The Eleventh Gate Activation near Ollantaytambo, Peru.


The Year 2012 Surf Report: Birthing Authenticity

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November was the month that changed everything. It is nearly impossible for me to describe, as the changes are so vast and far reaching. It overstretched us beyond all previous boundaries and challenged us to pull out and demonstrate levels of mastery and Trueness that we didn't even know we had.

A massive tsunami swept away the parts of our beings which have long held us stuck in duality. Layers of distortions dissolved, giving us a new freshness and heightened clarity. In the midst of everything, some beloved loved ones left the planet. A major, unprecedented deepening took place during a massive implosion of all we have known.

As we entered the vastly expanded realm of the Diamond of the Unseen, the final bridges to our past burned brightly behind us. By the end of the month, we were vastly altered, definitely not the same as we were before.


The Eleventh Gate Activation

The Activation of Eleventh Gate opened the doors to a new world that we cannot yet fully see, but that we can strongly feel. It is already having a powerful effect on us because this momentous event contains both the END and the BEGINNING as our evolutionary spiral comes full circle. This sense of major completion interlaced with a massive New Beginning is deeply poignant. We are so close to the end of an era. We are nearing the completion of our lengthy journey through duality.

Organizing the Eleventh Gate Activation required a superhuman effort. For some reason, it was way more complicated and challenging than usual. It overstretched us beyond all previous definitions of the word. All of the details which go into an 11:11 Activation such as negotiating with the hotel, arranging transportation, renting a sound system, buying a generator, renting portable toilets, finding lighting for our all night ceremony took endless effort. For the past two months, we had to constantly multi-task between vastly different worlds -- jumping from the most mundane organizational details to the realms of pure true energy and back again. It was deeply stressful and beyond exhausting. Yet the hyper-activity of these months leading up to the Eleventh Gate Activation have helped to trigger our disconnection from our Known Worlds.

On the 13th of November, we moved to the Hotel Aranwa, giving us one day to get ready for the arrival of the Master Cylinder. The next day, an absolutely brilliant group of around 120 people arrived from 27 countries. It was deeply touching to see so many familiar faces while knowing that this may be the last time that we are physically together. There was also a strong sense of joyous victory, and on my part - immense RELIEF, that we had made it to the final 11:11 Activation.

Our six days of three daily sessions went smoothly and our Master Cylinder One Being came together quickly. There was a strong sense of love, commitment and dedication. During a session, we wrote the final paragraphs of our old stories and shared them with each other. This helped set us free so we would be ready for the ceremony. The line from Omashar's song, "The Wonderful and the New" which says "We'll never walk this way again." touched us to the core with its truth.

On the morning of the 19th, we made a special visit to Moray. This is the sacred Inca site where we had our Silent Watcher Ceremony during the 11/11/11 RESET. We stood on multiple levels of the largest concentric circle and performed the 11:11 Mudras. Then once again, we sat as Silent Watchers. It felt very good to be there.

During our last evening session before the Activation, as we talked about becoming the Jewels in the Crown, the missing piece of the Eleventh Gate Mudra unexpectedly appeared. Unfortunately, there was no time to make a new Mudra video and upload it for the Anchor Groups.

The final 11:11 Activation of the Eleventh Gate was absolutely magnificent. Our Master Cylinder Ceremony in Peru began in the afternoon of November 21st and continued through the night until the afternoon of November 22nd.

Arriving early, a group of us began preparing the site by cleaning up rocks and horse manure from our sacred circle. Tents were erected, the portable toilets were put into position with solar lights lining the path, the sound system was put together, Christmas lights were placed in the trees and tents, and four food tents were readied with a sumptuous Andean feast. As our full Master Cylinder arrived, we outlined our sacred circle with a ring of magenta and white flower petals.

As we began our ceremony, there were two rainbows in the sky directly above us, with the Sun on one side and the Moon on the other. AN was present! Soon, a condor blessed us with his appearance. This was a very rare occurrence as condors are rarely seen in the Sacred Valley anymore. During the first afternoon, there was a large Sunbow around the Sun. That night a large Moonbow appeared around the Moon and the next day there was another large Sunbow.

