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A Little Princess: DVD $4.99
A brilliant film of the beloved children's classic about a little girl brought up in India who is sent to boarding school in New York. Despite hardships, she creates magic and wonder wherever she goes. Definitely, not just for children!

Black Orpheus: DVD $17.99
This Brazilian film classic is the retelling of the Orpheus legend in the slums of Rio de Janeiro. Absolutely stunning with a great sound track.

The Butcher's Wife: DVD $34.98
A funny tale of a psychic from one of the outer islands of North Carolina who moves to New York City to find True Love.

Children of Paradise: DVD $33.49
This French film from the 1940s is one of the great film classics. An especially good study of karmic relationships.

Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon: DVD $5.18
Brilliant Chinese film with two love stories and amazing martial arts. A classic.

The Cutting Edge: DVD $11.99
A spoiled figure skater and a retired hockey player become partners. Talk about chemistry!

Dangerous Beauty: DVD $13.99
A luscious love story about a courtesan in 16th century Venice. The final courtroom scene has some of the most passionate and moving speeches! Sumptuous and deep.

Dark Crystal: DVD $7.49
A tale of the forces of dark and light, of the final days of duality, and of what it takes to merge them into Oneness. All done with Muppets.

Dersu Uzala: DVD $19.99
The enduring (and endearing) friendship of a Russian Army Captain and a Siberian hunter filmed in Siberia by Japan's master filmmaker Akiro Kurosawa.

Dodes Ka'den: DVD $26.99
Another great film by Kurosawa about the lives of those who live in a junkyard. Touching and funny.

Fearless: DVD $12.99
A brilliant film by the great Australian director Peter Weir about the transformation experienced by the survivors of an airplane crash. Starring Jeff Bridges. A perfect Pluto in Scorpio film!

Field of Dreams: DVD $6.49
A magical film, which I've seen about 15 times, about following your dreams (and baseball). I've even made a pilgrimage to the real "Field of Dreams" in Iowa which has amazing energy.

The Fisher King: DVD $9.98
An Arthurian tale set in modern Manhattan. With Jeff Bridges and Robin Williams.

Fly Away Home: DVD $7.99
A girl and her father help a flock of wild geese migrate in a joyful, inspiring film.

The Ghost & Mrs. Muir: $10.49
A classic black and white film in which a woman rents a house on the sea and falls in love with the ghost who lives there.

Himalaya: DVD $26.99
Exquisite French film about the journey of Tibetan caravaners in remote Nepal. Great story, wonderful characters--all real people--, unbelievable scenery, beautiful music. You will want to see it again and again. Also, be sure to watch all the special features such as "The Making Of..." One of the best films of all time.

Indochine: $11.99
An intense story of the final days of Vietnam (Indochina) as a French colony with exquisite photography of the Bay of Dragons.

Kundun: $9.49
Beautifully photographed story of the Dalai Lama.

The Last Wave: $25.49
Peter Weir's fascinating Australian drama about the end of the world is dark and mysterious and deals with ancient Aboriginal prophecies.

Lost Horizon: $16.99
The old classic about the lost city of Shangri-La in the Himalayas.

The Man Who Would Be King: $4.99
A great Rudyard Kipling saga about two adventurers who find a hidden civilization near Afghanistan. With Sean Connery and Michael Caine.

