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The Year 2014 Surf Report: Into Trueness

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November was a rough month for many of us. There were super deep clearings and too much to handle on a regular basis. Some of us exhibited periods of extremely 3D, bitchy, irritable behavior to a degree that we had never experienced before. We felt like strangers to our own selves. At times, it felt like we were going backwards rather than forwards. Sometimes we may have felt like we are dying. This is because so many old elements are dying away. Others were exhausted, overwhelmed and overloaded to the point of breakdown. Fortunately, this didn't happen to all of us. Some managed to maintain their inner calm by residing in the eye of the storm.

Throughout the month, we encountered periods of intense stress that tested us to our limits. We navigated through occasional minefields of Left Field Shocks and Distortion Bands. Yet, even though each new crisis appeared formidable when it first arrived, it was quickly resolved.

Some of us frequently felt that old grain of sand rubbing us the wrong way, making us feel unsettled and easily irritated. This happened because we are currently in the midst of a massive changeover of the way we do things. The entire timing and pacing of the way we move through life is deeply changing. We are stepping into a new way of doing things that is more organically connected with the resonance of the New Landscape. When we feel pressure to do things in the old ways or the old timing, it rubs against us in the most irritating manner and we become quite grouchy until we can realign ourselves with our new pace and timing.

By the end of the month, we realized how much we had released. That's when a strong surge of Ho'o Pono Pono came in to complete many unresolved situations. This included projects that we gave up on many months ago. Suddenly, the elements fell into place and everything finally got done.

Here's an example of this from my life: At the end of May we paid a man who has a small internet company for two modems and a new router so we could finally have high speed internet service. Everything worked great for two weeks and then suddenly our new modems stopped working. We made over twenty appointments with the man we had bought them from and he never showed up. After a few months of this, we were so busy with our house construction that we simply gave up.

Six months later, at the end of November, we randomly encountered our internet man as we passed through the small town where he lived. Three days later, we received a new modem and router that actually work and finally have greatly improved internet.

Utilizing the MEGA RESET

We are now entering the second month of an extremely powerful four month long MEGA RESET. It's important to utilize this opportunity by implementing the RESET in all areas of our lives.

This is a time when life changing decisions need to be made. We can either keep ourselves cocooned in the familiar status quo until it is eventually ripped away from us or we can fearlessly and exuberantly explore the New Landscape. We have the opportunity to completely reinvent our lives or to flatline our development by staying stuck in our stagnant old habits and patterns. We can take clear, decisive action to fulfill our Wildest Dreams or we can resign ourselves to the belief that our Wildest Dreams are too impractical or too far away to achieve. We can even stop believing in them anymore. We can stay in a place that we know isn't our True Position or we can move to our True Home. Anything is possible. Even the impossible is possible!

As duality collapses, the world situation is going from bad to worse to terrible. The vise of repression is tightening to an alarming degree. Because of this, we can't pretend that it won't affect us, sooner or later, as long as we continue to live in duality. This is why it's no longer appropriate to continue life as usual. It's not time to continue to be influenced by our old conditioning or our old fears and insecurities. We need to realize that duality will continue if we are still serving as the glue to hold it together by believing in it. We really must utilize the three remaining months of our MEGA RESET to fully step free of duality and get into our True Positions.

According to the Hopi Indians of Arizona, at the end of the last world, those who had openings in the top of their heads made it to their right places. Those who followed their Heart's Knowingness. Through these openings they were guided to their True Positions. This is what we must do now.

Yes, some of us are meant to stay where we are and see it through from our current position. But it's important that this is a conscious decision, rather than from a default decision based on fear of the Unknown. The rest of us need to get into our True Positions as quickly as possible!

Our True Homes and True Positions aren't hiding from us; they want us to find them. Sometimes, they are so obvious that we don't readily see them. For me, this was definitely the case. I had such a deep, obvious connection with Peru which I purposely ignored because of a past traumatic experience here. Instead, I turned my attention to the rest of the world. I poured over maps and traveled to several potential countries searching for the place of my True Home. It was only when none of these options felt right that I finally accepted that Peru was my right place. And ever since I arrived here over four years ago, my sense of being in my Right Place has never wavered.

We need to use this time of MEGA RESET to not only move into our True Position, but to start building the infrastructure of our True Lives in the New Landscape. This step is only the beginning - the setting things into position stage. Once we are actually living in our True Homes, a whole new life unfolds and we can enter the Secret Garden....

Into the Secret Garden

In December many of us will be walking through a new doorway into a new sector of the New Landscape. Everything will feel lighter, brighter and more inspiring. Instead of our action feeling like hard work, it will feel more like play as we create the New and True.

This new sector of the New Landscape is like stepping into a Secret Garden. We leave behind the dull, washed out colors of the dying world of duality and suddenly the colors around us have a heightened vibrancy and are combined in new combinations that we wouldn't have imagined before. It's as if the Sun turned up its brightness by several notches. The New Landscape is clearer, more visible, more tangible than ever before. When we wake up in the morning, more birds are singing sweeter songs and the new day beckons us with wonder.

