Our One Being Emerges!

Solara's Painting: One Being
When Earth & Star have fully merged within us, we become the eye of our One Being.


Birthing Authenticity


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December was a powerful month that brought us a huge creative surge. Surfing this surge gave us an abundance of energy to complete some major, long standing projects. They simply flowed out of us. At times, the creative surge was so strong that it was almost impossible to eat or sleep; all we wanted to do was to complete the old and birth the New. Our seeds of the New were planted.

In December we also bumped into distortion bands caused by the RESET Ripples. This occured when the RESET waves crashed into hardened pockets of duality and knocked them open. This set off a series of very ancient triggers within us, bringing up to the surface old emotional patterns so they could be released.

When we encounter distortion bands, our sense of separation is heightened. Distortion bands are like a Hall of Mirrors where everything is magnified, twisted and stretched into a surreal nightmare landscape. We can either be terrified by what we see or we can walk through the Hall of Mirrors as a True One, knowing that what we are seeing is not real. This experience gives us the opportunity to strengthen our connection to our Heart's Knowingness.



Right from the beginning, this year feels very different. It's more serious and more grounded than previous years. Everything feels more real. 2012 is laden with deep undercurrents of massive, unprecedented change.

In January many of us are feeling a tremendous sense of urgency and excitement to get to our right places with our right people, align as One Being, start living True Lives and manifest our True Purpose. We know that the time is NOW.

Yet what we are encountering often feels more like navigating an obstacle course rather than progressing along a clear path illuminated by a series of Green Lights. Many of these so called obstacles are glitches, often found in technology, electronics or just simple communication. When they occur, we have to keep on going and find our way through.

I've experienced a lot of these glitches recently. After three of us worked night and day for several months on our two new websites, we finally launched them on January 1st. After an hour, the host of our new websites decided to shut them down for no apparent reason. We immediately changed service providers and our new websites reappeared a day later. Only this time, the photos for the 11:11 Photo Journey only appeared in the English version. We finally solved this problem, which hadn't existed on the first provider, only to discover that the service provider of the Nvisible website had changed our server without warning and all the pages we had uploaded the day before, including the Year 2012 Surf Report, had disappeared.

When these glitches occur, it's important that we don't take them personally and simply recognize them as an obstacle course filled with the debris of duality. We need to realize that these glitches bring us needed rerouting, moving us into the correct direction or the correct timing. Then simply do what is needed and continue on.

So far, this is the pattern for January: We zoom ahead on the creative surge; then everything appears to come to a stop. Then we zoom forward again. This is happening because we are inserting very NEW, TRUE and REAL energies into the collapsing world of duality. I really hope that this pattern doesn't continue for much longer.

At the same time we are zooming and stopping while traversing the obstacle course, things that we know are REAL and TRUE feel like they are manifesting; then they suddenly appear not to be happening. Yet, we know that they are really happening, even when they don't appear to be. Through all this STOP and GO, it's easy to become confused if we don't stay true to our Heart's Knowingness.

Usually, we just look at the linear surface view of life to see what's going on. But this horizontal, linear surface view is not giving us an accurate picture at this time. If we just look at the linear view of the visible surface of our lives, it's easy to become disheartened and discouraged at times. This is when we need to remember that what APPEARS to be happening or not happening, isn't necessarily what is REALLY going on.

This is especially true if we don't take into consideration the massive activity that is happening beneath the surface. Here great movement is taking place. This is similar to looking into the depths of the ocean and seeing volcanos erupting and new islands being formed. We also don't always notice the infinitely vaster overview of what is REALLY going on, simply because we don't look at it very often since we are too involved in the details of everyday life, like making a living or keeping ourselves entertained so we won't get bored. We also cloud our clear, unbiased perspective with unrequited desires such as our yearnings to find our One True Love, instead of fully inhabiting the HERE and NOW.

To know what is really happening, we need to look larger and align with our Heart's Knowingness. Sometimes we feel that much is happening, but we cannot see anything as if we are in a thick fog. During these times, we definitely cannot rely solely on outer appearances. When we can't see clearly, we need to utilize our true feelings as our new method of seeing. We can always navigate through the misty fog with our Heart's Knowingness.