The Gods Must Be Crazy Part Two: VHS $16.99
Brilliant, hilarious, silly comedy from South Africa with the Kalahari Bushmen. (Part One is currently out of print.)
The King of Hearts: VHS $16.99
A town in France is evacuated during the 2nd World War and the inmates of the asylum are set free to run the town.
Lagann: Once Upon A Time In India: DVD $22.49
Set in a small village in India during the time of the British colonization, this 4 hour long Indian film has it all: Romance, colorful & endearing characters, lush scenery, humor, mean British villians, cricket (!) & even bursts of song when you least expect it. Plus a happy ending which leaves you in a great mood. Highly recommended!
Last of the Dogmen: DVD $14.99
Fascinating story of a lost tribe of Native Americans in present day Montana.
Map of the Human Heart: VHS $9.94
An Inuit from the Arctic Circle falls in love with a French Canadian girl at boarding school. It follows them through the twists and turns of their lives.
Michael: DVD $17.49
A fable about a quite human, modern day Angel played by John Travolta.
The Milagro Beanfield War: VHS $9.98
A delightful story about the beanfield war's in a small town in New Mexico.
The Naked Jungle: VHS $16.99
Don't laugh, but I love this film from about 1953. It's a classic story. Charlton Heston lives in South America on a huge plantation he carved out of the wilderness. Anne Baxter is his mail order bride from New Orleans. They are both so strong-willed and attracted to each other, that they can't get along UNTIL the hordes of army ants come marching their way. Will they survive? Will they realize they are perfect for one other? See it and find out!
Orlando: DVD $19.56
A mystical, or mystifying, journey through time by a man / then a woman. Sumptuous and strange, but intriguing.
Persuasion: VHS $16.99
One of the best films about True Love which great chemistry and lots of subtle nuances.
The Piano: DVD $20.99
Some of you may not regard this as a Romance, but I do. Of course, you may not have regarded Harvey Keitel as a sex symbol until this film either. The powerful story of a deaf mute woman and her daughter who arrive in the bush of New Zealand to become a mail order bride. And of course, there's the Piano! Beautifully photographed and deep.
Pleasantville: DVD: $17.49
A brilliant and well done film about two modern teenagers who find themselves stuck into a 1950's sitcom. Then the changes come. It has several great lines such as "We're safe now; we're in the bowling alley" and, "Do you know what's going to happen?" "No, do you?" "No, and that's fine!"
Pow Wow Highway: VHS $13.99
Modern Native Americans take a voyage of self-discovery to New Mexico.
The Princess Bride: VHS $10.47
A fairy tale about True Love, a Princess and a Pirate, and what it takes for True Loves to finally come together.
The Razor's Edge: VHS $9.95
A man's journey to reawaken takes him from the US to Paris to the Himalayas and back. With Bill Murray.
Run Lola Run: DVD $15.99
A brilliant German film which replays the same circumstances three times to give different solutions.
The Secret of Roan Innish: VHS $13.99
The magical tale of a girl whose search for her missing brother brings an Irish legend to life.
Seven Years in Tibet: DVD $19.56
The story of an Austrian mountain climber who travels to Tibet and meets the young Dalai Lama.
Shall We Dance: VHS $16.99
A sweet & poignant Japanese comedy about a businessman learning ballroom dancing.
Smoke Signals: DVD $20.99
A really true Native American film that's funny, poignant and realistic about life on the reservation. One of its lessons is healing and forgiving our fathers. A great film!
The Shawshank Redemption: DVD $11.99
A gripping prison drama with Tim Robbins and the magnificent Morgan Freeman.
Still Crazy: DVD $19.56
One of my favorite films of all time! A 70s rock band in England tries to pull it together for a reunion 20 years later. Deep, funny, clever, brilliant, and finally moving into greatness! Please watch this more than once to get the full benefit.
Strictly Ballroom: VHS $13.99
A fine romance which takes place in the surreal world of professional ballroom dancing in Australia.
Tampopo: DVD $20.99
Unique Japanese film about what it takes to create the perfect noodles. Has an unforgettable spaghetti eating scene.
Unbearable Lightness of Being DVD $27.96
Love and human drama during the Czech uprising of 1968 and beyond.
Until the End of the World: VHS $16.99
"It's 1999. The government will kill for his invention. One woman will do anything for his love. Together they share an adventure that circles the globe. And invades the mind." Directed by Wim Wenders with a brilliant sound track.
The Wonderful Ice Cream Suit: VHS $16.99
A group of Hispanic men in Los Angeles pool their resources to buy a magical white suit which transforms their lives.
The Year of Living Dangerously: DVD $17.49
Indonesia during the fall of Sukarno, Mel Gibson is a war correspondant, Sigourney Weaver works at the British Embassy. A brilliant film with many insights by the wondrous Australian director Peter Weir.

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