The Open Doorway

Emerging Into A New World



Since we began emerging as True Ones, we've been going through a period of in depth realignment to the resonance of Trueness. For the past few months, it's felt like we've been traveling through a series of Black Holes. Everything that is untrue and unreal is being stripped off of us. We've experienced a massive vibrational cleansing of an unprecedented depth. In our journey to greater Trueness, we became naked, fragile and transparent.

Now, that we have entered the powerful year of 2011, the Turning Point has been reached and everything is flipping over into their rightful positions. We are now on a launch pad into the New and True. We can already feel our engines roaring and the power building, getting ready to thrust us into a totally New World. There is the growing sense that something life changing and absolutely monumental could happen at any moment.

The Open Doorway stands right in front of us....


January gives us a strong beginning to a super powerful year. It will be a Turning Point month in which many seemingly stuck situations find their perfect resolutions. Anything can transform instantly by suddenly flipping over into a new position. This means that nothing is irrevocably fixed into their old positions, even when it appears that they are.

The powerful New Moon / Solar Eclipse on January 4th brought us a major shift in the form of instantaneous transformations. For this eclipse, we didn't need to make any special actions or focus our intent so something would happen. A stunning alignment of RIGHT TIME - RIGHT PLACE occurred that suddenly caused some elements of our lives to flip over into their right positions. These instantaneous transformations are triggered when several of those wheels, gears and cogs that are ever turning finally click together. And this will happen frequently all year long.

Our internal compasses are being completely reset this month, changing our old North to the True North. This will help us realign ourselves into our right directions. True North aligns us more strongly with our inner knowingness as a True One.

Our Express Trains into the New are also going to shift tracks in January and move onto a super Fast Track. Once this happens, they will continue to speed up all year, giving us the ride of our lives. It will be very wild and exciting!

Many doors are opening for us in January. This is happening so we can completely recreate ourselves as True Ones. Once we are openly walking as True Ones, we can start living True Lives.

In January, a profusion of new elements and new information will enter our lives. We will also be reevaluating everything, weighing it on the scale of Trueness, making sure that we are in the right location with the right people. Looking at the job we do to see if it is still the right job for us. Scanning our activities, our behaviors, our emotional responses, our spiritual practices and our Wildest Dreams to make sure that they are True and Real.

All the while, we will be trying to learn how to navigate in the New World. This is one of our most challenging projects because very little is happening in the nice, linear, logical manner that we are used to. It is more like traversing a circular labyrinth. We circle around the perimeter of our New Landscape, trying to find the way into the center, all the while picking up new information and meeting new people -- like gathering eggs in a basket during an Easter egg hunt. We don't go directly into the center because we don't yet know how to do that. And maybe it isn't even possible.

I am learning a lot about the New Navigation since moving to Peru. This move was not like any other move I have done where you quickly find a place to live. Normally, our top priority is to first find a place to live, get an address, open a bank account, perhaps buy a car. Then you start learning your environment, things like finding out where to buy what you need. My experience here is more like a treasure hunt where I am picking up needed items, but in a seemingly random order, and haven't yet accomplished any of my top priority items.

When we weave ourselves into our New Landscape, it doesn't happen in the order of highest priority or what is of major importance. We may meet a new person on the street or find a new bakery, when our real urgency appears to be neglected. But this is all part of the overall Master Design that we cannot see. We have an idea of what we want to weave, but this isn't what appears to be being woven. The Master Design of what is actually being woven is far beyond what we can imagine. And it is exquisitely beautiful.

As an example: Perhaps we would like to create a weaving of a Lotus. The logical way to do this would be to start with the stem, rise up to the blossom, then add the leaves. But that's not how it is happening. Instead we may start with the tip of a leaf and not even know what it is. The next part may be a petal or a fragment of stem. Or suddenly there might be part of a wheel from a car or the base of a mountain or a hat. From these fragments, we have no clues of what is forming. We don't consciously decide to make a Lotus, then a car, then a mountain, then a hat. Instead, everything is mixed up and in no logical order that we can perceive in this moment. There are many unexpected elements in our tapestry. Later, when the Master Design of our weaving is revealed, we will be able to see the absolute perfection in the way that everything is unfolding.

It's really like traveling through a circular labyrinth. Even when we are getting closer to the center, we may be way out on the periphery of the circle and feel that we aren't making any progress.