During January we are going to be continually tested to see if we are holding true to our Heart's Knowingness. Our Heart's Knowingness is the compass that will show us our true direction. When elements that we know are true don't appear to be happening, we must stay with the feeling of rightness that we feel in our hearts. Our Heart's Knowingness is like a lighthouse in the densest fog. It's our homing beacon. It will always lead us into the truest places.

In 2012 the Line in the Sand has been drawn and we all need to choose where we are going to stand, if we haven't done so already. We are discovering who is in and who is out (for now). We can't worry about the people who are out right now; instead we are gathering together with those who are definitely in, those ready to make a commitment to actually live True Lives, rather than just dream about them. It's time to come together as One Being with those who share our True Purpose and start manifesting our True Lives. All the while we remain wide open for others to join us.

At times, we may feel disappointed that some of the people we are close to just aren't getting what is really going on. We've been preparing to manifest our True Lives. We've been giving our full commitment to this for a long time, and now our express train into our True Lives is leaving the station and some of the close ones whom we thought would be on this journey with us, aren't on the train.

These are the ones we thought for sure would be here, but they aren't ready, so they don't show up. Or perhaps, it's simply not the right train for them. Instead, other people unexpectedly appear to take the seats of those who didn't show up. These new ones are prepared and ready. They jump on the train with great enthusiasm and their full commitment.

Some of the unready ones might finally decide to participate, but when they do, they may not be able to find seats on the train because they are already full. Or they might discover that the train has left without them. Then they might have to find another train that goes to a different destination with a new group of people.

Because some of the express trains into our True Lives are now leaving the station, we all need to be clear if we're meant to be on them. If it's a conscious decision based on our Heart's Knowingness that this isn't your right train, then ALL IS WELL. Your correct train will come in its right timing. But if this is a default decision because you are holding onto fears, then you might not want to miss your chance.

A massive realignment of soul groups is taking place this year. New soul groups are forming and old ones are dissolving. Some of the people in our new soul groups were in our previous soul group; others are completely unexpected. When our new soul group comes together, we form One Being with a shared True Purpose and build our new True Lives.

This is what is happening with the people who came together for the shared purpose of activating the Doorway of the 11:11. Some people came in to help activate a Gate or two; others were commited to the entire journey. Some came in at the beginning, while others came in at a later date, but made the commitment to see it through. Now that the final 11:11 Activation will take place later this year, this 11:11 soul group is being reconfigured. A new Heart of AN soul group One Being is forming, while other 11:11 people will spin off into different soul groups.

This is why if you want to participate in the birthing of a New World, if you want to live a True Life as a True One, it's important that you align with your right people and places as soon as possible. It's time to step in right now. It's much better to leap in during the birth process then to sit back on the sidelines as an observer and let everyone else create the New for you, expecting that you will be able to step in at the last minute and have the perfect position waiting for you. This isn't the time to plan your life as a separate individual, but to leap into One Being with your right soul group and create the New and True.

Right now lots of hidden stuff is coming up in people. Any fakeness, ego or energy manipulation is becoming glaringly obvious. And it all has to be stripped away. Immediately. We simply cannot carry this with us into 2012. We can no longer make excuses for why we aren't ready. The time is NOW. The line in the sand has been drawn....

One we make our conscious choice as to where we stand,
this is the type of line in the sand we will be drawing....



In many ways, 2012 is the Year of our One Being. It's the time for coming together, collaborating, cocreating, for mutual support, for manifesting our True Purpose as One Being. Birthing a New World and living True Lives is not done by us as separate individuals, but by us as One Being. This is the year when it is essential that the Sleeping Giant of our One Being fully awakens and makes its presence felt. There are many levels of our One Being. Here are a few of them.

First, there is our true vast One Being. Everything and everyone is part of One Living Organic Being, whether we realize it or not.

This One Being is formed with we join together with others united in a common task. If we work together as ONE BEING IN ACTION, we are always much more effective than when we do things separately, following our own personal agendas.

