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Emerging Into A New World



March was a wildly unpredictable and action packed month in which we leapt onto the Fast Track. The devastating series of shocking events in Japan was a powerful wake-up call signifying that Life As We Knew It was now over. We can no longer passively sit on the sidelines and pretend that everything is normal. We are in a time of massive upheavals and unprecedented changes. All year long, duality will continue to collapse all around us to make room for the New and True. This is a year in which there are going to be innumerable Null Zones. We need to learn how to navigate through Null Zones while maintaining our Trueness.

March brought us a new seriousness. Many of us are now feeling an increased urgency to move into our right positions as quickly as possible. There is the strong feeling that everything is now On the Line. It is a time when absolutely anything could happen.

At the same time, we are emerging as True Ones stronger than ever before. This has required massive adjustments on all levels. In March, glimmers of our New, True Lives started to become visible. In April they will become even clearer and we will take decisive steps to get into our rightful positions.




Great Pressure Turns Coal Into Diamonds

Since the beginning of 2011, we have experienced far reaching political upheavals and natural disasters of such a vast scope that they are too much to fully take in. When they began in January, we could assimilate them, but now the stakes have been immeasurably raised.

Many people are finding it challenging to live with the tremendous pressure of these times. Creating coping mechanisms to live with the increased pressure and heightened intensity of the changeover from duality to Oneness is taking several forms:

Some are avoiding stepping in by immersing themselves in a Sea of Distraction and keeping themselves busy with superficial activities. The main problem with this path is that it takes increasing amounts of effort and energy to maintain that wall of denial so they can fool themselves that life is "normal" and all they need to do is keep themselves busy and entertained.

There are the "lightworkers" who think that all they need to do is eat healthy food, do yoga and meditate, then the world will miraculously transform into a better place.

Others are taking a more severe route and developing illnesses that prevent them from leaping in. These illnesses actually present us with brilliant opportunities for major breakthroughs.

Some have developed "horizontal disease" where they suddenly shut down and disconnect themselves from those closest to them. They cut off all ties to the spiritual path they were following. This is an extreme state of denial. Horizontal disease affects the ones whom you would least expect it to happen to, and when it occurs to someone you know, there is absolutely nothing you can do.

Others have gone into high alert and are standing strong as True Ones, no matter what happens. They are committed to seeing it through and doing what we came here to do.

Most of these methods will ultimately not be effective in avoiding what is really happening. What we need to do of course, is to leap in with our full beings as True Ones and share the responsibility for creating a New World. This isn't as scary as some might think. It's actually quite fun and fulfilling. When we accept that we are in the Time of Completion, we are going with the flow, rather than trying to swim against the current. We not only have a better chance of survival, but we can help turn the tide. And since we are in the final miles of the Final Miles, and are so very close to living True Lives and birthing a New World, it really would be a shame to check out now and not go the full distance.

Most of us have moments when we feel overwhelmed, disempowered, vulnerable and lack confidence. When this happens, we have that "deer in the headlights" dazed look in our eyes. It's when we are in this state that we keep running into our resistance to the HERE and NOW. Sometimes these walls of resistance are surprising in their intensity. This happens even when we know deep within us that if we can totally center ourselves in the Expanded HERE and NOW, that it will bring us just what we most want and need. It's not that we won't like the changes that are coming; it's just that they are so huge, so different and so life altering that they bring up reservoirs of fear that we didn't know we carried within us. When the fear hits us, we crash into our wall of resistance. This can be utterly devastating and really knock us down.

We are feeling super stripped down right now because we are being thoroughly deconstructed. It's like gutting a building and totally rebuilding it from the inside out. This reminds me of an experience that I had many, many years ago when I used to do guided meditations. One night the Egyptian God Ptah appeared to me. He was wearing special ceremonial robes and carried numerous implements of power and wisdom such as ankhs, orbs, wands and sceptres. He handed these to me one by one, saying, "Now your ancient powers are being restored."

For a whole year after that, I seemed to know almost everything. My knowledge came effortlessly. At that time, I had a store in Taos, New Mexico full of world treasures and I suddenly knew the history and correct use of all the sacred objects in the store. All year long, people would come into my store and ask me questions on a variety of subjects and I always had a brilliant answer for them. This made me feel really good and super confident in my knowingness.

