Into Alignment

Updated AUGUST 2, 2005


Into Alignment

During the past few months we have been pulled along by the Tide of our True Destiny. We've traveled through patches of Choppy Surf which dredged up the hardened sediment in the deepest strata of our beings. This sediment of old calcified habits and patterns was stirred up and loosened until we were able to transform it and let it go. We've repeatedly fallen into sinkholes, those sealed off pockets of old unresolved emotional residue deep within our beings. As the ground suddenly collapsed under us, we plunged into dark pits which gave us the opportunity to finally access and resolve hidden caverns of emotion that we've carried within us for such a long time.

This process has been intense and challenging for sure, but extremely fruitful. It has really cleared out our beings and unhooked us from our previous moorings. And through it all, we have been steadily moving into our new positions.

For many of us, this change has been steady but gradual; our moorings have been gently loosened so we can move forward on a somewhat smooth course predetermined by the prevailing currents of our rising destiny. We are proceeding in measured increments which continually bring us into deeper alignment with our real selves and with the Greater Reality.

Some of us are on the fast track, plunged into the Fires of Initiation and being seared to the core. For them, the changes have been dramatically abrupt as their old moorings are snapped free, making it impossible to go back to "The Way Things Used To Be".

For all of us, there's really no going backwards even if we wanted to---which most of us don't want, even if we could. We have entered the zone of NO DOWN - NO RETURN.

As the Tides of our True Destiny pull us forward, we scan the distant horizon trying to see exactly where we are going. Hoping for some specific details of our new destinations that we can grab onto. And all we get are hints and feelings that it will be much to our liking and just perhaps, beyond our wildest dreams. We might not yet totally see exactly where we are going and how we are getting there, but we know without question that we're moving INTO ALIGNMENT with our new positions and new lives.

In August, we will continue our journey into the New by riding the surge of wild, unbridled creativity which is getting stronger every day. As we align ourselves with it, we will be finally able to manifest the fullness of our beings in totally new ways. It's going to be really fun and exhilarating. This creative surge will fill us with renewed enthusiasm and carry us into our new directions.

Throughout the month, we will experience a sense of becoming ever more IN ALIGNMENT. We will be more IN ALIGNMENT with who we really are, more IN ALIGNMENT with what we came here to do and more IN ALIGNMENT with the Greater Reality which is all around us. We will feel many key elements click into position all around us strongly affecting our home, work and relationship areas.

It's like putting together a picture puzzle that we thought was a normal landscape and watching the picture start to emerge. Suddenly, there's a tree with a cascade of white flowers (or are they stars?) which form a waterfall and near the top there's a regal lion's face emerging from the Sun! We can't see everything, but we are getting a feeling of the overall tone of the puzzle. Our picture is definitely not what we are used to; it's mysterious and laced with the Unexpected. We are starting to find it most intriguing. It's definitely getting our full attention!

Our puzzle also mirrors that we are in a time of superimposed multiple realities. These aren't just the worlds of duality and Oneness; myriad realities are in the HERE and NOW. The veils have so thinned that they can no longer keep the worlds within worlds cocooned in their separate membranes.

This has some interesting side effects. You might try to meditate and realize that you already are. And that you are in a state of meditation all the time. You might see abstract astral shapes running to hide under your furniture as you pass through a room. You might suddenly encounter an unexpected pocket of fear or insecurity or unworthiness in your own being. And then,like a bubble, it will suddenly burst and disappear forever. You might have a flicker of remembrance of a past life in order to retrieve a long expired vow and let it go.

Because there are so many superimposed multiple realities present, this adds to the intensity of any given moment. Each moment is so crammed full that it pushes us into a state of extreme vastness and No-Mind in order to cope with it all. Our minds are expanding dramatically, becoming so vast that they sometimes appear empty.

