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The Year 2013 Surf Report: Expanding into a New Reality

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November was a powerful, action-packed, fully charged, 'A Mu'a Reloaded month full of Green Lights that dynamically moved us forward. Breakthroughs occurred on multiple levels and many long standing projects were completed. Throughout the month there were occasional Insertion Points which immersed us into the Unexpected. Here, we were thrust into unfamiliar landscapes, gathered useful information, met new people and were extremely productive.

November went by in a blur with hardly a second to come up for air because of so much activity happening all around us, to us, through us - some planned, some not so planned. If we look back and remember where we were and what we were doing in November 2012 during the time of the final 11:11 Activation, we would marvel at how much our internal and external landscape has changed! Events that might have overwhelmed us last year, or a few months ago, were taken in stride because of our developing mastery in surfing the huge waves of the Quantum Surf as True Ones.

November also brought us the magnificent comet Ison who has been seeding all of us with brilliant new energies which have never been here before. This has opened the door to wondrous possibilities.

Reconfiguring our Express Trains

During November our Express Trains into the New Landscape were in full Zoom Mode. Then on the first day of December, came a noticeable shift in energy. Everything deepened and there was a long exhale....

It felt like our Express Trains came to a sudden, but gentle halt. We can now feel the old carriages that are no longer a part of our Express Train. Elements that we have carried with us for a long time are now gone. We are letting go of projects and ways of being which are complete. This enables even more old carriages to be detached, which gives us space for the new carriages which will be connected to our Express Trains during the next several months.

An example of this from my life was the arrival in Peru of my container of worldly treasures two weeks ago. When the container physically arrived here in the Sacred Valley, it felt as if several old carriages were removed from my Express Train. I let go of over three years of holding the Beam for our eventual reunion and this feels extremely liberating.

December requires that the old is packaged up and moved out of the way, whether it is places, things, outdated contracts, old habits and people. We are also letting go of ones who cannot step forward with their full beings at this time to do what is required. Because of this, we recently changed architects at the Heart of AN, simply because our architect wasn't doing what was needed, when it was needed. As soon as his carriage was removed from our Express Train, the carriage of the new architect who immediately popped into position to take his place, was added.

Then there is the constant wave of dear ones who are making their transition from the planet at this time. This affects us deeply and sharpens the honesty of our love. Each departure requires constant adjustments from us and continuously alters the configuration of our Express Trains.

There is also the unhooking of the carriages of our old dreams. This is happening because some of them have now been fulfilled, like the arrival of my possessions. Other old dreams are being released because we realize that these dreams were too small or too limited; we have simply outgrown them. At the same time, the carriages of our new, Wilder than Wildest Dreams, are being connected to our Express Trains. This is happening even when we cannot yet clearly see what they are or how they will possibly manifest in our lives.

Many other carriages are being detached from our Express Trains at this time. Jobs, old disappointments, behaviors, perceptions, ways of doing things, outdated beliefs that life has to be difficult, and much, much more. Because of this massive disconnection from much that we have previously perceived to be true, we may feel that parts of us are dying, and they are.... But it's also time to let go of this feeling of dying and focus on the New and True which is being born.

As these old carriages are unhooked from our Express Trains, we can feel a new sense of freedom and tremendous lightness. Unhooking so many of our old carriages in December and before, not only takes away cars that we no longer need to carry with us, but it also removes us from our previous phase. This helps everything move into their true positions so that we will be ready for 2014.

Preparing for our Entrance into 2014

As our old carriages are disconnected from our Express Trains into the New Landscape, new carriages are also being added. This profoundly changes the entire configuration of the possibilities of what we may experience. It profoundly shifts our perceptions of what is REAL and TRUE. It resets our internal compass to lead us into the Truest Direction and it enables us to go deeper into the New Landscape.

A monumental reconfiguration of our inner and outer worlds is taking place throughout December. This is happening in a surprisingly smooth and easy manner that feels natural and organic. This month gives us a heightened perception and a deepened honesty which enable us to have a greatly expanded perspective of our New Landscape.

In December there will be many more things coming to completion at the same time as exciting new opportunities are introduced. We are undergoing an in-depth revision and reconfiguration of unprecedented proportions. Ideas and plans which have already been developed will be looked at again, this time in minute detail with the fresh eyes of our reconfigured self so we can make sure that they are still the truest solution. If any of these small details need to be revised, they will have a strong effect, making everything far better than it was before and adding beauty and elegance to the element of function that was already present.

While we are experiencing this profound reconfiguration process, our Express Trains will start speeding up again to an even faster, super Zoom Mode. All the while, more elements will click into their rightful positions.

All of this is happening because we need to be ready for the amazing Year 2014. Our Express Trains need to be thoroughly reconfigured and so do we. And the way to do this is to remove ourselves from the world of duality so we can fully inhabit the Expanded HERE and NOW as a True One.


The month of December is the quintessence of the energies and experiences of 2013. It reveals the tapestry which we created from all the threads that we wove into it this year, as well as the results of all the threads that were removed. This includes the threads of our beings which got snagged on duality and had to be cut away. All that we have let go of. All of the New which we have embraced. Then, the remaining threads are being burnished in the smoldering fires of our deepening Love and Trueness until they shine like never before.

Now, we can finally see the exquisite new design that we created in our Year 2013 tapestry. Some elements might be comfortably familiar; others surprising in their exquisite, otherworldly beauty. Our tapestries might reveal parts of ourselves that we never saw before. There are visions of our True Homes, True Lives, True People and New Purpose that are in the process of being revealed. Our entire tapestry is far more beautiful than we ever dared to dream.

