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'A MU'A: To Go Forward

March was an intense month full of activities and situations that helped us reconnect with our True Selves and free ourselves from old patterns. Some of us were super busy, while others were super quiet. There were major completions, stunning insights and revelations, and a general feeling of realigning ourselves with what is REAL and TRUE. We were given unprecedented opportunities to become free of old behaviors and expired situations, neutralize old triggers and heal past imbalances. For some, March was a time for replenishment, repatterning and being still.

As we leave March, there are still some of us who feel broken down by life's challenges. This is because they are still trying to live in the crumbling world of duality and we simply can't live there anymore. For some, the pressure has been so great that they have lost themselves, pushing aside who they really are. Yet many of us are emerging onto an expanded new level of greater Trueness. This is something that we've never felt before, giving us an enhanced sense of being in alignment with RIGHT TIME - RIGHT PLACE, which brings us a growing excitement and joy.

All of us are becoming increasingly unpinned from duality. We are unpinned from what we used to do, how we used to do things, what used to feel important, and from who we used to be. If we become unpinned without being firmly anchored in our Heart's Knowingness, then we will feel ungrounded and float aimlessly. To avoid this sense of ungroundedness, we can allow ourselves to become unpinned from the old anchor points and expand our beings until we connect ourselves with new anchor points on an infinitely vaster scale. And this absolutely changes everything.

Many of us have completed our Ho'o Pono Pono Journeys, while some of us are preparing to take them. (Ho'o Pono Pono Journeys are still continuing.) It's important that we try to be as thorough as possible while we are on them. Complete as much as you can because if we continue to carry these unfinished elements with us, it becomes much harder to leap into our True Lives.

After you have completed your Ho'o Pono Pono Journey, there will be waves of poignant sadness that wash through you, especially if you have let go of a lot in a short time. You may feel like a flaccid balloon whose air has been suddenly let out. After that feeling passes, you will experience a burst of fresh energy caused by your newfound freedom from old entanglements and emotional hooks. These are being replaced with clear, true relationships. One of the fruits of our Ho'o Pono Pono Journeys is a widened focus on totally new directions, unhindered by the pull of old directions.

This urge to Make Things Right through Ho'o Pono Pono isn't felt by everyone. Some are still pretending that nothing is changing and holding on to this illusory normalcy. The problem with this is that it leads into default decisions in which we set aside our knowingness just to maintain the status quo.

Another huge thing that some of us are experiencing is that when we finally make the decision to release our old lives, it removes a covering that has blocked the doorway to our New True Lives. This creates a new, much larger, opening that enables us to see things that we never saw before from our Past, Present and Future. This is when we realize that we've really wanted to leave our old lives for a very long time.

This new opening brings us direct experiences of our Heart's Knowingness. We are finally in a state where we can strongly feel what is really happening in the fibers of our being. This is beyond the level of knowing. It's a direct infusion of our knowingness that we can feel in our physical cells.

Once we start liberating ourselves from our old lives and old ways of being, there is finally that magical moment of epiphany when we are absolutely filled with the vibrant aliveness of what we know to be true. Our Heart's Knowingness merges with our direct personal experience and explodes into aliveness. It is no longer something we KNOW, but something we intimately FEEL in all our cells.

As April begins, we are on the runway to 'A Mu'a. All the scattered pieces of our lives and of our beings are now spiraling ever closer, moving into their new, true positions. Lots of rerouting is taking place so everything can click into position.

There's a buzzing energy in the air around us. It's crackling with electricity and excitement. Some of us even hear a constant loud ringing in our ears. This buzzing energy often makes it difficult to concentrate on mental work, especially work with computers and while resolving mundane details of the past.

The energies are so strong that it often makes us want to be super quiet. There is so much going on, on so many levels, both out in the world and in our own personal lives. Such brilliant and terrible things all mixed together that just to sit in this pool of stillness as a Silent Watcher is exactly what is most needed. Sitting in the centerpoint, embodying the resonance of Trueness.

When we do this, we are like a hen sitting on her nest of eggs. Even though they are humming with life, we cannot crack them open prematurely. But we know that this is absolutely perfect. We sit on the eggs of our True Lives and True Purpose, keeping them warm and protected. Knowing that they will burst into life at exactly the right moment.


'A Mu'a

We are now on the runway to 'A Mu'a, the launching pad that will propel us into our True Lives. This corresponds with our 11:11 'A Mu'a Ceremony in Rapa Nui (Easter Island) on April 20th. 'A Mu'a is a word in the Rapa Nui language which means To Go Forward. And this is exactly what this ceremony will do.

Anything that is stuck, jammed or snagged will be set free. It will grease the gears, wheels and cogs so they can move easily. It will push forward the physical manifestation of our Mua (New Beginning of a major cycle) that began with the 11/11/11 RESET. It will unhook us from all the places where our beings have gotten stuck and it will set us free from many of the duality-based behaviors, doubts and fears that have held us back from fully being a True One. This 'A Mu'a process has already begun.

For many years, we have been getting ready, preparing things so we can decisively move forward, letting go on a massive scale, implementing new systems, dismantling our old foundations and gathering together the building blocks of our new foundations. We've been doing this even when we had no tangible signs of where we were going or what we would do once we got there.