This makes it somewhat of a challenge to get things done, at least in the old way. Learning to surf the huge waves of creativity that are present while in a state of No-Mind requires a total surrender to the vastness of it all. We need to allow our creativity to be expressed naturally and unhindered without any interference from the mind. There is no more control or thinking about things in advance. We just melt into the creative surge and go......

Because of this expansion into deeper realms of No-Mind, many of us are having intense dreams where we are constantly traveling between multiple worlds, sorting things out and rearranging all the elements of our lives into their new positions. Important messages are also being received in our dreams at this time.

It's easy to go into overload and have times when we just need to lie down, let go and merge into the Matrix of the One. This gives us much needed periods of integration. We need to be very watchful and aware about input these days. There is so much coming in and so much that we're dealing with, that it's essential to be selective as to what we allow into our being whenever we can. Whenever possible, we should keep the input levels calm and clear with an absence of unnecessary distractions or drama.

Issues of balance are also being highlighted in August. We used to be able to concentrate on one area or task to the exclusion of others. Not any more! Everything has to be in balance and nothing can be neglected or set aside. Whatever we ignore will soon be brought to our attention. Amazingly, we will discover that we can do it all. This is being multi-dimensional and demonstrating our true mastery while living our vastness.

Balance also has to do with closing the gaps between who we really are and who we are in our everyday lives. We need to take a good look at the places where we are still hooked into duality and ask ourselves why we are still allowing this? We also need to find the areas of our indulgences. Are we indulging our emotions by clinging to old issues? Are we still indulging ourselves by holding onto feelings of unworthiness and lack of self esteem? Are we indulging our minds by endlessly trying to process our thoughts? Replaying our doubts, fears and worries over and over without coming to creative, new resolutions? Are we indulging our physical through over emphasis of exercise or adornments? Are we indulging our spiritual by ignoring the physical world and not being grounded in the present moment?

We need to find these areas of indulgence and weed them out of our beings once and for all. There is simply too much else to do. This is a serious year and we are really needed to step forth in our full greatness unhindered by any false, self imposed limitations. Their time limit has expired. Let's let them go and move on!

To rebalance ourselves we also need to take an honest look at all aspects of our lives. We may be putting too much emphasis on the physical, especially survival issues which are exerting too much influence on how we perceive everything. Although survival issues seem urgent at the time we're experiencing them, if we put them at the forefront of our beings, then they will cover over the true solution, and we'll remain stuck in the hamster wheel, spinning around endlessly.

The solution is to focus on what WE REALLY WANT TO DO WITH OUR LIVES. This will take us back into the Greater Reality and unleash a stream of creativity and miracles that open the door to abundance and fulfillment.

If we're putting too much emphasis on the mental, we need to force ourselves to do something physical. Anything. Start with small actions and keep adding to them until our physical energy kicks in.

If we're putting too much emphasis on our emotions, it's time to set them aside for awhile and start doing things. Action is the antidote.

We can have it all. We can live in the Greater Reality and imbue all parts of our life with it. Nothing is separate from the One. So let's take a good clear look at what we have made separate and bring it back into balance and wholeness.

Another gap which is in the process of being bridged is the one between what we are doing with our lives and what we really came here to do. The Tide of our True Destiny is bridging this gap by burning our old bridges and leading us to our new careers. These new careers are always IN ALIGNMENT with an element of service-- serving the planet, serving humanity, serving the One. Many of us have already started along our new career paths while others are constantly being drawn closer to them. They are going to happen regardless of whether we think we're ready or not.

August is a strong month full of Green Lights, golden opportunities and creative surges. There will be continual movement which propels us forwards. It will feel as if we were on the conveyer belt of change. Everything that happens will serve to bring us INTO deeper ALIGNMENT. In the middle of the month, there will be a noticeable quickening of the energies. The Winds of Change will blow and the pull of the Tide of our True Destiny will become even stronger. All the while, pieces of our puzzle will be clicking INTO ALIGNMENT.

In September, there will be some major breakthroughs and we will finally be able to see where all of this has been leading us.






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