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July was a super active month in which we aligned ourselves with a massive creative surge. Much was accomplished and there was visible progress on some of our major projects. As we rode like the wind, we were filled with vast excitement combined with deep exhaustion. We encountered occasional patches of Choppy Surf and had our compassion deepened by some shocking events.

July triggered off the beginning of a series of powerful RESETS. These RESETS will probably continue for several months, and they may not happen at the same time for everyone. They are taking place on a more personal timeline. It's probable that we will experience more than one RESET during the next few months, although there may well be a definitive RESET which dramatically alters the course of our lives.

Each RESET brings us a noticeable strengthening of our True Purpose. They renew our resolve to openly live our Trueness and move us into our True Positions.

Stepping Out of the Zone of Overlap

From 1992 to 2012, we had a series of magnificent 11:11 Planetary Activations for the purpose of creating a bridge between two very different evolutionary spirals: that of duality and that of Oneness. Finally, just like in the above drawing of what is known as the Vesica Piscis, these two different reality systems came together and created a Zone of Overlap in the center of the diagram. This is where most of us are currently residing.

It is now the time for us to move ourselves out of the Zone of Overlap and completely inhabit the New Landscape of the Ultra Greater Reality, the magenta zone at the top of the drawing. This is how we step free of duality and birth a totally New World.


This is the realm of duality, which we used to know as the "normal" world. Only now, duality is covered with a massive Band of Distortion. It's the place where most of humanity and the world's political, business and religious leaders live. This includes the infamous 1% which controls nearly half of the world's wealth. They are desperately fighting to maintain their position of power over the rest of humanity by tainting our food and controlling the world's water supply, as duality continues to crumble all around them. If we live here in concentrated duality, we will be tossed around by chaos, fears, insecurities, karma, political upheavals, wars, separation, powerlessness, and the twists and turns of fate.


Many of us are presently located in the center of the Zone of Overlap. Here we experience both realities at once. We are often bombarded by duality, while at the same time we can feel the invigorating New Freshness beckoning us forward into our True Positions. We are affected by the chaos of duality and can occasionally still get hooked back into it. We also can see and feel the New World which is being born. In our Heart's Knowingness we can feel what is Real and True, but still cling onto many expired elements of duality. And just like all Transition Zones, the Zone of Overlap is not a place to linger. It is a temporary, transitory state between an old and a new reality that is meant to be crossed over, just like a bridge. When we finally remove ourselves from the Zone of Overlap, we release our final attachments to duality and are totally free to be Real and True.


This is the realm of the Ultra Greater Reality. Here, we are no longer affected by duality, and most importantly, we no longer keep it alive by believing in it. The manipulations of the 1% can no longer affect us as we are virtually invisible to them. There is an endless progression of Green Lights clearing our path into the New Landscape. This is where we will find our True Homes, True People, True Position and True Purpose. Once we fully inhabit the New Landscape, we can serve as the stabilization pinions for the shift over from duality to Oneness. It is from this position that we can have the greatest effect in hastening the end of duality. Once we are positioned beyond duality, we gain a vastly expanded, new perspective. From here, we also emanate a magnetic resonance that helps others step free.

Transition Zones are always tricky to traverse. Final Miles are challenging, simply because we are so close to the end of an old journey. The Final Days of Duality are stretching us far beyond anything we thought was possible, taking us way beyond any vestige of comfort zone or safety net, cracking open our hearts, deepening our love and compassion immeasurably. And this is not always easy.

But at the same time, we are developing a Heightened Trueness. We are completing the old story of our long journey through duality and are emerging into a completely new realm. And for that, we can only be grateful.


Becoming REAL
in an Increasingly Unreal World

Many people don't completely understand yet what it means to unhook ourselves from duality or how vitally important this is. It's essential that we totally embody our new Heightened Trueness as soon as possible.

First of all, if you still believe that we are in "normal" times and that we can continue living our regular lives as usual, this is a grand illusion that's not going to be around for much longer. This illusion being shredded away every day. It's essential that we emerge from the dying world of duality and start inhabiting the New Landscape right now. This is not a fear based action, but it is a matter of survival, not just of our own personal survival, but for the entire planet and all the living beings upon her. With so much at stake, how can we pretend that nothing is happening in these momentous times?

