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The Year 2013 Surf Report: Expanding into a New Reality

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One of the main focuses of January was to fully align ourselves with the new energies. Much of January was spent in the Sacred Pause as we tried to discover WHERE WE ARE NOW and WHO WE HAD BECOME.

During our prolonged Sacred Pause, many of us experienced ourselves in a space with no reference points outside our own self. We learned that our experiences become what we perceive of them. We also learned to be careful of labeling things as "old" or "new". This is because many "old" elements of our lives suddenly became "new".

There was a noticeable shift around the 19th of January. Many of us could actually feel ourselves passing through a significant Turning Point. The energies started moving forward. This happened slowly at first, starting on inner levels, then spreading outwards, continually becoming stronger.

We ended the month of January very spread out on different levels. There were those of us who were still immersed in our Old Stories. Others who were completing their Old Stories as quickly as possible. Some were in the Transition Zone between their Old Stories and the New Stories. Others were getting swept along by a powerful creative surge, while a lucky few had already begun to write their New Stories.

Releasing our Old Mythology

In January some of us hit major Bands of Distortion. This happened mainly to those who were holding onto their Old Stories and getting stuck in them.

Some of us are still living in the old fairy tale. This is not our True Story and it is not our New Story. It's not that our Old Stories or old fairy tales are bad stories; it's just that they are stories that have expired.

When we live in the expired fairy tale of our old mythology, we are continually influenced by the unconscious emotional residue which is embedded within our old mythology. When this old emotional residue comes up, it triggers very expired emotional responses, many of which are simply automatic responses that are mindlessly triggered. These old emotional patterns need to be immediately recognized and discarded, for they are not WHO WE ARE NOW.

Like old emotional responses, we also need to be constantly aware if we are in our old fairy tale or living our True Story. Our old mythology binds us to the past. It keeps us from fully inhabiting the HERE and NOW. Our old myths tell us things like, "Support isn't there for me when I most need it." or "I can't be truly loved." or "I can't live the kind of life that I most want." or "My love story always has a tragic ending.".

Our collective mythology reinforces these illusions. Sisyphus always has to roll an immense boulder up the mountain, only to helplessly watch it roll back down. Then he must repeat this action forever. Romeo and Juliet had a great love that ended in their mutual deaths. King Arthur was betrayed by his wife and his best friend. Isis and Osiris were separated when he chose to go to the Underground. For much of our passage through duality, these, and many other stories illustrated the archetypes that influenced our beliefs in what was possible.

Our old mythologies also include things like our star lineages, spiritual brotherhoods, religious philosophies and family karma. None of these things matter anymore. They no longer define who we are or what we are able to experience in life. In our New Stories, we are wide open and undefined. We have limitless potential and infinite possibilities. ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE.

Our old mythology constantly trips us up when we try to step into the New Landscape. We fall over our swords or get tangled up in our capes or our crown slips down over our eyes and covers up our vision. And although others around us might continue to reinforce our old fairy tales, we are the ones who keep it alive. And we are the only ones who can decide to step out of them.

An event like December 21, 2012 when the Mayan Calendar came to an end, helped to close the Door to the Old, because some of us were tripped again by our old mythology. There were so many projections, fears, and expectations about what the end of last year meant that it really clouded our clear vision. It shattered so many expectations that its unexpected, but extremely beneficial, outcome was to make us more free and ultimately more real and True.

Now that the end of 2012 has passed with no major calamities, our expectations are waning. This helps make everything more clear, open and smooth for what is really New, since the New and True cannot yet be identified and labeled.

As I mentioned in one of my January's Surf Updates, two people whom I know who recently had their spouses die, have both found new loves within months of their partner's passing. This happened when they were both in their grieving process when finding a True Love was the last thing on their minds. Yet it happened to them because they were not holding onto the mythology of tragedy. They knew that ALL IS WELL, even when we cannot easily see it.

This time is full of strong lessons. One of the biggest ones is that we simply cannot keep repeating the experiences of our old mythology or else we will be like a hamster on his wheel, expending a lot of energy and going nowhere.

We have an unprecedented opportunity this year to completely recreate ourselves and to reinvent our lives by moving them onto a truer track. This is why it is essential that we release our old mythology as soon as possible.

No one can complete our Old Stories for us. We are the ones who have to make this decision to write our final chapter and close the book of our old mythology. If we don't like the outcome or results of our Old Stories, if we don't want to continue to repeat those experiences, all we have to do is close the book and set it aside.

