers. We have the obvious Superpowers that we can readily see, if we look for them. But we also have the less obvious, hidden Superpowers that we cannot yet see. Yet, sometimes the Superpowers which are hidden to us are the ones that others can see in us.

Now it's time to bring forth our Superpowers and use them, for they are greatly needed in the world today. We need to believe in them and we need to utilize them. And we all have the Superpower to shift reality systems!

Let's stop vibrating at a low frequency. Let's stop numbing ourselves out with distractions and BE PRESENT! Let's stop feeding duality. Let's stop holding back our Love ~ instead, let's splash it around, everywhere we go. Let's bring our vastness into the physical ~ not just in special moments, but all the time! Let's stop searching for what isn't here; instead let's start being fully here! Let's inhabit the expanded HERE and NOW. Let's stop feeling sad about the destruction of our natural environment ~ instead, let's use our Superpowers to heal it. Let's step forward and serve humanity! This is exactly what is needed in order to flip over reality systems.

Once we do this, we will discover that our Superpowers are normal manifestations of who we really are as vast True Beings. And bringing forth our Superpowers will make us feel so vibrantly alive.

This is a small fragment of Solara's complete APRIL 2018 SURF REPORT. The Full APRIL Surf Report contains lengthy sections on: Review of MARCH 2018, Clearing the Path into our True Position, Searching for our True Purpose, Bringing out our Superpowers!, and the APRIL 2018 Overview.

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We are far more free than we allow ourselves to be!
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