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July was a very powerful, deeply challenging month full of transformation. There was strong evidence that what has been born cannot be stuffed back into the womb. 33 million people on the streets of Cairo and millions of people demonstrating against corruption in Brazil were strong signs of evolution and expressions of the absolute insistency for change.

We may still have a somewhat limited concept of the scope of this change. WE are changing. WE are going through a process of deep transformation and retooling for what is coming. This is the collective WE of the Sleeping Giant of our One Being who is waking up and coming alive all over the world. This is monumental, massive CHANGE that is unprecedented in earthly history.

July was a wild, wild roller coaster ride, with climbing - climbing - climbing to the top and then dropping so low, that at times, we thought everything would break. Throughout the month, we were challenged with a multitude of things going on, on multiple levels of reality. Yet at the end of the month, it felt like everything righted itself and we grew wiser and truer in the process.

All of the events and activities of July helped us to change trains and shift tracks so we could flip-over into the New Landscape. We made significant progress in completing a major life phase. Since we shifted tracks, we have been pulled along by the most intensely powerful creative surge we have ever felt.

Things that we've really wanted  to happen are finally happening, but they are happening in strange and unexpected ways. This requires that we remain constantly flexible and that we look for "out of the box" solutions. It also requires a strong sense of trusting the process.

Decisions, Decisions, Decisions

August brings us massive changes that require us to continually make huge decisions. These decisions have to be made quickly, without time for well thought out considerations. We can try to weigh the "pros" and "cons" of the potential results of our decision, but basically we are making a big leap of faith. Sometimes we even have to make multiple decisions in one day. Included in these decisions are sudden and unexpected changes of residence, purchases of property, changes of jobs, the letting go of relationships and unexpected trips.

Since many of the decisions we are making are taking us in unexpected, new directions, most of these decisions don't come with an obvious safety net. There's no assured outcome, so on some levels, they feel very risky. "What if we make a mistake?" "What if we lose everything?" There is no outer proof that our decisions will turn out to be the wisest choices. Yet, our Heart's Knowingness urges us on, saying, "We know that many of these decisions don't feel logical or make total sense right now, but they are the right thing to do."

We may feel a lot of stress before we make these decisions. We might feel that we are burning up in the fires of uncertainty. And once the decisions are made, we may feel a sense of rising panic. "What have we done?" "Why did we choose this?" But on a deeper level, we feel recharged and tremendously excited.

Each major decision that we make brings with it a whole family of related decisions and a string of related actions that must be done quickly. It's not like -- Make a decision and then we are done. It's more like -- Make a decision and leap into even more action while making more decisions. We can't see the family of related decisions that comes with our original decision until the decision has been made. Each decision that we make opens a new doorway. It cuts away the branches of potentialities and removes another layer of complexity. We can now proceed through the open doorway to the next level of action with its own new set of decisions.

All the decisions we are encountering at this time have to be made. They might seem difficult for the mind and the heart. But after some thinking and feeling, the right decision emerges very clearly. It comes directly from our Heart's Knowingness. And even if there are some aspects of our decision that are not very clear in this moment or that feel questionable, we will soon see that each decision we make contains a hidden treasure that brings us many more benefits than we could possibly imagine.

All of the decisions that we are making right now are helping us to cross the border into the expanded realm of the Diamond of the Unseen. Each decision enables us to more fully inhabit the New Landscape which is the place of our True Lives and our New Stories.

Pure True Action!

August is an wild, super action-packed month. Often it feels as if we are wearing jet packs on our back that are propelling us forward at an accelerated pace. Many of us are fluctuating between excitement and super stress. The stress is there because of the rapid pace and vast scope of what is happening, even when we know that everything is unfolding perfectly.

We now have fresh energy and the motivation to leap into action with our full beings and do what is needed. This motivation in itself, is beneficial in moving the energies forward.

August brings us an over abundance of activities. The powerful propulsion forward that we are experiencing creates a vortex that brings all these manifold events, people, impressions, activities, new information, forward movement, quantum breakthroughs, myriad details and profound changes spinning close to us in super rapid succession. Everything that comes near to us in this vortex wants to be touched by us and given the right direction by our impulse -- creating order out of the chaos of the swirling vortex. This is happening on myriad levels.

When we enter the vortex, there is a constant flow of synchronicity. A few hours after we ask for something, it appears. We haven't felt so excited about so many new openings coming to us for a very long time. It's time to make huge, positive changes. If we are aware, we can see this flow of events happening in our lives and all around us. We read an article about something that peaks our interest; then a few days later we meet somebody with experience in this area and we get connected to other people, suppliers of such products etc. And then this matter creates a stronger flow of information, impressions and experiences. We do not have to search wearily for every single detail or contact: it just happens. In every project we are involved in, we can discover this kind of flow. When we enter this flow of events, we experience the acceleration of time.

