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The Year 2014 Surf Report: Into Trueness

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March was a super intense month that was not easy for many, but which continually showed us the necessity of standing in our Trueness, the new eye of the storm. Our Heart's Knowingness was, and is, the only solid ground that we have to stand upon.

While there were times of clear knowing and brilliant moments of revelation when veils of illusionary beliefs dissolved, we were constantly shaken loose of everything which was no longer a part of our True Selves. Numerous hooks of duality within us were revealed and removed. This included expired relationships, jobs and environments, as well as embedded, hidden layers of beliefs and behaviors that have unconsciously affected us on deep levels for a long, long time. This process will continue until every untrue element leaves our beings.

Surfing through the intensity of March was often challenging. At times, we found ourselves back in the grip of duality. This is when old attitudes, fears and insecurities set in. Things that we had worked so hard to achieve began to fall apart. Whenever this happens, it's important that we stop whatever we are doing and remove ourselves from the hooks of duality as quickly as possible.

One of our biggest challenges is to stop thinking that duality has any power over us anymore, for as soon as we do, we become hooked back into it again. This is where the Distortion Bands of fear, separation and insecurity reside and this is when we are sucked dry of our energy.

Duality only exists because people believe in it. This is true, even when duality appears extremely real. It is humanity's belief in duality as the predominant reality on Earth that provides duality with its food. We are giving duality its life force by supplying it with our own energy and light.

Once we pull the thread of our being out of the tapestry of duality, it loosens all the other threads still woven into it. This loosening allows other threads to more easily remove themselves. As many of us are now pulling out our threads, the pattern of duality's tapestry is being greatly altered. What was previously an army tank becomes a flower; what was a stark design in black and white representing the opposition between "Good" and "Evil" now transforms into a mandala symbolizing Oneness.

Loosening our old Foundation Stones

All year long, we have been going through a deep, core level transformation. We've been combing through our beings and finding those places where we still carry stuck energy. We've been finding the locations where we are still hooked into duality. And we've been more aware of the old stories which keep repeating themselves.

Much work is taking place on the level of the loosening and removal of our old foundation stones. These are the stones of duality which have been cemented into our old foundation for a very long time. Even though we weren't previously aware of their existence, they had a strong influence upon us. Now we finally realize that they never were who we truly are. As we step free of duality, they are being removed.

These old foundation stones are expired relationships, outdated beliefs, old dreams and family karma from our ancient ancestral lineages. We can now clear up and transform our family lineages by not allowing ourselves to be influenced by them. This sets us free from all family drama and family karma. This isn't just our immediate family, it extends way back in time to our entire ancestral lineage. We are also seeing that we no longer need to carry within us those ingrained habits, limited beliefs, subconscious fears, judgements, fixed patterns, repressed emotions and financial insecurities from the past -- for this is not who we truly are.

In March, these old foundation stones started loosening within us, much like a tooth that begins to gently wiggle in our mouth. It feels strange when stones in our "rock solid" foundation become loose, especially since we didn't know that they were there.

As we become aware of these expired foundation stones, we can clearly see them for what they are. "Oh, I don't need to carry that negative, needy person within me anymore!" or "That old dream is no longer something I really want." or "That false belief or old fear no longer needs to influence me." When we come to these realizations, it is tremendously liberating. We can finally give ourselves permission to be openly honest and authentic, to speak our truth at all times and to let go of the people and situations in our lives who try to keep us stuck into duality.

Once we have a direct experience of the energies of the New Landscape, the hardened cement holding our old foundation stones in position begins to dissolve. As this happens, we may feel overcome by powerful waves of deep sadness. This is because the mortar that long held these stones into position is composed of our old sadness, disappointments, fears and grief.

Sometimes, the loosening of our old foundation stones reveals hidden pockets of corruption and decay. This is like pulling a rock out of the earth and finding a colony of worms living underneath it. Since this is a disgusting discovery, we really don't want to deal with it, but we must. We have to fearlessly dive into the muck and thoroughly clean it out. We can't have worms living in our new foundations. Once we do this, it will feel so much better.

This is an important part of the massive breakthroughs that many of us are experiencing. We are stepping free of lifetimes of illusion and becoming free and true as never before!

