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January was a deceptively quiet month that passed by incredibly fast. This acceleration of time will continue all year. There was a strong feeling of inertia that made us feel like we were endlessly waiting for something momentous to occur. This feeling of inertia often made us feel disconnected from much that was around us -- especially anything untrue and unreal. Some elements became more real while others felt less real than before. It was a month of making small steps that our Heart's Knowingness called out for us to do. And yet, there was a profusion of activity taking place under the surface.

January was a month of adjusting ourselves to the 11/11/11 RESET. In February, we will make even more in depth adjustments. This is happening because we are still carrying Pre-RESET assumptions, attitudes, emotions, judgments, behaviors and beliefs into a Post-RESET World. This simply doesn't work anymore. These first two months of the year contain many challenges as old patterns and situations call out for our attention; only now we must learn to respond to them in completely new ways.

A vitally important aspect of the New Navigation is clear, honest communication at all times. We need to be totally honest with ourselves and others -- even when we think that people might not like what we have to say. This is how True Ones communicate. And if we are speaking with another True One, they will appreciate such honest communication. We must speak our needs openly and set needed boundaries. If we keep these things stuffed inside us, it will only reinforce stagnant situations and keep them in stuck positions. It's essential that we tell others what we feel is wrong as soon as we become aware of what is going on. It is only by doing this, that the new, creative solutions can come. As we learn to be more honest and true, the fog lifts and everything becomes clearer. This enables all things to move into truer positions. It is amazing how much can be shifted simply by being honest and true.

Although there is much to be done, we have to put our primary focus on aligning ourselves to the new RESET energies. It's like the oxygen masks on airlines; the airlines always tell us to put on our own oxygen mask before we try to help others. We can't be really helpful, if we can't breathe. We also cannot birth the New and True if we are still carrying old beliefs, habits and patterns within us.

February is a short, but extremely potent month that brings much movement. We will realign many aspects of our lives that felt stuck before. We need to stay ultra alert because everything will happen very fast. It will feel rather rocky at times as much gets readjusted so it can align with greater Trueness. While this happens, we might also experience waves of sadness, gloom, loss, and grief, but even if we do, there is the knowingness that this is a necessary part of our journey.



A new type of Perfect Storm is emerging that is not an occasional event, but feels more like a semi-permanent overlay over our lives. These new Perfect Storm Overlays give us a profusion of important things to do at the same time that we are dealing with some major and minor challenges, as well as numerous glitches. These aren't just bad things; it's just that there are a lot of them happening at the same time. Examples from my life: We are trying to publish a book, fix a leaking toilet, organize a special 11:11 event in Rapa Nui, arrange to have my container of worldly goods shipped to Peru, get new car insurance, find the right place for 11th Gate, manifest the Heart of AN, urgently get my teeth to a dentist, go on Ho'o Pono Pono journeys, get our sick cat healed, write this Surf Report, and all of a sudden one of our computers goes black....

Sometimes there are openings in the overlays, while other times they become heavy and impenetrable like thick dense clouds. On occasion, waves of such incredible heaviness pass through the atmosphere that all we can do is lay low until they pass by.

These new Perfect Storm Overlays are personally tailored to fit us perfectly. They hit upon all both our still active triggers as well as the ones that have already been neutralized, and challenge us to the core. When this happens, we feel that old Grain in the Sand irritation where everything rubs us the wrong way. Yet, just like great pressure turns coal into diamonds, this frequent irritation helps oysters create pearls.

Perfect Storm Overlays affect us on deeply personal levels, yet while some elements of them affect only us, they are most often shared with others. It can be the people we are most close to or the ones with whom we share a common purpose. Or some elements of them can be felt on a vast collective, planetary level.

Perfect Storm Overlays require us to learn how to firmly position ourselves in the Eye of the Storm at all times. And this is immensely helpful, for it is what we most need to do. Perfect Storm Overlays will continue until we can stay permanently anchored in our Heart's Knowingness which is the new Eye of the Storm. While we are experiencing them, it's important for us to remember that It's not the duality in the outside world that goes away, but it's the duality patterns WITHIN US that cease to be.



Another important component of the New Navigation is JUST IN TIME Fulfillment. This means that things happen at the very last minute, right before they are needed. This takes some adjustments to get used to, especially for those of us who like to plan ahead and get things into their rightful positons so we can sit back and relax.

JUST IN TIME has been in practice with manufacturers and suppliers for quite a while. The old way was for manufacturers to have huge warehouses so they would have all the parts and supplies they would need in the future under one roof. The new way is to have the parts delivered in the moment that they are needed for production. JUST IN TIME means that we don't need to keep a huge inventory; instead we receive what we need, right when it is needed and not a second before.

