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2012 was a massive year of unprecedented transformation.
We experienced a deep healing as we shed layer upon layer of expired and untrue elements until we finally emerged at the end of the year as shining Jewels.

There were several major events last year that helped us greatly. The first was the 'A Mu'a Ceremony in Rapa Nui (Easter Island) on April 21st. 'A Mu'a is a word in the Rapa Nui language that means TO MOVE FORWARD. And that is exactly what happened. Many stuck places were suddenly set free. The wheels, cogs and gears of our personal and planetary evolution could now turn unhindered, allowing the massive Wheel of Destiny to revolve at an increased pace. Once this happened, everything started moving towards their right positioning.

The second major event was the momentous Activation of the Eleventh Gate on November 22nd. This was the final 11:11 Activation and marked the culmination of our twenty-one year journey through the 11:11 Doorway. This was when the expanded realm of the Diamond of the Unseen became visible, moving us into a totally New Landscape on an infinitely vaster scale to explore and eventually to inhabit. I deeply feel that this was the key event of the year.

The Eleventh Gate Activation also birthed the Heart of AN energies on the planet. It placed the first Jewels into the Crown. These Jewels in the Crown are the foundation stones for our New World.

After the Eleventh Gate Activation, came a profound Sacred Pause. We had much to integrate and realign. Many of us required huge amounts of sleep with an extremely active dream state. We were plunged into a profound silence, making communication nearly impossible. Many of us felt like we were walking through a cloud of Nothingness which only began to lift in the New Year.

Although the date of 12/12/12 was widely heralded, it proved to be of little consequence. Then came the "end" of the Mayan Calendar on December 21st. While for many, this day did not outwardly have the heightened energies of the Eleventh Gate Activation, this event played an important part in closing the Door of the Old, so we can now fully open the Door of the New.

All of these special events of 2012 brought us to the entrance of this amazing year of 2013. The Year When Everything is Possible.



Many of us are in the process of completing our old stories. This means that many expired behaviors, limited perceptions and long suppressed emotional residue are rising to the surface to be released. This will continue until we no longer carry them within us.

Our old stories must be completed before we can begin writing our new stories. Most of us are committed to finishing our old stories so we can finally begin living True Lives as True Ones and align with our new True Purpose. Fortunately, most of us don't have any more resistance to burning the bridges to our past by releasing our old stories. But there are still some of us who are holding onto them out of fear or a sense of well worn familiarity. And the time for that has simply run out....

Some of us have already completed our old stories and set them aside. We have been waiting for our new stories to begin. Since the Eleventh Gate Activation, we have been in a profound state of Sacred Pause, integrating and aligning with our greatly expanded New Landscape of the Diamond of the Unseen.

Whether we are currently living in our old story or our new one is a major factor that determines what we will experience this year. We will have a completely different set of experiences if we are still writing our old stories than if we have begin a completely new story. This is why it is a huge priority to complete our old stories as soon as possible.

2013 is full of Green Lights, juicy Melons and Golden Opportunities to realize our Wildest Dreams and even to manifest the elements that are Beyond our Wildest Dreams. These are the dreams that are too vast to see from our present perspective. They are the dreams that we have not dared to dream, simply because they are what we most want and most need.

Many of us have given up on our Wildest Dreams and accepted that they weren't going to come true in this lifetime. We became experts at treating each crumb that we were given as if it were a fancy cake, making our dreams smaller and more reachable. And yet, here we are on the brink of the fulfillment of our Wildest Dreams. They are going to come true this year. They are coming to us, far beyond what we can presently imagine. All we have to do is finish writing our old stories, set them aside and pick up our pen to write in a totally clean, fresh new book.

We need to dramatically up our game in 2013. This is the year to make everything we say, think, do and feel real and authentic. We can no longer compromise or hide any aspect of WHO WE REALLY ARE. We have to be True Ones in every moment. Once we do this, our new stories can be written and our Wildest Dreams will manifest with a surprising ease.


Since the 11:11 Doorway first opened in 1992, we've been living in two simultaneous reality systems. There was the old world of duality and the new world of Oneness. For many years, we attempted to straddle these very different realities, sometimes jumping back and forth between them. But as the division between them became ever stronger, we had to choose which reality we would inhabit.

As the resonance of the Ultra Greater Reality of the Template of Oneness became ever stronger, the Template of Duality weakened and began its long collapse. To use a terrible, but accurate, analogy, it was like cutting the head off of a chicken. The chicken began doing its long death dance, spewing blood and violence all around it. This is what we've been experiencing for the past several years. During this time, duality has been fighting for its survival. It may look like things are getting worse and worse in the outer world, but the days of duality are numbered. It will not be able to survive much longer. We no longer feed it, as it is no longer our predominate reality.

