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The Year 2014 Surf Report: Into Trueness

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At the beginning of December, we experienced a powerful infusion of super strong, intense energies that lasted all month long. These new energies impacted us mainly on inner levels, rather than outer. As they aligned us on a core energetic level with the New Paradigm, we entered a profound state of Quantum Deep that required us to be ultra still in order to integrate the new energies. Because of this, December was a time of deep inner quiet when we didn't want to be around lots of people or involved in lots of activity.

December didn't feel as in sync as the months which preceded it, although it actually was. The Fast Track action mode that we had been on since last July came to a halt as the emphasis turned from the outer to the inner. This doesn't mean that we're not on the Fast Track, because we still are. It's just happening on a different level.

December was a powerful transitional month in which we removed old cars from our Express Trains and got ready to add new ones. A profound deepening took place. All of this prepared us for the entrance of the brilliant new energies of 2014.

Because of the deep quiet that many of us were feeling, it was difficult to get into the holiday spirit. Many of us realized that we didn't need to celebrate Christmas as we used to. We didn't need presents because we were grateful with what we already have. We didn't feel the urge to go to parties or be around lots of people. Quiet introspection was what we most craved so we could adjust ourselves to the expanded perceptions of our New Level.

Throughout December, there was a strong sense of the finality that comes from completing a major phase in our life's journey, which prepared us for the January's major Reset to Trueness.

Resetting to Trueness

The fresh new energies of 2014 started pouring in right at midnight on New Year's Eve. Then just as we were welcoming the New Year with tremendous joy, love and enthusiasm, ready to leap forward into the New Landscape, everything appeared to come to a surprising halt.

It felt like time had stopped. Or the world had suddenly ended. We couldn't tell what day it was or what hour it was. There was the sense that our physical eyes couldn't focus clearly; instead everything around us appeared soft and fuzzy. Our efficiency diminished and we had a hard time getting things done.

It was similar to starting out on a great adventure with joyous anticipation, skipping down the clear path in front of us, when we suddenly found ourselves covered by a milky white dome that we've never seen before. There was no sign of the adventure we had just begun and no trace of the world we once knew. Being under the dome made it difficult to see what was outside. Instead of being in a familiar place, we had to figure out where we were. We couldn't go forward and we couldn't go backwards. It felt like we had been thrust into a void.

Right away, some of us became sick with colds or the flu or snowed in by blizzards or brought to a stop by heat waves. This was the last thing that we had expected to happen.... Yet it was all helpful because it forced us to stop all outer distractions and showed us more layers of what we don't need. Strange bruises, pains and injuries showed up without any warning and left just as quickly. These were symptoms of old wounds that were now leaving our energetic field.

It was time for a major RESET TO TRUENESS. All of our life counters have been reset to zero, the books of our old stories have disappeared and we have to begin anew.

The infusion of new energy coming to us in 2014 is extremely powerful. It has a highly enriched resonance that requires major adjustments to get used to it. This is one of the main purposes of January - Resetting ourselves to Trueness.

While there is such a powerful transformation going on, we are often being put into a state of No-Mind. This greatly aids us in our transformation. This is happening so that we don't rely solely on our thinking to show us the way or make our decisions for us. Instead, we must align ourselves so irrevocably with our Heart's Knowingness that it merges with our cells until we BECOME our Heart's Knowingness.

January's Reset brings in a new element that is loosening long calcified elements. It brings a profound transformation that removes the barriers which previously prevented us from fully inhabiting the New Landscape. It is also further aligning our beings with the resonance of the New Landscape. All of this is creating the most fertile soil in which to plant the seeds of our True Lives and Wildest Dreams.

January's focus is on resetting, integration and grounding, rather than on Fast Track action. We are learning how to ground ourselves in a new way. During the first week of the month, we will often feel flattened by the energies of this powerful Reset. Then the dome will start dissolving.

After that, we will start applying the Reset to our outer life. We will be continually testing the waters to see how to apply the Resetting to Trueness into our everyday lives. We will be seeing what doesn't work anymore, what now works and how it works. We will be taking stock of who we are now. And learning how to insert the authenticity of who we are into everything we do.


January will give us a strong taste of the rest of the year. This month will bring us many new opportunities to put ourselves into the right positions, internally and externally, for what is to come. As more of our True Direction is revealed, It will also bring us new responsibilities.

All month long, we will become more focused on what is true and real. There is not only the process of integration taking place, but there will also be much disintegration of the elements which we don't need anymore, both internally and externally.

We are realizing that the past is not our present, and the importance of releasing at this time -- of moving on from any remaining grief from our perceived circumstances that has held us back for the past couple of years. This letting go is now happening so smoothly, quickly and beautifully. We are ready to clear out everything else from our past, everything that we no longer need to use on our forward journey into the New Landscape: possessions, thoughts, habits, ways of thinking, duality-based emotions, everything! This transformative action will then allow the energy of the New to flood in.

2014 feels fresh with much new inspiration and ideas, making it much easier to breathe in comparison to the deepness and stillness of December. January brings us far more options than we've had before. It feels like new layers are becoming visible, like the finer details on a painting that are revealed when you zoom in. But the whole picture won't be fully seen until around April.

When we fix our focused intent on what we need to accomplish, we are pulled along by the energy to complete the task. There is lots of energy all around us, but it is so strong that it can be totally exhausting or overwhelming at times. During this time, it's not possible to plan too far ahead since we can't see so far into the future and trying to do so only makes things unnecessarily complicated. If we stretch our energy too far beyond the HERE and NOW, we might focus on the wrong details, neglecting what most needs to be done in the present moment.

After the first week of the month as the dome starts to disappear, January brings us lots of joy and the inspiration to do things. We have myriad creative ideas, plans and the feeling that everything is possible! January sings for us songs of freedom, deeper joy, compassion and love. It's like a spring that comes with a smile to replace the cold and dark winter, replacing it with the knowingness that New Life is here and ALL IS WELL.

There is a serious, yet exciting undercurrent that is running through our beings this month, the sense that it's time to get serious about our true happiness and the fulfillment of our True Heart's callings on all new levels. This isn't seriousness in the heavy way of our old stories; it's more a sacred, meaningful seriousness that makes us feel vibrantly alive and on our track to our True Purpose. We can feel that it's time to take responsibility for placing our Jewel in the Crown and becoming part of the True One Being.

We can remember why we wanted to be here in the first place and that we are worthy and empowered to live the fulfillment of our Wildest Dreams, and that we can begin from exactly where we are right now even if it means making some challenging decisions.

As we take our first steps into this amazing New True Year, everything feels different. In the midst of pockets of chaos, we feel peace. We feel clarity and we feel truly free. We have been presented with a clean slate in 2014 to fill with the colors of our hearts, even though there is still more releasing ahead of us.

January is a powerful month in which we reset our inner and outer lives to Trueness. February will be a super concentrated month focused on completion and letting go. During both months, we will be stripping away the last remnants of our old selves and old lives. This prepares us for March when we are once again plunged into action on the Fast Track. Then in April, we go into full Zoom Mode as the larger picture of what is manifesting this year is revealed in all its magnificence!



With deepest Gratitude and Love for the inspiration and brilliant insights of:
Anelja, Arbaline, Carolyn, Darity, Elena, Emanaku, Fernando, Gunilla, Inger, Kalasara, Keenuane, Maitreya, Malcolm, Maria A.


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