3. THE 11:11 ONE BEING
We have the One Being of each 11:11 Master Cylinder which then forms an even greater One Being with all the 11:11 Anchor Groups. Together as One, they activate the 11:11 Gate.

As we join together with our kindred people as One Being and move into our True Lives, our True Purpose becomes visible. This True Purpose can only be manifested by us as One. Our True Purpose is much larger than what we could achieve by ourselves. When we step into ONE BEING IN ACTION, we can get much accomplished and it is super fun!

These are the normal people whom we interact with on a daily basis. The people in the marketplace, the ones who ride the subway, the waiters and waitresses, the "strangers" whom we pass by on the street. As we interact with them as True One to True One, a significant deepening takes place and our weaving together as One Being is strengthened. Since we are more real, it encourages them to be more real with us. Since we are more loving, it calls forth their love. These interactions as One Being brings out and reinforces our trueness.


When we become Masters of Service, doing what is needed, when it is needed, we step into the state of ONE BEING IN ACTION. This is clean, true energy that can manifest whatever needs to be done. ONE BEING IN ACTION can move mountains and birth a New World. When we are in ONE BEING IN ACTION, it is fun, easy, inspiring and super creative.

When any facet of our One Being consciously aligns as One, the entire fabric of the Ultra Greater Reality becomes stronger. Once we fully activate our One Being, we are able to accomplish what used to be considered as miracles. The impossible is possible. OUR ONE BEING IS OUR NEW FOUNDATION.



The 11/11/11 RESET is bringing profound changes to our lives. In January we will begin implementing the new energies of the RESET into our everyday lives. These changes will start feeling very real and grounded. Many of us are making our commitment to live True Lives as True Ones. Because of this, it's important that we do everything in new ways.

This is what we'll be doing a lot this year - taking a clear look at our lives with fresh eyes and an open heart, grounding our vision, resolving long standing projects and issues, learning new ways of doing things, mastering service as ONE BEING IN ACTION and manifesting our True Lives and True Purpose onto the physical. To achieve this, we will be in a continual state of High Alert, remaining ultra aware at all times. We feel a deep sense of excitement and a surge of creativity.

We have a strong sense of urgency this year to get things done. We know that we have to put in our full efforts since birth requires nothing less than our total commitment. Yet even though we have the urgency to get as much done as possible, some important aspects of our lives are in the I-Await position. I-Await differs from mere waiting in that we know that what we are waiting for is coming for sure. We just don't know when or how.

Occasionally we might feel cranky, that grain of sand in the oyster feeling when everything rubs us the wrong way. This is like the cork in the bottle of our depression. This isn't the normal depression; it's the ancient deep sadness of the end of the ages -- the completion of our long journey to arrive at this new MUA. The longer we've been on Earth, the stronger we feel a tiredness of soul. We've finally accessed the bottom of our Well of Deep Sorrow and we're emptying it out. At the same time that we're experiencing these layers of deep sadness, a vaster part of our being is very happy and excited for what is unfolding this year.

The powerful Year of the Dragon begins on January 23rd. This brings unprecedented transformation in an already powerful year. Numerous Insertion Points of the New will start coming into our lives in January and continue happening all year. 2012 is about fulfilling our True Purpose, for this is why we are here.

It is now time for us to fully emerge. We can no longer be anything less than Who We Really Are. We need to come out with what we know and pass it on to the world. It's time to speak the truth. We have to be sharp, focused and speak the truth as loudly as we can. We have to be as authentic and true as we can, because this is what the world needs. We have to be strong so we can help our fellow humans around us rise up and be strong too. And continually weave together our One Being.

2012 is a deeply exciting year. More of us are becoming REAL and TRUE than ever before. Many people are stepping in as True Ones and inhabiting the HERE and NOW. The resonance of PURE TRUE LOVE is becoming ever stronger. There's a deeper understanding of Oneness and what it means to be part of One Being.

The Sleeping Giant of our One Being is finally emerging....



With deep gratitude for the inspiration and insights of:
Anelja, Emanáku, Inger, Keenuane, Lucia, Malcolm, Nicholas, Solara Gunilla, Solissa, Susan. Theresa

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