Living True Lives as True Ones
The changes are so profound, it's like inhabiting a new planet.
It changes what we see around us; it changes what we feel;
it changes what we think; it changes how we interact with others;
it changes what we do and it changes how we do things.

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August's extremely powerful Total Solar Eclipse brought a powerful acceleration. Many of us experienced a powerful infusion of Pure True Love and Oneness, while at the same time encodings of the New Reality were activated that opened up a doorway into a vast New Realm which we never knew existed.

As the Sun and Moon aligned, the energies of AN intensified and we were expanded and reconfigured. The pins which long held us hooked into duality popped out, one after another, until we experienced a new sense of expanded wholeness. With this release came a deeper awakening.

After August's Eclipses, we really hoped that September was going to be a quiet month of much needed integration. Instead, many of us encountered a series of strong Red Lights in various sectors of our lives. These Red Lights brought us to a complete, and totally unexpected, standstill.

The Red Lights that we are experiencing are not hindrances. They are allowing us to thoroughly repattern ourselves and to reroute our lives onto the Truest Path possible. While we are being stopped by the Red Lights, we may feel that we are located somewhere in the Spaces-in-Between, which is neither HERE nor THERE. This makes us feel profoundly expanded and formless. We feel like a fish out of water, uncertain of where we are or how to breathe in this unfamiliar environment. Certain areas of our lives that we knew how to do well, may suddenly have disappeared. The things that we normally rely on now no longer work.

Some of us are being greatly tested and challenged. Just like the profusion of hurricanes, floods, earthquakes and wildfires all over the world, we may be in the midst of a Mega PERFECT STORM. The Red Lights are not happening because we are doing anything "wrong". They are not a misfortune. It may often feel like we are traversing an endless obstacle course, but for some reason, it doesn't feel hopeless. It's just part of the massive RESET that we are experiencing. This is why we need to simply accept these Red Lights as actually being just what we need and offer no resistance..

Fortunately, not everyone is experiencing Red Lights at this time. There always need to be those who are holding the Beam for those going through challenges. Deep gratitude to those who are doing this much needed service!

What is happening now is the dissolving of our artificial ceilings and self created limitations. Artificial ceilings have been created by limited beliefs, things we were told were true which turn out to be false, "facts" or history which we learned in school or erroneous information which is presented to us by the mass media. Artificial ceilings give us a limited and false view of what is really going on. They keep us small and hooked into duality.

We weren't born with these artificial ceilings, but they were developed while we grew up in a duality-based reality. Drugs and alcohol are very efficient in creating artificial ceilings where none existed before. Each time we take a drug or drink alcohol, it only takes us so far, then we return back to where we began. After repeated use, the artificial ceiling becomes stronger and appears more real. We think that it's as far as we can go, but it's not. The same thing happens every time that we are told that we can't do something or that we're not a good person or that something is impossible to achieve. The false boundary becomes stronger.

What's wonderful right now is that the artificial boundaries that have kept us from being free True Beings with unlimited potential are shattering and dissolving. Often this doesn't even require any effort on our part; they simply disappear because the resonance of Trueness has grown so strong. This is a huge liberation for us as we suddenly realize that we are no longer bound by false limitations. We are powerful beings and when we unite with our One True Being, we are even more powerful. All things are possible!

More and more people are realizing that there's an immense power to our One True Being. When we come together as ONE in Pure True Love, anything can be achieved. We have a connection that is more than telepathic ~ it goes straight to the Essence of the ONE and is felt by all. This is the level that we need to work on in the times to come.

September feels like we are spiraling through a Black Hole with so many old parts of us spinning off. It actually feels very liberating to be propelled through the Black Hole, without a mental plan of what we should do next or urgent deadlines to meet. This state of being between worlds gives us time to continue integrating so that we will be ready to go to the next level of our evolutionary journey. Some of us are already in the waiting room with bags packed, ticket in hand, waiting for our new Express Train to arrive.

Final Days of a reality system are never easy times. They are chaotic, messy and often not fun. They challenge us to the core, again and again. Yet, this is why we are here. We're not here to be entertained, distracted or diverted. We're not here to make lots of money and have successful careers. We're not here to endlessly struggle to survive. We're not here just to fulfill our personal whims and transitory desires.

We are here to step free of all illusion and remember WHO WE REALLY ARE. We are here to reanchor Trueness. We are here to embody Love and Compassion. We are here to flip over duality and birth a New Reality! And as long as we keep our focus on this, rather than on the tumultuous chaos of a collapsing reality system, we will be fine.

This is a small fragment of Solara's complete AUGUST 2017 SURF REPORT. The Full August Surf Report contains lengthy sections on: The August 2017 Review, Infused by the Eclipse, Red Lights to RESET, Arriba de Arriba, The Phoenix Rises, Releasing and Reconnecting and the September 2017 Overview.

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We are far more free than we allow ourselves to be!
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