I am definitely seeing this in my own life. Last year after months of searching for a house to rent, we found our house just three days before we had to move. Of course, this doesn't mean that we sit back and passively wait for things to come to us. We need to put in the effort and do what's needed. We began to pack several weeks before the move, even if we didn't know where we were going, so we would be ready when the time comes. Another example of JUST IN TIME was when we applied for permission last March to use the site at Moray, Peru for our 11/11/11 Silent Watcher RESET Ceremony. After innumerable emails, phone calls and visits to the government office, we finally received our written permission the evening before our ceremony. JUST IN TIME...

Adjusting to JUST IN TIME takes some practice. Even though it happens frequently in my life, I am still getting used to it, and definitely haven't mastered it yet. It requires a strong listening to our Heart's Knowingness at all times. It's way more than trust; it's a rock solid knowingness that all will happen in its right timing and that despite all outer appearances, ALL IS WELL. Instead of relaxing when what we need finally arrives, we can start relaxing right now, knowing that it will come at the perfect moment.

Another new development is the arrival of a new kind of Melon. Our previous Melons were fortuitous occurrences which unexpectedly dropped down to us. These Melons were fully ripe and ready to eat. The new Melons aren't yet ripe, but are full of the seeds of our New True Lives. We need to plant these seeds and nurture them with love so they will grow. When we receive a seed melon, it's best not to talk about them until the seeds have germinated.



The composition of the HERE and NOW is vastly changing. It is becoming more concentrated and greatly expanded. Because of this, we can no longer relate to Time as the defining measurement of our predominant reality. Instead we are moving deeper into an enhanced state of infinite timelessness found in the Expanded HERE and NOW. This is because Time itself is becoming increasingly elastic. Time is simply another artificial concept of duality, like separation. Time was created for the Template of Duality, so as duality disappears, time is also collapsing in upon itself.

There's a completely new evolutionary level coming in from November's 11/11/11 RESET Mua. We see occasional glimpses of it now and then. "Ah, that's what True Lives are like!" "Oh, that's how it feels to be my Truest Self!" As clarity emerges, the landscape of our new world starts to appear. It's not crystal clear yet, but it's enough in that moment so that we can see where we've been, how the work behind us has led us to where we are, and catch a glimpse of the potential of our New True Lives and what they hold. These glimpses are full of the wondrous beauty and perfection of our New Lives.

While we are traveling through many situations and interacting with numerous people, there is often the sense that we are not moving at all. We are standing still in the center of our Trueness in the Expanded HERE and NOW, while watching the outer landscape revolve around us, shifting the people and props on the stage of our life. This is the Eye of the Storm position centered in our Heart's Knowingness. We interact with whomever and whatever the revolving landscape brings to us with Love, honesty and Truenesss. Some people pass by in a blur; we are almost invisible to each other. Other encounters are often very brief, yet they are so real that they touch us deeply. We are entering the realm of infinity in the expanded centerpoint of HERE and NOW, while the world around us is revolving faster and faster.

A few days ago we took our cat, Mari-Mari to the veternarian in Cuzco. She has been losing weight for several months, although she eats a lot. We were put into a glass walled cubicle at the back of the room. Eight feet away was another glass room with a large dog on the table. Before our journey, I was prepared that our cat might not be returning home with us, so weak had she become. I was sitting in a chair facing the dog who was surrounded by his family who obviously loved him deeply. Suddenly he went into cardiac arrest. The vet rushed to his side and started giving him CPR. The family burst into tears.

Then, I could feel his spirit leaving his body. This immediately brought back all the times that I had been touching my beloved animals at the moment they died. All those moments were rolled up into this one eternal moment. It cracked me wide open and was a devastating experience. I watched the family in their sorrow as the dog was wrapped in a blanket and put into another room. I saw the shock and tears on the veterinarian's face. After that, our cat's vital energy became much stronger, although she is still having tests to determine why she is not receiving nutrients from the food she eats. It felt that when dog left the planet, he took with him some of Mari-Mari's sickness so she could live. I know that dogs can do this; I have seen it happen before.

When I felt that this moment contained the deaths of all my beloved pets from my whole life, I saw the line of all these experiences stretching out into infinity. I saw that each tree is a representative of the One Tree of its species. The Sun we see in our sky is the representative of the entire line of Suns that extends beyond it. Who we are now is the composite of all we have ever been. As Past, Present and Future roll up into the present moment of the HERE and NOW, we are able to see the whole in one like a line stretching out into infinity, like a whole row of shining pearls.

When we consciously connect with this line of infinity we align with our Never-Ending Story. This is the eternal story of who we really are and why we are here. When we bring alive our Never-Ending Stories, it completes the circle and moves the evolutionary spiral to a totally new level.

This infinity in the Expanded HERE and NOW is the Eye of the Storm, the centerpoint of our Heart's Knowingness. Being there enables us to see everyone's point of view at the same time. It gives us the compassion to see beyond the limiting definitions of duality. And it sets us free of duality based perceptions.