Then we pick up a fresh new book full of beautiful blank pages and start to write the story of what we REALLY want to live. We don't need to create a new mythology; we simply write our True Eternal Story with the pure essence of WHO WE ARE. This New Story comes directly from our heart. And that is how we manifest our Wildest Dreams and much, much more!

Navigating a New Landscape

February has a strong sense of emergence. This is the emergence of our greatly altered inner core being into a greatly expanded, new outer landscape. Our focus now moves from the inner to the outer. We are bringing WHO WE ARE NOW out into the outer world. THE SACRED PAUSE IS NOW OFFICIALLY OVER and we are taking our first steps out into our wondrous New Landscape. And we are doing this as our True Selves!

Taking our first steps into a New Landscape thrusts us into many unfamiliar situations. When this happens, it's not only a matter of trying to survive these situations, but we want to thrive in them by wholeheartedly embracing the Unknown. In the beginning, we may not be sure how to deal with these new situations, then as we gracefully accept them, we are able to align ourselves with the surging river of creativity that is becoming ever stronger. Suddenly, these unfamiliar situations become exciting and fun, rather than challenging.

All the while, our old Known Landscape is dramatically transforming. Many elements of the old are becoming surprisingly fresh and new, while others are simply disappearing. This is becoming increasingly obvious in the physical world around us. We go to a favorite restaurant and it is no longer there. Familiar roads are under construction, requiring us to take a previously unknown route and frequently traveled bridges are closed.

At times, we may encounter patches of indecisiveness and temporary confusion. They are pockets of the energy of spiraling chaos which are always present when the New is being born. They come upon us the same way as when we suddenly step on an unseen patch of ice. We lose our footing and begin to spin around uncontrollably until we are able to step out of the indecisiveness and confusion.


In the New Landscape, a constant flipping over is taking place. Because of this, nothing is able to stay in a fixed position for very long. We perceive that everything is going well and then the next moment, nothing works out. We try to make plans for our future and then they fall apart. We assume that people like us and then it seems like nobody likes us. As soon as we think that we know how things are now, we discover that this is not how things are. This makes it impossible to anchor our beings in any kind of stationary position, simply because there is no stationary or permanent position at this point in time for us to cling onto.

Since our perception of the New Landscape keeps flipping over, it cannot yet be accurately mapped. This is because the New Landscape is not static; it is fluid, undulating and constantly revealing new parts of itself that we didn't have a clue existed.

As all our old duality-based judgements and perceptions fall away, the only position that is left for us is to be open and undefined in the Expanded HERE AND NOW where ALL IS WELL.

An example from my life: Right now, I am traveling in Mexico. One of my major considerations whenever traveling is to find a good place to write the Surf Report. So we went to Tulum on the Riviera Maya for four days at the beginning of the month just so I could write a good Surf Report. I was sure that there would be lots of quiet and good energy there. I pictured myself writing the Surf Report for a few hours, then taking a swimming break in Tulum's healing waters. Beautiful expectations, but not what happened....

Our first day there was windy, cold and rainy. Our beach side bungalow was very small, dirty and so dark that we needed to use flashlights to see into our suitcases, with no place to sit other than on the bed which was tightly wrapped in a mosquito net like a cocoon. It was obvious that I wouldn't be able to write there, so I put on my warmest clothes and moved to the quietest corner of the open air restaurant. The second day was sunny and beautiful. I wrote as much as I could and actually went swimming in the ocean once. The third day was again stormy, windy and rainy. But, the Surf Report was almost finished. Only one day more! That night I got violently ill with stomach flu and was up all night being sick. On the fourth day, I was still sick and feeling very weak. Could not work on the Surf Report and had to sleep most of the day.

This was the end of our Surf Report writing time in Tulum. After that, we had a busy day of traveling to Oaxaca. So here I am up at 2:00 am trying to get it finished. Now for the example of our flipped over perceptions..... Using our old duality-based judgements, it would be easy to see all this as an unfortunate experience, but it really wasn't. Yes, it rained and our experience in Tulum wasn't as we expected and the Surf Report didn't get finished on time. And the entire situation was a really good Perfect Storm. But that's just how it was. I even felt that getting sick was a helpful purification. AND SO IT IS. ALL IS WELL.

I've found that I no longer need to judge situations as "good" or "bad" because they are neither. They just are. AND SO IT IS. We do the best we can in each moment. Sometimes we can swim in a pristine ocean and sometimes we are sick all night. Sometimes we have ideal conditions in which to work and other times there are numerous distractions. It really doesn't matter. We are True no matter what is happening. AND SO IT IS.

