The Activation of the 8th Gate of the 11:11
February 11, 2007

Awakening the Lotus Heart - Entering the Lotus World



Here are some commonly asked questions about participating in an 11:11 Master Cylinder:


Is it necessary to have participated in a previous 11:11 Gate Activation to come to the 8th Gate Master Cylinder?

It doesn't matter if you've been part of any other 11:11 Master Cylinder or attended any 11:11 workshops or even read Solara's books. What does matter is if you feel deeply called to participate in the 8th Gate Activation. Each 11:11 Gate takes place on a entirely different level with a specific keynote, resonance and purpose. Some people have made the commitment to participate in every Master Cylinder; others are drawn to only one or two.

QUESTION: What type of people participate?

Master Cylinders draw an interesting assortment of people. About half the people have participated in one or more of the previous Gate Activations. For others, this is their first 11:11 Master Cylinder experience. Usually, 25 - 35 countries are represented. The age range can be from 13 - 80. Occupations include almost anything: artists, musicians, doctors, truck drivers, diplomats, lawyers, healers, soldiers, teachers, bartenders, business executives, farmers, construction workers, students and writers. Always, 11:11 Master Cylinders call forth some special beings, including highly evolved hermits who never go to any kind of workshop and respected spiritual teachers who teach their own. And usually, there are a few utterly unique beings thrown into the mix. It's always a very loving and eclectic group of people. Many of us begin the week as strangers, but by the time we depart, we have become lifelong friends and everyone is an integral part of our One Being.

At the 8th Gate Master Cylinder we are going to meet some of the key people for our futures, and possibly a few might connect with their One True Loves. 8th Gate will be a gathering of the Masters. Because we are building the new foundation of the Lotus Heart and expanding the central core of our One Being, many great beings will be there.

QUESTION: My English is not so good. Will you have translators?

Spanish, German, Dutch, Portuguese and Russian translators will be present at 8th Gate. If there are enough people speaking another language who don't speak English, we will try to find someone in the group to translate for them. If you don't speak much English, it would greatly serve you to learn as much as possible before 8th Gate.

QUESTION: Can I bring my children?

8th Gate marks the merger of our most intimately personal with our service to the One. So for the first time, it feels appropriate to open the door to include our families in some form in the Master Cylinder experience. You can bring your baby as long as you bring a caregiver as well. You can bring your children of any age as long as they are aware of and respect what we are doing and have a full time caretaker for them. Children of thirteen and older have participated in the entire Master Cylinder preparations and ceremony and greatly enjoyed it. The appropriateness of bringing your children really depends on the conscious awareness of the child. Including our families is definitely the way of our future, but we also need to remain aware of the very deep, subtle energies of a Master Cylinder and respect them.

QUESTION: Can I bring a partner or friend with me who won't be participating?

Not unless they are coming as a caretaker for your child. If this is your partner, it's highly recommended that they participate, especially since 8th Gate emphasizes True Love Partnerships. Otherwise, you will have some incredibly deep experiences which they won't be sharing with you unless they are consciously tuning into you; sometimes this creates a gap.

QUESTION: When do I need to register?

The 8th Gate Master Cylinder is nearly full. Please read the new Master Cylinder Update for the latest information.

The Master Cylinder Registration Form is on the website. You can download it to your computer, fill it out and then email it to us as an attachment.

QUESTION: What's the difference between being in an 11:11 Anchor Group & participating in the Master Cylinder?

11:11 Anchor Groups are a very important part of the Activation of an 11:11 Gate. They form the outposts of our One Being. They are like tent pegs that help anchor the incoming 11:11 energies into the far corners of our planet. However, the energies that they are anchoring are the energies which are sent forth to them from the 11:11 Master Cylinder at the center of the Activation.

Also, 11:11 Anchor Groups vary widely in resonance due to the various people organizing them, most of whom have never participated in a Master Cylinder. This is why we always urge Anchor Groups to pool their resources and send one representative to the Master Cylinder. This will make your Anchor activities much truer in the future.

At the Master Cylinder, you are at the ground zero of the 11:11 Activation. This is the key point where the new 11:11 energies are first entering the planet. You are with a dedicated group of people who have come together from many countries to form One Being. And you are taught the dances by Solara herself. Being part of a Master Cylinder is the most powerful immersion into the 11:11 energies possible and the experience is really not to be missed!


QUESTION: How can I prepare myself for coming to the Master Cylinder?

To enter the Lotus World, we need to purify our beings. The cleaner we are when we arrive, the less clearing work we will have to do at the Master Cylinder preparations. Locate, heal and transform any emotional or mental residue, fears, doubts, self-worth issues, old issues, areas of resistance, broken hearts and anything else you can find. Be especially aware of anything within you that has passed its expiration date. This includes old vows, expired contracts with soul groups and individuals, old roles, outdated spiritual practices and beliefs. Let go of as much as you can so you can start fresh at the Master Cylinder.

