Seventh Gate Master Cylinder Photos: 8
Out and about in the beautiful town of Udaipur

Our interactions with the Indian people was part of activating our One Being.
Their response to us and what we were doing was positive and full of love.

Deep gratitude to the following photographers:
Alix, Aljai, Arbaline, Bekoim, E*An*Na, Kalasara, Karon, Kathleen, Omashar, Orianranah,
Sebastian, Sinan, Solara, Walt, Yolanda.

The view across the now mainly dry Lake Pichola to Udaipur.

The exquisite White Diamond City of Udaipur is full of numerous palaces.

The gorgeous Lake Palace Hotel is stranded in the middle of the lake.

Udaipur traffic has a little bit of everything. (Photo is not taken at rush hour!)

Some of the friends we made outside the hotel: an auto rickshaw driver and a local artist.

Z*ra Hoku makes friends with a Camel man.

Z*ra Hoku, Araya, Mary and Szilvia go for a jaunt on camels.

Yunarah and a local.

A simple cafe on an Udaipur back street.

Some of the adorable children whom we fell in love with in Udaipur.

The 7th Gate Master Cylinder Photos: Part 9
Making friends and shopping in Udaipur.

The 7th Gate Ndex: