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The Year 2013 Surf Report: Expanding into a New Reality

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March was a strong, and sometimes deeply challenging, month that emphasized Purification and Preparation. The purification process was intense, especially for many of us who were sick with the flu. The energies fluctuated wildly. One day we felt like the King or Queen of the World and the next day we could barely function. At times, we were completely flattened so that core level clearings and adjustments could take place deep within us.

During March's Choppy Surf, some old rugs were pulled out from under our feet, pushing us far beyond our comfort zones. One of the things that we are being thoroughly prepared for is the ability to get things done while remaining calm and true when constant intensity, pressure, stress, harsh weather and shocking events are happening around us. We are also getting used to living with the sense that absolutely anything can happen. This helps us to value each precious moment.

Since there was much to do, we leapt into action, but often things didn't flow as easily as we would have liked. Instead, everything required extra effort. And when we tried to forcibly push things through, it didn't bring us the hoped for results. Sometimes things didn't work out, not because the action was wrong, but simply because the timing was wrong.

As we tried to move forward, we discovered that some of our new foundations were not as solid as we had thought. This required us to turn our focus onto the reconstruction of our new foundations with greater integrity and commitment from those involved.

The month brought up to the surface lots of misunderstandings, miscommunications and missed connections. We repeatedly tried to make needed appointments and they didn't happen. And even if they finally did, we didn't get the desired results. Yet all the while, new information was pouring in that helped us reset our coordinates into an even truer direction.

At times, we were plunged into a deep sadness. This comes from a variety of reasons, both personal and collective. A sadness at witnessing the devastating events worldwide which are occurring during the final days of duality. A sadness at the wave of people we know who are leaving the planet. The sadness that comes when we look at the world and wonder if anything has changed, not realizing that WE are the ones who have changed the most profoundly. When this deep sadness is felt, it takes courage to continue....

For months, we have felt like we were in a state of limbo, traveling through what we perceived to be an extremely long, dimly lit tunnel between our old lives and our new ones. Often, we could not clearly see where we were, where we came from or where we were going.

During this time, it was extremely challenging to bring projects to completion. Whenever we leapt into action, it was like a cloud of lethargy descended upon us, despite our best intentions to get things done. Often tasks and situations needed to be repeated again and again, but still could not be resolved.

In April, the illusion that we are in a tunnel completely dissolves. This signifies that we can no longer linger in this state of limbo or use it as an excuse to remain passively on the sidelines, avoid making life changing decisions and leaping into action. This limbo is actually a state of pregnant emptiness. And now it is time to put our energies into birthing our True Selves, True Lives and True Purpose.

March was a month in which many doors to the past were closed. We said goodbye to many aspects of our old lives, our old selves, old habits and behaviors. We also bid farewell to some friends who are now heading into other directions. These closing doors of March prepared us for the wide open doors of April.

Shedding our Skins

This is the Year of the Snake Shedding Its Skin. We have already shed many parts of our old skins, but they haven't completely dropped off of us. We are still wearing patches of the skin of who we used to be. These are patches of untrueness that are crying out to be removed from us. Wearing patches of old skin not only looks strange, but it feels uncomfortable. It's obvious to all who can clearly see. It trips us up and causes us to fall. These patches of our old skin and old behaviors are messy and are not who we are anymore.

We need to remove anything that we are carrying which is not WHO WE ARE NOW. Shed any piece of skin that still clings to us which does not resonate with Truth and Integrity. Let the dried out skins of small minded thinking and self restrictive behaviors fall off our beings. We need to let go of all old energy motivations and behaviors that are laced with manipulative, duality-based horizontal energy. These methods don't work and aren't acceptable anymore. If we try to cling onto old skin that contains these old methods and expired behaviors, we might destroy the very things that we most want to achieve. But if we simply BE TRUE and ALLOW them to be released, then the old skin will fall away and the new skin will grow to take its place.

In many parts of the world, old skins have been put on us by society in the form of class / caste systems. These are deeply rooted old behavioral patterns that are often maintained by our family and the people of our class. If we continue to hold onto our place in the class / caste systems and regard others as inferior or superior to us, we will be stuck in the small box of class definitions and we won't be free. Being able to step beyond the activities that have been prescribed for us by our class / caste, gives us new skills and abilities that we wouldn't otherwise develop.

True Ones are classless. We can go anywhere and never lose our natural dignity. We don't have to pretend to be anything more or less than what we truly are. We are Masters of Service and Do What Is Needed, When It Is Needed. This was well illustrated during several of the 11:11 Activations when we began our ceremony by cleaning up the shit at our Activation site. We didn't hire "workers" to do this for us, and we didn't consider it a job that was beneath us. We simply Did What Was Needed, without losing any of our Trueness.

Removing our old skins enables us to completely step out of our old duality-based and ego driven ways of doing things so that we can live True Lives that are new and fresh. As our new skins are exposed to the world, we may feel fragile and sensitive, but we will also feel clean and new, ready to create lives that perfectly reflect who we truly are.

Pearls and Cabbages

Parts of our past now feel extremely distant and unreal, as if they never happened. Our experiences can no longer be measured in linear time. Phrases like, "That happened 12 years ago." don't have much meaning anymore. It's no longer linear time that separates us from our memories; it's a measurement of worlds and reality systems. "That happened in the old landscape when our Known Worlds appeared big and were all we knew." or "That experience took place in duality, not the Ultra Greater Reality."

When we go back in time through a measurement of worlds, there's a greater sense of energetic disconnection. That's because every time that we step out of a Known World into a larger one, the old Known World appears infinitely smaller and all the memories within it shrink immeasurably.

As this happens, the memories that were imbedded into the linear time of the old Known Worlds lose their life force and feel more like something we have memorized, rather than something that really happened to us.

Our memories are like pearls and cabbages strung together on a necklace. At first, the pearls and cabbages look similar and we can't tell the difference between them. But as the cabbages of our superficial memories and duality-based experiences start to wilt, the pearls of what is Real and True begin to shine ever brighter.

Much of what we regard as memory is simply Memorized Remembrance. Stories and experiences that we try to keep alive by repeating them over and over. Memorized remembrances are not real. They are meaningless filler, like the cabbage between the pearls. The pearls are our true experiences; the ones which never die away. This is why our memorized remembrances are fading away, while our true moments remain vibrantly alive. So please don't worry if many of your earthly memories are fading. Only the cabbages are disappearing; the true pearls are part of the weaving of your true being and will always be with you.

The memories that feel the most real are the ones that emanate from the Ultra Greater Reality. These aren't really memories, they are true moments that reside in the realm of No-Time, outside of linear time. They are super real and true which is what enables them to be Timeless. These memories can always be accessed, just as if they were in the next room, since they reside in the Expanded HERE and NOW, rather than the Past or the Future.

'A Mu'a Reloaded

'A MU'A: To Move Forward.... Rapa Nui language

April begins with a palpable, very real, sense of change. This month feels instantly different than what we have experienced before. We are vastly transformed and this has landed us in what feels like totally new territory. There is a strong burst of new activities, new situations, new perceptions and new experiences.

Some experiences of the beginning of April:

• A dear friend of mine had exploratory heart surgery on April 1st, followed by a coronary bypass a few days later.

• My daughter manages a restaurant that just moved from the location where they had been firmly settled for 24 years to a much larger building.

• We unexpectedly found a beautiful new white cat, almost eleven months after our previous cat died.

• Several people I know are suddenly receiving work assignments to places where they had never thought of going.

And even if you don't have any obvious outward shifts happening, somehow everything feels quite different. There's a new realness and seriousness of purpose in the air. We can feel the new beginnings of April and the Green Lights starting to turn on.

This month many of us will realize that we have already begun our New True Lives. They are here, now. We are no longer caught in the illusion that we are waiting for them to begin. We are building their foundations right now. What's important is to have a new attitude that moves us out of the waiting phase into the knowingness that we have already landed in our True Lives. This is our Starting Point. This is why it's important that we don't put off doing the things that we really want and don't wait anymore for our New Life to begin. Planetary Time is passing by at an accelerated rate, making it extremely precious. Love every minute.

Even if we don't feel that we're in our right place at this moment; this is where we are right now. If we were about to embark on a journey far across the world to an exotic place we've never been before, our journey would start with the steps closest to where we are right now. And this is exactly what we are doing.

