Realignment to RESET

Emerging Into A New World




November was a super busy, extremely intense, fast paced, action-packed month that was full of major breakthroughs and Turning Points. We barely had a moment to rest, except for when we were plunged into sudden immersions of super Quantum Deep. So much was simultaneously going on on multiple levels that it was nearly impossible to stay focused on any one thing for very long. Personal time was virtually non-existent. By the end of the month we were somewhat tired, but filled with a sense of excitement for what is unfolding all around us.

The huge event of November was the mega RESET that we experienced on 11/11/11. This RESET is bringing unprecedented changes to the World As We've Known It. It is pushing us out of our old lives and propelling us into Living True Lives as True Ones. We are finally connecting with our true kindred people and right places. Massive tsunamis of change triggered by November's RESET are spreading outwards, deepening us immeasurably and affecting all aspects of our lives.



Silent Watchers in Moray, Peru on 11/11/11.

On 11/11/11 in an unprecedented action, many thousands of us sat simultaneously as Silent Watchers around the world. At 11:11 am GMT, we encircled the Worlds Within Worlds as One Being. We embraced everything with the knowingness that ALL IS WELL. We embodied PURE HEART TRUE LOVE and strengthened the resonance of Trueness while calling forth the True Ones to emerge.

Our Silent Watcher Group in Moray, Peru felt all of you with us as One Being. It felt as if Silent Watchers from all over the world filled all the terraces of this amazing Inca site, with previously invisible terraces extending far above us high into the sky. We departed Ollantaytambo at 3:50 am, arriving at Moray at 5:00 am just as the Sun was rising. Then we sat as Silent Watchers five times, beginning in the center and moving up to a new level each time.

At 11:11 am GMT, which was 6:11 am in Peru, we were finishing the 11:11 Mudras in ultra slow motion on the second level, doing the special new 11/11/11 Crystal Arrow Mudra which we had learned the day before. It was so subtle and deep, done in a profound silence. We felt the massive cylinder containing the codes of the new MUA of PURE HEART LOVE and Trueness gently enter the planet through the center of Moray's concentric circles. The cylinder anchored deep into the planet, half of it under the surface and half of it rising way up into the sky. It aligned all the Wheels Within Wheels into their new true positions.

Next we sat as Silent Watchers again. This time there was a very subtle symphony of birds singing. One over here, one from over there, like a point - counterpoint. This took us into an even deeper state....

The RESET of 11/11/11 was extremely still, subtle and deeply penetrating. It didn't happen with a huge dramatic bang, but with a gentle naturalness that was powerfully subtle and exquisitely beautiful.

Since then, the RESET of 11/11/11 is bringing us unprecedented change. It has triggered powerful waves upon waves of Love and Trueness that continue to spread outwards, affecting all aspects of our lives. Tsunamis of the New and True are pouring in and bringing up to the surface all that is untrue so that it can be washed away. The World As We've Known It is dramatically changing....


These Post-RESET Ripples and Waves are deeply penetrating and far reaching. They are affecting us on multiple levels, many of which we cannot yet see. They are resetting us to the calibration of greater Trueness while continuing to strip away all that is untrue. They are pushing us out of old lives and our old ways of being which have reached their completion and are propelling us into New True Lives with our right people in our right places. They are totally resetting our priorities. This is why we will be realigning everything to the new energies of the 11/11/11 RESET into a new MUA in December.

The Post-RESET Ripples and Waves are washing away our old patterns, outdated beliefs and ways of doing things. Sometimes this happens so abruptly that it feels as if the rug is being pulled out from under our feet. When this happens, simply remember that ALL IS WELL and happening perfectly, despite all outer appearances.

Very old triggers within us are being set off that bring up layers of long embedded emotional residue. When this happens, we shouldn't try to immediately XUA! it all away. Instead, we first need to allow ourselves to feel these old emotional memories, letting them flood through us, even though it's uncomfortable to do so. Once they have come up to the surface and are felt, we can choose to release them and XUA! them out of our personal matrix.

Some people are being magnetically pulled into energetic black holes. In a black hole, everything is rapidly stripped away. One has to completely let go of everything.

Since the 11/11/11 RESET, many aspects of our old ways of being have suddenly disappeared. Other elements of our old lives have been unhooked from their previous positions and thrown up into the air again. We feel a deeper disconnection from our old lives which have become increasingly surreal. There is an uncertainty about whether some of the people and old, comfortable and known situations in our lives will remain with us. We may feel as if we are in a state of pregnant emptiness. Our old lives feel empty, yet something new and wondrous is about to be born. This makes it necessary for us to reconsider everything with the eyes of Who We Are Now - after the RESET.  This open and undefined state gives some of us an enhanced sense of uncertainty because we feel unhooked from our old safety nets. This is often when the fear of the Unknown comes in. The solution to this is to completely step in as a True One and embody our full being.