I might add that when the flow appears to stop, it is usually because a totally new direction for the project to take is waiting to be discovered.

Anchored in the Bedrock of Trueness

We are in the midst of so much intensity and non-stop action that it's quite easy to become stressed. The intensity levels are so great that often when we try to lie down and let go, we quickly pop back up and throw ourselves back into action. We may have moments of heightened sensitivity, moments when we feel strongly present and others when we just feel weird or not at all like ourselves. We may be flooded with love and compassion or we may feel raw, vulnerable and tender, as if we had no skin.

Sometimes we are inundated by worries and burned up by stress. This is not our normal mode of being. We may feel out of sync with our immediate environment. At times, we are being made ill from the things we hold onto that are expired or imbalanced in our lives or from simply too much to do. Things feel like they are going way too fast while also going too slow. This is when our synapses get fried and snap out of their old positions. Even when we feel worries and stress strongly, they also feel hollow, transitory and increasingly unreal. Yet ALWAYS we can feel a deeper, larger, extremely solid bedrock layer of our being that is solidly anchored in the knowingness that ALL IS WELL.

Numerous layers of skins are continually falling off. Everything, no matter how weird or challenging it seems, is happening right now for the Greater Good. We have to remember this at all times. The Great Play of the Final Days of Duality may have dramatic twists and turns that occasionally pull us into the illusion of disharmony, injustice, inexplicable malfunctions and dysfunctions - but all of this is SHAPING US INTO OUR TRUE FORMS.

Being in the midst of a Mega Perfect Storm has become our semi-permanent condition during this time. It's our New Normal so we might as well get used to it. We are being bombarded with experiences from all the worlds, lifetimes and realities that we have ever encountered. The pressure that we are experiencing is forcing clarity, healing, alignment and Trueness all the way up to the surface. While we are traveling through the sacred fires, through the crackling intensity and through the elements of distortion, we must remain True Ones and remember that all this great pressure is turning us into diamonds. We are becoming the Jewels in the Crown.

Part of a Perfect Storm is a distortion band that magnifies and twists everything in its path. Going through a distortion band is like navigating through an astroid belt full of potential obstacles composed of the debris of all that is untrue and expired. This debris is randomly exploding all around us. At times, the stress and intensity causes our jaws to clench and our hands to form into claws. The long neglected parts of ourselves, our Forlorn Fragments, cry out for our attention.

Swimming in the Sea of Unreality requires constant Greater Reality Checks to see where the energy that we are experiencing is really coming from. We are no longer able to sit passively on the sidelines as observers; instead, we are required to interact with everything. It's helpful to remember that only part of our being is in the distortion band; the larger part of our being resides beyond the realm of distortion, in the bedrock of Trueness. As soon as we pass through the vortex, our remaining footprints in the sand wash away.

Some of us have been stuck in distortion bands for a while and are just now reentering the flow. This happens when we make the conscious shift from fear to love, from striving and searching to being.

No matter what happens, no matter how overstretched and challenged we are, we must remain aligned with the bedrock of Trueness upon which we stand.


In August the Wheel of Destiny makes a significant turning which brings dynamic change to all levels of our lives. The 'A Mu'a Reloaded has now become supercharged, moving us forward at unbelievable speeds. August contains a concentrated overlay of important events which demand our full participation. There is a nearly impossible, record breaking set of tasks for us to do. Our degree of Trueness will determine which direction and speed these events will take. We will continue to make a series of important, life-changing decisions. When we become overwhelmed and exhausted by the multitude of things to do, we need to remind ourselves that everything is happening in its right timing. This will help us align with the natural flow of events in one of the most powerful creative surges we have ever experienced.

In my own life, some of the things that I am dealing with at the present moment are: writing this Surf Report, creating a company in Peru, designing our house quickly so we can start building it, preparing for a trip to the US next week, looking for a housesitter, taking the cat to the vet for a surgical incision that hasn't healed, buying a bed, blankets and supplies for a guardian at our new land, getting needed permits for construction, electricity and water (in Spanish!), arranging for the shipment of my container from Hawaii to Peru which includes preparing a lengthy inventory in English and Spanish, doing my taxes for last year, important dental and eye appointments and packing our house so we can move as soon as we return from our trip at the beginning of September -- just as the September Surf Report is due. And that's only the most obvious tasks which doesn't include any of my personal interactions with people.... Luckily, I don't have to do this alone since Emanáku is also working full steam. But it doesn't feel like August will bring us much of a rest, although we are happy that much will get much done in a short time. And even happier if we survive it.

During the month, we will encounter a multitude of new information, activities and adventures which are tailor made to what we most need. August contains lots of interaction with people. Some we will encounter while traveling; others are part of our new activities. Some of them will feel immediately like kindred people. We might meet relatives or friends whom we won't see for a long time. We might make our final visit to places where we lived before. Some of these events we can see in advance, but many will appear seemingly out of the blue.