Although we were in the rainy season, and it had poured with rain for several nights preceding the ceremony, our night was without rain. We called upon the Apus, the Peruvian mountain Gods, as well as Pachamama and Illapu, the Andean God of Thunder and Lightning, for good weather. We also put sticks in the ground with onions and peppers, following a Malaysian custom to prevent rain, thanks to Antares. And just to be sure, we had Sara and Kalasara, who were the eldest daughters in their families, blow away the rain clouds, as per an ancient Andean tradition. After all this, the rain didn't come and we had perfect weather.

We began by calling for the blessings and protection of the Apus and Pachamama. We anchored the Alpha Point of the 11:11 into the center of our circle, between our White Dragon flags. Then we read the long list of Anchor Groups all over the world and invited them to join with us in the Starry Processional.

After that, each hour of the ceremony was led by two people. This kept the energies fresh, especially throughout the long night. Until the Moon descended behind the mountains in the middle of the night, it was encircled by a huge Moonbow. Throughout the ceremony, White Dragon clouds emerged from behind the mountains and moved across the sky. All the auspicious signs were there. We were welcomed and blessed by this special land and all the nature beings.

What was truly noteworthy is that I did not have to hold the ceremony together as I usually do. Instead, I spent much of the long night lying down and being very still, immersing myself deeply in the energies. I was ready to leap up and jump in if the energies began to falter, but they never did. It was a profound passing of the sceptres.....

In the morning at 6:11, just after finishing doing the 11:11 Mudras in ultra, slow motion, we danced the Eye of AN Dance. Suddenly, the Eleventh Gate energies starting coming in and we knew that the Activation of Eleventh Gate had begun.

But it was not until 1:11 that afternoon that the Activation fully took place. In a powerful dance, the Dragons of the Elements merged with the White Dragons and became one large Dragon. Then they took positions as Guardians, while the White Lotus moved into the center of our sacred circle. The rest of us did the Eleventh Gate Mudra over and over. Then suddenly, the Eleventh Gate energies began pouring in. Wayra, the wind, surged through our ceremonial site with a mighty roar and the Eleventh Gate opened wider and wider. This continued for 40 minutes or so with the loud roar of the wind and such strong, true energy. So much joy and wonder was felt by all of us.

Then we danced a magnificent Eye of AN Dance while Omashar sang Matisha's song, "The Family of AN". Our final dance was a very deep and poignant Starry Procession, which was the last time we danced it in our entire journey through the Doorway of the 11:11. We completed the ceremony by giving our thanks to Pachamama and the Apus. PA'A. IT IS DONE. SO BE IT.

The next day was filled with constant sessions and meetings. The Heart of AN is coming alive and many are jumping in and offering their support for its physical manifestation. Our final evening session was a sweet and deep celebration, as we honored our entire journey through the 11:11 Doorway. "We will never walk this way again."

Returning home on the 24th, absolute exhaustion set in. Although we had several people staying with us, I slept as much as possible. When I wasn't sleeping, I washed clothes and put away the Activation supplies. We also had a constant stream of visitors from the Master Cylinder.
We were all in a deep, quiet place where words weren't necessary. Each day, some of our beloved One Being would leave and the unspoken question was "Would we ever see each other again?"

Since then, we have realized that the Eleventh Gate Activation is still going on. We are still aligned together all over the world, dancing the sacred dances and doing the 11:11 Mudras. The Activation of Eleventh Gate will continue until the end of the year. And then we will finally be ready to pick up our pens and write our new stories.


In the Transition Zone of Shifting Worlds

As the Eleventh Gate started to activate on November 22nd, we began to move into the expanded realm of the Diamond of the Unseen. Thus began a dramatic shifting of worlds. Our Known Worlds still exist, but they have become infinitely smaller.

