Living True Lives as True Ones
The changes are so profound, it's like inhabiting a new planet.
It changes what we see around us; it changes what we feel;
it changes what we think; it changes how we interact with others;
it changes what we do and it changes how we do things.

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August is one of the key, transformative months of the year that will move many of us out of our comfort zones and bring us completion on many levels. It's an "Expect the Unexpected" month that will bring huge change. August is full of Wild Cards in which anything can happen. And at this moment, we don't know which Wild Cards are going to be dealt to us.

We are experiencing heightened polarities as humanity splits into various divisions. There's the ever growing separation between those living in the two reality systems of Duality and Oneness. There are the obvious divisions between religions, races, political beliefs and between the rich and the poor. Splits within splits are taking place.

It's become increasingly evident that we now live in a world where most world governments put corporations and personal greed above the well being of the people and the preservation of our natural environment. This makes it essential that we now strengthen and enliven our One True Being.

If we really want to step into our One True Being, we all have to find our true place within it. We come together as a jigsaw puzzle comes together, piece by piece into its correct position. Some pieces go into the puzzle at the very beginning, like corners and edges, while others go in later when their true position is finally revealed. We don't all try to cram ourselves into the upper right corner. And we don't expect any of the pieces to be the same or to fulfill identical functions. That simply wouldn't work.

Many of us have a strong desire to make that final push to completely change our lives by stepping out of our expired beliefs, thought forms, old ways of living and doing things so we can live truer, more fulfilling lives. In August, the chances of doing this are greatly multiplied.

There are two eclipses this month ~ a partial Lunar Eclipse on the Full Moon of August 7 and a Total Solar Eclipse on the New Moon of August 21. Every eclipse is a Wild Card of sorts, but these two are especially strong ones. Like a massive display of fireworks, August's eclipses are going to set off a series of triggers on multiple levels. There will be numerous breakdowns, as well as breakthroughs. The playing fields of duality definitely won't be quiet. But at the same time, many will be thrust deeper into the New Reality while experiencing Quantum Breakthroughs.

This is a time in which absolutely anything could happen ~ the good, the bad, the impossible, the miraculous, and all the spectrum in between. There will be completely unexpected infusions of energy from "Off the Map of the Known". The veils are being lifted, one after another. Layers of disguises, subterfuges, conspiracies, corruption and manipulation are coming out in the open to be clearly seen. All those preconceptions we had about how it might be, how things might turn out ~ just forget them. The TRUTH is finally being revealed.

Even if we get occasionally slammed around by the energies, know that everything is happening for the purpose of dismantling the corrupt old systems. The Hall of Distorted Mirrors must be completely broken! All the feeding system tubes must be dismantled. This is exactly what needs to happen so we can birth a New Paradigm, fully anchored in the New Reality.

The August Eclipses will affect us throughout the entire month. This eclipse cycle seems especially powerful and heralds a time when everything which needs to be restructured, realigned, recalibrated, reset and released will go through the mighty Fires of Transformation. The Sun is burning away anything that is untrue and artificial.

Since this is a Fire Rooster Year, it makes the eclipses much stronger. August is when the Fire Rooster is forged within the Fires of Transformation and emerges as a reborn Phoenix. This marks an immense Turning Point for all of us. This apex of the Year of the Fire Rooster brings such searing intensity that much of our old, unnecessary emotional baggage is released. Our patterns are broken, never to be repaired. Our expired old stories are burned into ashes as we jump onto a completely new and infinitely truer timeline.

All month long, things will happen differently than what we expect. This may feel temporarily unsettling or upsetting, but in the end, we will see that everything is OK. If we're not being tossed around by duality, there's actually a lot of synchronicity happening in August. There's an abundance of those magical moments of clicking into position in a state of Right Time - Right Place. There's also the element of serendipity which arrives unexpectedly and brings us breakthroughs and melons when we least expect it.

Many of us are ready to become free from our past. To be birthed anew by the Fires of Transformation. We are ready to rise like the reborn Phoenix from the ashes of the old world, ready to receive our sceptres of True Life, ready to take on the responsibility to birth a New Reality for all.

August is a momentous month in which we are forged in the Fires of Transformation. Nothing will happen as we imagine it to be and the Unexpected abounds. Yet everything will happen just as it is needed to happen, even when it doesn't feel like it. The two eclipses trigger another wave of Great Awakening and another Mega RESET. As the dross of duality is burned away in the Fires of Transformation, many elements will click into their True Positions.

This is a small fragment of Solara's complete AUGUST 2017 SURF REPORT. The Full August Surf Report contains lengthy sections on: The July 2017 Review, Seeing the Unseen, Putting Together the Jigsaw Puzzle of our One True Being, Forged in the Fires of Transformation, The Detour and the August 2017 Overview.

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