Even if you are already physically in the New Landscape, you have to bring forth your inner True One or you won't be able to experience the Secret Garden. This is a garden that the rest of the world cannot see because it's anchored in a totally New Reality. And we will soon be able to live in this supra reality. It's not like a "spiritual" Shangri-la where you just go there and everything is revealed. It's essential that we interact with the New Landscape with our full being, rather than just visit there. It's not enough to sit on a rock and gaze at the sky or to simply sleep there. For it's interaction which opens the door that reveals what is really there. We also cannot interact with it with mindless action coming from our duality-based perceptions, for this will keep the door to the Secret Garden closed, leaving us disappointed and disbelieving that the New Reality truly exists.

The Secret Garden of the New Landscape is not just a pretty scene to look at; we have to do something with it. We have to merge with it energetically and we do this by becoming cocreators of the New Paradigm through true, conscious action. We merge with the New Landscape, embodying it BEFORE we can fully interact with it. And that is the moment when the doorway into the Secret Garden opens....


After the tensions of November, December thankfully begins with a sense of coming back to our True Self -- only this time it is on a much deeper and truer level than before. As the month begins, many of us feel as if we've been released from the pressure cooker of the past few months. Our inner calm returns.

December brings us an infusion of exciting and highly creative New Beginnings, while taking us deeper into the New Landscape. The emphasis of our four month long MEGA RESET is the releasing of our old environment and the moving into our True Position until our beings are completely RESET to its frequencies.

This month not only strongly points us into our True Direction, but we start taking the necessary steps to get there. A whole new reality is opening up; we only have to choose to go there. There's a feeling of urgency to get ourselves into our rightful position as quickly as possible.

Our adjustments to our New Landscape are taking place in measured increments, rather than an all at once immersion. Each step we make anchors the New Reality into our cells. This keeps our transformation very grounded and real. There's a lot of letting go that we must do before we feel totally at home here. We need to adjust to the new timing and new way of doing things of the New Landscape. This requires us to continually shift gears and set a new pace for all our endeavours. We're also discovering that whenever we are thrown back into the old timing or try to do things in the old ways, we become super stressed.

We are like plants that have been stuck for a very long time in pots which were way too small for us. Because of this, our petals, leaves and roots have become twisted, cramped and stunted. Most of the time, we didn't realize that we were living in such unnatural, unhealthy conditions and simply assumed that this was how life on earth was meant to be. We did the best we could under the circumstances, never realizing that other possibilities existed.

Now, we are finally being liberated from the tiny pots of a duality-based world and are being planted into the ground of an exquisite new land. At first, this may be shocking to some as they leave the familiarity of their crowded pot and are planted into a fertile soil of limitless potential. It may take a while to adjust ourselves to the realization that we don't have to live in a harsh, hostile, limited reality anymore. It may take some time to fully expand into our new freedom. Others are so ripe and ready to expand and deepen that they practically leap out of their pot into the fertile new ground.

In our New Landscape, our roots can finally stretch to infinite depths and this feels so liberating. Our leaves no longer depend on artificial light to sustain them, but can stretch out towards the True Sun! We are finally in our Right Position in our True Home! There is no need to go anywhere, for we are exactly where we are meant to be. And from this True Position, we can joyously flower and birth the true fruits of our beings. This is fulfilling beyond anything we could imagine.

We are increasingly discovering that the Power is in the Journey. All the tiny, practical details of life are important parts of the greater whole. Everything we do must be done with our full beings, if not, we deprive not only what we are doing, but we cheat ourselves of the fulfillment that only comes when our full being is involved. I've learned about the importance of the details by living in our True Home at the Heart of AN. Each tiny mundane action of creating the New, such as putting up curtains or unpacking a box, mirrors what we are doing within ourselves. Each small action anchors us deeper into the New Landscape.

For many months we have been doing things without being able to see the entire picture of what we are doing. We've had to work around lots of missing pieces. There has been no map of where we are and where we are going. This has been very challenging at times, but rather amazingly, the results of our efforts have turned out surprisingly well. We've learned that if we don't resist our lack of knowingness of the full picture, it can actually be quite fun to create on a blank canvas. We've also learned that if we don't demand instant answers before we do something, it is less stressful and more relaxing. In the next few months, a lot of missing pieces will come to us and we will finally see more of the magnificence of what we are creating.

December feels like a month of working in the earth, enjoying the feeling of putting our hands in the soil of the New Landscape and planting seeds for our True Life. This is true energetically even for those who are currently experiencing winter. New flowers are breaking through to show us what's coming and Insertion Points of the New and True are revealing themselves. These insertions come with a sense of total rightness, trueness and lightness, as well as a very do-able feeling on the practical levels.

Energetically, much of our being is now in the New Landscape. The seeds we've been sowing along the way, are already starting to sprout. Just in time, since the New Year of 2015 presents us with the opportunity to absolutely RESET ourselves so we can create a whole True Life.

With True Home True Love,

With deep Gratitude and Love for the inspiration and brilliant insights of:
Antares, Carolyn, Emanaku, Inger, Maria, Marian, Monique, Trinity, Yulia


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