December is another powerful transitional month when we continue to release the old and gather together important elements of the New and True. Although it's a powerful month of transition from our old HERE to a completely transfigured HERE on the new level of the New Paradigm, it's not like walking through a barren desert to get from one phase to the next. It's more like walking through a fertile, green valley with magnificent vistas of snow capped mountains. It's an inspiring landscape created by the threads of all our experiences this year, woven into something totally new that has the stunning, natural beauty which comes from unembellished Trueness.

At the beginning of December, the energy is so strong that we have the urge to just lie down and not get in the way of what is happening, simply letting everything move itself into its right position. All we want to do is let go of everything and rest, feeling thoroughly exhausted by the rapid pace of the year. Many of us feel a great need for quiet introspection so we can maintain a state of inner calmness to help us get through our personal and collective challenges and adjust ourselves to the expanded perceptions of our New Level.

This needed rest and replenishment will come, but perhaps not in the forms we are hoping for. We might find our rest by being in a continual state of Quantum Deep, even while in the midst of activity. This is how we become more comfortable with living on an ever accelerating Fast Track. Our energy will constantly be replenished by the excitement that so many of our Wildest Dreams are FINALLY coming true.

In December, we feel a huge sense of major accomplishment. Many of us are now living on the New Level while exploring the New Landscape. We have let go of much that no longer belongs with us. There's the sense that there is no more holding back and that soon we will be fully unpacked, living True Lives in our True Homes.

We are finally realizing that there is no more waiting or yearning for things to happen later and no more waiting or yearning for better conditions to arrive. We are in charge of creating our desired, better conditions from where we are now. And we have to do this right in the midst of the dying world of duality. Fortunately, we are in a very rare time in which that which was long unobtainable, now can manifest easily.

December brings us more waves of massive changes. There is much that we must get done in a very short time and we aren't given free chunks of time in which to do them. Instead we have to carve out small segments of time in which to accomplish these important tasks, while in the midst of doing numerous, other urgent projects. We will be on the super Fast Track all month long and the Unexpected will be strong, requiring us to develop a greater flexibility so we can adapt to the new situations that are entering our lives.

There may be moments where everything feels completely unpinned and frighteningly out of control in the outer world, but we will not lose our Heart's Knowingness that ALL IS WELL.

Time is increasingly speeding up, yet at the same time a feeling of No-Time constantly becomes more all pervading. This makes it feel somewhat surreal at times. The veils between the worlds are extremely thin right now. This enables us to align ourselves with the frequency band of true timelessness. Some people will use this time to make their transition. Others will be able to fully make the leap into the Ultra Greater Reality, aided by the continued influence of Comet Ison.


It's vitally important to realize that we are living in the midst of two, extremely different, parallel realities. There is the collapsing world of duality which is becoming more chaotic and unpleasant every day. Then, there is the Ultra Greater Reality of the expanded realm of the Diamond of the Unseen which is contains a totally New Paradigm, that of the wondrous New World that is being born.

At this time, much depends on what we consider to be our predominant reality. Which reality we choose to inhabit determines our daily experiences and our future path in life. If we are wearing the glasses of duality, we will perceive life very differently, than if we take them off. The same is true with what we are experiencing. What level we are living our live upon determines whether we react to change with fear or with excitement. And it determines what we do in life and how we do it.

We can become helpless victims suffering in the drama of duality, continually rewriting the same old stories. Or we can firmly close the books of our old stories, set them aside and start writing new stories that are more deeply aligned with the truth of Who We Are. We can move our beings onto an entirely New Level. This New Level is where we can finally inhabit the New Landscape, the land of the fulfillment of our Wildest Dreams and so much more. It is the realm of the Fast Track where our path is illuminated by a continual series of brilliant Green Lights and everything is possible.

It's essential that we do all we can to get onto the New Level, in the enhanced state of RIGHT TIME - RIGHT PLACE, as soon as possible. There is no more time for waiting for something outside of ourselves to bring us to this New Level. We need to make a conscious decision to stop feeding the illusion of duality and start living in the Ultra Greater Reality, then base all our actions upon this.

Throughout December, there is a strong sense of finality. We are completing a major phase in our life's journey, that is setting the stage for the most wondrous New Beginning. It's time to fully be, do and live, not to plan or dream or to regret anything that hasn't yet manifested. It's time to eat the meals that we've been wanting to eat, go to the places that we've been wanting to see, to wear the clothes that we've been saving for special occasions, to love and be loved with no resistance, to live a True Life with no more excuses. It's time to bring our Wildest Dreams to life by choosing to live them now!

In December we are getting ready, both inwardly and outwardly, for the monumental changes and great forward movement into our New Landscape coming in 2014. A whole new cycle begins next year with vastly new levels of understanding, perceptions and experiences. Many of us feel the calling to get to a living environment that feels completely supportive and conducive to our deepened awareness. This new repositioning will be for the purpose of sustaining and holding this expanded frequency of Real Love and Trueness, so that our True Life fully aligns with our Heart's Knowingness.

The brilliant New Year of 2014 will immerse us into a totally new resonance and move many of us into new physical residences as well. We will fully connect with our True Homes and True Purpose next year. 2014 is the year in which we will start actually inhabiting the New Landscape, rather than just exploring it.

Let's do everything we can to be ready for it!


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