Last year on April 20 and 21, we held an important 11:11 'A Mu'a Ceremony on the island of Rapa Nui (Easter Island). The Ceremony was in three parts. In the afternoon of April 20th, we went to Anakena and did 11:11 Sacred Dances and Mudras. In early evening, we moved our Ceremony to the fifteen Moai at Tongariki. Here, during the Dark of the Moon, we planted the seeds for the 'A Mu'a. The New Moon took place in the middle of that night.

We returned to Tongariki in the pre-morning darkness on the following day. As we watched the glorious sunrise, we felt that our seeds of 'A Mu'a had germinated. The wheels, cogs and gears that had long been stuck began to turn. After that, all year long, waves upon waves of the 'A Mu'a energies slowly spread forth across the planet.

Now, we have come full circle, back to the month of 'A Mu'a. Only this time we aren't seeding the 'A Mu'a; we are receiving its heightened energies. This is the fulfillment of the 'A Mu'a -- the 'A Mu'a Reloaded. It is now coming to us with its full potency, unleashing its tremendous potential, propelling us into the situations, experiences, circumstances, relationships and activities that are most right for us.


April is not easy to describe because there are so many things happening on myriad personal and planetary levels. We are in the midst of unprecedented completions and massive new beginnings. We are shedding lifetimes of old skins. We are being influenced by extremely different reality systems until we completely pull out of duality and anchor ourselves in the Ultra Greater Reality. The collective turmoil that is occurring all over the world is strongly affecting us by creating extremely Choppy Surf. The air around us is so full of the swirling currents of chaos and rebirth that it can be quite a challenge to remain grounded and clear.

Some people are grieving or feel Null Zoned that our journey through the 11:11 Doorway is over. This grief will be instantly gone as soon as they realize that the most important part of this magnificent journey has just begun. Some are feeling insecure and scared because they don't see the hoped for evolutionary changes that we've long been working for. Instead, they only see the violence and corruption that is rising to the surface all over the world. This makes them feel as if they don't know which way to turn. This is causing some to turn back to old belief systems, while others are simply confused or in a state of shock.

We are all having many different types of experiences right now. We aren't all experiencing the same things at the same time. Some are riding the creative surge with much enthusiasm and excitement while birthing the New. "Bring it on!" they shout, with wide open arms. At the same time, many of us are experiencing a full gamut of emotions that change moment by moment. Some of these emotions belong to us, while many of them belong to the planetary collective. All the while, the intensity is increasing, the stress levels are rising and huge Tsunamis of Change continue to crash upon the shores of our lives.

April begins with many situations and elements in our lives ON THE LINE. We have reached a major Crossroads. Crossroads always present us with a Choice. Which way do we go? Some major decisions will be made this month. We need to make these decisions with eyes wide open while listening to our Heart's Knowingness. These decisions are life changing, so we don't want to fall into default decisions or unconsciously create circumstances that prevent us from following through with our decisions.

These decisions have to be made by us from a totally new level of perception. This is difficult to explain, but I will try with examples from my own life. In the past, if things didn't work out easily, we would either try to forcibly push things through or decide that this wasn't the path for us. If there were too many obstacles blocking our way, we looked for a new direction that didn't have hindrances. Using the criteria of wanting an easy, open path and the successful fulfillment of our plans worked well for us until recently, but it doesn't seem to be what is happening now. Also, forcing things to happen is no longer effective.

When I moved to Peru in November 2010, I unquestionably knew that this was the right place for me. Yet as soon as I arrived in Lima, I immediately got sick. Five days later, I went to the Sacred Valley and stayed in a hostal that a friend had recommended which had terrible energy and was enclosed by tall, prison-like walls. I was too sick to go to the nearby town to find a restaurant and there was none at the hostal. After several days, I moved to a nice hotel where I could get healthy again. It wasn't a good entry into my new life in Peru, yet the feeling of being in my right place persisted.

