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A fragment of Solara's painting "I-Await".
The Egg of the Unborn Worlds is in the upper left.
It has just opened and the energies of the New and True are streaming in .

Emerging Into A New World




July was a powerful transitional month in which we left behind many old situations and completed cycles. A crisis point was reached and moved through. It felt like we were in a forge where we were melted to a concentrated core. The same is happening to all the dross and illusion within our lives.

The month gave us many opportunities for huge breakthroughs. July started slowly, but soon we moved into hyper-speed. Suddenly, things to do were flying at us from multiple directions. We were thrown into zoom mode and leapt into action. And no matter how much we accomplished, more things to do kept coming.


The Keynote of the next 11:11 Activation on September 11th is LIVING TRUE LIVES AS TRUE ONES. This is bringing us experiences that help us live truer lives. First, we need to shed all that is untrue. Any areas of falseness or compromise are becoming increasingly obvious. Unresolved issues, both large and small, are coming up. This is happening because for a long time these issues were not faced honestly, but were instead, swept under the carpet.

A good example of this is the current debt ceiling crisis in the US where the proposed solutions came from a position of self interest, rather than clarity or trueness. Rather than solving the problem with honesty and Trueness, the American politicians are playing a power game, and power games are no longer appropriate. The same is happening in Syria where the repressive regime is avoiding the very real call for freedom and change by killing its own people. None of these old, expired approaches that avoid authenticity will be successful for very long, for they are just quick fix band aids to deep problems which will come unstuck as fast as they were put in place. This is because it is now time to move any areas of falseness onto a more honest and true level.

New True Lives are far more than a change of outer circumstances; they are an entirely new way of living. When we start living our New True Lives, we have a totally new perception of who we are, why we are here, what is truly important, how we relate to others, what is real and how we want to now live our lives.


The issue of split lives is coming up right now. This is the often awkward, and sometimes painful, gap between our True Lives and our duality-based lives. Some of us are still trying to live two lives. We have the "normal" life of our job and family and our somewhat secret life of Who We Really Are. We are hesitant to insert Who We Really Are into our old lives, afraid that if we do, our old lives will shatter. What we often forget is that all the false aspects of our old lives are in the process of shattering, whether or not we want them to.

Every day that we continue this old pattern of maintaining split lives, we allow our energy to be weakened and diluted. Lives that aren't based on Trueness keep us disempowered. We limit our creativity and stifle our potential to be truly fulfilled. We cannot continue to live two separate lives with two ways of doing things, two ways of relating to others and two personas. This condition is not healthful and adds unnecessary stress to our lives.

The problem of having split lives will continue to get stronger until we either let go of our old life or merge the two together. We can merge them together by bringing us as a True One into our old lives. We can make all parts of our lives authentic and honest. We can meet all life situations with our natural authority and listen to our Heart's Knowingness at all times.

To be True and Real, we have to put our full being into any situation we are in. We can't be in one life wishing that we were somewhere else, and only putting part of our energy into the HERE and NOW. If we really don't like our current reality, then we have to take decisive action to change it.

We need to align our inner selves and outer lives while aligning the remnants of our duality-based lives with our True Life, so there is no more separation. Everything that we do now has to be TRUE and AUTHENTIC. We cannot let old situations pull us out of being a True One. We don't need to ever be embarrassed about Who We Really Are or about what is truly important to us. It's much less complicated to simply have one life that is real and true.


The most important component of July is that we were given the opportunity to choose our Direction. We could either consciously choose to remain on our old track or we could choose to move to an absolutely new track. If we chose to move onto a new track, we are now moving onto the Super Fast Track into the totally new landscape of our New True Lives.



August began with an explosive burst of intensity and an infusion of fresh energy. A powerful quickening of the New and True is taking place. For some of us, it was so strong that we felt as if we had been shot out of a cannon. At the same time, it was as if a dam burst, releasing many elements that had long been stuck. The air around us crackled with the electricity of mega change, clearing the path for insertion points of the Unexpected. Now, if we stand as a True One, all things are possible.

Entering August is like going through a huge portal into a wondrous New Landscape while many old doors are closing behind us. Some of these closing doors are obvious ones, while others are somewhat surprising since we didn't expect them to close. There is a new sense of finality to the doors that are closing which wasn't there before.