Also highly recommended are Solara's Monthly Surf Reports which are available by subscription. They are all about aligning ourselves with the prevailing 11:11 energies and are amazingly accurate and helpful. You can also read the Surf Reports from earlier this year by clicking on the SURF link on our home page.

Please read Solara's book How To Live Large on a Small Planet to become familiar with some of the concepts and terminology. And highly recommended for this time is Solara's book EL AN RA: The Healing of Orion. It's a great love story that absolutely turns duality inside out!

QUESTION: Why do the Master Cylinder preparations and activities take a week?

A week is not much time to take a group of virtual strangers from many different countries and walks of life and turn us into a strong, vital One Being. During the 8th Gate Activation or before, there will be several times when we go off the map of the known. When this happens, it's time for our One Being to leap into action. This is why one of our main focuses is on quickening our One Being. The day after the Gate Activation is also important for sharing and integrating our experiences, basking in the Lotus Love and we have a joyous celebration.

8th Gate is such an important, pivotal Gate, that we are actually adding an extra day of preparations. We will be creating the new foundation of the Lotus Heart and entering the Lotus World. There is so much new information that it will be challenging to fit it all into a week. Everything is rapidly moving to a totally new level, so we really need that extra day.

QUESTION: I can't come for the entire week; can I arrive a few days late?

It is essential to participate for the entire time frame, from February 3 - February 13. Each time we made an exception to this in the past, it has not served our group dynamic. The first few days are the most vitally important, especially if this is your first Master Cylinder. Many basics are covered as we get to know one another and build the foundation of our Master Cylinder Group. Besides, you will not want to miss one moment of this amazing experience!

QUESTION: What do we do during the preparations? Is there a schedule of activities?

We usually have three sessions per day, but have never had a set schedule of activities. It's all about surfing the energies and going with the flow of not only what is needed, but of following the new energies of the Lotus World. We currently have ten 11:11 Sacred Dances and many of them will be practiced during the week; new ones might well be born. With the combination of Solara's surfing abilities, Omashar's music and the eclectic mix of people from many countries in our One Being, the sessions are never dull. Most of what we do will be experiential, which means that you will feel a direct infusion of the Greater Reality and the Lotus Love into the cells of your being. The energies can sometimes be quite intense or profoundly deep and subtle or wildly funny. A powerful Love energy is strongly felt. Challenges sometimes arise as old layers dissolve and we are given numerous opportunities to bring forth our true greatness. Breakthroughs abound....

Again, the focus is on forming a strong One Being who is ready for anything. We never know exactly what we'll be doing during the Gate Activation itself, so we try to learn as much as we can during our preparations so we can pull out whatever is needed.

QUESTION: Can I sell crafts or products during the week?

We always have a small sales area which is open a few times a day. This is an excellent opportunity to help pay for your trip. Please let us know in advance what you would like to bring. There is a 15% commission on all sales to help cover our expenses. We are also hoping to have the first copies of the totally new edition of Solara's "11:11" book available for sale.

QUESTION: Can I give private sessions or healings at the hotel?

Private sessions and healings are approved on an individual basis and permission must be requested in advance. Usually, permission is given to those whose work we are already familiar with. Otherwise, healings and private sessions are not allowed so we can keep a unified focus.

QUESTION: What shall I bring?

The weather in Mallorca in February could well be cool, with possible rain. Bring several layers of white clothes for the 8th Gate Activation Ceremony, several colored pareos / sarongs in a variety of colors for the Dance of the Elements (Please bring some extras to share with others.), camera, bathing suit, musical instruments (if you want to play one), sun block, mosquito repellent, sun hat, rain gear and comfortable shoes. Bring some warm clothing. It's also a good idea to bring some special, comfortable clothes that you make you feel beautiful to wear for the daily sessions. Your energy will feel much more calibrated than if you wear ordinary street clothes such as jeans and T shirts. Our Master Cylinder group is usually dressed in a colorful array of garments from around the world. You might also want to bring a few small gifts from your country to give to beloved new friends and favorite hotel staff.

QUESTION: What not to bring?

The focus of our 11:11 Master Cylinder is to form an invincible One Being and to enter the Lotus World, not to advance our personal agendas, so please don't bring your ego or old baggage. As we have one unified focus, it's really not appropriate to bring separate agendas. And drug use is never allowed and will cause your expulsion from the Master Cylinder. Lotus Love is an infinitely greater high than anything we could experience from drugs.


QUESTION: What's to be expected during the 8th Gate Activation?