Gathering information is an important part of this time. So is the learning of new skills. All of this will be very helpful when we discover our New Purpose later this year. When we align with our New Purpose, we will be so busy that we won't have time to gather the information and make the contacts with our new people. This is why we are doing this now.

I am finding that the way the New Navigation is working for me so far is that: -- Nothing happens -- Nothing happens -- I try to make something happen, but nothing happens -- Nothing happens -- Something small happens -- I think that nothing will ever happen -- Nothing happens -- I look to see if I am doing something wrong, but can't see anything I could do differently -- Nothing happens -- Something small happens -- I try again -- Nothing happens ----- Then suddenly something big clicks into position without any warning -- Then nothing happens again.

Since we haven't learned the New Navigation and it's such a deep mystery to us, we don't know if we are doing things wrong or right. Should we do more? Or should we just wait for the right things to come to us?

I am learning that if I don't look for things, I have a better chance of finding them. In the night sky, there are stars that you can't see if you look directly at them, but if you look a little bit to the side, you will see them. I'm also learning that some of the obvious actions and opportunities that come to us are not necessarily the right ones. We have to remain wide open and listen to our inner knowingness at all times, for often the real solution or opportunity arrives at the last minute. Sometimes we think that a solution is near, but it may not be so. At other times, we may think that the needed solution is far away, when it is right next to us. And this is just how it is in the New Navigation right now.

Sometimes there are important things to do, but the energy just isn't there. Or the information we need isn't here yet. Instead of trying to force our way through, it's better to set aside our urgent tasks and do something totally different until things are ready to click into position. Which they will, when the time is right; and they will do this effortlessly.


The month of January kicks off a brilliant year of momentous change. We start the year in a very unformed state. Many of the old definitions of what we knew to be true about ourselves and our lives are falling away. Our ways of doing things are in the midst of being drastically altered. We feel a strong pull to dive into unknown territory, yet we have no maps. But we do have tremendous courage and our inner knowingness to guide our way.

We also have an unwillingness to continue on the same tired road as before. It no longer holds any life for us. We know that it's time to do something different, or at least, do everything in new ways. We can no longer live on the old level. Now, Trueness calls to us to step forth as True Ones. To make our presence felt. To expand the resonance of PURE HEART TRUE LOVE wherever we walk.

We must enter 2011 in total openness, being more open than ever before. We are not only open to the New and True, but we are open to face anything within us with absolute honesty, no matter how dark or shocking it may appear to be. We are open to transform or release whatever doesn't resonate with Trueness. And just by looking at these elements with openness and honesty, this triggers their instantaneous transformation. No processing is needed.

We are open to transform our mastery, setting aside our old mastery so that we may gain a greater mastery. We are open to set aside our old skills and learn new ones. We are open to new kindred people coming into our lives and we are open to the profound transformation of those whom we already know, because we aren't holding anyone or anything into their old positions.

We no longer need outer confirmation of the rightness of what we are doing because we are following our inner knowingness as True Ones. And we know that we always reside in RIGHT TIME - RIGHT PLACE, even when it appears as if we aren't.

We are no longer afraid to LOVE and BE LOVED because LOVE is simply our natural state of being. If we breathe, we love; it's as simple as that.

We are no longer bound to our past experiences and we no longer look longingly at the future to bring us what we want. This is because we now reside in the EXPANDED HERE & NOW where all is possible.

We are suspending all judgments and releasing our expectations, so that we may be wide open to embrace our present moment without any past preconceptions or old residue clouding our vision. We are treating each day as if it is both our first and our last.

If it is our last day on Earth, everything has such a poignant sweetness. We are grateful for each moment of life. Every taste of food, every sip of water is the most delicious and refreshing that we have ever tasted. We appreciate the beauty of nature as never before -- the Sun, the stars, the flowers, singing of the birds. We are grateful for each person in our lives and tenderly tell them so. We spread our love everywhere.

And if it is also the first day of our life, everything is brand new. We have no preconditioning, no fears that hold us back. We are wide open and have no hindrances to expressing our LOVE whole-heartedly. There is such freshness in the air. And we are excited to discover more....

In front of us stands the Open Doorway of 2011.

Now, let's walk through it together as the True Ones we are....





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