To help unhook ourselves from duality, here are some simple things that we can do immediately. We can stop wearing "normal" clothes and instead dress as we really are, wearing clothes and colors that make us feel alive and real. We can stop eating "normal" food at normal meal times and instead eat the foods that are intuitively appealing to us, when we are actually hungry, rather than at preset hours. As we do this, we will start discovering lots of unexpected, and super delicious, totally new food combinations. We can also recalibrate our living spaces to reset our energetic fields so that they nourish our true core beings and reflect our Heightened Trueness. And we can stop participating in "normal" activities and get super REAL about embodying who we really are and what we put our energy into.

Stepping free from duality also means that we no longer allow ourselves to be seduced by manipulated events on the world stage created by corrupt governments and promulgated by a distorted media. This includes wars that very few people actually support, sports events and following the superficial lives of celebrities. We need to STOP paying attention to the news, UNTIL we can observe it as a Silent Watcher. These are all distractions from our True Purpose which is to anchor the New and True.

We have to get super REAL and be ultra alert at all times, starting immediately. The earthship boat is rocking wildly; the planetary poles are shifting; duality is continually tightening the noose of its control over humanity. What are we waiting for? Let's jump out of the sinking ship of duality and get into our True Positions!

If we take a clear look at the present world situation, it's pretty clear that the control of the lower circle of duality has been pretty much taken over by an almost non-human species. Sadly, most of them don't really care about ending hunger, saving the environment, serving humanity or making this world a better place. It's like a weird science fiction scenario where much of the world is now tightly controlled by a strange species which completely lacks compassion.

The veils that long covered the illusions of duality are now getting thinner every day. All over the world, the deeply ingrained levels of corruption are being exposed by this new transparency for all to see. Fortunately, duality is no longer our only reality. We have an option to live in another reality, that of Heightened Trueness.

We're going to have two very different realities superimposed over each other for a while more. This gives us the amazing opportunity to make a quantum leap into a new, greatly expanded reality. We not only have to step into this New Landscape, but we have to put down our roots there, until we totally inhabit it. Then, when the two reality systems finally separate, as they will eventually, we will not be stuck into duality for another cycle. And by moving out of duality into the New Paradigm, this is how we birth the wondrous New World.

Right now, we have this unprecedented opportunity, but I really don't know if it will be there next year or the year after that. I do know that it's much easier to make the leap right now, when we still have a somewhat functioning monetary system and before the screws have been tightened.

The Hopi Indians of Arizona tell us stories about the ends of the previous worlds. It was those who "had openings in the top of their heads" (i.e. those who followed their Heart's Knowingness) who were led to their right places and who survived the changeover from the old world to the new. And now, it's that time again....




August begins with a growing tension under the surface which creates an increasing sense of pressure. This build up in energy feels like numerous volcanoes are about to explode. As the intensity levels go up a notch, so does the spiraling chaos that precedes a massive birth. Because of this, it often feels like we are traversing a minefield.

These energies of tension, stress and intensity are building up as hidden pockets are being cracked open all over the world, leading to numerous breakdowns and breakthroughs. Some situations are approaching a crisis point in which a dramatic change has to occur. August is one of those "Make or Break" months in which absolutely anything can happen, so we need to be always ready for the Unexpected. We have to be Ultra Alert at all times while we maintain our focus on birthing a New World. We have to keep on track because everything is On the Line in these Final Miles.

Accelerated August is full of Fast Track action in which much can be accomplished! During this time, it will feel like there simply aren't enough hours in the day to get everything done. We are also discovering that our capability for doing things has expanded greatly. Tasks that used to appear formidable, have now become just a part of our day's activities with the addition of numerous other tasks.

At the same time, August requires more effort, more action and that we take on greater responsibility. We will be making many decisions, ranging from the mundane to the life changing. Throughout the month, the huge creative surge of July becomes even stronger. This brings out long dormant talents from deep within us. We will be seeking solutions for various situations. These solutions will be found by looking in new, Off the Map, places. At the same time, our New Directions and True Positions will be increasingly visible.

The month of August will magnify a heightened awareness of Trueness. If we ignore elements in our lives that are not in their True Positions, it will feel like nails on a chalkboard. We can tap into a pool of quickening energies, particularly available right now, to propel ourselves and the world forward. Much of what is happening within and outside of us has been going on for years and years, but right now it's supremely obvious and deeply felt because Trueness has the most distinct and clearest voice, and it's getting stronger.

