Solara's December 2007 Surf Report

Finding our Hidden Treasures

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Finding our Hidden Treasures


In November we began traveling through an intricate labyrinth in which it was almost impossible to get a clear view of our ultimate destination. For most of the month, the energies were surprisingly flat and the Surf appeared to be calm. This didn't mean that nothing was happening, but rather that the movement was occurring within the deepest strata of our beings, instead of on the outer surface. Actually, a monolithic shift of vast proportions was taking place that is changing us profoundly.

Most of our travels through the labyrinth take place off the map of the Known. Because of this, we must remain ultra open to any rerouting possibilities that present themselves and embrace the ones that feel true. Allowing ourselves to be rerouted is essential, for rather than meeting our Major Intersections on a direct trajectory, it is far more likely that a rerouting opportunity will lead us to our true direction.

Our present journey through the labyrinth requires that a certain precise sequence of events and places is encountered on the way to our true destination. There is no direct passage from Here to There. Just like entering the ancient sacred site of Avebury in England, the position where you enter the stone circle and in what order you follow the stones determines what you will experience.

We must move forward with courage and determination while being constantly aware to meet all situations with totally new, wide open responses. This will help us to step off the map of the Known. And it is off the map of the Known where we will find what we are most looking for. This is the realm of the Fulfillment of our Wildest Dreams.

Our journey through the labyrinth is a sacred quest to find our hidden treasures. These hidden treasures can appear in many forms. They could be material objects, new information, new skills, tools for our New Lives, profound revelations or connections with new people and places. These may be lasting connections or brief encounters. However, they manifest, they are deep triggers that propel us forward.

Most of the time, we don't know what specific things we are looking for until we find them. Once we do, something huge clicks into position. A key cog on the Wheel of Destiny turns and a new opening is revealed. Each time that this happens, it moves us closer to a Major Intersection.

It's as if we each have a list of unusual tasks to do, of people and places to connect with and specific objects to obtain. Each time this happens, we get a stamp on the passport into our New Lives. When enough stamps are obtained, we obtain clear passage into the New and True.

I just experienced this while traveling through the labyrinth in five European countries throughout November. Most of the hidden treasures that I acquired were previously unknown to me. In a small village on a Greek island my hidden treasure took the form of being irradiated with a special hue of blue. In Croatia, I passed through the doorway of a physical labyrinth and got a bottle of special mistletoe brandy from a mystical hilltop village. In Venice, I received my lion. In Spain, I found the jewels in the crown and experienced a Major Intersection. And much more....

This treasure quest is a pilgrimage of mythical proportions. We can make our pilgrimage wherever we currently are. We don't need to travel to distant lands, although many are being called to do this. Just follow the Compass of your Heart and it will lead you in your truest direction. What is important is that we consciously begin our sacred treasure quest. It's essential that we do so, as soon as possible. Our fullest efforts must be put into completing this quest; for there is not only much to gain, but there is also much to lose. Gathering together our hidden treasures will take us to our New Lives and keep us from getting stuck in the Band of Distortion which encircles the Lotus World.

We are in a time that contains numerous profound revelations of the newly expanded doorways within our existing mythology. Each time that we access an expanded doorway, we reach a new level and our being noticeably becomes vaster. The myths of the past are revealing new, previously unseen, dimensions and depths, merging our personal and collective history so that a totally new road is illuminated for us to travel.

During this time, many of us are rewalking the ancient pathways to new destinations. One of the key pathways opening up right now is the Path of the Lion. This is because of the deep connection between the Lion and the Lotus. The Lotus holds the resonance of Purest, Truest Love and the Lion guides us into the Lotus World.



In November some of us encountered our first Major Intersection. Many more Major Intersections are awaiting us in December as we journey further through the labyrinth of our sacred quest. Major Intersections can take many forms. Someone we know just found their father after 23 years. This created a huge Major Intersection for them. A few days later, they discovered that their grandfather, whom they had never met, had died two week ago and left them a large inheritance. Their life has been irrevocably changed.