From this, we can see that if someone in our One Being needs something, it's not just their problem. It's a component of the dynamic of our kindred family and affects all of us. We can all come up with creative solutions together. THE BEST SOLUTION FOR UNCERTAIN TIMES IS TO HAVE A STRONG ONE BEING. This is the One Being of our True Life kindred family, the One Being of our neighbors and community and our Greater One Being which contains all. It's like assembly lines in a factory converging to where we are. So much to do, so many parts to assemble. At first this is nearly overwhelming, but as more workers come to the factory, or more of our One Being steps forward, the work becomes not only easier, but fun.

Our journey through life is not just to focus on the final destination. The power is in each precious moment of the journey, not in reaching the destination. If we focus solely on arriving at our destination, and think that that's when our True Lives begin, we will miss out on each day. Whatever you are given in your present situation, do something positive with it. Make it beautiful, see the humor in it, make it your own. Live your life as if you are already in your New True Life, for it has begun....



We begin February roughly, with that grain of sand in the oyster feeling, knowing that some changes need to be made immediately. This time is full of life changing experiences sweeping into our lives like tsunamis, integrating more of the new Mua, trying to do five hundred things at once, several of which are of major importance. Some old projects get finished, and we begin implementing new creative ideas. Everything requires intricate timing and following our Heart's Knowingness at all times.

In February a whirlwind picks up some of us, just like the tornado in the Wizard of Oz that picked up Dorothy's house in Kansas and deposited it in the magical Land of OZ. By the time it's over in a few months, it deposits us in our True Homes. At times the energies may feel volatile or gloomy. There is the sense that everything is moving at light speed as the days pass by in a blur. We may occasionally get flattened or cracked wide open. When something cracks us open, we feel weak, fragile and vulnerable. But it does open up long sealed up places in us. It deepens our emotions.

There will be times when we question everything, when we feel separate from those close to us, when we are ready to jettison our knowingness and circle our wagons for protection or pull up our drawbridges to keep the outside world at bay. Yet even when this is happening, a part of us remains aligned with our Heart's Knowingness and these feelings will quickly pass. If we look at the old track of our Pre-11/11/11 RESET lives, we will feel powerless. This is because when we are looking at the old track, we won't be able to  see things on the new track. Yes, we are powerless in making things happen in the old ways. but we know that we are in RIGHT TIME - RIGHT PLACE, even when we can't see the details of what is really going on.

As we continue to adjust to the 11/11/11 RESET, we are shifting our attitudes towards everything, even when challenges and glitches occur. Duality has less of a hold over us, even though we may sometimes go up and down on the waves, we maintain our overview of the ocean in its entirety. And since this is the last year of the 11:11 Activations, all year long we are shifting evolutionary spirals.

For the past year, many of us have had the outer props of our lives stripped away from us. We may have our possessions in storage or have left our old secure jobs or unequal relationships. In 2012, some of these outer physical props will return to us, but they will be utilized in totally new ways.

We are experiencing a new level of Ho'o Pono Pono, making things right with ourselves, others and the world. We are sifting through what is true and what is not true. Elements from the past are either moving to a new level or are being released. Our journeys of Ho'o Pono Pono are much easier when we are a True One. I just discovered this last month when I returned to Hawaii for a few weeks. Twice as we were going through airport security and approaching the horrible body scanners, airport security suddenly opened up new lines for us that didn't have body scanners.

On these journeys there are some old things that we do for the last time. We bring many old situations to an end, like rolling up the rug of our past into the HERE and NOW. At the same time, our past memories telescope out into infinity while residing in the centerpoint of the Expanded HERE and NOW.

When we return from our Ho'o Pono Pono journeys, there is the feeling that much in our lives is out of place. A whole new level of things that need shifting in our current lives is revealed. And with fresh eyes, we set to work....

Our mass awakening continues while the stakes are constantly being raised. This time is full of breakthroughs, large and small. We are gaining a vaster perspective than we've had before. This makes things that were catastrophes earlier in our life now seem like speed bumps on a road traveled long ago.

The Silent Watchers are moving to new levels. There is now the Silent Watchers of SEEING, the Silent Watchers of BEING and the Silent Watchers of DOING.

2012 is a Leap Year and February is the month to leap. It is the month to get real, honest and true. This is it. Everything is On the Line as never before. We have to make the leap, to really step in and summon everything we've got to do it. It's a month in which anything could flip over in an instant. Dealing with our Perfect Storm Overlays are stretching us to see how far we can go, but it seems we can only go as far as the One Being is ready for. It's also about living large. The vaster we become, the less effort the leaps will be.

Our True Lives are HERE, the New Mua Has Begun, the cylinder with the new codes is here. Ten 11:11 Gates have been activated. We can make the shift NOW. There is nothing to wait for. This is it! And It will only get better....

Let's make the leap now!





With deepest gratitude for the inspiration and insights of:
Anaku, Carlos, Cindy, Emanáku, Kayanti, Keenuane, Lucia, Malcolm, Radha, Theresa, Zerahiah

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