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2006 has been a most interesting year so far; nothing has unfolded quite as we had imagined. Instead of gracefully surging forward, we have been experiencing a series of incredibly intricate adjustments that are preparing us to surf the QUANTUM WAVES. These adjustments are affecting us on every level, and although they appear to be triggered from without, they actually emanate from our own inner core.

Our journey through January's Choppy Surf was like traveling up a sheer cliff on switch back roads. We would be happily going along facing forwards in the perceived general direction of our new beginnings, when suddenly our direction would be totally reversed and we'd be facing backwards, dealing with the clearing, resolution and transformation of old issues, perceptions, attitudes and behaviors. Flipping back and forth between Past and Future, we learned to treat the old and the new equally, for they are both vitally important. The strange thing was that even when we faced backwards, we were always moving forward.

This constant shift in direction was challenging at first and a bit frustrating to those who wanted things to move faster and more decisively. But the way that January unfolded was unquestionably brilliant and super thorough. By the end of the month, most of us quietly accepted the perfection of the journey and welcomed every twist and turn.

Continually switching directions forced us to let go of any delineations between Past and Future, between old and new, between duality and Oneness, between sacred and ordinary. It acted as an eraser, rubbing out the old boundaries until all perceived separations merged into One. All we could do was meet whatever was in front of us with as much of our full being as possible and do the best we could in each specific moment.

We are discovering that it really doesn't matter if what's in front of us comes from the Past or the Future or from the old or the New. Everything exists in the present moment. Everything is important. Everything is sacred. Everything, whether old or new, must be done in new ways utilizing greater awareness. Everything that we do with integrity, realness and love leads us forward into our new directions. Once we let go of our delineations and our preferences between old and new, we become more deeply aligned into the state of Right Time - Right Place.

Near the end of January, a Turning Point was reached.... We could actually see some tiny green shoots of fresh grass coming up through the snow. The New was visibly coming in. However, when the first tender shoots of fresh grass appear, it's not yet time to put up the badminton net and start playing. We need to tread lightly, being fully conscious where we carefully place each step. And to allow all the new elements entering our lives the time and space to grow naturally into their new positions.

We are still in the Transition Zone where the shiftover from old to new takes place. Transition Zones are always somewhat fragile and precarious. One false step can set us back so we need to be ultra careful, precise and true with everything we do, think, feel and say.

Up until now, much of our emphasis has been upon the resolution of old situations and the repatterning of old ways of doing and being. The outgoing tide was the one which was felt the strongest. In February, the balance of the tides changes and the incoming tide becomes the most powerfully felt.


In January we dealt with Past and Future. In February we also deal with two juxtaposed, seemingly separate elements: Our core self and our outer world. Throughout the month, we will continually be thrown back into our own selves. There will be lots of outer stimulus going on and we'll be extremely busy; yet, we won't lose ourselves in the activities.

The focus will frequently turn away from the outer situations to shine a searing light on our own selves. Sometimes this will feel like a giant mirror unexpectedly popping up in the middle of the road ahead. This enables us to take a penetrating look at everything around us and feel out its appropriateness. We can check who we really are, to better align our outer life with our core being. We will weigh our attitudes and actions on the scales of integrity, truth, goodness, and compassion. We will know if we're not being real and honest and we will know when we aren't living in the Greater Reality. Each time that we encounter the mirror, it's time to measure the rightness of everything around us. And if it doesn't feel right, to either move it away or into its new position.

The element of choice again enters the picture this month. In order to surf the QUANTUM WAVES of 2006, we must continually make conscious choices to become ever more real and true. It won't just happen automatically. These choices represent inner adjustments that better align ourselves with our core being, until every bit of our inner selves and our outer lives embodies the Greater Reality.

We are going to be tremendously busy repositioning everything around us. No matter what is happening, and it will be a lot, we will be continually thrown back upon ourselves to make sure that everything that is happening is in alignment with what WE REALLY WANT. It's important that we remain aware of the necessity to maintain our individual equilibrium in the midst of lots of external input. We may also be tested by some old residue of past negativity. People or situations will appear which try to draw us back into our old responses such as fear or anger or depression. As long as we remain aware that WE DON'T NEED TO GO THERE EVER AGAIN, we will be fine.