In front of us is a completely new, exciting landscape that fills us with renewed energy and enthusiasm . We are now traveling not only on a new track, but on an entirely different frequency band of energy. Some of us have finally begun our New Lives!

Living New True Lives immerses us infinitely deeper into the Ultra Greater Reality. IT IS A COMPLETE RESETTING OF EVERYTHING THAT WE THOUGHT WE KNEW. The changes are so profound, it's almost like inhabiting a new planet. It changes what we see around us; it changes what we feel; it changes what we think; it changes how we interact with others; it changes what we do and it changes how we do things. We now navigate with a combination of our Heart's Knowing and wide openness to go into the Unknown with courage, openness and a zest for new experiences.

Once we embark on the Super Fast Track, a totally new navigation is in place. Even though many elements of our New Lives don't yet make sense, we just do them. And everything turns out perfectly. Often, we don't know why we are doing what we are doing, why we are called to go somewhere or even why we are buying something, but suddenly everything comes together in amazing ways.

Projects that we've worked on for a long time, or that we've wanted to happen for a long time, are finally coming to fruition on the physical. Any this is happening with greater ease and efficiency than we could have imagined. When they do, the results are even better than we thought they would be.

Part of our focus right now is on completing anything that is still unresolved. At the same time, the New is coming into our lives from unexpected directions. Situations come into our lives which, on the surface, look like repetitions of old stuff from the past, but when we look at them with the eyes of a True One, we see that they are totally new. This has taught me that even situations which may appear to be old situations are not what they seem, if we meet them with openness, honesty and Trueness. And that since the world is greatly changing, we need to remember that these profound changes are affecting many old situations, adding to them the component of Newness. When we encounter old situations as a True One, it frees us from our old judgments. It flips over our old perceptions and enables the New to come in with a burst of freshness.

Often things don't happen as expected, yet they turn out better than what we'd expected. Scattered elements suddenly come together in new wondrous ways. We find things that we've been searching for, for a long time. And the finding is easy.

I had a personal experience of this a few days ago when we went to the Sunday Market in the village of Chinchero where we bought several hand woven blankets and pillows, even though we didn't know why we needed them. The next day, which was the first day of August, we went to our nearest city of Cuzco on our continuing quest to find a Queen-sized bed and couch. In many areas of the world, this wouldn't be such a difficult task, but in this part of Peru, Queen-sized beds don't exist, neither do simple modern couches. The only couches we have seen so far are overstuffed, hard as a rock, Peruvian baroque style. We had been looking for the bed and sofa for four months and had checked out all the obvious stores for them, where we were told that they weren't available in Cuzco and that we would have to buy them in Lima and have them shipped here.

After a long day of errands in Cuzco, we finally made it to the small furniture making district. After going through several stores, we had almost given up hope. We were about to leave, when we decided to try the last two stores. Within five minutes we found both the perfect bed and perfect couch! And within less than 24 hours, they had completely transformed our house into a real home. Since I haven't had a sense of being at home for almost a year, this was a miracle. And not surprisingly, our new pillows and blankets were just what was needed for the couch.

If we have already chosen our direction, we discover that things aren't so much clicking into position as they are sliding into position. Once we align with our chosen track, it's like being one of those sliding doors whose tiny wheels align with the groove in the track and smoothly glide into position. It doesn't take much effort to slide into our right positions and it feels really good. There's no sense of urgency because we know that we are already on the right track and that everything is happening in its perfect timing.

There is a new sense of finality and fragility to this time. This deepens our sense of commitment to fully emerging as a True One and living a True Life. This is mirrored in the current situation at the Fukushima Daichi Power Plant in Japan where they just discovered the highest levels of radiation ever. These were measured on the grounds of the Power Plant, not in one of the reactors. The radiation levels are so strong that if you are exposed to it for 60 minutes, you are dead in two weeks. There was also the recent, very unexpected, shootings in Norway. These are all strong reminders that we are not living in normal times and that things can dramatically change in an instant, without any warning.

It's time to enter a whole New World. This isn't a new chapter of an old book; it's a brand new book. It's an enhanced state of beingness when we are positioned in the Centerpoint of the Expanded HERE and NOW. This enables us to deal with the super accelerated pace. Massive, unprecedented change is all around us. From this moment forward, nothing will ever be the same.