A Major Intersection can also be triggered by going to a specific geographical location or by meeting someone. There are many unexpected ways that they can occur. I encountered one a week ago with Annu while driving through the back roads of Spain. Suddenly we turned a corner in the road and there before us was a mountain peak illuminated by strong shafts of sunlight. It hit us totally unexpectedly and we both felt like a huge explosion had taken place within us and all the air had been punched out of our lungs. All we could do was to stop the car in the middle of the road and gasp for air. We instantaneously entered a greater, Greater Reality.

However they manifest, Major Intersections cause an instantaneous explosion from within that creates a massive tsunami which dissolves old calcifications of what previously held you back and knocks you into a totally new, infinitely vaster place. This internal explosion and outer expansion is what transforms the Major Intersection point from an X into a diamond.

Major Intersections unlock and reveal the treasure within us that has long been hidden. Sealed orders burst open; there are huge revelations; secret knowledge is suddenly made available. When it happens to you, it will be unquestionable and you will be forever changed by the experience.

When Major Intersections occur, they cause a series of profound waves that wash through absolutely everything. This continues on for some time after the initial experience. Everything is irrevocably changed and realigned.

Major Intersections also create the right conditions for more Major Intersections to take place. Much like those who are hit by lightning become magnetized by it and are much more likely to be struck by lightning again. Something deeply changes within you; you have been magnetized by the Major Intersection, and once this happens, more Major Intersections will be drawn to you.

While you are waiting to encounter your first Major Intersection, it can be tempting to try and fill the spaces that are reserved for the New with whatever is lying around from our old lives. But if we do, we will find that they no longer fit. We just have to remain patient and feel comfortable with the blank spots, knowing that it will come when we have reached the state of Right Time - Right Place.

Whenever we approach a Major Intersection, we encounter pockets of super Choppy Surf which appear when we're least expecting them. When this happens, we need to be very aware of what is going on around us, and be ready to jump in totally new, unexpected and exciting directions.

Choppy Surf can also stir up a resurgence of old patterns, some of these related to our childhood behavior. We have to watch out that we don't fall into any old habits and behaviors that are stirred up by the confusion Choppy Surf brings and by the insecurity of not knowing the details of our future direction. For this is the very thing that will hold us back. And we've progressed too far to miss these amazing Golden Opportunities right in front of us.



December is an action packed month full of Quantum Surf of tsunami proportions. The Winds of Change are howling like a mighty tempest, scouring away more of the old and expired and blowing in the New and True. It's a critical month that requires our fullest efforts at all times.

Throughout December we need to set our compass into the direction of our New Lives and row with everything we've got. We must do this even if we're stuck in old, terribly expired circumstances such as horrible jobs, financial lack, outdated living situations and unfulfilling relationships.

Even if you haven't yet found your true purpose, it's essential that you are honest with yourself about making the steps to get out of your old situations and move forward. It's important not to be in a state of denial. We all need to take any possible steps to shift our lives onto a truer trajectory and new level. For example: If you know you are meant to move, but don't yet know where to go or how you will get there, you can start going through your stuff and getting rid of anything that doesn't resonate with your core being. You can even start packing non-essential items. You can complete whatever needs to be done so you are free to move when the time arrives. Do whatever you can in each moment so that when the openings into your New Life appear, you will be ready to leap.

It's also really helpful to start gathering together items for your New Life. This can be anything that has a new fresh resonance, such as clothes, skills, tools, housewares, even new dishcloths. I always keep most of these things in boxes in a special area of my house, although I do put a few special things out on display to anchor the resonance of the New.



Many people are still dealing with their Fear of the Unknown. These fears, if left unchecked, can be debilitating and move you into a state of inertia and stagnation. If you have fears of the Unknown, please try to go to the source of them by asking yourself what you are really afraid of? What is the worst thing that could happen to you? Is it caused by moving forward into the Unknown or is it caused by remaining stuck in your old position? Are you afraid of being your true self? Are you sabotaging yourself out of the fear of either getting what you really want or of not getting what you really want? Are you afraid of being powerful, strong and brilliant?

