The Activation of the 8th Gate of the 11:11
February 11, 2007

Awakening the Lotus Heart - Entering the Lotus World
Master Cylinder in Mallorca, Spain



There has been such a surge of interest in the 8th Gate Activation that we have been working night and day with little sleep to answer all the requests for information.

The Master Cylinder in Mallorca is almost filled to capacity. So far, we have over one hundred people coming from 30 countries. Some countries have already passed their quotas and new registrations are being placed on a waiting list.

In order to maintain a balance and have as many countries represented as possible, we are holding open the remaining spaces for countries that aren't yet represented and for special Wild Card people who really need to be there. These are the people who were born for the specific purpose of this 8th Gate Activation, serving at a core level to birth the new matrix of True Love and Partnership.

If you feel that you are one of these people, please step forth and contact us right away. Send us your 8th Gate registration form, but please don't send any money until your registration is confirmed.


Whenever there is an 11:11 Gate Activation, it opens up for some of us a Pandora's box of old issues based on fear, limitation and distraction. Even though we may be deeply called at a core level to participate in the Master Cylinder of 8th Gate, we can convince ourselves that we are unworthy, not ready, have too many prior commitments, cannot get time off work, or don’t have enough money to get there.

The subtle and insidious ways we hold ourselves back are greatly amplified when it comes to participating in an 11:11 Master Cylinder. This is particularly true for the upcoming 8th Gate Activation as it requires us to balance and merge into One all the elements within our beings and outer lives that have long been perceived as separate.

We are on the precipice of the Breakthrough of all Breakthroughs that will finally place us on a totally new Foundation, and nothing will ever be the same again.

The final moments of breaking through the old paradigms can be the most challenging, and that is why we have to really step into our full mastery to dissolve the membranes of everything that holds us back from our complete emergence into the New. This is part of the initiation of entering the profoundly powerful and transformative 8th Gate energies.

To prepare ourselves for 8th Gate, we must burn all our bridges to the past. Letting go of our old patterns, letting go of our histories, letting go of our fears and disappointments. This includes any fear of the Unknown, fear of failure or sense of unworthiness. Let go of any beliefs that we can’t have or don’t deserve what we REALLY want. Our new lives and true destinies await us, but in order to step into them, we must be unencumbered by all our expired responsibilities, roles, vows, contracts and beliefs.

In the letting go, we must be careful to not let go of the wrong things. Don’t let go of your dreams and the vision that you’ve been carrying in your heart of hearts since the beginning of time. If you are truly called to participate in the 8th Gate Master Cylinder, let go of your passivity rather than your creative control. Expand your being so you become larger, leap into the River of Love and give yourself permission to experience the fulfillment of your wildest dreams. We don’t need to be perfect - we just need to be willing to strip our beings to the core and embody what is absolutely Real and True.

For those who are finding it difficult to manifest the money to come, the first step of this process is to make the rock solid, unwavering commitment that YOU WILL BE THERE, no matter what. This potency of dedication and focused intent opens up whole new levels of creativity and action outside the parameters of what we normally consider as ‘possible’. Instantly, we feel freer. Our priorities reorganize so that anything we thought was holding us back dissolves.

If you know that you are supposed to be there, break through the barriers to make it happen.


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