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January was a tough, challenging month for many in which our focus was on resetting our inner and outer lives to greater Trueness. Although we welcomed the New Year of 2014 with great enthusiasm, many of us were quickly brought to a halt through either sickness or extreme weather. Every time that we tried to step forward, our steps would circle back around to the Reset position.

It felt like a miracle that we got anything done. Although some of us were still traveling on the Fast Track, most of us felt like the tracks had been removed from underneath us.

During this final month of the Chinese Year of the Snake, we felt the layers of old skin loosening off of us, ready to fall away. This wasn't a particularly pretty sight, but it was necessary. While this was happening, we didn't feel beautiful, capable, smart, efficient or wise. Instead, we were a mess of molting layers.

Breaking Free

We have finally completed the challenging Year of the Snake Shedding its Skin and have entered the new Chinese Year of the Green Wooden Horse. For some reason, this fills us with deep excitement, just like what we felt at the beginning of the Year 2014.

Many of us think that we are ready to leap on our green horses and ride off into our True Lives in the New Landscape. And that would be true if this were already the month of March. But it's February.... There are important things to do this month that will make it possible for us to go for a good gallop into the New Landscape in March.

First, we have to get acquainted with our horse. We can't just jump on a wild horse we've just encountered and ride away into the sunset. We have to gain the confidence of our green horse. We have to become clear where we are going. The magic green horse of 2014 won't let us ride it until we are clean and clear all the way through. If we try to get on his back in order to continue our ride in the endlessly repeating loops of our old stories, he will buck us off. The only place the green horse can take us is deep into the New Landscape.

Because of this, we need to utilize the month of February to clean up everything we can. To clear away any remaining residue of our old lives. To thoroughly comb through our beings until we are nothing less than our authentic, true selves. To release the expired and untrue. To lighten our loads until we are only carrying what can travel with us into our True Lives. We need to sort out and tidy up our current environment, even though it may feel temporary and we may be leaving it soon. All the meaningless clutter of our old lives must either be passed on or go into the rubbish bin. Our energetic fields need to be constantly recalibrated and renewed. We have to do all this in February, not later. We want to have this done BEFORE the Green Lights turn on in March and we can leap onto our magic green horse.

February is a short, super intense month. We are dealing with real issues now. It's the perfect time to eliminate the old, pack it in a box and send it away with love. It's a month full of the continual letting go of all things that held us in the past. We release them with joy and gratitude.

February is an important stepping stone which prepares for our wild ride on our magical green horse coming in March. There are many things that have to be resolved before we can immerse ourselves deeper into the New Landscape. This is an excellent time to go through everything, release what is no longer needed, recalibrate our living spaces and bring to completion many unresolved situations.

Since there is a Mercury Retrograde for most of the month, there is a strong emphasis on reorganization, revision, rerouting and resolution. We will be doing lots of Ho'o Pono Pono or Making Things Right. If we're not yet on our right track going in our truest direction, we may be rerouted. We will be scouring our inner beings and our outer lives to see what needs to be made right. Course corrections, attitude adjustments and letting go, letting go, letting go. This requires lots of effort, focus and commitment on our part.

There's also the sense that since we just spent the last year shedding our skins, now is the time to see what is there. Now that our old skins are gone, we will be see things previously hidden under the old skins that we haven't wanted to look at before. We can finally see the things on the inside that aren't right and will turn our attention to Ho'o Pono Pono-ing them. In February we are going to let go of things that we've wanted to let go of for a long time; these are the things that we weren't able to resolve and release until now.

February is also the month to put down the book of your Old Story if you are still living it. We can no longer keep endlessly repeating our Old Stories without it now becoming harmful. Our old book must be firmly closed and set aside so that we can begin living our New Stories in March. As we break free and leap off the merry go round of our Old Stories, we will say goodbye to our old lives.

All month long, we will be learning to feel comfortable with our tender new skins. Often we will feel raw and naked -- as if we had no skins at all. This can make going out in the world difficult at times since we feel so exposed and transparent.

But if we utilize the energies of February to thoroughly clean out everything, we will be ready for the accelerated month of March.


Weaving Quantum Deep into the HERE and NOW

A significant part of our adjustment to the New Landscape is taking place while we are in the state of Quantum Deep. This has been going on for several months now and will probably continue until we are more fully inhabiting the New Landscape.

When we are pulled into Quantum Deep, everything around us starts feeling unreal and semi-transparent. We lose our connection with the Expanded HERE and NOW. it's difficult to continue with our outer activities and we are strongly propelled to lie down and be super still. Once we do this, it's like being plugged directly into the New Reality. At the same time that we are connected with this New Reality, we remain aware of our physical surroundings. We can hear the sounds around us; we can open our eyes, but it is not easy to move.

