Solara's April 2006 Surf Report



The changeover from March to April is like entering a whole new world. The difference is as striking as night and day.

After spending the month of March being tossed about in the tumbler of change where the rough edges were chipped off and our beings were highly polished, the first thing we notice is that the wild gyrations of the tumbler have finally stopped.

As we enter a totally new phase, there is a silent hush in which we can hear the birds singing. (We'd almost forgotten about the birds!) There's a feeling that we've passed the Point of No Return, that what we previously regarded as our reality has greatly transformed.

As we enter April, we can feel that our new levels are already here within us, but first we must emerge from the clouds of debris that many of us experienced as our pasts were pulverized.

Throughout March, many rough edges and calcified parts of our beings were rubbed off. The month ended with the grand finale of the Solar Eclipse and our tumbler made its most dramatic movements, shaking off the most stubborn, hardened parts.

For some of us, the entire month felt off the map. By last week's Eclipse, many of us felt as if a bomb had gone off right in the center of our lives. Huge blocks came off our beings. Sudden ruptures occurred between old friends. We could feel long established situations being peeled away from us.

Throughout the month of March, our health was deeply affected; many of us have been sick during this time of intense transformation. This has given everything around us an air of unreality. We have gone through much of this month in a daze. Everything feels surreal: both real and unreal at the same time. This air of unreality has actually served us by not allowing us to get too attached to anything going on around us.

Although the tumbler has now ceased its movements, we will continue to experience bursts of sorting things out, especially during the first half of April. These will happen suddenly when we least expect it. Whole segments of our previous lives and old selves will drop away from us. This is similar to continental drift when land masses break apart and drift away from each other.

Tasks which we have done for years will drift away from us. We simply won't be able to do them anymore. The energy won't be there, even if we try to force ourselves to do them. Seemingly minor misunderstandings will rise up from nowhere and cast many people out of our lives. Relationships and friends will suddenly disappear from our sphere. This will often happen without any outer provocation; it will be as if they passed their expiration date and are suddenly gone.

Old sources of income will dry up, forcing us to find something new and infinitely more fulfilling. All year long, many of us have experienced financial problems. Established money sources continue to dry up. While it's easy to panic when this happens, panic and worry won't lead us to the new solutions. Nor will cutting off doing the things we know that we are meant to do. Instead, our challenge is to find new creative solutions. Our finances are getting tight to help propel us into new directions.

For months we have been in the midst of tremendous change and upheaval. We are moving from "Here" to "There", dramatically changing our inner and outer landscapes. Moving from the known into the Unknown. At times, it may feel overwhelming and almost impossible to make such drastic changes. It's not that we don't want these changes; we really do. It's just that we can't quite figure out how to make the transition from our old lives into our new ones.

In April, we will discover that these changes are going to happen surprisingly naturally. They will take place quickly and easily. There will be a sequence of almost miraculous Wild Card events which move us forward into our new positions. We will be steadily drifting towards new experiences, situations and people that are more deeply aligned with who really are.

Throughout April, issues of honesty and integrity will be highlighted. We need to be totally honest with ourselves and with others. We need to have rock solid integrity in all aspects of our lives. All our motivations must come from integrity in order to align ourselves with Right Time / Right Place. The end no longer justifies the means.

Whatever we do, we need to look beyond all outer appearances and see what the true motivations are. If there are hidden agendas or unconscious manipulations, then we simply can't go there.

All situations, opportunities and relationships will need scrutinizing in this way. The outer appearances may appear fine, but we might sense that something is not clear energetically. Whenever this happens, it's time to walk on, waiting for those opportunities and relationships which are totally clear and open, that are unquestionable.

April is a wildly creative month. After we clear off the dust of March, our creativity will burst forth. When it does, it's important that we follow it, for creativity will clear the path for us into our new lives. Creativity is the Key.

Around mid month, the energies will accelerate. This is when we can expect lots of Wild Cards coming into our lives. These Wild Cards will bring new, totally unexpected opportunities. They will also bring new people into our lives.

Since our inner and outer landscapes are changing drastically, it's important that we maintain a wide angle view of what is going on. The lens is opening, giving us a wider view than we have seen before. This is similar to the pulling back of the camera at the end of a movie, when we can suddenly see that the couple sitting on a bench are actually on a rooftop, and the rooftop is in the midst of a city, and beyond the city are tall mountains and beyond the mountains is the ocean and beyond the ocean is the planet rotating through the solar system.

As we are able to see and maintain the wider view, we can discern what elements of our lives have become smaller. Some of them have become so small and insignificant that they can barely be perceived. When this happens, we need to remain vast and not allow ourselves to be attached to what has become small. They are the leftovers of our old existence and are no longer of any importance.

Pulling back into the wider view allows us to act more freely and not to get drawn into the old situations. We can zoom in and do what needs to be done and yet not become involved with it.

When our perceptions remain vast, we will be able to see what has survived the tumbler. We will finally be able to see our totally new landscape and get a strong glimpse of both who we are becoming and of our new direction.

The more we are able to free ourselves, the more Wild Cards will come into our lives. April is a month full of amazing breakthroughs. As long as we remain open and don't try to define the changes or define who we are, all will go extremely well. We may even have some experiences that are "beyond our wildest dreams".

By the end of April, we will be amazed at how far we have traveled. We will finally be unstuck from many of the situations of the past whose time has expired. New opportunities will abound.


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