My plan had been to buy a house as soon as possible, get my Peruvian residency and have my container of worldly treasures and practical household goods shipped to me within a few months. Two and a half years later, none of this has happened. Real estate prices are constantly rising in the Sacred Valley, making it very challenging to find something good to buy. My possessions are still in storage in Hawaii. We are still trying to form a business and get our residency, but everything is taking much longer than we thought.

In the past, if I had heard this story from someone else, I would surely have asked them if they were positive that they were in their right place. But I absolutely know that I am in my right place. This situation has made me look at things from an entirely new level.

Some of our new situations, (and this is true of relationships as well), have a stunning rightness on a deep, deep Heart's Knowingness level. But on the normal outward levels, things don't totally fit together as we think that they should. Before, we would look for another direction if things didn't work out, but now the resonance of TRUTH in our Heart's Knowingness is so strong that we know we can't consider leaving, because we are in our absolute right place (or right relationship).

I have spent much time wondering why this is happening in this manner. I feel that it is removing us completely from the old ways of doing things. It is shattering any of our remaining expectations of how things should be. And it is pulling away our artificial pillars of support, forcing us to rely on our inner knowingness, rather than on outer events and signs. It is stripping off any remaining layers of superficiality and untrueness. It is teaching us the New Navigation by moving us into a new pace, rhythm and timing. It requires us to throw away our old criteria and judgements so that we can be fully accepting of the HERE and NOW. We are learning that it's OK to have plans and goals, but that it's also OK when they don't happen as we think that they should. And it shows us how to fully ACCEPT where we are and what we do have with deepest gratitude. All of this makes us more Real, True and Free than before.

So if your Heart's Knowingness calls you forward like a bell of Truth, even if the path ahead of you resembles more of a rocky labyrinth than a smooth express highway, don't despair. It really doesn't matter if the path is rocky or clear, if we are in our right position. We are just happy to be here. Don't give up and run for the nearest escape (unless that would make you really happy.). Listen to the call of your Heart of Hearts and don't get frustrated or disheartened. Accept all the circumstances of your life with Love and Gratitude, knowing that ALL IS WELL. Acknowledge the blessings you do have right now in this moment, be grateful for them, then use them as your building blocks for something greater. This is an important part of the process of closing up our old worlds.

All of what we've been experiencing has given us a new seriousness. Our beings are being sharpened to a fine point of Trueness, honesty and seriousness of purpose. Even our love feels more serious, deeper, more real and way less superficial. We feel more comfortable and more at ease with openly being a True One. It's time to claim who we are, speak out our truth with absolute honesty and have fun.

The importance of honesty in all our dealings with our self and others is strongly emphasized this month. Integrity of being is absolutely essential right now. Some people are smart, loving and kind, but don't have integrity of being. Honesty is one of the most essential qualities to living our Trueness, because if we aren't honest with ourselves and with others, Trueness will never become more than a disembodied spiritual concept. Being honest feels good and those who want to be close with us will love the honesty in us, even if it's occasionally uncomfortable, messy and confronting.

A few weeks ago there was a protest march in Maui, Hawaii to stop the use of Monsanto created GMO foods. The 1000 or so demonstrators marched with enthusiasm through pouring rain. The protest was scheduled to end in front of the Whole Foods Market which has been selling non-organic GMO foods in a very dishonest manner. All went well until the marchers arrived at the final destination of the protest. That was when they realized that they were now hungry. Although they weren't allowed inside the store until they put down their signs and turned their T shirts with anti-Monsanto GMO slogans inside out, around 200 of the protesters went inside the Whole Foods Market that they were demonstrating against and bought something to eat. Ironically, the store made lots of money from the demonstration against it. Good intentions need solid follow through....

All month long, the pressure and intensity are building up. We're likely to be thrown all sorts of personal challenges coming from unexpected directions. We've all had lifetimes of training so most of us will surf the rough seas without serious mishap.

Throughout April, but especially during the final two weeks, the 'A Mu'a Reloaded is going to bring us a whirlwind of new information, new opportunities, new connections, significant breakthroughs and new understandings about what we are here to do. We are ready for this. Each manifestation of 'A Mu'a will lead to a series of blossomings and breakthroughs. Our New Directions are finally opening up for us. We shall be grounded in the knowingness that we are in RIGHT TIME - RIGHT PLACE. And this makes us very happy.



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