Solara's January 2006 Surf Report



Right from its very first moments, the shores of the Year 2006 felt different. The entrance to it was both powerful and surprisingly gentle....

The New Year started out with a deep silence. It felt as if everything had been covered with a blanket of snow. It was a day in which activity was almost impossible. This is because there was a shifting in the template of the planetary grid enabling it to more fully align with the Matrix of the One.

In the deep hush created by the alignment with the New Matrix, many patterns and old habits are effortlessly dissolving.

The energies of the current Surf can best be compared to those of a tsunami. There are three distinct types of waves that we are experiencing, each with their unique purpose.

Clearing the Stage for our Future Endeavors

Beginning in December, there has been a powerful undertow pulling elements away from us. Anything which doesn't come from integrity and that doesn't click into their rightful positions is being swept out to sea. This includes relationships which can't move to a deeper level, old habits, behaviors and places where we have been stuck, outmoded ways of doing things, wrong jobs, duality-based concepts and beliefs and old emotional residue.

The undertow has been extremely effective, working like a huge vacuum cleaner, suctioning away from us everything which is untrue or which has outserved its purpose. It's not a pleasant feeling having so many elements pulled out to sea and at its strongest peaks, it makes us feel like we are dying.

A wave of people are leaving the planet rather unexpectedly at this time, being swept away with the outgoing tide. Although this is shocking to those of us who love them, it's happening because this is their choice to go.

All this strong stripping away is also dredging up the hardened sediment of hidden pockets of emotions. Old memories of experiences we have long forgotten may suddenly rise to the surface, bringing up waves of sadness. We are finally being allowed to grieve for what we long stuffed away.

Our dream state is being greatly affected. Many of us are having myriad dreams in which everything is swirling around, much like in a whirlpool. People whom we've almost forgotten are coming into our dreams and contacting us with very real messages. Our dreams are reflecting the chaos preceding tremendous change when everything is unhooked from their old positions and thrown up into the air where it swirls around, waiting to find its new, rightful position. It's like one of those glass snow globes that has gotten a good shake; suddenly everything is airborne and all mixed up.

While we are in the midst of such a powerful undertow, it's important that we don't get engulfed by the outgoing tide by giving up or falling into depression. We need to remember that everything which is leaving us is clearing the stage for our future endeavors. This is how we are being made ready for the tremendous breakthroughs of 2006's Quantum Surf.

And as with tsunamis, all the water that is swept out to sea is transformed into the huge Waves of the New. The Waves of the New are rising right now; they are constantly becoming deeper and taller.

Setting the Stage of the New

In January, we will feel the first waves of the Quantum Surf of 2006. The undertow will weaken somewhat and Waves of the New will start washing over us. These first waves of the tsunami will bring in new ways of resolving any unfinished situations. The word "resolve" is an interesting one. Re-solve means to solve something again, to find a solution. Only this time we will be re-solving by utilizing totally new approaches and finding new solutions by BEING LARGER.

This will enable us to discover new and original solutions to lingering issues and unresolved situations. We will experience spurts of fresh energy and inspiration which help us to complete anything in front of us which has been unresolved.

January will also give us plenty of Wild Cards which come to us when least expected and most needed. Pay close attention to any Wild Cards that come your way. They will provide major clues as to the way we should go.

We will also be experiencing numerous Insertion Points both of the Greater Reality and of the Lotus World. The Insertion Points of the Greater Reality will expand our awareness, allowing us to get a more complete picture of what is really going on. The Insertion Points of the Lotus World will deepen our love immeasurably. Whenever we are immersed into the Lotus World, we get a real taste of the Greater Love. Waves of Love wash all through us.

Our focus this month will be on completion, resolution and allowing the missing elements of our New Life to come to us. Because of this, it's important that we don't waste our energies by worrying about how things are going to happen, or by forcing decisions and actions before all needed elements are in place.

The Waves of the New will bring some much needed missing pieces into our puzzle. There are some key pieces that will be clicking into position in January. These pieces fill the gaps and must be in place before we can go forward. They will allow us to see more of the full picture of our path in 2006 and bring us greater clarity as to our next steps.

All month long, we will be very active setting the stage for the New, but there will also be times of deep quiet when repositioning and recalibration within our internal templates is taking place, bringing all our activities to a temporary halt.

As January progresses, our dreams will continue to be meaningful. Many things will be sorted out while we are asleep. Our dream state will take us into the deepest strata of our beings where we can work undisturbed on the level of pure energy.

Throughout January, more and more elements of our lives will click into place. It is similar to creating a stage set, except this time we have no preconceived plan of what it will look like. We have to put it together piece by piece using only the elements which have a perfect fit. First we find the right bamboo to go over in the left corner, then we find the perfect red couch to go on the right. And while we're doing this, we didn't even know that our stage set would have a bamboo or a red couch. It is a continuous journey of wonderment and discovery, making openness a helpful attribute.

By the end of the month, we'll have a much clearer picture of our new stage. Our new stage allows us to fully enter the resonance of Right Time - Right Place. Now, we are ready for the entrance of the next set of Waves of the New. And even bigger Quantum Surf will roll in.

Riding the Quantum Surf

On the New Moon of January 29th, which is also the Chinese New Year, the next waves of the tsunami will come in. These are the true Waves of the New. It's Quantum Surf Time! These waves will bring us to new places, new directions, new experiences, new jobs, new relationships and new levels of understanding.

This will be like the moment that the roller coaster has finished its long journey up the first steep hill and suddenly accelerates beyond belief. We are zooming around corners and doing loops-de-loops, yet somehow we don't fall out of our seats.

We are thrust into the Mega Waves of the Quantum Surf and off we go! It's going to be a very wild, but extremely fun ride. It's the thrill of a lifetime! From this moment forward, nothing will be the same and absolutely everything is possible. 2006 is a great and momentous year in which we can experience quantum breakthroughs and fulfillment beyond our wildest dreams.


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