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We spent December in a very profound Sacred Pause with a strong emphasis on the internal. During the Eleventh Gate Activation on November 22nd, we were thrust into the greatly expanded realm of the Diamond of the Unseen and we needed time and free space to integrate this monumental shift on every level possible. We have been deepened immeasurably and this required that we recalibrate everything within us on a core, cellular level.

We were plunged into a state of deep quiet, even in the midst of holiday activities. Many of us just wanted to cease all outer activity and be still. Some of us felt a deep tiredness and couldn't get enough sleep. Our dreams were super active as we were doing much sorting through our past and recalibrating ourselves to our vastly expanded New Landscape while we were asleep.

Communication was difficult as we felt disconnected from the world outside us so we could turn our attention within. (That's why I began 2013 with over 800 unanswered emails in my In Box and over 70 unanswered Facebook messages.)

Many of us felt like we were walking through a zone of deep Nothingness. Nothing existed outside of our immediate environment and the present moment. We were passing through a long, empty tunnel between the old world and the new one.

At the beginning of the New Year, we finally started emerging from the Nothingness and took a good, clear look to see not only, WHERE WE ARE NOW, but WHO WE HAD BECOME.

At the Starting Gate

In December, even though we were in a state of Nothingness and had little energy, we felt a huge inner smile in our True Core Being. In January, our inner smile becomes even larger. It's like our inner core being knows something that we don't yet know. Something that makes it very, very happy.

Many of us feel super charged with lots of energy and enthusiasm in our vaster True Core Being, while our physical, mental and emotional bodies feel like they still need more time to catch up with how we feel on the inner.

We may experience sudden power surges inside us, almost like we have a jet propulsion pack on our back that is in the process of charging up to propel us forward. This makes us feel like there's a huge gap between our inner core being and our physical body. Our body says, "Let's lie down and rest so we can continue releasing the old patterns and fully integrate the new energies.". While our inner being says, "Let's go!!! The starting gates are opening!!!!".

But our physical, mental and emotional bodies are still adjusting to our massive expansion into the vast realm of the Diamond of the Unseen. Many things inside us like old emotional residue, limited beliefs, expired behaviors and lifetimes of rigourous training are still being released. Plus, any health matters that we've neglected in our physical bodies, are now coming up to be dealt with. So we're simply not ready to get up and run.

This is what has been happening to me. I sprained my ankle on Christmas Eve. My inner being was ready and willing to leap forward, but my physical body simply said, "No, you can't even walk now." This gave me more time to adjust to the profound inner changes I have experienced.

The same is true of our outer lives. It will take several months for them to catch up to the massive shift we have made to a New Landscape. A sign of this for me was when the main bridge between the Sacred Valley and Cuzco was fatally damaged a few days after Christmas. Although there are a few alternate routes with precarious bridges that take much longer, it will take several months to build a totally new bridge.

At this moment, parts of us might feel like the racehorse at the starting gate, pawing the ground in anxious anticipation to gallop off at full speed into our True Lives. Yet our emotional body is still clearing out old emotional patterns and adjusting to the recent, powerful infusion of concentrated PURE TRUE LOVE that has irrevocably changed us. Our mental body is still discarding old beliefs and limited perspectives while embracing an expanded state of No-Mind. And our physical body just wants to go lie on a beach somewhere and rest.

But just imagine what it will be like when all parts of us have caught up to our inner beings and are ready to leap forward. That's when our new booster pack of jet propulsion will be fully charged. And off we will go with the speed of lightning!

And in January we will make some noticeable progress in catching up to WHERE WE ARE NOW.

True Places - True People - True Homes - True Purpose

Mandala of our Alignment with our True Place, True People & True Homes by Emanáku

For the past few years, quite a few of us have been living in temporary homes. Whether we live with our parents or have our own place, it still hasn't been our True Home. Many of us carry a deep yearning to be in our True Home with our True People.

Lacking a true foundation, we haven't felt anchored. We have felt like trees, uprooted from the ground with their roots bound tightly in a burlap sack. This does make us rather portable, but it's not that conducive to growing. What we yearn for is to align with our True Place so we can finally plant our roots deep into the earth. This is how we can expand, how we can have flowers and fruit. That's why finding our True Home is so important this year. And many of us will move to our True Home before the year is over.

This is the progression: First we must find our True Place. Once there, we come together with our True People. Then we manifest our True Homes. And finally we are ready to join with our True People in order to fulfill our True Purpose.

This is one of the key elements of the Great Year of 2013. It's a large part of the fulfillment of Beyond our Wildest Dreams. And it's accessible to all of us, for this is the year when EVERYTHING IS POSSIBLE.

