Living True Lives as True Ones
The changes are so profound, it's like inhabiting a new planet.
It changes what we see around us; it changes what we feel;
it changes what we think; it changes how we interact with others;
it changes what we do and it changes how we do things.

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The Heart of AN is the anchoring point of the New Reality.

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Reshuffling the Decks of our Lives

We have entered a time of profound, in depth, transformation when a Great Shift is taking place. This Great Shift is monumental and is affecting everything. Many elements are moving out of their old positions. One of the effects of the Great Shift means that if we continue to look for things in their old places, we won't find them. If we continue to do things in old ways, we won't have the desired results. We have to do things in new ways. Even our mastery is in the process of shifting to new areas where we didn't expect to find it.

To see what is really going on, we have to look in new places. These new places are not only located in new positions, but they are found on a greatly expanded level, sometimes in completely unexpected areas. We can find them by removing our filters of duality and looking with the expanded vision of a True Being.

It's like shuffling a deck of cards and watching several of our old cards fall out of the deck and quickly disappear. When this happens, the old decks which we've been using our whole life, are no longer complete. Perhaps, instead of fifty-two cards in our deck, we now have thirty-three. At first, we may lament the cards that are gone. It may feel as if we are missing something important. But actually, it's helpful because from this point forward, we don't need our old decks anymore.

While this is happening, new cards are being revealed. Perhaps we couldn't see them before because they were hidden under the old cards or maybe they have just recently appeared. Many of these new cards are Wild Cards which we absolutely didn't expect to receive. They arrive like Melons from Heaven, bringing with them fresh, new energy, brilliant insights and exciting new possibilities.

These newly reconfigured Decks of our Life are of infinitely greater Trueness. They are aligned with Who We Really Are. They come from a completely new level, bringing us new people, new experiences, new forms of creative expression and wondrous new opportunities. Look for the new cards coming into your life. When you find a Wild Card, put it into a prominent position in your new deck ~ don't just tuck it under the remaining familiar cards and forget about it. Use it. LIVE IT. It's yours!

As we emerged from the Eclipse Corridor on August 11, we could clearly see what course corrections need to be made to align ourselves with our truest coordinates. We are shifting gears into a new, higher gear which we will use for the rest of the year. Everything will speed up as we move onto the Fast Track.

All year long, the Bridges to our Past are being dismantled. We have been sifting through our past and doing lots of Ho'o Pono Pono so we can make peace with our Past. We've been saying goodbye to family and friends who are leaving the planet. We have been seeing the areas that are filled with old trapped stories from the old timelines. Now all those expired energies are calling out for our assistance to be shifted, repatterned and released.

As we unpin our old stories from their duality-based interpretations, they start to take on a completely new meaning. This enables us to see more clearly what really happened in the past and gives us an expanded perspective of our entire journey. As these old stories and timelines are cleared, a truer version of what really took place arises, and the new timelines are born.

Many of us are shocked and saddened at the great injustices and terrible wrongs taking place on our planet. We get upset. We feel powerless or depressed. Sometimes, we cry buckets of tears. We write impassioned letters to our governments or sign petitions which no one reads. We get frustrated and angry. At times, we feel hopeless and want to leave the planet. We want people to show more love and compassion. We want new governments that actually serve the people. We want to help one another, but aren't sure how to do this. We want to protect the environment. We want to break this horrible cycle of excessive selfishness, runaway greed and destruction. WE WANT CHANGE! But we don't know how....

All the while, the Great Divide is becoming wider and deeper. At this point, it feels like there are those who are real and those who are unreal. Those who care and those who don't care. Those who are true and those who are untrue. Those who have compassion for others and those who only think about themselves.

All of this is a classic symptom of the sifting which takes place during the Final Days of Duality. This is the time of the Great Separation between what is True and what is False. Between the Awakened and the Unawakened. Between flesh & blood, real Humans with hearts and robotic, unconscious Humans without hearts. These are true divisions which are happening now and they will only get stronger with time. Yet, this feeling of separation between US and THEM is helping to keep the world pinned into duality so that we cannot shift reality systems.

We have to begin within ourselves by replacing the feelings of fear, disempowerment, frustration, hopelessness and anger which cause separation and division with the stronger emotions of Love, Compassion and Oneness. We stand in our expanded True Beings and infuse everything that is duality-based with the Pure True Love of the New Reality of AN. We blast it with TRUENESS and LOVE BEYOND MEASURE.

We can do this. We're grown ups. We are Masterful True Beings with amazing Superpowers! Let's rise up in our Trueness and come together as One True Being so we can unleash the power of our LOVE. Let's infuse the entire planet with it. Let's do this every day, in every way we can. Let's manifest the New Reality into the physical and see what happens.

This is a small fragment of Solara's complete AUGUST 2018 SURF REPORT. The Full AUGUST Surf Report contains lengthy sections on: Review of JULY 2018, Reshuffling the Decks of our Lives, The Eclipse Corridor, Dismantling the Bridges to our Past, Using our Superpower of LOVE and the August 2018 Overview.

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We are far more free than we allow ourselves to be!
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