Waves upon Waves

Waves upon Waves

December is an important transitional month full of significant change that dramatically moves us forward and prepares us for the amazing year of 2006.

This month contains two energetic doorways in which we are shifted to new levels. We immediately encounter the first doorway on December 1st during the New Moon. The first doorway gets us onto the property, so to speak, while the second doorway at the end of the month gets us into the building.

We are pushed through this first doorway by a powerful set of surging waves which arrive at the onset of the month. Waves upon waves. Deep, strong wave sets bringing in the New with force and with concentrated PURE LOVE. These Waves of Love cannot be ignored. Right away, some of the elements that have kept us stuck into our old positions are going to be swept away. This will happen quickly and cleanly. We will finally be unpinned from the old ways and set free. Strong waves upon waves of Love wash over everything and powerfully propel us forward into new directions and into deeper levels of our beings.

Throughout December, there are going to be multiple wave sets coming from many directions. These wave sets don't come in as a nice orderly procession of waves; rather they are superimposed over one another and come from multiple directions. This complexity almost scrambles our minds since we can't put them into the old linear patterning. They are too wildly creative for that. And they are totally unpredictable.

We can either get confused by this and simply stop in our tracks and get bumped about OR we can enjoy the wild ride. If we choose the wild ride, then we discover that there's a certain rhythm to these wild movements. Once we align with the rhythm, it's surprisingly easy to flow with the Surf. And although the waves are undeniably powerful, they won't be intensely uncomfortable.

For most of the month we will be traversing the entry way in the outer courtyard. This is an important stage of our journey which brings us many elements which were previously missing and that are most needed. During this time, we will experience resolution of many areas that have required completion. These resolutions will come about cleanly and surprisingly easily. They will not require tremendous effort on our part, only the openness to shift our perceptions and the willingness to do things in totally new ways.

Since many of December's waves are composed of PURE LOVE, we are going to feel heightened love all around us. The more we express our love, the more plentiful it will become. If we ride the waves of Love, our love will deepen immeasuribly. If we expand our love and compassion to all parts of the One, the healing process will begin.

Throughout December, numerous new opportunities will abound. These windows of opportunity have specific time frames and built-in expiration dates. We need to act upon them while the window is open.

The waves upon waves will sweep out the old and sweep in the New. We can truly expect the Unexpected. Many of the changes coming into our lives will not be visible until they arrive; we won't be able to see them coming. These include new job opportunities, new people who share an alignment of purpose and strong pulls to change our residence if we are not already in our right place.

A powerful undertow is pulling the outmoded parts of us out to sea. These are the elements which can't travel any further with us. If we stubbornly try to hold on to these departing elements, they will inevitably be torn away from us.

At the same time, powerful undercurrents are pushing us onto new shores, into new connections, new ways of doing things, new careers, new areas of creativity, new outlooks. The New is finally coming. The Greater Reality has never been stronger. How much of the New comes to us depends entirely on how much of the old we have released and how much we have stepped into the Greater Reality.

Inhabiting the Greater Reality really is the key. If we don't, we'll still be traveling on the twisted, narrow streets of duality. These are the streets of fear, danger, lack and separation. If we inhabit the Greater Reality, we'll be on the super expressway where all the lights are green and all the traffic moves in synchronicity as One.

December is the month to get ourselves onto the super expressway of the Greater Love because the tremendous potential of 2006 depends entirely on our being there. If we travel on the super highways in 2006, they will take us beyond our wildest dreams.

Since November, various aspects of our lives have been clicking into position. We might feel that we have found the right house, the right job, the right relationship, the right creative outlets or even the right perspective on life. Whenever this happens, there is a clicking into position; everything just fits perfectly. This is the realm of Right Time - Right Place which brings us a sense of well being and contentment.

Right Time - Right Place is like wearing a pair of shoes which not only fit perfectly --The most comfortable shoes we've ever worn!-- but that are also so aesthetically pleasing to us that they make us smile all over and bring a happy skip to our step. "These are the best shoes in the whole world!" With a pair of shoes like this, we can go anywhere and achieve anything. We can dance through any difficulties. We can climb the highest mountains. This is how we feel when we're in Right Time - Right Place.

The more elements that click into position, the more whole we become and the more we merge the Greater Reality into the HERE and NOW. It's like doing a picture puzzle and putting the numerous pieces into their rightful positions. As we do, more of the picture is revealed.

As our puzzle becomes more complete, we also become more aware of the pieces which don't properly fit in the places where we've stuffed them. These are the places where we've compromised our integrity or settled for less. This lack of rightness becomes so glaringly obvious that it makes us feel irritated. We need to deal with any elements which are in the wrong position right away while we are traveling through the entry way of December. We can no longer hold onto the things that don't click into position or feel unquestionably right. Instead, we can utilize our irritation and discontent as a method of propulsion to make the necessary changes and weed out what no longer fits.

In December, it will become increasingly clear to us
that we can no longer put our energy into situations, people and activities
which don't allow the participation of our full beings.

Since December is so full of change, we will experience periods when we feel somewhat adrift between the old and the New. There will be times when we won't know what food to eat or how to occupy our time. During these periods, we might try something totally different. Go to a restaurant and order something you've never had before. Wear a color you've never worn. Do something artistic, a creative project. Or shift things around in your home to further recalibrate your environment.

One thing that I strongly recommend is painting a lotus mandalla and putting it on a wall where it can be seen while you are in bed. This will significantly deepen your love. The keynote of next year's 8th Gate Activation is "Entering the Lotus World" and the energies are already coming in.

I've painted a lotus on the wall adjoining my bedroom. Every night I light a candle in front of it, and all night long, the lotus energies are affecting me. I've noticed a profound difference in my life because of this. The Greater Love is pouring in...

If you decide to do this, here are some guidelines:

1. You need to paint the lotus yourself or with your partner if you have one.
2. The lotus needs to be an aerial view of looking into the center of the lotus, rather than a sideways view.
3. It can either be painted directly on the wall or on a canvas.
4. It needs to be visible from your bed, rather than at the head of your bed.
5. You can make it whatever colors you like and you can add to it or change it whenever you are called to. I've glued bits of mirrors to mine and added some rhinestones and gold leaf in the center so it sparkles in the candlelight.

On December 30th we will be ready to go through the second doorway. This is the second New Moon of the month, a Blue Moon which occurs every fifteen months or so. Just like the expression, "Once in a Blue Moon", we will find that the window to what was previously deemed "impossible" is now open. This second doorway will go from December 30 - January 1 and is a deeply sacred time. It is our launching pad onto the super expressways of 2006.

As we prepare to enter the New Year, we need to make a conscious choice. Are we going to shutdown, settle for what appears to be easy and secure or soar? If we choose to soar, then we need to inhabit the Greater Reality all the time, no matter what. We need to set our focused intent to going the distance and row with everything we've got, no matter what. This will enable us to travel on the super highways of the Greater Love that will take us beyond our wildest dreams.





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