All we have to do is to listen to and follow our Heart's Knowingness. Our Divine Blueprint is already within us. It will lead us to what we most cherish.

January is the month of preparation. We know that we have a lot to manifest this year and need to get ready in every way possible. This is why we are looking at everything with fresh new eyes. That's the only way we can see our wondrous New Landscape.

We are preparing for what is to come by getting familiar with the energy of our New Landscape. We are preparing by gathering together new tools and skills. We are finding new software and learning languages needed for our True Lives. And we are discovering totally new areas where our established skills and abilities can be applied.

It's vitally important that we listen to and follow our Heart's Knowingness at all times. It will lead us to our new tools and skills, as well as to our Right People, Right Places and True Homes.

And until all parts of our beings catch up with WHERE WE ARE NOW and WHO WE HAVE NOW BECOME, we can't manifest our New True Lives. But once we do, everything will move forward cleanly, quickly and brilliantly!


One of the main focuses of January is to fully align ourselves with the new energies. Eleventh Gate pushed us beyond our Known Worlds and opened up a totally new Landscape while December 21st knocked a lot of people out of their old belief systems as the Door to the Past was closed. A massive UPGRADE has happened to everyone, aware or not!

We enter this month with a sense of deep, inner peace and quiet confidence with the knowingness that we have passed through an irrevocable Turning Point and entered a fresh new reality. We have been presented with a pristine Blank Canvas on which will be painted the fulfillment of our Heart's Desires. We know that despite all outer appearances that ALL IS WELL.

We are still reassessing all aspects of our lives so see what is now valid for us. We will take a deep, clear look at our unresolved situations, projects and issues to see what now needs to be done to bring them to completion or take them to a new level. We will be releasing some old addictions, major things like drinking coffee and smoking cigarettes. This will come about naturally as they simply fall away. Many adjustments will be made in matters both large and small.

January emphasizes the completion of our old stories. If there is something that you cannot yet complete, like the selling of a house or waiting for a divorce to finalize, you can still free yourself emotionally from the old situations. Let go any sense of guilt or blame, since they are duality-based emotions that are not real.

Many of us are experiencing severe disconnections from our old lives and old ways of doing things. It is time to release the disconnects, heal the areas that need attention on physical, emotional and mental levels and let go of the parts of our life that no longer fit us. This creates the space for our new connections to come in. We don't want to force these new connections, even though we know that they are waiting for us. Many of our new connections are with people, places and energies with whom we are already familiar.

First Waves are in the process of releasing their deep tiredness from aeons of incarnations. They are dismantling lifetimes of training and hardened perseverance. They no longer have to be strong warriors or hold up the world as they did before.

Unusual health challenges have been coming up for some of us; these are things that we've never had before. In the past month, I've had three different health problems, all of which could have required surgery, but they all cleared up by themselves. Some of us are having soreness or pains in various parts of our body. This is a strong message that we are meant to do things differently.

2013 is a year of expecting the Unexpected in which we have to strongly center ourselves in the HERE and NOW. This will help us learn how to do things in the middle of distractions. As an example, I've been writing this Surf Report while a three day fiesta is going on outside. Loud bands with costumed dance groups are passing outside our house from dawn until late at night. When that isn't happening, loudspeakers in the plaza a block away are blaring terrible music. Not exactly ideal conditions for writing a Surf Report.

January will bring more love and confidence to those who see their Trueness, while doubts and fears are resurfacing for those who have refused to accept the tides of positive change and still hang on to old concepts.

We have entered a time of integrity -- not moral integrity, but integrity of being. There is the realization that what we believe at the deepest level is what will materialise in our lives. And that to change our future we need to change our deep-held beliefs -- the beliefs embedded behind our thoughts and behavioral patterns, to release all negativity that we hold onto, to overcome all fear that holds us back and to cease thinking and believing in a limited way.

We can recreate our beings and we can create the lives that we have always wanted. And we can do this with an abundance of LOVE. The new energy is unstoppable. We have moved into the uncharted waters of a supra normal reality with a supra conductivity, which means that there is no resistance to the energy flow.

By the end of the month, it will feel as if we have emerged from the long tunnel of the Sacred Pause. New openings, opportunities and possible unexpected trips will appear -- many of which we did not see before. Our jet packs will fire up and fling us into February.


Yearning for my True Home,
With New Beginning LOVE,


With deepest gratitude and Love for the inspiration and insights of:
Ashtara, Carolina, Cora, Denise, Donna, Elena, Elly, Emanáku, Inger, Malcolm, Path, Petra, Rory, Wendy


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