We need to be serious, focused and ultra alert in every moment. It's now vitally important for us to incorporate what we know to be true into our daily lives so we can live True Lives as True Ones. We must be extremely grounded and practical, but on a greatly expanded level of practicality. This is not a 3D duality-based practicality that worries about what we are going to have for dinner or how we will support ourselves financially, but rather, we need to be practical about what is most real and true. Practical about where we really need to be energetically, meaning in our True Positions.

Heightened Trueness translated into Clear, Decisive Action is a key theme of August. We can no longer passively wait for things to come to us; we need to initiate the action and birth our Wildest Dreams. This is a month of manifestation in which many things become increasingly REAL. This is especially obvious on the physical. Our long term projects become more visible and grounded. When we interact with people, it's not about the small talk. We don't chat about the weather or what film we want to see; we talk about real things. This is because we are in very real times. Real times require that we become real people. REAL and TRUE.

For me personally, August began with some swirling chaos. In the morning of August 1st, our house had no water. We had to go to the land, but couldn't find either the house keys or the car keys, something that has never happened to us before. We finally found the house keys and got out the spare car key whose battery was dead. This meant that every time we opened a car door, the car alarm activated and wouldn't turn off. We had only driven a block or so, when we saw a dog get run over by a car speeding in the opposite direction. We stopped and Emanáku moved the dead dog out of the road. (A friend of ours told us that he saw three other dead dogs in the road that same morning.) When we returned home in the afternoon, there was still no water. (It returned the next morning.) That night, while in the midst of making dinner, the gas cylinder for our stove suddenly ran out. And so life goes, sometimes....

The lesson for us that day was that no matter what happens, we need to continue on and do what's needed, without getting thrown off balance. We move the dead dog out of the road; if we really need to get somewhere, we drive our car with the car alarm going off; we don't take a shower when we have no water. We also don't get upset when the Surf is so Choppy. We don't get caught up in the old Bands of Distortion as easily as we did before. We just do what we can in the spiraling chaos, and continue on, staying as neutral as possible. And if we can maintain a sense of humour, it's even better.

There are days when we rush to a series of appointments, but no one is there. Or we may be at home and suddenly three different people whom we've been trying to meet with for weeks, will unexpectedly appear. There's a sense of right timing that we must align with, if we don't nothing happens.

August lies before us like a new continent; many of us feel like we are in completely new territory. It's intriguing, even though we have no idea what will happen. It feels very open; a really new world opening up, full of surprises. It's all moving way too fast and yet at the same time, not fast enough. Never before have we felt that everything is possible on such a big scale.

Riding on the Windhorse is intense for sure. It can also be super exhausting, as well as exhilarating. Even though much is getting done, there's a constant sense of urgency, as if there's no time to waste. It feels like we have a secret deadline encoded in our cellular memory banks in which we have to get into our True Positions, because as soon as we get there, some mega quantum leaps will be triggered, one after the next. And we really don't want to miss this appointment with destiny.

Even though we are fully committed to riding our Windhorse to our rightful destination and don't want to stop until we are in our True Position, sometimes it's necessary that we have time for integration, grounding, or simply collapsing. This is why we are occasionally plunged into a massive state of Quantum Deep and can't get anything accomplished. These "Days out of Time" that are free of new input from the world around us prevent us from getting too scattered or ripped apart from going in too many directions all at once in a constant whirlwind of intensity.

August is a heightened entry point, a time of extreme acceleration and soul evolution on a magnificent energetic level. Many will hold onto the moving, cosmic swirling particles of accelerated change and then, in trust and through their Heart's Knowingness, let go and swim in the super charged, accelerated ocean of energy that is being bestowed upon us.

This is a month of Heightened Trueness, of being more Real than ever before. Expect more veils to fall away, revealing and dissolving more layers of illusions within ourselves and the world. The masks are falling off in big rows at high speed in all areas of our lives.

There will be significant changes taking place this month. What we were doing at the beginning of the month will not be the same as what we are doing at the end of the month. Our priorities of what we felt were important at the beginning of the month may well not be the same at the end of the month.

The fabric of our Heightened Trueness is so much stronger than before. So is the weaving our our One Being all over the world. Let's remain Ultra Alert, super True and let's create a New World!

Still riding like the wind
Ultra Alert in Heightened Trueness,


With deep Gratitude and Love for the inspiration and brilliant insights of:
Alanah, Ancient Arts, Arbaline, Barbara, Carolyn, Catherine, Eliana, Emanaku,
Grace, Inger, Karen, Lesley, Maitreya, Merrilyn, Pam, Patrice


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