Living True Lives as True Ones
The changes are so profound, it's like inhabiting a new planet.
It changes what we see around us; it changes what we feel;
it changes what we think; it changes how we interact with others;
it changes what we do and it changes how we do things.

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Mandala by Keenuane

Welcome to the Year of the Brown Earth Pig! Of all the Chinese horoscope signs, the Pig or Boar has the purest heart. This makes it a year of returning to the Heart. It's time to walk out of the realm of illusion and return to AUTHENTICITY and PURE LOVE. In order to do this, we have to go back into the core of our heart to reconnect with our Heart's Knowingness, so we can discern what is REAL and TRUE.

Pigs are smart and intuitive. They find the treasure in the roots, rather than just looking at the superficial surface of things. Because of this, they want to get to the core of the problem, find the solutions, and help implement these solutions. Since the Brown Earth Pig represents mud which rises up to dry in the Sun, this means that much of what has been long hidden beneath the surface must come out to be revealed.

January and February are transitional months which lead to a dynamic and intense March. Even though it's seemingly quiet on the surface, underneath the surface are huge waves. Even though we can't see them, when these waves get strong and somewhat chaotic, we can feel them. They feel disturbing and this makes us super sensitive. This isn't like our usual sensitivity ~ it's a new level of ultra sensitivity that is triggered off by things we cannot see, at least on a visible, surface level. Whenever we are affected by this disturbing resonance, we need to realize that it is not emanating from us and take steps to neutralize their influence.

It's easy to look at the nightmare world of duality and feel that there is too much negativity going on and that we are helpless to turn the tide, but we are not. There is actually quite a lot that we can do and we need to start doing it now. One of the first things we can do is to set aside our old karmic story. We don't live there anymore. We have a wondrous, new story to create which we will like much better than the old one and we better get started.

We can also choose to step out of duality's tired scenarios ~ the manufactured stories that are presented to us by our governments, educational systems, media, entertainment, medical establishment, etc. as real. These scenarios are less real than a fairy tale and have very little correlation with what is really happening.

Next, we need to unhook ourselves from distraction. This is one of the most stWhat will we do if we can't react to every irritating story of injustice in the news?" Whenever we unquestionably accept what is being presented to us as truth from obviously biased outside sources, we don't use our own inner sense of discernment. We set aside our internal truth filters ~ and our truth filters are vitally important. We really need to use them now. When we get excited about manufactured events such as sports events and awards shows, we are feeding the illusion. We are keeping duality alive and we simply have to stop doing this.

Many of us have been deeply tired for the past few months. No amount of sleep will make us less tired. What we are really tired of is the denseness of duality. We are tired of living in the false energies of duality. We are tired of living without true nourishment that feeds our entire being. What we need is to find creative activities that fill us with enthusiasm and freshness. Something that makes us excited to get out of bed in the morning. They are here; we just have to look for them in the right places.

LET'S GET REAL! We can start making decisive steps RIGHT NOW to become more REAL. We can align our actions with our beliefs and live the values that we believe in. Every time we do this, we step deeper into our True Life. This makes us feel more vibrantly alive, happy and fulfilled.

If we don't like the horrendous factory farming of pigs spending their entire lives in body hugging cages; IT'S SIMPLE. Don't eat bacon or ham! If it hurts our sensitive nature to see baby calves wearing muzzles with spikes so they can't drink their mother's milk ~ then stop drinking cow's milk! We are not cows. Do we really want to put this energy of suffering into our body for the sake of a few minutes of temporary satisfaction? Once enough of us stop supporting these terrible things, they will stop. Let's start taking responsibility for our actions and live according to what is Good and True.

We need to discern the difference between what is authentic and what is a replica of something real. When something comes directly from the New Reality, it carries the deeply comforting resonance of TRUE HOME and goes directly into the deepest core of our being and clicks into position there.

OUR TRUE SONG. In ancient times, when musicians started to play sacred music, they began by tuning into the ever present eternal music. These are the different music cycles of various duration that continually play in the Timeless True Worlds. Some are seven years long; some go on for hundreds or thousands of years and some are eternal. When the ancient musicians attuned themselves to the desired music cycle of the Timeless True Worlds, then they could begin to join with it.

Now it's time for us to attune our beings to the resonance of the New Reality ~ which is continually playing our True Song in the Timeless True Worlds. We can stop mindlessly humming along with whatever random tune is playing on the radio. We can even turn off the radio! It's time to align with our True Song ~ the SONG OF ONE. This is the one song that sings to the core essence of Who We Really Are. And it's the one song that we have most longed to hear.

Everything has to move forward now. It can't wait until later. We cannot wait until later. Now is the time. One True Step after another....

This is a small fragment of Solara's complete FEBRUARY 2019 SURF REPORT. The Full FEBRUARY Surf Report contains lengthy sections on: Review of JANUARY 2019; Welcome to the Year of the Brown Earth Pig, Making a Better World and the FEBRUARY 2019 Overview.

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