When many elements of our lives are thrown up in the air, it's a good time to maintain the neutral stance of a Silent Watcher. Simply let everything remain wide open and undefined until it lands into its right position. If people or situations fall away, let them go with the knowingness that they weren't the right ones for us.

Another area being profoundly affected by the RESET are our subconscious behaviors. Some of us still do things unconsciously. These are behaviors and actions that we normally wouldn't do, if we were aware of them. Subconscious behaviors are usually very subtle and include manipulation, power trips and seduction. When our subconscious behaviors are brought to our attention, we usually deny their existence, and act shocked that we would do such a thing. But subconscious behaviors are still there in some highly evolved people and it's no longer appropriate to carry them within us. True Ones are fully anchored in the HERE and NOW. They don't engage in subconscious behaviors. It's now time for us to become conscious of our unconscious actions and to take full responsibility for eradicating them from our beings. We need to be fully conscious of what we are doing ALL the time.

The Post RESET Ripples are also creating occasional distortion bands of energy. These are like the illusory mirages of sparkling water that we sometimes see in a hot dry desert. Many people are experiencing strong waves of fear. Fears of the Unknown. Fear of Change. Security Fears. Fears of losing control. These fears and insecurities are simply the final illusions of duality, yet they feel very real to those who are experiencing them. They are the fears and insecurities that keep us hooked into the old patterning. They feel like our personal fears, yet most of what we are feeling are the collective fears that are still floating around the planet, looking for places to anchor themselves. This collective fear has a stronger affect on those who live in countries that are more regimented and orderly. However, if we are sitting in the calm of the storm as True Ones, we will not be fearful and will be able to see and receive the Golden Melons that are coming to us.

When these mirages of fear take over, we become almost paralyzed with uncertainty and insecurity. We are afraid to do anything. And suddenly the shimmering closeness of our New True Lives is pushed back or forgotten. This is when it is time to bring forth our Aslan Courage and to start walking through life as an Aslan. Then we will see that there is a whole other way to look at things during this time. Having the World as We Know It being totally RESET is actually very liberating. It's immensely exciting! We are being presented with a huge Golden Opportunity to create True Lives that more perfectly reflect who we are. We are on the cusp of the fulfillment of our Wildest Dreams!

In December, we will be realigning ourselves to the RESET on level after level. As we align ourselves with the new MUA, our New True Lives will manifest very quickly. They will be more simple lives than what we had before, but so stunningly real and true.



We are in a time that is full of multiple Sacred Quests which help realign us to the new MUA. Sacred Quests can be inner or outer journeys. On a Sacred Quest, we are not actively searching for something, but we are open and ultra aware. We don't think or plan what we are going to do or where we are going to go. We don't take our old baggage with us. Sacred Quests are spontaneous. Wherever we go, we remain in the Centerpoint of the HERE and NOW.

While on a Sacred Quest, we navigate with our Heart's Knowingness as True Ones. Then we are always led to the right people, right places, needed information, situations and opportunities. Sacred Quests are full of hidden treasures that are deeply aligned with Who We Are Now. Hidden Treasures can be objects, people or places. We don't need to look for them, but just keep our eyes open for them. We don't have to make anything happen, but simply be aware that we are on a Sacred Quest.

There is the Sacred Quest to connect with our right people and right places. The Sacred Quest to obtain needed information about our True Purpose. Our ongoing Sacred Quest to start living a True Life. Our various Sacred Quests may feel like separate journeys, but they are all part of a much larger Sacred Quest.

There are also the very important Sacred Quests of H'oo Pono Pono. These Sacred Quests will enable us to move into our True Lives with our full beings. During the next few months, many of us will find ourselves making journeys to the places of our old lives. We will revisit friends, family and places that we haven't seen for a long time and whom we may never see again. Here, we will discover that True Ones no longer carry old family patterns within them. We will walk on familiar streets, eat the food we used to love, and everything will feel different than before. This is because we will go on these Sacred Quests as True Ones -- WHO WE ARE NOW.

While on our Ho'o Pono Pono Sacred Quest, we will complete any unfinished business, gather up scattered fragments of ourselves, make things right with people and situations, let go of things and say a final goodbye to The Way Things Used To Be by closing the doors of the old. We will also be gathering up things from the past that are needed in our New True Lives. We will be taking our old situations and old relationships to a new level by openly being a True One. We will weave the New and True into our old landscapes and relationships simply by being there.