Since then, we have been plunged into the Transition Zone between the old duality-based world and the greatly expanded New World. In December, we will be walking through this Transition Zone into the newly visible realms of the Diamond of the Unseen.

During this time of a Sacred Pause, we will be letting go of our entire earthly journey up to this point. This includes the experiences of countless lifetimes. We will be releasing all the emotional residue that we have accumulated, as well as the lifetimes of rigorous training that enabled us to create this shift of worlds.

If we haven't closed the books of our old stories, we need to do it now so we can be unhindered by the baggage and limitations of the past. Many of us are now writing the final chapter of our old stories. While we are completing our old stories, we can expect waves of old emotional residue to rise to the surface so that the last of it can finally be released. When this happens, it's important to feel our emotions, while not getting drawn back into them. Feel them and then release them to the wind.

We might also experience physical or stress related symptoms such as rashes, toothaches and random aches and pains when the final parts of our old stories come up to be released. These will pass by quickly. The same is true when we let go of our entire journey.

Things that we use a lot might suddenly break. Here in my household, a cherished and valuable camera broke when the bag it was in fell out of the car as we were loading things to take to the Eleventh Gate Activation. Several days afterwards, the glass on my iPad shattered when it fell out of my hands and crashed onto the floor as I suddenly fell asleep. Next, my watch battery died.

In December, it's essential that we close the books of our old stories and put them away. If you are aware of any parts of your old story which still need to be finished, it's important to complete them as soon as possible. Our new stories cannot begin until the old stories are finished.

We are now walking with empty hands and open hearts through a Transitional Zone of pregnant emptiness. This is the Sacred Pause between our old stories and our new ones. It is time for us to live without a story for a while. During this time, we may feel blank, neutral and without emotions. The air is full of mist; containing a different composition than the air that we have breathed before. This misty quality helps us to feel a certain detachment from all that was there before. This is extremely helpful, enabling us to complete our old stories without the usual emotional stickiness and without any resistance to completing our unresolved situations.

Many of us feel a super deep tiredness. This is the most profound tiredness that we have ever felt. This is the tiredness that comes from the completion of an entire cycle of lifetimes. We need massive amounts of sleep; one or two naps a day is barely enough. We also want to sit quietly without doing anything. We know that we have been through a massive, unprecedented shifting of worlds, and want to quietly feel and contemplate who we now are, where we are, and what is our new relationship with our environment.

We may feel disoriented and disconnected from our Known Worlds. We know that our Known Worlds are still here, but they have become a small part of our greatly expanded New Landscape. Because of this, we are searching for a new entry point to our daily lives. Our new entry point is on a larger, truer scale than what we could see before.

Since we have expanded far beyond anything we've experienced before, we have become extremely vast. This sometimes makes us feel scattered and dispersed, like a balloon which has suddenly lost all its air. We now reside Off the Map of our Known Worlds. This has put us into a state of No-Mind where the mundane details of life simply don't feel real anymore.

As we have undergone intense, profound shifts on very deep levels, there is much to integrate. A massive recalibration of our inner beings and outer lives is going on. Much of this is taking place through our very active dream state. Some dreams are surreal in nature, containing feelings that don't belong to us personally, but which are more of a collective nature. Some of our dreams are on an abstract, pure energy level in which a major repositioning is taking place.

Transition Zones are never places to linger. We have to walk steadily through them, without our steps faltering. As we do, we look for our right people and right places. We search for the new mountains to climb. We look for new areas of mastery to develop. Then we contemplate whether or not we are meant to live in the fertile valleys, rather than climb more mountain peaks.

Walking through the Transition Zone of pregnant emptiness, we are not able to get a clear view of who we are or make an assessment of how much we have changed. We can feel the future beckoning and know that something huge is coming, but we cannot see the details.

Although it often feels like much that we have known is undergoing a profound process of dying, we know that this is not the end. Instead, we are in the passageway which leads to our glorious New Beginning. Ahead of us is the entrance to our New True Lives. We do not know what will happen next, only that we will soon enter the realms of Beyond our Wildest Dreams.

