Solara's August 2006 Surf Report


Making Things Right


August is all about Getting Real and Making Things Right. We've talked about it too long, we've hidden behind our fears and procrastinated. We've rehashed our old issues endlessly. Now it's time be BE REAL and to live our truth and walk our talk. Our main focus this month is to get ourselves into the state of RIGHT TIME - RIGHT PLACE. Once we are indelibly aligned there, there's a clicking into position that gives us a deep sense of well being and imbues every aspect of our lives with a sense of profound rightness. RIGHT TIME - RIGHT PLACE becomes the foundation for all future endeavors as well as the launching pad into our New Lives.

New Lives are lived on new levels of awareness with an ever deeper immersion into the Greater Reality. They include all the obvious components: dramatic career changes more aligned with who we really are, changes of residence that bring us to the RIGHT PLACE if we're not already there, as well as a noticeable reshuffling of people in our lives. Many old friendships and partnerships continue to drop away. These are the ones which have reached the end of the road and cannot grow any further; the relationships that are no longer nourishing or supportive.

The more we connect with RIGHT TIME - RIGHT PLACE, the more new people will come into our lives who are also aligned with RIGHT TIME - RIGHT PLACE. It will be a magnetic attraction that is effortless. One of the determining factors between those going out and those coming in is the readiness of the new people in assuming responsibility in a clean, wholehearted way and their willingness to do what they came here to do without any self imposed hindrances.

It's not just a matter of an alignment of essence and an alignment of purpose--- for we also had that with many of those exiting our lives. And as wonderful as those deep alignments are with all their shining potential, it is simply not enough to take us further. The time of potential is over. Potential without the follow through of action to ground it into the physical is meaningless. We cannot build a relationship upon mere potential. We cannot achieve anything with potential. We cannot live our greatness with potential. We cannot ride in the Big Boats with potential. Potential is merely an unfulfilled promise of better things to come at an unspecified date in the future; it's a hollow promise. And now we need to totally focus on what is HERE, RIGHT NOW, rather than what might or might not happen later if that potential is ever fulfilled.

One of the most important foundation stones of RIGHT TIME - RIGHT PLACE is the joyous stepping forward to do what we came here to do. Without any more hesitation or doubts or insecurities or issues. Just BEING REAL and TRUE and taking our share of the responsibility for fulfilling our true purpose and for serving our One Being with all we are.

The 6th Gate Activation in May 2004 was about stepping into that vast level of service and fearlessly, proudly, joyously carrying our portion of responsibility for the One. And yet, here we are in August 2006 and how many people have done this? If more of us had, we could have achieved wonders. If we had effectively joined together as One Being and strengthened the resonance of Oneness, perhaps the world wouldn't be experiencing so much violence, so many wars and geophysical disturbances. Instead, we are still in an unbalanced and overweighted state where an excessive amount of responsibility is placed upon a few, rather than the One Being carrying it lightly. And these few are extremely tired of carrying so much weight while the rest of us continue the endless struggle to come to terms with our potential and bridge the gap between who we really are and who we allow ourselves to be in our everyday lives. Sad, but true....

It's like the old boat analogy where a few of us are rowing day and night, propelling boats filled with able bodied passengers who only occasionally help with the rowing. When they do, it's truly amazing and we surge through the water almost effortlessly. However, most of the time they are busy repeating old patterns or processing various issues and perceived slights, sorting through their emotions, questioning their self worth, doubting themselves, feeling overwhelmed with the powerful energies, being tired or are simply lazy. Besides, if they don't row, what's the difference? The old committed rowers will keep the boat moving along. Of course, the steady rowers don't have the luxury to have a complete breakdown or fall into a Black Hole. Or even if we do, we still have to row NO MATTER WHAT. We go through similar experiences and feelings, yet never falter from our commitment to rowing. This isn't from a feeling of martyrdom, but rather from the need to be true to who we are and why we are here.

Between now and the end of the year, all those who aren't rowing with their full beings are going to be jettisoned from the Big Boats. They will have to learn to sink or swim on their own. And the Big Boats will only have full time rowers in them. How much easier that will be. And just think how far we can go....


The Hawaiians have an expression, Ho'o Ponopono which means Making Things Right. There is a whole form of healing connected with this. In August, we all need to embrace Ho'o Ponopono and Make Things Right. Ho'o Ponopono starts with Making Our Own Self Right. It's time to be totally honest with ourselves and others. And to weed out any places where we aren't totally honest. To live our integrity. It's time to adjust and heal the imbalances of the past. To find all the places in our being where we aren't being true and real and make them true and real. This is how we get into RIGHT TIME - RIGHT PLACE.

Another facet of Ho'o Ponopono is to stop perceiving things backwards. Many of us are still terrified of manifesting our magnificence, but what's really scary is to not do it. We are afraid that assuming responsibility will imprison us, while it will actually set us free. We are afraid to love with our full beings for fear of having our hearts broken, but that is the only way to love and not be hurt. We continually make small choices fearing that we will fail if we make large choices; yet living large is what ensures that we will not fail. We all need to find the places within ourselves that are backwards and to turn them around and Make Things Right.