For quite a while, it has felt like most of the important elements of our lives have been thrown up into the air, much like shaking a snow globe and watching everything become randomly scattered. Now these long scattered elements are finally coming together and connecting with their right places and right  people. Everything is in the process of moving into their true positions. Once they do, we will be thrust onto the Ultra Fast Track in full Zoom Mode.

A huge series of Tsunamis of Change are on their way to us. The first tsunamis are arriving right now. They are bringing massive, unprecedented change. After April's 'A Mu'a, there will be significant movement and everything will move forward at a rapid speed. This coincides with a fast forwarding of time. We can expect more collapsing of linear time with both subtle and obvious surprises.

As we move onto the Ultra Fast Track, there will be instant manifestations, brilliant new opportunities, new job possibilities, new connections, new relationships and new destinations. Everything is already prepared, and if we have done our homework by being REAL and TRUE and stripping away anything that isn't, our True Lives and True Purpose will become visible in our physical reality.

We are entering an entirely new frequency band. The Q'ero people of the Peruvian Andes call this time "The Age of Meeting Ourselves Again." And this is exactly what is happening. We are moving into greater alignment with WHO WE REALLY ARE and moving out of alignment with WHO WE ARE NOT. We are unhooking ourselves from our old habits and behaviors so we can align ourselves with totally new ways of being. For the past several months we have been getting glimpses of who we really are, but now this knowingness is settling into us and we feel like we have found our real selves and THEY ARE US. WE ARE THEM.

Our journey at this point is a continual clicking into position. STEP.... CLICK INTO POSITION.... PAUSE.... STEP.... CLICK INTO POSITION.... PAUSE.... We walk in openness, willingness and readiness to receive all that we need, all that we yearn for in our Heart of Hearts, simply because it is our natural state in the Expanded HERE and NOW. We have jumped into a new level of reality where our WILDEST DREAMS COME TRUE!!!



Blue Lotus

April is a powerful transformational month that is going to pop many of us out of our old lives and fling open the doors to our new ones. The Tsunamis of Change are coming in, the first of many during the next few months, bringing wondrous fresh new energies with them. They are washing away our old hindrances and setting us free as never before. As we increasingly release more aspects of our old lives, our True Lives will be practically handed to us. Ever increasing numbers of us are going to start feeling this. It is a monumental time of profound inner and outer change, of deepening beyond measure, of resetting the compasses of our beings to our truest coordinates. And this is just the beginning....

While this happens, it's important that we don't carry old energies like worries and fears into the present moment. We need to create our True Lives without bringing these old energies with us. At times, the thinking part of our beings might try to create problems to pull us out of the HERE and NOW. Yet, we must constantly remain centered in the knowingness that we are always in RIGHT TIME - RIGHT PLACE.

For some, the last few months have been an intense period of letting go, of sadness and grief, and of doing lots of work for a goal that they were often not able to see. Because of this, some are feeling tired. Yet, this tiredness helps us let go of our resistance while huge changes are being brought in by our first tsunamis. While some are tired, others of us are feeling super invigorated by fresh infusions of energy. We are enthusiastically riding a massive creative surge into the New and True and nothing is holding us back.

This is still a time for making important decisions. These decisions put our Heart's Knowingness to the test. When we make true decisions they plunge us onto the path of clear, decisive action where we put our whole beings into what we know is True. Each decision we make spreads out in waves and realigns everything it encounters. These decisions are not choices. We don't have choices anymore between going this way or that way. There is only the strong inner knowingness that we are going on the path that is right for us into our Truest Direction.

At times it has felt like we were traveling through dense fog, like an airplane that's flying on automatic pilot. Then suddenly, we encounter patches of clear blue sky. Except for those glimpses of blue sky, we could not see where we were going. In April, the fog completely lifts and we can see the consequences of the decisions we have made. We couldn't see these full consequences at the time we made the decisions. But now we can clearly see where we are, where the decisions have brought us. We can also see who we are and where we are going, to our Truest Destination.

There is an exquisitely beautiful New Landscape opening up right in front of us. Now we need to put into practice all the inner work we've done on ourselves during the past months. We need to be open and neutral, keep out of the drama and stay focused on our truest priorities. It is not a matter of thinking, planning or weighing our options; all we have to do is watch the scenes that are emerging from our blank canvas. These scenes are specially tailored for us and are our real True Lives. This New Landscape is here now because we are True Ones living in RIGHT TIME - RIGHT PLACE. We are ready to take all the necessary steps to manifest our Wildest Dreams. They are here, right in front of us!

April is a powerful, brilliant, most sacred month with opportunities beyond words. The Green Lights are turning on. Everything is clicking into position. The Great Adventure has begun. As True Ones, anything is now possible. Now we can start setting the Cornerstones of our new foundations into position. These are the Cornerstones upon which we will build our new reality.

Our entire life is changing in wondrous ways that we knew COULD happen, but couldn't fully imagine before. And now this is happening for real.... Our pathway into the New and True is open before us.

It's NO DOWN - NO RETURN all the way.




With deepest gratitude for the inspiration and insights of:
Arbaline, Darity, Denise, Ellen, Emanáku, Grace, Inger, Kayanti, Laya, Lucia, Malcolm, Marcela, Mercedes, Theresa

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