In 2013, the world of duality will continue to implode in bursts of terrible ugliness. At the same time, the Ultra Greater Reality will continue to become stronger. Not only that, but an irrevocable division between them is taking place. The world of duality will not cease to exist, but the two realities will increasingly become invisible to each other.

During this time, there will be a clear division between the old and the New. There will be a division between people who are True and those who are still motivated by selfish separateness. The division between rich and poor will be more visible. But as many people lose their financial footing, it will change their view on life.

In which reality we choose to anchor ourselves this year will have far reaching effects -- more than ever before. We will now be unable to mix energies that don't belong together. Trying to do so will become so uncomfortable that we simply have to choose and live what feels True. We will be compelled through circumstances or by a self-made pressure within to make decisions for our lives that resonate with our True Heart's Knowingness.

The difference in resonance between these two realities will create two different worlds that, while living for a time on the same planet, will have a lessened effect on each other. The New World will be born right in the midst of the old world that is dying all around us.


During the Eleventh Gate Activation on November 22, 2012, the expanded realm of the Diamond of the Unseen was made visible. This is an unimaginably vast, multi-multi-dimensional world that has never before existed on the planet. Since then, we have been adjusting our beings to this greatly expanded realm. This requires a massive recalibration on every level. This is why this powerful Activation was followed by a period of profound Sacred Pause.

Since we have entered such a vastly expanded new reality, it often feels like we are vehicles with eight cylinder motors that are operating on two cylinders. In spite of this, it doesn't feel like our car is broken or that there is anything wrong. We don't need to repair anything. It's just vastly different than it was before.

The reason why we feel that we are operating on two cylinders instead of our usual eight cylinders is that we have moved into such a totally New Landscape. Our vehicles are still running on the full power of eight cylinders in our old Known Worlds. But our Known Worlds now appear much smaller than before. So the eight cylinders in the Known Worlds now appears as two cylinders in our New Landscape.

In the same manner, a Full Zoom Mode in the old Known Worlds doesn't feel like a Full Zoom, or even a regular Zoom, in the New Landscape. It often feels like we are barely moving, even though the Full Zoom is still in effect in our old Known Worlds.

There are also new components in the air we breathe. We are no longer solely breathing the duality-based Earth air. There is a new, highly refined essence of PURE TRUE LOVE in the air that we inhale. This gives us a renewed vitality. We are refreshed and filled with a new enthusiasm as PURE TRUE LOVE imbues our cells.

This massive shift of scale to a greatly expanded New Landscape requires a major adjustment from us. This adjustment is not so much in what we do, but in our perceptions as to what is happening or not happening. We may see things one way because that is what the world is telling us that is happening and then suddenly we are able to see things more clearly, as they really are. That's when we say, "Wait, that's not what is really happening and I don't have to base my actions on distorted perceptions."

As we explore our New Landscape, we are following our True Direction without any expectations. This New Landscape feels so pristine and pure. There are no known landmarks or guides to navigate here. It’s full of potentials, each of them is a treasure that lies beyond everything we know. Stay open, listen and look carefully before taking actions. If we act automatically, or in a way we're used to, we will keep repeating the old patterns that reside in our physical bodies which are slowly being replaced. For the first month of the year, it’s better to stay still and quiet and listen and look carefully with your whole being. Don’t move until you hear a strong and clear call of your Heart’s Knowingness. Otherwise, whatever we do will be from the old story. Unnecessary movements disturb the fine alignment with the New, making us go in aimless circles instead of the very clear and precise Doing What’s Needed When It's Needed in the HERE and NOW.

As we continue to expand our beings into our deepened internal and external New Landscape, we will find that we gradually build up to using four cylinders and then eight, and then eleven and twenty-two! This is what will be happening all year long as we align ourselves with WHO WE HAVE NOW BECOME and WHERE WE ARE NOW. As we do, we will start feeling and experiencing the FULL ZOOM that is propelling us forward so we can manifest our Wildest Dreams and Live True Lives with our True People in our True Homes while fulfilling our True Purpose.


We have been traveling through the 11:11 Doorway for the past twenty-one years. The momentous, final 11:11 Activation of Eleventh Gate took place on November 22, 2012. The strange thing is that after the Eleventh Gate Activation, the 11:11 Doorway did not close. It is still wide open for all to pass through.

What are we to do now? There is no need to search for something new to do or to try to manufacture the "next big spiritual event". Everything that we need is already here. We have the tools for our True Lives in our hands. We are being supported in embodying our Love and Trueness as never before.

Although there will be no more 11:11 Activations, our real 11:11 experience is just beginning. Our journey through the 11:11 Doorway has successfully led us to our true destination -- the physical embodiment of AN upon planet Earth.

