Emerging from the Labyrinth

Emerging Into A New World



Since November, we've been going through a phase where everything moves forward quickly, then seems to get mired in quicksand and nothing clicks into position. When the energy feels stuck, we try to move things forward through decisive action, but this not only requires monumental effort, but it is not usually successful. We try again and again, and are almost ready to give up. We question ourselves to see if we are still in RIGHT TIME - RIGHT PLACE, and know that we are, despite our current inability to get things accomplished. We consider making compromises that we know aren't right, but that have the potential of moving things forward. Then suddenly, without making any compromises, the situation flips over into a new position, and a totally unexpected solution comes from an unforeseen direction, almost like a dramatic plot twist in a film.

For those of us who actually made a move into a new physical location, this experience of making a significant leap and then getting stuck into quicksand has been greatly intensified. Everything had a stunning rightness until we got into our new location when we were plunged into the Mother of All Labyrinths. At times, our labyrinth has felt like a maze where we ran into numerous dead ends. But these dead ends were simply rerouting opportunities that gave us needed information and allowed us to become Truer. It has all been an unprecedented learning experience and has required extreme openness, steady perseverance and constant courage.

We have learned that even when we are in the midst of seemingly solid obstacles, we have to hold strongly to our knowingness as a True One. It's really helpful when we can see these areas that appear to be blocked as simply the twists and turns of our labyrinth and hold true to what we know is right, no matter what appears to be happening, or not happening. Instead of getting discouraged or frustrated, we simply strengthen our LOVE and TRUENESS and realize that everything is happening with a perfection that we cannot yet see.

We can no longer use the old criteria of duality to judge anything or anyone. Nothing is as it appears to be. As True Ones, we are fully protected and are always within RIGHT TIME - RIGHT PLACE, despite all outer appearances. Right now, we are faced with many choices on a daily basis. Our biggest choice is whether or not we are going to be a True One, for this will profoundly determine the course of our future experiences. We can listen to our fears and insecurities or we can listen to our knowingness, but even if we try to follow our fears, we will find that this old road is closed to us, for our inner knowingness can no longer be ignored.


From early November until now, many of us feel that we have been disconnected from the past, but are not yet connected to the future. We've become increasingly unhooked from our old lives and have not yet fully connected with our new ones. Our old impulses are fading away, but our new impulses haven't yet arrived. Our old purpose is in its final stages of completion, but our new purpose has not yet been revealed. The present has felt unreal, surreal or empty. We think that we should feel free with our lack of encumbrances, but instead we feel rootless and like boats cast adrift from their moorings.

Some of us who are normally very purpose or project oriented have discovered that when we are unable to align ourselves with our new purpose or do the projects that need to be done, we feel confused, inefficient or lost, wondering if we are still on the right track. Even when we know that we are on the right track, we can feel confused, inefficient and occasionally lost. When we try to focus on doing what needs to be done, often the energy simply isn't there to do those tasks. This happens even when it's something that we really want to do.

I personally haven't found a method to force through the energy to focus on a task when the energy isn't there. Yet when I let go of my focus on the task and circle around it with total openness, it often opens up to me. This is because we surrender and open ourselves to receiving. It's similar to looking for the entrance to a house when there isn't an obvious door. If I don't see the door right away, I stop looking for it. Instead, I walk around the outside of the house, gazing at the trees in the garden, listening to the birds singing. When I least expect it, I will see the entrance in my peripheral vision without even trying. And this is how many things are now being shown to us in the New Navigation.

This sense of being in the limbo of an extended Transition Zone has been often uncomfortable and extremely unsettling, but it helped us greatly. By inhabiting a state of Nowhere as No-one, we are being thoroughly unhooked from the past. Being cast adrift from the old ways of doing things, we are free to float on the prevailing current of Trueness into our new positions.

When we first stepped in as True Ones in late October, it felt absolutely wonderful. We didn't think that we would ever lose the feeling of confidant sureness and ecstatic Love. But the next thing that happened is that our emergence as True Ones triggered a massive chain reaction that has been totally recalibrating us to the resonance of Trueness.

