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We are now in a state of Super Zoom. Everything is moving quickly with lots of new information, new experiences, new energy, new people, new places and new perceptions coming in. New skills are also being revealed. This state of True Zoom comes in as an Insertion Point and spreads outwards into multiple directions. Insertion Points don't come from known directions and don't come from our probable realities. Instead they come from a place that we didn't know existed. True Zoom quickens the pace and clicks things into their True Positions. From these spiraling 'A Mu'a energies, new worlds and new experiences are spun into existence. As the 'A Mu'a manifests on the physical, it creates occasional rough patches of Choppy Surf, full of glitches and misunderstandings. It's like traveling in a fast speedboat over the water, there's a constant bump-bump-bump as we hit the surface.

The Compass of our Heart's Knowingness is being strongly affected by the magnetic force of the swirling 'A Mu'a.  This causes the Compass to rapidly spin, pulling us into multiple directions at once. This can cause a temporary phase of disorientation when we can't get a clear picture of where we are and where we are going. Once the Compass of our Heart's Knowingness is totally recalibrated, it will point us into the new directions that lie beyond our known directions -- the directions that are off the Map of the Known.


Rocking the Boat

For the past several years, we've been moving through a series of Perfect Storms that have provided us with customized training for the situation we are in right now. Many of us are currently making our way through some extremely intense challenges. We are experiencing the Mother of all Perfect Storms. This Ultra Perfect Storm is super intense and incredibly far reaching. There is way too much to do and not enough time to do it in. Many vitally important elements are clamoring for our immediate attention, overstretching us beyond all previous boundaries. It's almost a semi permanent state of heightened Ultra Perfect Storm which just keeps adding new elements into the mix. Yet, these experiences are actually brilliant breakthrough opportunities, where we can shatter our previous limitations, unhook ourselves from old positions and demonstrate our Trueness in every moment.

What is happening right now is similar to a scene in the film, Pirates of the Caribbean Three: At World's End when they race from side to side of the ship, until it starts rocking back and forth wildly. Finally it flips over and enters a new world.

When we try to remove a stout pole that is embedded into the earth, we loosen the soil around the base of it, then we rock it back and forth. This is how we are loosening the anchor pins that have kept us stuck into duality. Our entire lives are being rocked from side to side. At times, this may bring up waves of nausea, especially as we get closer to flipping over.

We are continually being knocked from side to side, never knowing when the next upheaval will happen. This creates the loosening of duality. What is amazing is that we're not trying to hold onto anything. We're not grabbing onto the mast or trying to secure ourselves with ropes to our old positions. We don't put up any resistance to being unexpectedly thrown to the opposite side of the ship. We aren't judging what is happening as "Good" or "Bad". We are just letting it happen. When we do this, we discover that we aren't even getting wet.

Sometimes, we are banging against really expired old behaviors that are now becoming magnified and greatly distorted. This is happening with great intensity so that we can finally be propelled away from them into new, truer parts of our beings. This rocking back and forth can be extremely exhausting, exciting, disturbing and exhilarating, but it's never dull. It's never what we expect. It can't be prepared for, but it's highly effective in flipping us over into an entirely new reality.


When our internal and external worlds are in the midst of an Ultra Perfect Storm and when the ship of our life is wildly rocking back and forth, we can't predict what will happen next. We simply do our best to remain True and Real while embodying PURE TRUE LOVE, no matter what is happening. When our outer equilibrium is gyrating wildly, it's essential to find our internal fulcrum and align ourselves in that position. The fulcrum is the centerpoint of our equilibrium. In a ship, it's a virtual point that is the centerpoint for the swaying. Once we align ourselves with our internal fulcrum, everything revolves around our inner stability and Trueness and we remain in the Eye of the Storm, the Centerpoint of the Expanded HERE and NOW.