When we Make Things Right, we learn to walk in a new way. Walking more consciously. Becoming more aware of the ripples we send forth and their effect on all whom we encounter. Walking with honesty and integrity, becoming more real with each step. Walking with our whole hearts. Putting our full being into our walk. And making each step align us deeper with RIGHT TIME - RIGHT PLACE. Walking with courage as the Lions we are into the most subtle realms of the Lotus World....


Throughout August, we will experience sudden spurts of Surging Surf. Huge waves may temporarily engulf us in their intensity. This isn't anything to fear, but it is definitely exciting! Each time the Surf Surges, we will move ahead dramatically, going from Step A to Step M or Step S without having to experience the in between steps. These energetic surges can either fry the system or be extremely exhilarating as they propel us forward. Much of it depends on how thoroughly we have cleared out our being of old patterns or fears and old ways of doing things. Power surges of this intensity cannot run through old circuitry without damaging it.

This is why all this year, the repatterning of our core issues has been highlighted. The power surges aren't going to stop for a while and we better be prepared to handle them. Again, it's one of those Surf or Capsize situations. Breakdown or Breakthrough.

It isn't Practice Time anymore; this is very, very real. Everything is on the line. If we are clear and true, if our hearts are open, if we have already been steadily moving onto our new levels, the power surges will be welcomed. They will be felt as surges of the GREATER LOVE. They will give us a real immersion into the Lotus World and fill us with a sense of wonderment.

If we are still holding onto old doubts, fears and limiting patterns, especially those about fully stepping into who we really are and embracing the responsibility for serving our One Being, then the power surges are going to serve as huge jolts of Wake-Up Calls. They are either going to bring us fully alive or drive us crazy. It is not a time to collapse into depression or to give up. This is time to GET REAL. There's no more time to waste with being anything less than our full beings. And we need to stay balanced, no matter what!

The power surges are also affecting our sleep patterns. Many will find it difficult to fully relax. We will be staying up late and getting up early. We may forget to eat since the hunger won't be there. Being physical will greatly help us. So will doing normal everyday things like cleaning the house and taking walks. Simple tasks will be extremely grounding and should not be underrated.


As the 8th Gate Activation of the 11:11 Doorway approaches, we are experiencing the entrance of the energies of the Lotus World. This is the exquisite realm of the Greater Love. To fully enter the Lotus World, we need to first purify our beings, which we have been doing all year. Then we need to be in the state of RIGHT TIME - RIGHT PLACE, which we are doing this month.

Last month as I was traveling to Mexico, I discovered that if I felt myself to be sitting in the center of a Lotus that it altered everything. Since then, I've been doing this all the time. There's an incredible balance to this position and a constant unfolding of the Greater Love. It may not sound that significant, but it's actually a very deep practice. Please try putting yourself in the center of a Lotus and keep yourself there, no matter what is happening around you. It will change your responses and fill you with deeper love. Living in the center of my Lotus is dissolving any blockages in my path. I've learned that each time I meet an old situation with a new, vaster response, that my Lotus grows more petals. Each moment that I express my love, my Lotus becomes fuller.

As we do this, even greater depths of the Lotus World will be revealed. Love will surround us. Our new directions will be clarified as our old directions fall away. Breakthroughs will abound.


August is a month in which there is a tremendous amount to learn, especially if we are open to walking in new ways. We will have many revelations as to the reality beyond what we thought was real. We will see that we can't judge situations and people solely by their outer appearances; that there is far more to them than what we originally perceived. Once we realize this, our old judgments will melt away.

Forgiveness is highlighted and will come about easily. Forgive all those whom you feel hurt or hindered you; FORGIVE YOURSELF. When we see the events of our life from the perspective of the Greater Reality, we will know that everything that happened to us served a purpose and actually helped us along our path. Release everything you can that doesn't need to travel further with you. August is a time of immense learning if we remain open to its lessons.

Needed resolutions will keep coming in and finally bring us to a place of completion of the old. Sometimes, these resolutions will come in a different package than the one we expected, but they will turn out to be just what we wanted.

We need to constantly put our full being into everything we do, no matter how we are feeling or what we are doing. At first, we might need to constantly remind ourselves to do this, but just like exercising a neglected muscle, it will become increasingly easier and feel more natural the more we do this. It will bring us fully into life and being fully alive is fun!

August is a deeply transformational month. The changes will be highly visible on both inner and outer levels. Already, many of us are embodying more of our true being and merging with our new levels. We are openly living our new mastery. By the end of the month, more of us will emerge as much fuller beings. With the sense of happiness, freedom and fulfillment that this gives us, we will step forth with a natural confidance, filled with energy and emanating the Greater Love to all.

The more we MAKE THINGS RIGHT and align ourselves with RIGHT TIME - RIGHT PLACE, the more it will magnetize to us all the elements that we have long needed and desired. Numerous new connections will be made. The Green Lights are turning on all around us....




All year, I've been rather silent. There have been no new Personal Updates on this website for over a year. Almost all of my attention has been focused on birthing the huge 8th Gate and exploring the Lotus World. I am nearly ready to attempt to put into words what has been happening. Coming in the next few weeks will be a new Personal Update plus information on the very important Activation of 8th Gate. Also, I hope to get the totally recalibrated and rewritten 11:11 book off to the printers by the end of the month.



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