Many people desire to be True Ones, yet some are trying to be True Ones while still inhabiting the old map. On the old map, it's easy to get pulled around by our thoughts, emotions and random desires, rather than solidly anchoring ourselves in our true knowingness. But if we really want to be True Ones, we must step completely off the old map. This is why it's taking so long to fully anchor our New Lives and this is why we must travel through such an intense labyrinth to get there.

I am realizing more and more that our New Life entails far vaster changes than simply moving to a new location. This is because our New Lives are aligned with our new coordinates. Until we are also fully aligned with our new coordinates, we won't fit into our New Landscape. This makes it feel extremely awkward at times. It is profoundly unsettling to be caught between the worlds without any place to anchor ourselves.

This has led us to find new ways to anchor ourselves in Trueness without our old touchstones. One of the most challenging aspects of being disconnected for some of us was not being able to set energetic fields of the Ultra Greater Reality in our home environments. The way to do this is to create a small pockets of our own energy in our living space. It might be music that we really like; it might be the placement of a few special objects; it might be a familiar activity like finding a friendly place to drink a cappuccino.

Going through this labyrinth can be extremely hard for some. We may feel that everything has been stripped off of us, and it most likely has. Certain protective layers that have been in place for a long time are now gone, leaving us feeling naked and vulnerable at times. Yet, there is no possibility of going backwards, as all the bridges behind us have already burned into non-existence. NO DOWN - NO RETURN.

No matter what happens, we have to remain wide open to all possibilities. We cannot cling onto our old dreams because our new dreams that are just starting to manifest will be far more fulfilling. To fully anchor the New Life, we have to be totally new on all levels of our being. This is why we aren't fully there yet.

Our journey off the Map of the Known into the New Paradigm is immensely thorough, touching every single part of our being and every aspect of our lives. We have been stripped naked and scoured thoroughly until the barnacles of our crusty old behaviors and old attitudes were loosened and started falling off. This is why some of us went through such difficult experiences. It's a real NO DOWN - NO RETURN situation. The finality of NO DOWN - NO RETURN is what scares some people and tempts them to stay in the comfort and security of the Known, They have partially transformed, but now want to try to be a True One in their old world without going the distance and making the full transformation. Yet, in order to be a fully emerged True One, we must live in the New Paradigm.

The current situation in Egypt is a good example of what could happen if we don't go the full distance. In order to bring change to Egypt, the peaceful demonstrators have to give it their full commitment; they have to be prepared to die, if necessary. After all their demonstrations, if they give up before Mubarak and his new Vice President, who was the previous head of the Secret Police, resign, they will have lost everything. The desired changes will not come. Instead the forces of repression will only strengthen their position and make future change much more difficult. It's a seductive trap that is fraught with danger, set into place to catch those who are uncertain, afraid or insecure.

There's a Going the Distance element which is very important right now. This doesn't mean that we can't change direction, because we can, but there's something about TRUTH or BEING TRUE which cannot be ignored, compromised or watered down. If we give being a True One anything less than our full commitment, it simply won't happen.

The end of January brought us a noticeable shift in energy. The dam that had been holding us back from moving forward developed major cracks and water is seeping through them. The time of challenges and testing was almost over. From now on, we are able to move to a new phase with a sense of greater clarity.

After months of feeling disconnected from our selves, we are finally regaining our sense of who we are, having seemingly lost that connection for some months. Of course, we don't return to the old selves we were during the last time we felt connected to our true selves; this time it is to a new, stripped down, infinitely truer level of who we are. And it feels really good.

In February, many of us will finally emerge from the cocoon we've been in while releasing all that is untrue. We may not feel like such shining True Ones right now after all we have been through, but we are actually Truer and more Real than before.

In 2011, many situations are going to FLIP OVER. Often this will occur with no prior warning. Politically, this is already happening in Tunisia and Egypt. And this is just the beginning. This flipping over is going to happen in countries, businesses, in many long entrenched situations. And it's going to occur in our personal lives in relationships, in our work, in our daily habits, in our living situations. This is happening because in this momentous year, many things are going to flip over from duality to Oneness.