This internal fulcrum is a new place within us that is currently being activated on a totally new level. It's never been used like this before since our life situations didn't require it. The fulcrum is the place from which we will be the least affected by the flip-flopping motion that we are experiencing. It keeps our equilibrium in balance. And it is this rocking back and forth, this flip-flopping, that reveals to us the location of our internal fulcrum. The fulcrum is always there, but we only become aware of it when there is unpredictable rocking. It is also the only point that stays the same after we flip over.

The lines of light that often appear across the horizon are the Cracks Between the Worlds. They are now showing us the equilibrium that is needed during the rocking stage that leads to flipping it over. They are the outer expression of our inner equilibrium. As focusing on the distant horizon helps with motion sickness, aligning our beings with the lines of light on the horizon stabilizes our beings and alleviates our nausea. And just like a tightrope walker who uses a long horizontal pole for balance, the Cracks Between the Worlds help us maintain a state of equilibrium.


Flipping It Over

When something is flipped over, it may outwardly appear to be the same, but it has an entirely new effect on us. Once things flip over, we are not in such a different physical position, but our relationship to the world around us is vastly altered.

Our Zones of Familiarity move into new positions. An example of this would be to suddenly start driving a car on the left side of the road when we have previously only driven on the right side. Yes, our passenger is still in the seat beside us, but now they are on the opposite side of us. We are still positioned near the center of the road, but on the other side of it. Our Zone of Familiarity has moved to a place where it wasn't before. Right and Left are basic directions for human beings. When they switch position, it takes some major adjustments. Try writing with your left hand if you are right handed!

When things flip over, reality systems turn upside down. Old behaviors and belief systems collapse. What was invisible becomes visible and some of what was visible now becomes invisible. A whole new world opens up before us. The entire composition of what surrounds of us changes dramatically. We don't lose our Zone of Familiarity; we still have one, but it moves to a place where it's never been before. If we try to look for it in its old position, we might think that it is gone, but it has simply moved to a new location.

During the flip over, we don't just see the opposite side of what was there before. It's not like flipping a coin and going from Heads to Tails. Instead, we now see both sides at the same time. As this happens, a completely new reality is revealed that is infinitely vaster than our old worlds. It encompasses the Maps of the Known and Maps of the Unknown. As I wrote in the July Surf Report, "During our transition from the Library into the Forest, it's not that the Library disappears, but that the two worlds are greatly rearranged until they merge with each other, creating a totally new landscape."

I didn't realize how this would happen until I had direct experiences of this during the past few weeks while on a trip to New Zealand and the Cook Islands. I now realize that we are being propelled into this totally new reality which is the territory of the Diamond of the Unseen. This is what is happening right now. I now feel the expanded energy of the Diamond of the Unseen which is so vast and beautiful. This new reality is always with me since then. Something within my being has flipped over and expanded. I am sure that some of you are already feeling this and I know that it will only continue to get stronger. When we have our first direct experiences of the Diamond of the Unseen, it sets us free from the previous boundaries of our known worlds and we move onto an infinitely vaster scale.

As the flipping over unpins us from our old reality, we have to start new and fresh. When I was at Mirror Lakes on the South Island of New Zealand a few weeks ago, it opened up this new reality for me. The original scene is still present, but greatly altered by the addition of its reflection. These combined landscapes are what opens up the huge new world of the Diamond of the Unseen. The emergence of an infinitely vaster reality gives a completeness to our landscape and to our lives that wasn't there before. As we move into the expanded realm of the Diamond of the Unseen, a new natural elegance emerges. We calm down noticeably as we fully align with our Heart's Knowingness that ALL IS WELL.

This new reality of the Diamond of the Unseen encompasses many of our known worlds, but not all of them, since some of them are slipping back into a state of non existence and returning to the Invisible.

Many situations will flip over between now and the end of the year. As they do, increasing numbers of elements will click into position. This will continue to get stronger until the completion of the Eleventh Gate Activation on November 22nd of this year, when the Diamond of the Unseen becomes fully visible.

If we look at a photo of a mountain with its reflection in a lake and flip it on its side, a completely new reality is revealed. This is much like how things flip over into the expanded realm of the Diamond of the Unseen.