Then a year later, Ptah reappeared and said, "Now it's time to set them aside." So I placed all the objects of power and knowledge in a trunk by my feet. The next year was extremely awkward and uncomfortable. I no longer knew anything. When people came into my store asking questions, I told them that I didn't know any answers. I felt like a baby who was just learning to walk; I'd take a wobbly step and then immediately fall down flat on my face.

But despite the discomfort of my lack of knowledge, deep inside me I knew that if I persevered with my stripped down state of not knowing anything, that sooner or later, something totally new would come. And it did! This is similar to what is happening to many of us right now. We are being stripped of our old knowledge, our old spiritual practices, our old ways of doing things, our old criteria of what we thought we wanted. During this time, we are under construction, being totally renovated in alignment with the blueprint of a True One. And yes, it is awkward and uncomfortable, but it is so worthwhile and absolutely necessary.

We are in a time when many things are coming to a climax. There is no way to avoid this or push away from us the changes that this brings. Nor would we want to because this is why we are here. This is why we've spent years learning the mastery of surfing. And now, the BIG TSUNAMIS OF CHANGE are here. We knew that they were coming and we know that they are just what is most needed.

Many things are happening in our lives that we don't understand. When we judge them with our old criteria of what we "like" or "don't like", they might not feel right; but there is a deeper rightness to them that we often cannot immediately see.

Right now, many people find themselves in situations that they don't want to be in, yet they can't leave them. A dramatic example of this is the people in Japan who live near the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant. it's easy to blame ourselves for our outer situation, and think that we are doing something wrong, yet it's not our fault. It's simply a condition of this time. There is a huge gift for us in every element of the HERE and NOW, even in those things that we don't necessarily like.

We are all going through major birthing pains. We are both giving birth and we are the ones getting born. The Earth is also giving birth. During this massive birth process, there are a lot of contractions and pain. It is super intense and often feels more like dying than birthing something new. The aspects of us that are being born are the parts that are feeling super vulnerable, helpless and fresh.

But if we constantly remember why all this is happening, that this much needed collapse of duality is clearing the space for the New and True to be born, we will be able to see it through.

Great pressure turns coal into diamonds. And this is exactly what is happening to us right now. We are all feeling tremendous pressure. Our planet is feeling great pressure. And we are all transforming into diamonds. This is how the New and True gets born from the ashes of all that is expired and untrue.



One of the main focuses of the first half of this year is to get into our right positions and then take our Trueness and anchor it into our everyday lives so we can live a True Life as a True One. At first, this will require many changes on our part. Some of us will no longer be able to live in the same place where we've been living. Some of us will no longer be able to do the same work we've done for a long time. Some of our relationships and closest friendships will drop out of our lives. Many of our old activities will fade away. Massive changes in our lifestyle are coming in the next few months. We will be altering our daily patterns and learning to do everything in new ways.

Our New Life may not look like our old vision of paradise. Our One True Loves may not resemble what we thought they would look like. Many of our previous thoughts, dreams, preferences and concepts of what our New Life should look like are getting broken, so that something infinitely truer and more real can manifest. When our old concepts and dreams are removed, it can feel very disappointing. It can even be devastating. We may feel unsupported by life or that we have lost our way.

When we are presented with the reality of our New Life or of our One True Love, it can be quite a shock. This is because they are often so different from the ideal that we envisioned. This is when our wall of resistance to what we have been given instantly grows to monolithic proportions. We can also feel overwhelmed by all the adjustments we need to make to fit into our New Life.

It's like we had certain dreams of our New Life or of our One True Love and now life has presented us with a very different reality. When this happens, instead of getting frustrated, we can say, "Oh this is how my New Life is! It's quite different than what I had expected." This is not done by compromising ourselves, but rather by accepting what is.

Our New, True Lives move us into a new reality with a very different timing sequence. As we adjust ourselves to our new reality, we move into the new timing. Things happen now in extremely different ways than before. Relationships deepen without being able to spend any personal time together. New kindred friends are made when least expected. Much needed help doesn't come from those whom you thought would help, but spontaneously comes from total strangers. Our New Lives contain a really strong infusion of the unexpected. They require us to let go of all our previous preconceptions and expectations of how they might manifest and to allow them to naturally unfold. This forces us to live fully in the Expanded HERE and NOW.