A profound emotional deepening is taking place. There is a noticeable expansion of LOVE, both in ourselves and in people all around us. This Greater Love is weaving us together as One Being on a global scale. We are having many heightened experiences that are noticeably deepening our emotions. Even after the crisis conditions that caused this deepening go away, the deepening remains as a new thread of our being. Like land and homes that have been inundated by a flood, even when the water recedes, the landscape is irrevocably changed.

At times, we may feel like a genie emerging from its bottle. The old parts of us are dying inside the bottle, while some parts of us feel as if they are painfully stuck in the neck of the bottle and the rest of us is free to expand to our full size.

We are in a time of advanced polarization. We can readily see this polarization in many countries such as Turkey, Egypt, Malaysia and the United States. We are also rehashing issues that we thought had been resolved long ago. Issues such as women's rights, racial prejudice and true democracy seem to have taken huge backward steps. It often feels like a gigantic, planetary game of Tug of War is going on. Mixed energies are all around us on multiple levels.

What is remarkable is that the various world upheavals that are occurring are actually strengthening Oneness, even when on the outer surface they appear to be very disturbing. As tragedies and shocking events touch down in seemingly random parts of the world, a great awakening is taking place on an unprecedented scale all over the world. This is bringing us all together as One Being -- beyond borders, beyond countries, beyond all previous separation, as never before. All of this is deeply touching.

Often, we have the sense that the vise of duality is trying to tighten its grip on humanity. This gives us a feeling of tremendous urgency which motivates us to "get all our ducks into a row" by doing everything we can to get fully established into our rightful positions. There's the occasional foreboding feeling that a heavy winter is coming and the mountain passes will soon be covered in snow, making travel impossible. Now is when we need to make all the necessary preparations to be in our right places with our right people, while we can. This strong impetus to get anchored and established in our True Homes isn't based on fear or insecurity. It's simply in accordance with the times we're in.

It feels like we are traveling on a train with a steam engine. The steam is constantly burning away the dross, the distortion, the superficial. This is all burning off as we are being propelled forward. Sometime in the near future, the steam will burn itself out and all we will be left with is transparent Trueness. When we run out of steam, we don't stop, but we will now have a different form of propulsion. This new propulsion comes from the New Paradigm.

In August everything feels more clear. The fog hasn't lifted completely yet, but it is possible now to see a path in front of us. This path is not the ultimate destination, only the next steps on this journey. Soon, we won't have to carry the outer veneer of the expired and untrue that have been hindering our progress and clouding our vision. We will be fully aligned with what we know to be true.

I've been wondering lately if our Wildest Dreams have a missing component? This is a component that we really wanted, but doesn't seem to be here. This missing component requires us to close the gap between what we yearn for that we don't have and the acceptance of what we do have in the HERE and NOW. Once we accept what is here with us, in the present moment, it opens the door for more to come in. Our present situation either effortlessly transforms into the one we most want or the elements that were missing now enter our lives. But if we feel empty and lament what we don't have, it actually pushes away what we most want.

Many of us are now starting to live our New Stories, which is very exciting. Yet there is also a feeling of strangeness and bewilderment because everything is so unfamiliar and new. This sometimes makes us uncertain as to which way to go or what to do. After we achieve our goals, we have no idea who we will be or what we will do. Even though we may not know where we are going or where is our perfect job, partner or place to live, it's important that we enjoy every moment as fully as we can.

After all we have been through, all the disconnecting from the old, all the connecting with the New Paradigm, all our shedding of skins, all our explorations of the New Landscape, there is finally the element of BIRTH in August. The sense of embodying our True Selves, of becoming more at home in our New Landscape. This feels really exciting and fulfilling.

We have reached the top of a high mountain. Now we can see the glorious new colors of the New Landscape. We are now walking into the fresh new area of our New Story. There is an expansion of reality; the greater picture of the New Landscape becomes increasingly visible in every detail. At this new level of Trueness everything is transparent, clarity abounds and we know that everything will come together with huge quantum leaps.

We feel that something big is approaching us, something so huge that it will transform everything. As True Ones we know that we must remain wide open and ready to leap. And leap again! We make decisions, many decisions, and choose the place in the New Landscape where we will finally be. Then we just walk there and move elegantly into our new position. Here there is much to do, but we are aided by a massive creative surge that pulls us forward.

After the non-stop actions and monumental changes brought by the turning of the Wheel of Destiny in August and September, there is the sense that nothing will be the same. It is a true Turning Point of NO DOWN - NO RETURN.



With deepest Gratitude and Love for the inspiration and brilliant insights of:
Arbaline, Carolyn, Cat, Cher, Denise, Emanáku, Henriette, Inger, Keenuane, Lety,
Malcolm, Marcela, Maria, Nina, Path, Rodrigo, Ryan


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