Many new elements are coming into our lives this month. These may include some of the Big Three: New Relationships, New Career Directions, New Places of Residence. The old roads are very close to their appointed ends so we will see more endings of unfulfilling relationships and uninspiring careers. Since 2006 has to do with our entrance into the Lotus World, the realm of Purest True Love, the area of relationships is strongly affected all year long. We are in the midst of a great shuffling of friends with a wave of people going out and a new wave of more kindred beings coming in. The same is happening with partnerships that have outgrown their time. What is interesting is there is also a reshuffling of some old relationships and friendships from the past that are being transformed into new relationships of the future.


Purification is one of the main requirements for entrance into the Lotus World. This purification must be so thorough that it goes all the way to the core. We can't neglect anything. In many ways, this is a NOW OR NEVER period.

February strongly emphasizes the physical, especially with regards to detoxifying and strengthening our physical bodies. We need strong healthy bodies to surf Quantum Surf. Many of us have already begun this process. Some have undergone extensive dental work, finding old hidden pockets of infection that have been poisoning their entire system for years, and finally clearing them up. Or getting our bodies realigned in one form or another.

We are dealing with righting the wrongs of the past, healing parts of our beings that have needed healing for a long time and kept us from fully expressing who we are. Once this has been achieved, it gives us a surge of fresh vitality. Everything is immeasurably lighter for we are no longer carrying around within us the abuses of the past. It's a powerful rebirth.

February also gives us a Green Light to clear out some of our long standing addictions-- things like cigarettes, alcohol and drugs. Cigarettes have been great grounders for some of us, but now it's time to find new ways to anchor our beings and keep ourselves focused. And while it's fine to have the occasional alcoholic drink, and actually healthy to drink red wine, if you're drinking alcohol every day, it's time to break the dependency. In 2006, we all have the choice of jumping in the Quantum Surf or keeping ourselves numbed out on the sidelines.

As for drugs, they definitely hold us back from fully entering the Greater Reality, so if you want to surf the really Big Waves of 2006, please let them go. Although our old addictions might have served us during our passage through duality, they simply can't travel into the Lotus World with us. If we choose to detoxify this month, we will find it much easier than we thought possible. It won't require extreme discipline or harshness to do this; all we have to do is to sit in the Greater Reality and they will drop away. This is because in the Greater Reality we are healthy and don't have addictions.

I also want to mention a strange mystery rash that some of us have been experiencing. Fiery and extremely itchy, it spreads across the body like a wildfire, throwing our nervous systems into full alert, then it appears to get better for awhile, only to surge back when triggered by stress, sometimes lasting for months. It feels like an internal fire, burning up everything within us which is untrue. Definitely part of our detox process preparing us for the Lotus World.

This is the month to readjust our diet and exercise our body. Fortunately, this won't require so much discipline and will power. We will be naturally attracted to the foods most perfect for us; all we need to do is listen to our promptings. And our bodies are going to be like dogs eagerly waiting at the front door with leash in mouth, ready to be taken out for a walk. It's going to be hard to hold them back. We will feel best when we're walking, dancing, bicycling, swimming, skiing and keeping physically active. We will crave physical activity and it will help us integrate all the strong energies swirling around us. It will be our new form of meditation.

We will also feel the urge to go through our closets and other possessions and clear out another layer of things which no longer resonate with us. Some things will be obviously past their time for their energy feels flat. Toss them out and pass them on! Other things might still resonate, but just not be appropriate to our present situation. For example: keeping winter clothes when you live in Hawaii. In this case, it's best to hold onto them for awhile more, until the full picture of our new directions is totally revealed.

Many of us still have important decisions to be made. These decisions cannot be forced; we must wait until they are unquestionable. We also cannot allow ourselves to be influenced by any lesser or superficial considerations, such as money, other people's opinions, or lack of time. If it feels right, do it.

Throughout February, it's important to look for wildly creative solutions, coming from outside the box of old preprogrammed responses. If we don't, we'll get bogged down and miss the tremendous creative surge of this year. Be as empty and open as possible, filling your self and surroundings only with what is true, beautiful, and full of love.

February is an absolutely brilliant month full of profound changes. Expect the energies to accelerate mid month as the Winds of Change activate and blow some Wild Cards into our lives. And from the final week of February through March, we will experience a tremendous surge in the Quantum Surf that will move us to totally new levels.

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