Living True Lives as True Ones
The changes are so profound, it's like inhabiting a new planet.
It changes what we see around us; it changes what we feel;
it changes what we think; it changes how we interact with others;
it changes what we do and it changes how we do things.

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The Heart of AN is the anchoring point of the New Reality.

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The three stars in the Belt of Orion are what hold this dimensional universe into the Template of Duality. In traditional astronomy they are known as Mintaka, Al Nilam and Al Nitak and in the vaster realms as EL • AN • RA. Since March, we have made seven ceremonies to loosen the pins in the Belt of Orion. The pins are already quite loose and feel like they could pop out at any moment. Yet, there are four more ceremonies to do this year ~ which will make a total of eleven ceremonies.

Part of the emphasis of these ceremonies was to change the codes of the EL•AN•RA and all of us present could feel this happen. The codes need to be changed so they will allow duality to turn itself right side out. Together as ONE, we went Off the Map of the Known into the expanded realms of the Timeless True Worlds where we could access the inner control panels of this dimensional universe.

Although this loosening of the pins of duality and changing the codes of the EL•AN•RA could perhaps have been achieved in one powerful ceremony, there are other considerations that we need to be aware of. If it all happened abruptly, it would be too rough for both us and the planet. The world might be plunged into chaos, instead of a smooth transition between reality systems. How this shift in reality systems takes place depends on us.

Previously when we reached the end of an old world and the beginning of a new one, the native and natural peoples were the ones who held everything in balance during the transition between worlds. But many of these ancient tribal groups no longer exist and of the ones remaining, many of them have been broken through conquest or internal discord and strife. This means that this time, WE will have to serve as the anchor pinions of the New Reality.

When duality flips over, WE have to be in position so we can serve as stabilization pinions for the New World. Without these anchor points, the world might collapse into a state of chaos. We are the only ones who can do this. It's essential that we get ready to do this now by becoming embodiments of the New Reality.

In July, there's the sense that many elements have been catapulted up into the air ~ the air is full of them. Everything is becoming unpinned from their old positions ~ this is taking place on multiple levels. At times, it may feel like there are more elements flying through the air than ones that have landed into their True Positions. It may feel that Time itself is warping and dissolving all around us. Because of this,surprising connections from our past are being revealed. We may suddenly discover that people from our present were also in our past, although we weren't aware of it at the time.

Stunning synchronicities are taking place all around us. All of this signifies the dissolving of the membranes between the Worlds within Worlds that we are currently experiencing. Actually, it's more of a merger between the eternal Timeless True Worlds and the HERE and NOW.

Many of us feel in a permanent state of exhaustion. This is not a tiredness that comes from lack of sleep or too many activities ~ rather it's a deep exhaustion from all that is happening on the planet on myriad levels. We are constantly being influenced by the turmoil within the collective. This exhaustion doesn't go away; it remains with us all the time. Sometimes we can do things in the outer world and sometimes all we can do is be quiet.

The foundations of duality are shaking wildly and will continue to do so until they finally collapse. Just like our state of exhaustion, this is something that we just have to accept. Things that have long been hidden are now being revealed. There's a public viewing of a loss of heart. This realization sometimes shakes us to the core. This loss of heart and compassion is something that we never, ever thought we would experience in this world.

All of this is part of the Great Divide which is taking place. Since our natural inclination is to bring harmony and Oneness, this growing split amongst people is extremely disturbing and hurts our hearts. Yet, the Great Divide isn't going to suddenly evaporate, but will only grow stronger. This is exactly how it is meant to play out right now. I remember writing about this over twenty years ago in my book, "11:11". How there would be a growing gap amongst those who awakened and those who chose not to awaken at this time. I wrote that these groups of people would become increasingly invisible to one another ~ as they separated into two very different reality systems.

The Great Divide is happening and we cannot stop it. Instead, we have to turn our attention to moving deeper into our chosen reality. If we want to live in a New Reality, then we have to start doing it now and put our full focus there. As we do this, it will strengthen the resonance of the New Reality for all. There's no more time to try to have a foot in both worlds.

Right now, many of us are standing at a major Crossroads. We have to make a conscious choice as to our direction. Will we continue on with small, old steps, doing what we have always done? Or will we make a bold decision to step into our True Direction ~ the one that gives us happiness and fulfillment, the one that is tailor made for us?

If we choose to keep going on our old pathway, it will be lit with yellow lights. We can move forward, but always with caution. At times, we may feel like we're sinking in quicksand. Yet, we can change the course of our lives in any moment, simply by choosing the things which bring us true joy and by doing small actions that clear the path in the direction of our Wildest Dreams. As we do this, the pathway will become clearer and more open.

And if we courageously follow the pathway of our Heart's Knowingness, we will discover that it is illuminated by a steady progression of Green Lights. The path is wide open!

All month long, things will move very fast. There is an almost impossible amount of things to do. A lot of energy is moving around us. A whole New Reality is opening up and now we have to ground the new vision onto a completely reconfigured new foundation. The Great Shift is already happening. Let's be part of it!


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