'A Mu'a

'A Mu'a = To Move Forward
In the Rapa Nui language.

Two years ago, on April 21 and 22, we held a very special 'A Mu'a ceremony on the island of Rapa Nui, (Easter Island). The purpose of this ceremony was to move us forward so we can live True Lives as True Ones. Last April, the 'A Mu'a Reloaded was strongly felt. Each year, the 'A Mu'a energies get stronger and clearer.

This month, there is a new, supercharged 'A Mu'a Reloaded that will move us forward at lightning speed. It is 'A Mu'a Reloaded - Recharged - Reinvented - Realized - Reinforced and Revealed.

We are all being given unprecedented opportunities to recreate our lives so they can more perfectly mirror our true, authentic selves. In order to do this, we need to consciously choose whether we want to birth a new True World in the midst of the dying flames of duality or continue traveling on the old road. We need to consciously choose whether or not we are going to fully inhabit the New Landscape or stay in our old lives in duality. Where are we going to put our focus, our efforts, our energy and our resources?

April is the month to set our course on the ship of our new destiny. If you get the call to move, prepare to do it. If you want or need to change your job, get ready to do it. If you are in a relationship that isn't aligned with who you are, then leave it. Do it now if at all possible! Don't make excuses to wait until later. Or if you absolutely can't do it at this moment, then start making serious preparations to do it as soon as you can. It's time to take clear, decisive action to get into our right positions as soon as possible. It's time to begin an entirely new way of life. It is waiting for you....


April grabbed our attention from the very first day with an 8.2 earthquake in Chile, followed by a 7.8 earthquake the following day. This immediately put us into a state of High Alert which is an appropriate place to be since April is an extremely powerful, highly potent month of 'A Mu'a. We know about the predictions of the strong astrological events happening this month, such as two eclipses, a Grand Cardinal Cross and a "blood" moon. And even though there's an undeniable feeling of volatility in the air, as if anything could happen at anytime, we feel no fear. Instead, there's a feeling of undeniable excitement mixed with cautious alertness.

Many of us entered the month feeling super sensitive, deeply exhausted and stretched far beyond our limits. Yet as soon as April began, the heaviness lifted and we started galloping deeper into the New Landscape with great enthusiasm. April is an epic month for sure, for various reasons. But after a harsh, stressful March in which it felt as though we were passing through an obstacle course strewn with mountains of details, there's the strong sense that we've somehow turned the corner and emerged into a wondrous new space.

The starting gate is now opening and our magical Wind Horses are beginning to gallop. They carry the fabled wish-granting gem (Mani Stone) upon their backs, bringing us the wondrous opportunity to create new, True Lives and manifest our Wildest Dreams. Breakthroughs are all around us. One of the reasons we feel so excited is because we now know that we are no longer galloping by ourselves; we have formed a vast herd of Wind Horses stretched across the planet, galloping together as One.

At the same time that we are immersing ourselves deeper into the New Reality, all that is duality-based and untrue is getting fully exposed. Even though the vise of duality is visibly tightening in the world around us as the forces of duality try to gain ever greater control over humanity, increasing numbers of us are riding free into a glorious New World.

In many ways, it feels as if we are finally emerging from a cocoon of drugged forgetfulness, a cocoon in which we could only partially be our True Selves, a cocoon full of fears and insecurities which prevented us from authentic lives, from embodying our full love, full wisdom, full power and full being. Now we are finally feeling our first real feelings of true authenticity and liberation.

April will be undeniably intense, with much coming into alignment and much falling away, as old situations either move onto a new level or drop away from our lives. It won't necessarily be an easy month, for there will be many challenges. April requires that we stand in our Trueness as never before so we can discern what is real and what comes from distortion. April brings us huge opportunities to disengage ourselves from the last residue of the old.

There will be some unexpected glitches and seemingly impossible complications that arise in what usually are simple transactions that are caused by the lack of efficiency and integrity of others. It's much like finding the worms under the rock; these situations won't correct themselves on their own. As much as we would like to avoid them, we cannot. Instead, they require much effort from us to make them right, but this will finally happen.