During these times, this extremely still New Reality becomes our predominant reality and we are infused with its energies on a core, cellular level. We feel so at home and at peace here that we don't want to leave it. Usually after an hour or two, we slowly return to the HERE and NOW, knowing that we have just experienced a profound recalibration of our being.

Because of this, it often feels like we are traversing a landscape which resembles Swiss cheese. Although we try our best to stay in the Expanded HERE and NOW at all times, it's simply not possible. We can be fully present and ready to leap into action mode, when suddenly we slip into one of the holes in the Swiss cheese and enter a profound state of Quantum Deep.

Many of us have the feeling that we are doing a lot of work all the time, yet much of it isn't taking place on the physical. Yet there is a strong part of us that constantly has the urge to leap into physical action and get things done. At times we may feel torn between leaping into action and immersing ourselves into the profound stillness of the New Reality. We LOVE being in the Expanded HERE and NOW because this is where we feel fully alive, life feels fulfilling and everything feels ultra real. We may feel that we are "wasting time" when we're in Quantum Deep, but we're not.

This weaving that is taking place between the Expanded HERE and NOW and our immersion into the New Reality when we are in Quantum Deep is going to continue until we are able to fully inhabit the New Landscape and live in our True Homes. That's when the new tapestry is ready.

Until then, we need to get used to navigating these very different states, just as we are getting used to navigating through the waves of loved ones leaving the planet, the extreme weather and political turmoil. We also have to accept that what we are doing when we are immersed into Quantum Deep is just as important as any outer activities.


February begins with a strong burst of fresh air. After the rough month of January, we can once again feel the opening up of new energy just like we felt right at the beginning of 2014. Now that we've entered the Year of the Green Wood Horse, the energies of 2014 are finally being grounded into our physical reality.

The month of February is concentrated and potent. Although it is a powerful month of revision and resolution, the energies are flowing again. This makes things easier for us this month and much more fun. Significantly, there were two New Moons in January and there will be two New Moons in March, but no New Moon in February. This is another sign that we won't be riding our magic green horses into the New Landscape until March.

Now is the time for putting many of our puzzle pieces into their right places. Things that were difficult before are now becoming easier, partially because we've developed so much hardened muscle and partially because we are more in sync with the energies of Trueness. Because of this, we can look forward to a month when we can experience the joy of getting things done as well as rest, renewal and healing from the rigors of January.

The potential difficulties for us will come mainly if we try to hold onto our old lives, limited perceptions and expired ways of doing things. If we attempt to live in the past or act as if the world of duality is our predominant reality, there could be some painful lessons to help us break free. And even though we may experience occasional reruns of expired situations and emotions, these are great barometers of how diffused our old, worn reactions are and how far we have traveled beyond them.

All month long, we will be surfing the waves of strong creative surges. Creativity will provide us with unexpected solutions when we most need them. Some of us may now organize unexpected trips during the next few months for the purpose of resolution, completion and release. Others might go on journeys that will propel them onto the New Level.

We are building the foundations of our True Lives while standing strong in our Trueness. We are now clear that the distortions, separation and destructiveness of duality are no longer an acceptable reality. We no longer want to live there. We know that we are here to build the New and True.

Many of us are discovering that there's a real freedom in not trying to control things while remaining wide open to the call of our True Direction. Our True Homes want us to be there. They are trying to connect with us. If we listen to the promptings of our Heart's Knowingness, we will be led into our Truest Direction. The path is open before us.

This month will help us more deeply anchor our beings into the New and True. There's an increased solidity to the energies of the New Landscape. Our feelings of inner joy, trueness and love will immeasurably deepen. The current of our Heart's Knowingness will flow ever stronger, guiding our inner compass until we no longer doubt our internal knowingness. And as a bonus, our humor is returning and we're going to have fun!!!

February is full of fresh energy, new movement, unexpected openings, new ideas and exciting opportunities. There is a deepened seriousness running through our beings this month; it's time to get serious about fully living True Lives as True Ones in the New Landscape. This isn't seriousness in the heavy way of our Old Stories. We know that it's time to take responsibility for placing our Jewel in the Crown and becoming part of the True One Being.

February is a super concentrated month focused on completion and letting go. We are stripping away the last remnants of our old selves and old lives. This prepares us for March when we will leap onto our magic green horses, the Green Lights will turn on and we gallop onto the Fast Track.




With deep Gratitude and Love for the inspiration and brilliant insights of:
Ancient Arts, Barbara, Caly, Carolyn, Denise, Elena, Emanaku, Inger,
Kalasara, Maitreya, Petra, Radha, Trinity, Vikrom


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