AN is the template that will be spread out into the world, recreating Trueness on all levels. It is the remembrance of the Oneness that we all came from. AN is the flowering of the eternal Never-Ending Story of WHO WE REALLY ARE. It is the Crown in which the Jewels of our being are placed. The Jewels in the Crown is the foundation of our New World.

It is our 11:11 Journey that has transformed us into the Jewels by our emergence as True Ones. It is our 11:11 Journey that brought forth the Crown of AN. By placing our Jewels in the Crown, we create the foundation of our New World. And now the real flowering of the 11:11 has begun....

We've been preparing a huge, delicious banquet for twenty-one years. Now it is finally ready to eat. Are we going to sit down and dig in with excitement or are we going to walk away from the table and look for something else to eat?

It's time to fully incorporate the 11:11 into our beings. It's time to live the 11:11 by being True Ones Living True Lives. To embody PURE TRUE LOVE in every moment. To be honest and real in everything we do. It's time to step into our wondrous New Reality.

And it's time for us to manifest the Heart of AN into the physical....

The physical location of the Heart of AN is the Sacred Valley of Peru where we will create a center of the pure, true essence of AN that all can visit. We will manifest the Heart of AN this year. To do this, we need the support of our One Being as never before. Once the Heart of AN is fully anchored, the AN energies will spread forth across the planet, strengthening the resonance of Trueness and birthing a New World.

Here is the website of the Heart of AN: The AN•visible

For more information on the Jewels in the Crown, please read the Year 2012 Surf Report


We enter 2013 massively transformed beyond any previous boundaries. Many people experienced an infusion of LOVE on a scale never before experienced. Some experienced a profound paradigm shift from the duality-based illusion that "someone" or "something" would come to "save us" to the wide-eyed awakening that WE ARE THE ONES! This journey from "external expectations" to "internal knowing" took but a nano second, but flipped everything over.

Now, we are outwardly living the same lives as before, but everything has dramatically changed. We have been thrust into a vastly expanded New Landscape. Our vision has become so expanded, much of what used to be able to grab our attention in the past, is seen as minuscule now. 2013 is a year of profound change as we come into our own as True Ones, and lead the supra normal lives anchored in the Ultra Greater Reality that have always been intended for us.

2013 is the Chinese Year of the Snake, but it can be more accurately described as the Year of the Snake Shedding its Skin. This is because anything which is not honest and authentic will be removed from us on every possible level. Often this will happen with surprising ease; it will simply dissolve away. We are unearthing an incredible amount of long-buried stuff that needs our attention. If we try to stuff it back into our hidden corners and pretend it's not there, health issues may arise. Any attachments that we have to duality will be constantly magnified until they are surrendered. If we are still caught in our old stories and continue to repeat old duality-based patterns, this year could be a bumpy ride until we learn to set them aside.

Everything has so profoundly changed since the events of the final months of 2012 that we need to rediscover who we are now and what we really want. Once we are clear on what we want, not limiting ourselves to old dreams, everything will fall into place. Be clear about your heart's desires, for they are like shining jewel lights dropped like bread crumbs to remember the way. Listen to your Heart's Knowingness. Again and again, we need to ask ourselves, "What do I really want?", "Who am I becoming?", "What am I creating in my life?" and "What gives me the greatest joy?".

We need to prepare for the Unexpected. Expect the Unexpected all year long. Anything can happen all across the full spectrum of experience. It could be brilliant, terrible, exquisitely beautiful, deeply sad, profoundly touching or beyond our Wildest Dreams. It's important that we don’t limit the unfolding potentials with any of our beliefs or understandings; they’re way beyond anything we can imagine. Be open without being attached to any interim steps, results and expectations, as nobody yet sees the whole picture. 2013 will contain many unexpected twists and turns making it absolutely necessary to be completely flexible at all times. Freshness is essential. We need to be ready to correct our course at any moment, as new information emerges. If we Expect the Unexpected, surfing the changes will be fun. This is true for even the most challenging tsunamis, for they enable us to demonstrate our new mastery.

We begin this year in a stripped down state, feeling that most of our artifice of our superficial personality is gone. We discover that we don't miss it and don't need it anymore. We are still integrating the profound changes that occurred in November and December of last year. Everything needs to be thoroughly recalibrated. Everything needs to be greatly expanded so it can move into the vast realm of the Diamond of the Unseen.

If we have completed our old stories, we will enter 2013 with a blank canvas before us. We have been presented with blank canvases before, but this time we can dare to bring out our boldest brush strokes, wildest colors and the deepest yearnings of our Wildest Dreams. We are no longer limited by our old perceptions of "what is possible" or of "what we thought we wanted".