Many projects that we've been trying to accomplish for a long time, which have been proceeding slowly, are now leaping forward in a grand acceleration. It's exciting to see them come into tangible form. This gives us a boost of vitality and changes the character of everything. As our projects reach fulfillment, we can finally see the results of our huge efforts. We've done our homework, put in massive effort of our full beings and are nearing the time of manifestation.

All the while, the 'A Mu'a energy feels strong and steady, like a swift river that steadily carries us along into our True Direction in a powerful current of love. There's the strong sense that many things are finally clicking into position and this feels super good. New information is coming to us that we've needed. Many people have begun moving to new residences; others are preparing for their moves later this year. For those already traveling in their True Direction, April will bring a Fast Forward. And if you haven't yet found your True Direction, there is a good chance that you will this month.

Even though we are swimming in the powerful current of 'A Mu'a, mega effort is required from us this month. This is not the time to sit still and wait for things to happen; we will never get where we most want to be that way. Now is the time for ACTION!!! Even though we may have been working super diligently for months, the pace accelerates absolutely off the map in April and even more effort will be needed. We will discover that we are capable of doing much more than ever before. April requires the participation of our full beings. Other people can help us, but we are the only ones who can create true, authentic lives for ourselves.

We don't have unlimited choices, unlimited resources or an excess of time to do things anymore. We no longer have the luxury of carefully contemplating our actions. It's more like doing our best with what is right here, in front of us, in the present moment. Some of the action that we are required to do are things which we have never done before, yet there is no time to gain the necessary experience, skills and knowledge. We need to just leap in and learn while we are doing.

This isn't done by making compromises or settling for less, but with unbridled, off the map, wild creativity. The result of using our unleashed creativity with the limited resources available gives us an unexpected result -- something that we've never seen before that is created from something inside ourselves which we didn't know was within us. Doing something with the limited resources, skills and time which are available takes us somewhere we've never been before.

Here's a practical example of this from my own life. We need tiles for the kitchen and bathrooms in the house we are building at the Heart of AN. The normal approach would be to go out and buy sufficient quantities of the tiles you want to use. Unfortunately, Peru has an extremely limited selection of tiles which are either boring or really ugly or ultra expensive from Lima. We also have varied tiles that I have bought over the years, but not much quantity of any particular tile. My tiles are all pretty, but they don't necessarily go together. Somehow, we have to mix together the best tiles we can find in Peru with the tiles that we already have. Given our resources, whatever we do will be rather unusual and nothing like what we would have chosen to do if we had access to a greater selection of tiles. And although we have no idea what the results of our creativity will look like, we are fairly sure that we will like it. But what's truly interesting about all this, is that it is forcing us to try something completely new that we would never have considered doing before!

All month long, we will be dealing with high levels of stress, rising intensity, shocking events, sudden immersions into Quantum Deep, huge tsunamis of change, too much to do and sometimes, a lack of outer certainty. These are some of our biggest challenges right now. When these situations occur, it's a signal that it's time to switch our inner control panels to the setting of our inner certainty, our Heart's Knowingness that ALL IS WELL.

The Silent Watchers in Action will be an important and extremely helpful component of April. From the vast, pure perspective of the Silent Watchers, we can receive new insights that will help us walk through the turmoil with clarity, Love and Trueness. Here's a link to the Silent Watcher practice.

In April, the fun factor will kick in much stronger than it's been for a long time. At the same time, this month may be interlaced with possible shocking events, both natural and man made. This is why it's so vitally important that we remove those last hooks of duality and stop living in that frequency band. Because if we do so, we won't be as deeply affected by them.

April is full of fast forward movement, great change and clear, decisive action. It's a time for taking risks, for making major decisions to move forward into our True Direction, for going beyond our old comfort zones with confidence, without dragging the past with us. We are stepping out of the cycle of creating the same old reality over and over! Along with our deepened seriousness, we now have a new perspective, new attitude and new enthusiasm. We are ready to live a REAL, AUTHENTIC LIFE.

The starting gates have been blasted open by the supercharged 'A Mu'a
and there's no more holding back.



With deep Gratitude and Love for the inspiration and brilliant insights of:
Arbaline, Carmen, Carolyn, Denise, Diane, Elena, Emanaku, Gill, Inger, Keenuane,
Maria, Michelle, Pam, Ryan, Sharon, Susana, Theresa, Trinity


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