There are also going to be many occurrences of ONE BEING IN ACTION. We have already seen this in Australia during their floods when people stepped forward and helped one another. In Egypt, groups of people are coming together to clean up the streets after the demonstrations, to guard neighborhoods from looting and to help those who have been injured. Increasingly, people are going to join together and leap into action to do something worthwhile and necessary. There will be less reliance on waiting for outside authorities or governments to do things for us, and more emphasis on taking collective responsibility to do what is needed. This is ONE BEING IN ACTION.


February is a short, quick and extremely potent month which will bring significant change to our lives. Many of our deeply rooted attitudes and behaviors are transforming into new ones that are more aligned with who we are. A fresh breeze of Newness is coming in. We may find ourselves in new environments with new people doing activities that we've never done before. Or that we've ever dreamed of doing!

There are many things that haven't yet manifested, that we want to happen. But this isn't because we are out of sync. It's because there are a profusion of things happening on levels far beyond our present perceptions. Everything that is meant to occur will happen in its perfect timing, and when it does, we will finally be able to see the rightness of this. During February, some of the stuck situations or blockages that have been in place for the past few months will disappear without any major effort on our part.

The states of Quantum Deep and Far Distant Worlds have returned. Only this time it is an even deeper Quantum Deep and and an even further Far Distant Worlds. When they are in effect, we may need to cease all activity and lie down so we can plunge into the depths unhindered. At other times, we will still be able to function in the physical world while maintaining a deep internal quietness.

Each time that our beings are immersed into the Far Distant Worlds, it helps expand our beings so that we can fully inhabit our New Landscape. Whenever we return from the Far Distant Worlds, we are profoundly transformed and bring those energies back into our physical life. It's similar to when we go to the beach for the day and immerse ourselves into the ocean. This immersion changes our energy. When we return home, we are different than we were before we left.... because we have been cleansed and transformed by the ocean. It has totally changed our energy, and maybe we have even caught a fish or found a shell!

In February, we will be presented with many different opportunities. We will look at each possibility and try to discern which ones are right for us. We don't want to throw away the lessons of the past, and repeat the same mistakes, but at the same time, we don't want to limit the possibilities of the future because we're looking at it through the tinted glasses of the past. Many of these opportunities will arrive from totally unexpected directions. Often we will be led to do something that doesn't feel very important, yet if we do it with openness, it will give us a much needed key or a brilliant new contact. Sometimes, this can be quite fun. It depends on our attitude towards exploring the Unknown and being open to the Unexpected.

This month, we will also see something that we didn't see before. We will continue to align with new people and new places. Our daily patterns will undergo more changes. We will receive much needed pieces of information. Some of us will finally make the decision to move to a new location. More elements will click into position. We will feel more confidence and greater ease in our New Landscape. Some of this will happen because for several months we have been gathering information and learning where things are on the New Map.

Some of us have a sense of impatience or frustration that we cannot see our New Purpose yet. This is because it is something so very new. Our New Purposes will start coming in during the second half of the year.

February marks our emergence from the twists and turns of the labyrinth and our preparation for the full speed ahead breakthrough month of March. There is a lot to do this year and there is a lot that is going to happen in the outer world. Just take a look at what has already happened this year in January alone.... and this is just the beginning. In February, some of us will finally move into our right positions. This will allow many elements to click into position. In March, more of us will move into our right positions. In April, things will accelerate even faster. And from there onwards, this year will be a blur of monumental occurrences.





Here in Peru, many of my previous activities, habits and interests have totally disappeared. They simply belong to a world that I am no longer a part of. I'm not yet fully inhabiting my New Landscape since I still haven't found the right place to live, but I am definitely no longer a part of the world that I have left behind. I have much to learn in my new world, and have few areas of mastery here, like I felt I did in my old world. But I wouldn't trade this fascinating, unexplored New Landscape and its open hearted people whose Trueness touches me so deeply, for all the riches and ease in the old one.


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