The Diamond of the Unseen is a map of who we are as True Ones. We rise to the top of the duality-based physical world, represented by the bottom pyramid. We do this by realizing that duality is an illusion and rising above it. At the same time we bring our vastness into the physical, represented by the descending pyramid. When the apexes of the ascending and descending pyramids merge, they create a Zone of Overlap known as an Antarion Conversion. This is when we first become True Ones.

Once we are True Ones, it activates the Diamond of the Unseen, seen in the diagram above as the large diamond composed of dotted lines. Once we do this, our beings expand immeasurably. We move beyond the Known onto a totally New Map. We stand in the Centerpoint of RIGHT TIME - RIGHT PLACE in the Expanded HERE and NOW. From this new position we are ready to move into our New True Lives.

When we expand into the position of the Diamond of the Unseen, we can see the Unseen. This gives us the ability to see and experience what is REALLY HERE IN THE PHYSICAL on an Ultra Greater Reality level. It's not the usual accessing of other worlds, but instead it's the knowingness that all worlds, all times of PAST, PRESENT and FUTURE exist in the Expanded HERE and NOW.

This allows us to travel on a totally new track of our New Landscape, into a totally new set of experiences, unhindered by our past experiences, old emotional residue or perceived limitations. And this is exactly what is happening right now.



As we pass through the powerful portal of August, a huge RESET button has been pushed and we are now ready to reconfigure every aspect of our lives into greater Trueness. It's time to start building upon our new foundations, complete unfinished projects and get things in order so we can fully inhabit our New True Lives. A massive creative surge is bringing us new options, new opportunities, new people, new places and a huge synthesis of the scattered elements all around us. This creative surge is bringing us far reaching, sweeping changes that will be implemented throughout the month. It's time for us to make bold decisions, think outside the box, follow our Heart's Knowing and openly walk as a True One.

If we haven't yet consciously chosen our direction, this is a priority. We need to turn our attention to see where our Heart's Knowing is calling us. Then do all we can to get there.

Time is rapidly compressing and we find ourselves doing more and more in shorter periods of time. Even the way we are doing things has drastically changed; now we are doing things in a surprisingly easy, Zen-like manner. This is because once we set our coordinates to Trueness, everything starts sliding into their right positions.

Solutions to unresolved issues, things that aren't working or to areas where the energy appears to be stuck, will be found in unusual directions. They might be hidden in plain sight; they may not be logical or make any sense; but they will definitely be out of the box. And they will be effective! We might just stumble into things that fall into place-- solutions that we may have never thought of, let alone thought would really help anything. It's stuff that we totally do not see and didn't ask for. Stuff that we can't really form opinions or judgments about, either.

It's helpful to be swift, open and light in times like these. These times are nothing any of us have seen before. We really don't know the shape of things to come. But we're in for some really good surprises and some profound breakthroughs.

We are discovering that much of what was previously true, is now a lie -- to make room for a greater truth. If we surrender to this flow, life will bloom in ease. If we hold back, life will become increasingly difficult. It's time to draw a line in the sand and commit to being a True One living a True Life. Once we do, there will be no more compromises, and our lives will be full of a series of pleasant surprises.

Despite many twists in our lives, personal and collective, we are beginning to notice positive changes in ourselves and the people around us. It is becoming much easier to observe, understand and integrate this subtle new energy that is constantly increasing. We are gaining greater confidence and certainty that we are on the Right Path in the Right Moment. We are truly starting to experience the New.

August is the Turning Point where many things will start to flip over; where more of the untrue will come unstuck, where our New Lives will become more apparent, where time will further compress, where the peaks and troughs of the roller coaster will become steeper and we need to be more centered as a True One to remain larger than the emotional turmoil that could otherwise ensue. ALL IS WELL. We are in the RIGHT PLACE at the RIGHT TIME - always. Even if it's different from what we believe "should" be the right place and right time.

Now the manifestation of our New True Lives begins....

And it will be beyond our expectations!



With deep gratitude for your inspiration and insights:
Alanah, Arrana, Emanáku, Eva. Kalasara, Katja, Kimberly, Laya, Lucia,
Magdalena, Malcolm, Marta, Melinda, Samantha, Susan, Theresa, Trinity

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