Expect the Unexpected! Each 11:11 Gate Activation Master Cylinder experience has been totally different. Usually, the Activation itself is easy, although there can be moments of tremendous challenges. We often go off the map of the known into totally new territory. This will be especially true at 8th Gate. Again, there is no set schedule. Whatever we do just flows into position. Expect to be totally present in your full being, alert and real. When you are in a Master Cylinder, you will be experiencing the strongest energies coming into the planet. It's very grounded, but extremely powerful. And you will feel the presence of all the 11:11 Anchor Groups around the world, aligned with us as One Being. There will also be a powerful infusion of the strongest LOVE you have every experienced. At the Activation Ceremony, many people experience visions and revelations; all are deeply touched. There is nothing else like an 11:11 Master Cylinder; it is the experience of a lifetime. And even more so for 8th Gate.

QUESTION: Why do we wear white clothing for the Activation?

We actually wear white with bright. White clothing with bright accents such as scarves or jackets. White symbolizes the purity of our One Being. When we all wear white, there is no distraction from our Oneness.

QUESTION: What are Guardians?

Guardians hold the energy around the perimeter of our 11:11 Gate Activations. During the week, we will have Guardian training. Throughout the Activation, we will have at least eleven Guardians in position. Guardians serve together as One Being and help maintain the sanctity of the ceremony, making the center of our circle feel protected. We recommend that everyone serve as a Guardian for at least part of the ceremony as it's a profound, amazing experience. No matter what is happening in the center of the Master Cylinder, the Guardians are always larger. And no matter how vast and powerful the incoming 11:11 energies are, the Guardians help bring them in and through their physical bodies, anchor the heightened energies into the Earth.


QUESTION: Do we all have to stay at the same hotel? Can I camp or stay somewhere else?

It's vitally important that we all stay together, especially for 8th Gate which will be deep and intimate. Fortunately, we have a lovely hotel so we can feel safe while we open our beings to the most powerful LOVE we have ever felt.

QUESTION: Will there be a meal plan?

Our Meal Plan includes breakfast, lunch and dinner.

QUESTION: Can I just show up in Mallorca without registering in advance?

Please don't just show up at the hotel without pre registering with us. Much advance planning goes into organizing an 11:11 Master Cylinder, such as obtaining special room rates, making rooming lists and Meal Plans, putting together transport to the Activation. Although it's often good to be spontaneous, it's also a bit disrespectful of all the work which has been done to organize this event to just show up unannounced.

QUESTION: Can I make my own reservations at the hotel?

Our hotel will not accept reservations for the Master Cylinders from anyone except us.

QUESTION: Can I arrive at the hotel earlier than February 3rd or stay later than February 13th?

Our hotel opens for the season on the day of our arrival, so we won't be able to stay there before then. But it is possible to stay there for a few days after the Master Cylinder activities if you wish at a slightly higher rate. Information on this will be available after you register.


QUESTION: Why does it cost money to attend?

Each 11:11 Gate Activation takes many months of preparation. The location must be visited several months ahead of time and the proper Activation Site found. Hotels and conference rooms must be booked. Sound systems and generators are rented; transportation is chartered. Pages of information are written, sent forth and put on this website. Musicians are hired and all expenses are paid for the staff. 11:11 Master Cylinders operate on a very tiny profit margin; it takes well over fifty people before we begin to break even on the basic expenses and much more than that before there is any financial compensation for the time spent and work done. There is an immense amount of work involved in organizing an 11:11 Gate Activation and in the preparation of the Master Cylinder and on a vaster scale, preparing the planet for the energies of the new Gate.

QUESTION: Are discounts or scholarships available?

We are accepting donations to an 8th Gate Scholarship Fund and any money received will be used to help worthy people pay their 8th Gate expenses. But with 8th Gate, it feels that part of our individual initiations to get to the Master Cylinder is for each of us to personally raise the money to get there. If we make a firm commitment to be there, no matter what, we will manifest the needed funds much easier than we can imagine. Each of us can manifest them by finding a creative solution. Perhaps, ask all your friends to contribute a little bit, or your Anchor Group, or have a yard sale or take an extra job. Then, there's always the option of throwing it on a credit card or getting a loan to pay off later.

QUESTION: How can I pay? Can I pay by credit card?

Our credit card processor does not allow us to accept credit card payments for conferences or travel. However, you can send a credit card payment via Paypal . ( Once you have opened an account there, click on "Send Money" and send the appropriate amount to

You can also send a personal check from a US bank or an International Money Order or Bank Check in US dollars. Send to:

PO Box 90
Kapaa, HI 96746 USA

Or you can have your bank wire transfer the funds directly to our bank account. If so, please email us for wire transfer details.

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