In April, there is a strong emphasis on making much needed adjustments to many areas of our lives. Through H'oo Pono Pono we will be clearing out old patterns by bringing who we are now as a True One into old situations and thereby transforming them. As we walk through old situations as True Ones it's like taking a needle and thread from the HERE and NOW and weaving it back into the past. We weave past, present and future together into the eternal NOW. This not only transforms the past and sets us free, but it creates an opening for the people we know from the old situations to transform.

We all carry blocks within us that are like doorstops that keep us from opening the door to fully experiencing the HERE and NOW. April is the perfect time for us to find and remove the brick doorstops which we have within us that hold us back from being totally true and honest. We need to look for all the ways that we qualify and limit our true feelings. Things such as saying, "I think that I might love you." rather than "I love you", or "I hope to become a True One", rather than "I am a True One." Let's move everything into the present moment and not hold ourselves back in any way because if we do hold back, we are robbing ourselves from the full experience of a True Life.

Many of us are on the brink of our New, True Lives and some of us have already begun adjusting to them. One thing that we do know is that they will be a major learning experience, deeply fulfilling, wildly creative and fun.


The last week of March opened the doors to the New Landscape. It's not yet fully formed, and many of us are not there yet, but we've had a glimpse and can now begin planning for it. As April begins, the curtain opens on a whole new world. We will start to prepare for our New Landscape and take our first steps into new areas. We will strengthen and build upon the foundations of our New Lives which are becoming ever more visible.

There's a lot of planning in order to enter our New Landscape, but it's important that all our planning is super flexible and remains in the Expanded HERE and NOW. We need to be aware that our plans may not work out as we want them to, but ultimately, they will lead to our Truest path, which perhaps we cannot yet see.

Some of us will be preparing to move to new locations, to make the leap into their New Lives. They now realize that they can no longer travel on the old road of their past. Even for those of us who are still in a familiar landscape, it will appear new because of the immense transformation we have been through. We will see everything with the fresh eyes of a True One and start totally recalibrating our old environment to more perfectly reflect who we now are. And the New and True will come rushing in....

Physical changes are continuing to happen everyday. For the last two years, many of us felt that we didn't recognized the person in the mirror, but now we are starting to find our real self looking back at us. This sense of reconnecting with our True Selves on all levels, will continue in April. There will also be an acceleration of things that have been in motion (but somehow not growing) for the last few months. This includes work, love, creative endeavors and moving past fear. Because of this, we will finally be able to finish some old projects that have been waiting to be completed for months or even years.

Many elements are finally clicking into position, giving us much to do. We will be preparing our new environment at the same time as we are finishing old projects. At times, we will feel as if we are zooming into the New at warp speed.

In April we can expect more shocking upheavals in our changing world. It's important that we don't get drawn into the media hype and into fear. Instead, follow your inner knowingness as a True One. Throughout this time, it's extremely helpful to sit as Silent Watchers and hold all the worlds within worlds in PURE HEART LOVE. From this stance we can hold true to our inner knowingness and when appropriate, take decisive action.

We can expect constant surprises on all levels. We will be redefining the shifts and craziness of March and finding stability within these changing times, while taking responsibility for the life we are creating. This month we will experience still more releasing of old emotional patterns and outdated beliefs, plus lots of new beginnings.

April brings us surprising encounters with new people and a deepening of relationships with people whom we already know. Kindred people are coming together to create the New. This gathering together of True Ones is happening on a level that is very clean and honest. When we come together in this way, the New starts effortlessly pouring in. There might also be some challenging situations with people that need to be deal with tact and Trueness.

The end of April will find us in a greatly changed position from the beginning of the month. Some will experience an actual shift of physical location, while others will find themselves feeling much more settled in their New Lives.



We've finally moved to a rental house in the ancient Inca village of Ollantaytambo, Peru. The house is now being recalibrated to the Ultra Greater Reality. Walls are being painted and suitcases are finally being unpacked. This house isn't what I envisioned, but it is perfect for now. This is the first time in years that I've lived so close to other people, so it's quite an adjustment. But I know that it is exactly what I most need in the present moment.

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