During my recent journey, as we were leaving the island of Aitutaki in the Cook Islands, I was able to see unusual whale shaped shadows on the surface of the ocean. These were created by small clouds in the sky above. These whale-shaped shadows were also visible from under the ocean. This triggered something deep within me. I suddenly saw a whole new dimension of life that I hadn't been aware of before. I saw the undersea world and the sky world and somehow the presence of the whale-shaped cloud reflections showed me the presence of the larger world that I had first seen at Mirror Lakes. I saw a new greatly expanded reality that contained clouds, their reflections on the ocean surface and within its depths, the physical whales in the ocean, and a whole other dimensional realm between the water and the sky where a different form of whales exist.

This is all the unexplored territory of the expanded reality known as the Diamond of the Unseen. The Diamond of the Unseen is activated by the Antarion Conversion. The diamond in the center of the Antarion Conversion is our fulcrum. It will keep us balanced as we flip over into a totally new world.



August is a key month that opens up both the past and future sections of the Maps of the Known and the Unknown. It helps us see and understand where we have been and where we are going. From this enhanced perspective we will be able to make some very necessary, important decisions that will determine our direction.

Everything will continue to accelerate along an extremely Fast Track this month as the Super Zoom continues to speed up and intensify. This increased Zoom sometimes brings us feelings of homesickness from what we are leaving behind. This isn't because we want to return to our old situations, but because of the finality of our departure from them.

August will be full of non stop activity. We will be busy with lots of outside events, but after we align with our internal fulcrum, we will manage to maintain a deep inner stillness. At the end of the month a huge acceleration will start and last until November like a massive whirlwind bringing everything and everyone into the right position for the Eleventh Gate Activation. This 11:11 Activation will be amazing, like nothing ever before.

During August there is an energy of rebalancing for the whole planet. While the planetary energy is being rebalanced, we will also be rebalancing our energy on personal levels. By the end of the month, we'll be set on track for the rest of the year.

All the while, the gap is widening between those who are going to leap and those who aren't. It might surprise us who makes the leap and who doesn't. This is because it's not about knowledge; it's about being Real and True. Some situations and people may have to be released because the gap between us is becoming too big.

Omashar's poignant song, "The Wonderful and the New" with the line, "You'll never walk this way again" says it all. From now until the end of the year, there is the strong sense that we are taking our final steps through old situations. We are taking our final steps with certain people, our final steps in various locations and experiences.

Some of us have seen the mystic mountains of AN that lie beyond the curtain of mist that often covers our view. We know that we are going there, no matter what. Others have seen fleeting glimpses of them or had dreams of them. Some of us have not seen beyond the mist, yet something unquestionably compels them forward. Others see only the impenetrable mist and assume that there's nothing of interest beyond it. This is because not everyone can feel what is happening. Many of them will decide to pursue other directions. This situation is similar to the movement between the zones in Doris Lessing's prophetic book, "The Marriage Between Zones Three, Four and Five."

August is a brilliant and deeply challenging month full of tests of our mastery and Trueness that gives us massive opportunities for lasting breakthroughs. It can be freeing and at times frightening, because launching into unknown territory can be unsettling. Yes, we may be tossed around a lot, but it is all serving the purpose of flipping us over so we may enter the wondrous new world of the Diamond of the Unseen.

We are no longer simply completing the old; we are now taking our first steps into the New and True. The Wheel of Destiny is turning for all of us and this is no minor occurrence. The scope of what is going on right now is breathtaking and awesome.

I intended to begin this Surf Report by apologizing for it being so late. I've been on a very intense, concentrated journey for the past two and a half weeks organizing Eleventh Gate. I now realize that this journey on a wildly rocking ship was
essential in order to understand the energies we are currently experiencing. I simply couldn't have written this Surf Report without going on this Sacred Quest.

With 'A MU'A LOVE,


With deepest gratitude for the inspiration and insights of:
Anaku, Denise, Elena, Emanáku, Grace, Sara, Thomas.


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