We'll feel the deep quiet and stillness of the Sacred Pause until the end of January, and maybe even longer. During this time, we will be clearing out more layers of untrueness. Many new openings, insights and opportunities will come to us and we will be making preparations for the months to come. Even so, it's important that we don't try to rush things, but let them unfold in their right timing.

Around the beginning of February, the big waves of Quantum Surf will start coming in again. As long as we're true and clear and open – they won't knock us off balance. If we're still holding onto our old story – they're going to shake off all the ballast.

The funny thing is that our old stories are not only the stories that we've been writing for lifetimes. It's our yesterday too. What was true yesterday may no longer be true; if so, it will fall away, making space for even greater Trueness. It's important not to get attached to the tools we used and the steps we took to become Jewels that worked perfectly before and served us well, the things that brought us to where we are now. They might not belong to our New Story.

March is the month where the tsunamis start coming in. The Full Zoom manifests and many elements start moving into their right positions. April is the 'A Mu'a month in which everything accelerates even more. After that, it's Beyond our Wildest Dreams territory for the rest of the year for those who have completed their old stories.

In the new, expanded realm of the Diamond of the Unseen, a lot of things might still keep their usual form, but we'll see how their true essence will reveal itself and become visible so we might use them in completely new ways. That’s what gives our lives more colors, more sparkles and a whole new dimension of possibilities. This has to do with the hidden treasures and Seeing the Unseen. Everything revealing its true essence is like a hidden treasure opening itself to us. We'll see and interact directly with the core essence of everything, which will give us new perceptions and the possibility of creating new, deeper, true ways of living.

Many beloved people left the planet last year and even more will leave this year. What's surprising is that some Second Wave people are now being pulled out. This is a huge wake-up call for us to walk a TRUE PATH at all times. We need to treat every day as if it were our first and our last. Honor the preciousness of your relationships. Tell the ones who are special to you that you love them. Express your gratitude. Remember that everything is sacred and every moment is the chance of a lifetime.

Some friends and family are also leaving our lives, not through death, but simply because there is no solid foundation of honesty and transparency in the relationship. We can no longer stay in dishonest relationships, for they now feel too uncomfortable. There needs to be honesty, openness and mutual support. When these relationships suddenly collapse, it can be surprisingly liberating to let them go.

Throughout this momentous year, there will be a dramatic turn toward Oneness. Duality is making its final call and creating much drama to get people's attention. But the True Ones know better. Mother Earth is cleansing, preparing, and so are we. The True Ones are needed, more than ever, to guide and assist those who are still awakening.

All year long, many missing pieces of the Cosmic Jigsaw Puzzle will click into position. Soon the Big Picture will become much clearer to everybody, not just to those who are already experts in connecting the dots. When enough of humanity can see the Big Picture, people will activate en masse and know what to do, because they will spontaneously know who they truly are.

We are being given all the experiences necessary for us to fully emerge as shining Jewels so we can live a True Life in a New Reality. 2013 will bring us lots of Quantum Leaps, breakthroughs and new discoveries. The Green Lights will finally turn on for those creative projects that have been waiting for us to become Jewels in the Crown. There is the sense that we can be and do everything, without knowing how, but knowing that we will.

Much of this year will be spent exploring our expanded New Landscape. To do this, we will have to greatly expand our beings. We will be like babies, discovering our toes and fingers, learning to walk and finding our voice in this unfamiliar, but wondrous new place. We are discovering new ways to interact with our self, new ways to interact with each other and new ways to interact with the Earth. Many of us will feel that we have an extra energy inside ourselves, ready for the New Year. There will be lots of natural phenomena appearing this year, such as Sunbows (Sundogs) and Moonbows in the skies, to confirm that we are in a totally New Landscape.

There will be a bounty of creative opportunities and activities throughout the year. These will help ease our way into this transformational return to non-duality living. Instant manifestation is a routine occurrence now and into the future. Our energy is overflowing and powerful beyond belief. We can transform anything. There will be more shattering of old world phenomena, because it no longer fits. Power will be expressed in gentler, deeper, truer ways -- steeped in True Heart Love and Oneness. Much will be washed away / blown off / burned out / shaken away, and through these strong shifts, we will hold the resonance of Trueness in the core of our beings for the benefit of All.

We are increasingly realizing that our new True Purpose is a collective purpose, not an individual one. In order to connect with our True Purpose, we must first come together with our True People and True Places. This will happen throughout the year. That's when we leap into ONE BEING IN ACTION and all things are possible.

2013 brings us an absolute NEW BEGINNING. We are ready -- more real, honest, empowered, transparent and loving than ever before. We are given all the support we need, on level after level, to move our lives onto the truest trajectory possible. The new MUA has fully landed. Our New True Lives have begun.


May we align with our True People, True Homes and True Purpose.
Living True Lives as True Ones.



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