We are also going on Sacred Quests that don't have a known purpose. We simply go on a journey and don't know why we are going or where we will end up; just that it is what we must do.

Or if we do have a known purpose, sometimes the known purpose is not the real purpose. The known purpose is what gets us there; it is what justifies our expenses of time and money, but it isn't the true reason why we are making the journey. I recently experienced this in a trip to Lake Titicaca which was for the known purpose of renewing my visa. This known purpose ended up being a tiny part of the real reason why I was there. But would I have gone if I didn't need to renew my visa? Probably not. I would have felt that I couldn't be away from my work for several days. So known purposes that aren't the true purpose, can be very helpful to get us to the right places. But as soon as we get on our journey, we need to discover the real purpose of our Sacred Quest.

Sacred Quests are the journeys we are taking which deeply shift us on a core level. They realign us to the RESET. We don't return from them as the same person we were before we left. Somewhere in our travels, we are indelibly transformed and become even truer than we were before.



December is a month of Mega Quantum Surf requiring strong decisions and clear actions. As soon as we see what needs to be done, we do it as soon as possible. This is true if it is something old that needs to be completed or something new for our True Lives. Don't put it off until later if it can be done in the present moment. That said, also don't try to force things to happen before their right timing. But when the energy feels right, leap in and do it now!

In December we will be tying up loose ends, completing unfinished projects. building the foundations of our New True Lives and developing needed skills. We will be reassessing all aspects of our lives, reevaluating everything, reordering our priorities, weaving together the old and new, closing doors of the old, going through new open doors, traveling on Sacred Quests and welcoming the Unexpected. Many elements of our True Lives will smoothly click into position.

This month will be full of opportunities. There will be some opportunities that require discernment. At first glance they may look promising, but they have false foundations and aren't the right ones for us. Once we realize this and don't get drawn into them, we will be rerouted into our right direction. There might also be some missed opportunities that call to our hearts, but that we are either too busy to do or we don't see until afterwards, when it is too late. There may be some exciting opportunities that we avoid because we are afraid to let go of our old ways of living, even when we really don't like our old ways of living. Some of these new opportunities will trigger our old patterns and bring up behaviors, fears, insecurities and emotions that we've kept hidden from ourselves.

We will also encounter new brilliant, Golden Opportunities that are really meant for us. If we choose to leap into them, the Green Lights will be on and the path ahead will be clear. This is true, even when something seems impossible or unrealistic to achieve on practical, 3D levels. During the next several months, some of us will have what seems like huge projects to achieve. The magnitude of these projects might appear somewhat formidable. Yet they will now manifest with astonishing ease and quickness. All the help we need will come to us, including some from unexpected sources. When we make the decision to leap without a visible safety net, our new safety nets will quickly appear, just when they are most needed.

The month will be filled with numerous revelations as more aspects of our True Lives will emerge. For those of us who still avoid stepping into our Trueness, this month will be like a whirlpool. As we are spun around and around, everything inside us is becoming visible and obvious. Every part of us that is not aligned with Trueness, but that we tried to keep disguised is now coming up and is shown to us through a magnifying glass in such a manner where we can no longer compromise and pretend it to be us. December is a month of Quantum Surf. We are either True or we are spun around in the whirlpool; we don’t really have a choice anymore. We are pushed from all directions into the Center of our Being, into our True One.

In December there is the feeling that the energies are building up for something huge to happen. It's an increasing pressure, like the pressure of rising magma in a volcano. This pressure is pushing us into Who We Really Are. It might be that something breaks open or a chunk of duality collapses, to reveal a Golden Melon inside it. If this happens, it will be completely unexpected.

As True Ones, we are developing an "eye of the storm" calmness, even when the world around us isn't quiet and even when we are super busy. We are learning how to use the New Navigation to remain centered in our Heart's Knowingness while riding on the Roller Coaster of Change. Since the RESET, some of us are in a constant state of sublime ecstasy. That’s why the people who already fully inhabit their True Selves feel a deep inner happiness and are greatly inspired. Everything is becoming increasingly accelerated and effortlessly falling into their right places. People who are already in their New Landscapes are feeling more deeply at home there than before. They are feeling a rising excitement and a surge of creativity.

Once we are in position in our New Landscape with our right people, there will be an almost instant manifestation of our True Lives. Let's not wait to do it later. The time is RIGHT HERE - RIGHT NOW. The new MUA has begun!



With deep gratitude for the inspiration and insights of:
Elena, Emanáku, Keenuane, Lucia, Maru, Susan

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