Clear out any glitches of self sabotage right now. Do your utmost to dismantle any Fear of the Unknown. There is nothing to fear except missing the brilliant opportunities to openly be our true selves and experience the fulfillment of our Wildest Dreams.

And please, don't doubt for a second what you know to be true. Don't doubt who you really are. Even though we cannot always see the light at the end of the tunnel or the details of our New Lives, they do exist. We can feel them coming closer every moment. And it's going to be a brilliant light awaiting us; our New Lives will be magnificent. So let's keep on rowing with everything we've got.



Surrounding the Lotus World is a Band of Distortion which filters out anything that is untrue and unreal. If our hearts are pure and true, if we live our integrity, we will have no trouble passing through the Distortion Band and going directly into the Lotus World which is the New Matrix of True Love.

It's only when we are compromising what we know to be true, when we are in denial or when we are clinging onto the old and expired, that we get stuck in the Band of Distortion. Here everything becomes so magnified that nothing appears as it really is. For example: a small rabbit may appear to be a gigantic monster. A simple hand gesture may become as cutting as a knife.

When we enter the Band of Distortion, it gives us an opportunity for some final clearing out. We can hone our beings and reset our course to become more authentic and true. Or we can slip into denial and lose touch with what is real. If we stay in a state of compromise and denial, if we continue to hold ourselves back in any way, there is a very real danger that we will forget who we are and slip into a level of forgetfulness and amnesia called Horizontal Disease. Unfortunately, this is already happening to some brilliant people, those who should know better and those who could really make a difference in this critical time. Please, don't let it happen to you!

Then is much to be said about Horizontal Disease which was first revealed to me in a dream earlier this year, but I will write more about it in the Year 2008 Surf Report. It is a very real threat and another good reason why it is important to set the energetic fields of our living spaces into the calibration of the Greater Reality and why we need to put our full commitment into stepping into our New Lives as soon as possible.



In December we will be traveling at a tremendous speed through massive, churning wildwater rapids. There will barely be a moment to catch our breath. Or to get much sleep. The entire month is going to require strong focused paddling, split second maneuvering into unexpected directions and total trust to get through it. No matter what, we can't pull over to the shore and get out of our boats. We can't stop rowing for a moment. We can't stop to rescue those who have stopped rowing or capsized.

The stakes are immeasurably high this month. It's MAKE OR BREAK TIME as never before. If we successfully navigate December's wildwater rapids, we will notice that by the end of the year the hidden treasures that we have been gathering together for the past few months will finally enable us to enter a totally new landscape. Our Express Trains into the New will have changed tracks onto a greater, Greater Reality. And it's essential that we move onto these new tracks to properly position ourselves for our entrance into powerful life changing year of 2008.

The first half of December will be full of numerous challenges, glitches, potential distractions and rerouting opportunities. We will also be bringing many longstanding, unresolved issues, situations and relationships to completion. It's time for more Ho'oponopono or Making Things Right, only this time we make things right by either letting them go completely or by moving them to an entirely new level.

The second half of December will be extremely intense. An Off the Scale Intense. Everything will accelerate beyond measure. There is going to be so much happening on so many levels and coming from so many directions, that it will be impossible to keep track of it. All we can do is to row faster and faster, stronger and stronger, with absolutely every bit of energy and focus that we can muster.

And since the Year 2008 is such a key year, it's important that we prepare to enter it as consciously as possible. This is not the year to party on New Year's Eve, but to create a sacred space for the New to enter. We can start by cleaning out all the corners and closets of our beings and our living spaces. Then by setting our energetic fields in as highly calibrated settings as possible. This will set the resonance so we can move our full beings onto the Fast Track into the New and True.

Rowing with my full being.

Serving the One with all I am.

Following the Path of the Lion.

In the Heart of the Lotus.



The Year 2007 Surf Report: Beyond our Wildest Dreams

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