Our new stories will begin at the start of 2013 when the Eleventh Gate Activation is finally complete. A clear picture of our new direction will start emerging at the beginning of the New Year. As soon as we begin writing our new stories, our True Lives will wondrously unfold. This is the harvest of our long efforts.



November built up to an amazing breakthrough to an entirely New Octave of Being. December is a month in which we travel through the Transition Zone between worlds, where we can manifest our future while walking out of the old and into the New at the same time. It is a Zone of Overlap where each step we take can be felt in both worlds. Because we are taking our first footsteps into the New, it's important to be as true, real and deep as possible.

Many of us are now making a conscious choice to ride the new waves. If we don't, we shall soon discover that we simply cannot ride the old waves anymore. Due to the extreme course correction we experienced last month while shifting worlds, the old doors have completely closed.

A disbanding and releasing of old soul groups is also taking place. There's the feeling that we don't know whom we will see again. This was especially poignant at the end of Eleventh Gate when we parted from those with whom we have worked together for years, as Aslans dancing outwards into all the directions like rays of the Sun. At the same time, the Family of AN is now gathering together all over the world.

December brings the releasing of imprints that we've long carried within our beings. This is being done by us without putting up any resistance. It's similar to removing layers of compressed garbage from a trash compactor. As we take out the first layers, the hardened layers below them are loosened so they can be easily released.

A major part of our focus this month will be on completing any unresolved situations so we can write the final chapter of our old story and throw away the book. We are seeding the new while releasing the old, outworn and expired.

Near the second or third week of December, things will speed up as we move into another phase of zoom. This may create more patches of Choppy Surf. And just like slipping on ice patches, we may occasionally lose our balance when we encounter the Choppy Surf. When this happens, it's not about righting ourselves anymore, but of learning to navigate through it even when we're in an unbalanced state. These situations will require that we act first and think later.

It's important to remember that the Eleventh Gate Activation is still taking place, and won't be complete until the end of the year. Both the 12/12/12 and 21/12/12 are taking place WITHIN the framework of the 11:11 Doorway, which helps to stabilise all their energies with the knowingness that ALL IS WELL.

Many of us are paying attention because of how different the quality of our lives feels right now. Whether or not we can wrap our minds around what is happening, our True Core Being is celebrating that everything is clicking into position for this most momentous, long awaited, shift of realities which is turning everything inside out, revealing the Invisible, Unseen Beauty that we have only experienced in our dreams, visions and deepest yearnings. We have always known that this was possible, only now we are fully ready to embody the Oneness that we have been called to.

It is very likely there will be external distractions we did not anticipate, but we are already deeply plugged into RIGHT TIME - RIGHT PLACE in a way that has expanded our experience of VAST TRUENESS beyond what we can experience with our temporal senses. We're moving into a totally new space of existence, completely unhooking ourselves from the way of life we have become familiar with, as if going through a time warp! Changes and new energies are streaming into the planet for the rest of the year. People are getting it like never before, stripping off layers upon layers of illusion. Everything now has to be clear, truthful and transparent. If it's not, it simply can't continue.

Everything has deepened and changed beyond measure. This is the time of the emergence of the True You, the True Me, the True Us as ONE, the True New World.

The Incas have an expression: THE FLOWERING OF MY TEARS. We have shed lifetimes of tears; they have watered the earth and now the seeds of our flowers have burst into life. In 2013, our flowers shall finally emerge in their exquisite beauty and become fully visible....

Several people have asked me if I'm going to continue writing the Surf Reports. The answer is that as long as the Surf Reports are helpful, I will continue writing them.

With the End and the Beginning LOVE,


With deepest gratitude for the inspiration and insights of:
Arbaline, Carolyn, Denise, Elissa, Emanáku, Inger, Jacqui, Judith, Laya, Lucia, Rosy, Theresa.

And special thanks to Andrey and Sebastian for their photos.


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