Once we can fully accept the HERE AND NOW without any judgements or expectations getting in the way, once our experiences in the present moment are not tinted or tainted by the experiences of our old mythology, we have entered TRUE REALITY. This is when we really start walking in our New Landscape.

Our first steps in the New Landscape may feel as if we are on a wild roller coaster ride with lots of unexpected changes, going steeply upwards and then zooming downwards and then flipped upside-down. Suddenly, our roller coasters come to a stop and then starts going what seems like backwards! Only it's not backwards, but a reverse forward. This wild roller coaster is a bit too thrilling at times, but also sort of fun.

Occasionally it feels like we are navigating through a complex labyrinth with numerous twists and turns, and then suddenly a super direct path opens up before us and we bypass the entire labyrinth. When this happens, the old situations and problems are quickly resolved in ways that we would never have imagined before.

We are having constant experiences of being in RIGHT TIME - RIGHT PLACE. When this occurs, something which could have been difficult to solve is quickly resolved through RIGHT TIME - RIGHT PLACE.

Whenever we don't feel like we are in a state of RIGHT TIME - RIGHT PLACE, it means that we have slid back into our old mythology. These situations are very helpful for they show us that there are still patches of old mythology around us. We can utilize these occasions to thank our old mythology for bringing us to the edge of the New Landscape, while telling it that it cannot travel further with us.

As soon as we step out of our old mythology, we wake up with an entirely ENLARGED sense of BEING, cleaned, cleared and centered as NEVER BEFORE. Our lives start to move forward with surprising opportunities that are completely unexpected. Nothing happens exactly as we think it might. Our expectations have flown away, leaving us wide open and spontaneous. And this is rather liberating. Throughout it all, we have a deep inner knowingness that ALL IS WELL, even when things don't match what we thought would happen.

Our New Landscape is bringing everything to us in a whole new language, something that our minds cannot decipher. It comes as a mixture of messages emerging from different locations or situations or realities, jumping from one image to another. While these messages are apparently unconnected, if we observe them from an expanded state, we can see that everything as a whole contains a single message.


February is short, but extremely potent and fast paced. This month brings us a series of Green Lights and "Off the Map" wondrous opportunities so we can move forward in new unique ways. All month, there will be much forward movement at a comfortable high speed. We will receive answers to some of our burning questions in February.

The Chinese Year of the Snake begins on February 10th. The Snake, adept at shedding old skin and the universal symbol for the Primordial Life Force or Kundalini - is the perfect totem for this year of radical transformation, renewal and reinvention. That makes February a springboard month for truly significant quantum leaps into entirely new experiences and hitherto unknown reality options. We will continue to shed our old skins and old mythology all year long.

Our thorough reassessment of WHO WE ARE NOW continues. We are discovering that the inner silence we gained during our Sacred Pause is still present. We have a new confidence that we didn't feel before. This is present even when the "old" still needs our attention. We may hit Bands of Distortion now and again, but we have a deep and enduring connection to the Ultra Greater Reality; this is part of the tapestry we are woven into.

Health issues continue to rise to the forefront so we can pay more attention to our health and start implementing more healthful ways of living.

The dam has finally burst and the waters of the new are starting to flood in - but this seems to be happening only to those who have been willing to let go of their Old Stories. There is much to learn in the next fewmonths that will help align us to our True Direction.

Throughout this period, we are being pulled forward by a massive creative surge that is ever increasing. We need to align with this creative surge by riding the top of the waves. We do this by releasing any expectations of what we think 'should be' or 'must be' and simply accept and trust that we are in RIGHT TIME - RIGHT PLACE. This will make this incredible ride smoother and much more fun.

In February, expectations get constantly thrown out the door. Very little happens as we thought it would. This forces us to remain in the HERE and NOW and to accept what comes, or doesn't come to us. It's important that we don't rely too heavily on new people or seemingly fixed situations, since everything is in the midst of massive change. This helps us stay wide open, which is what is most needed at this time.

February is a month of synthesis in which many seemingly unrelated elements come together in surprising new ways to create something solid and real. This is clearing the path to our True Purpose. We are given opportunities to return to places we have been in the past, but this time we have totally new experiences.

We are learning to allow new expressions and new ways of doing things to come through so we can move ahead with no brakes on. Many of us are feeling a great anticipation of what is to come. There is a sense of true magic in the air. We know unquestionably that wondrous. life-changing events are about to unfold. These are far beyond our present imagining. Unexpected miracles and juicy Melons are on their way to us. And this is just the beginning....

February has a huge potential of building the new foundation for the whole year. This short month contains a large key to our New True Lives.

With True Heart LOVE,


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