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The Year 2014 Surf Report: Into Trueness

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June brought us major revisions and course corrections. It provided clarity about our greatest challenges of the past and helped us to release them. June was a month of clearing and getting super strong on our True Path, moving us forward into our True Directions.

There were moments in June when the New Landscape became stunningly visible, putting us in a state of absolute awe. When this happened, we could viably see and feel the New World. We realized that nothing else matters other than fully inhabiting the New Landscape as soon as possible.

After such a deep immersion, we often needed to return to a very practical level to sort things out. How do we move from our present position to our True Home? What remaining hooks of duality hold us back? What preparations do we need to make in order to live in our True Homes with our True People?

In June many of us deepened our very core and expanded our foundations. This inevitably brought up themes around trust, boundaries, freedom, integrity. It presented us with some important choices and decisions. Are we ready to make the leap into fully living in the New Landscape? Where do we choose to put our energy, especially in our everyday lives? What is most important to us? Are we really willing to fully live True Lives as True Ones? What parts of our old lives are we hesitant to release?

As we ask ourselves these questions, some old fears might arise, activating any remaining duality-based patterns we still carry within us. We may start doubting if we can really live in such a new way. We may start thinking that this is too difficult to achieve. This is when we need to remember the strong, true glimpses we experienced of the New World and hold true to that vision.


For the past few months, extensive rewiring has been taking place within us. We are being more thoroughly disconnected from our old lives, old belief systems and expired ways of doing things. The wiring of duality is being removed from our beings, making space for fresh, new, high speed wiring.

At the same time, our new wiring system is in the process of being installed. This new wiring is built to handle the supercharged currents that are present in the New Landscape. Since the old wiring couldn't possibly have handled the powerful currents of the New Paradigm without short circuiting and burning itself out, this rewiring process has been absolutely necessary.

Throughout June we were in a transitional state where the old wiring no longer functioned properly and the new wiring wasn't fully connected yet. This made it impossible to function at our full capability. At times, we experienced test surges from the new wiring. These were the moments when the Invisible suddenly became visible and super alive. We could strongly see and feel our True Direction becoming increasingly clearer.

Then the new connection would fizzle out and we would be back to functioning using what was left of the old wiring in a greatly impaired state. This created static, as well as numerous sparks and short circuits which caused the memories of our past to flood in, with a special emphasis on the perceived "mistakes" of the past. When this happens, we can fall into "What If I had done that differently?" or we can simply pull up our drawbridge to the past and refocus on our True Direction.

In July, the new connections are being put into position. Increasingly we will make the switch-over from the old wiring to the new. At times, we may be pushed into a state of profound Quantum Deep, needing to be absolutely still or falling asleep for several hours in the middle of the day. Quantum Deep helps us adjust to the new, supercharged current in the most gentle way possible.

By the end of the month, the new, heightened current will be running through us on a completely rebuilt internal grid system. This will thrust us into an accelerated Zoom Mode and move everything forward at lightning speed.

On our Wondrous Windhorses

This is the Chinese Year of the Windhorse which only occurs every sixty years. The Windhorse carries upon its back the fabled Mani Stone, the Tibetan Wish Granting Gem that is born from the center of the lotus. In ancient times in Tibet, the horse was the symbol of travelling with the greatest speed, as well as the transmutation of everything that depends on the five elements from negative to positive, from bad to good, from misfortune to good fortune, from baleful portents to auspicious signs, from poverty to prosperity, and it implies that this should ensue with the greatest speed.

This means that we all have a once in a lifetime opportunity this year to move our lives to a completely new level, to fully inhabit the Ultra Greater Reality of the New Landscape and to manifest our Wildest Dreams. An important component of our Wildest Dreams is the connection with our True Home. We all carry the deep yearning to be in our True Place with our True People. This is where we will find the fulfillment of our True Purpose.

As we approach our True Home, we enter the path of deep, core level transformation. We are profoundly changed just by going in the direction of our True Home. There's the sense that our True Home is calling us, sending out waves of energy that is deeply altering us and making us ready to live there.

Our True Home is in our True Position. At this time of the changeover from duality to Oneness, it's critical that we get ourselves in our True Positions as soon as possible. From our True Position, we will be able to serve as anchor points and stabilization pinions for the massive flip over between the reality systems of duality and Oneness.

Once we get into our True Home in our True Position, even if it's messy and disorganized at first, everything will click into position with a stunning rightness. Ah, we made it! There's the sense of finally being in our absolute Right Place at the Right Time which is liberating beyond anything we could have imagined. Being in our True Position enables us to emerge as never before. We can finally embody and express Who We Really Are and Why We Are Here.

So the question is.... What are you doing with your Windhorse? Have you just put him out in the pasture to graze? Do you take numerous selfies of your Windhorse to proudly post on Facebook, then ignore her the rest of the time? Are you using him to take you to your normal errands and activities, such as going to the post office and the movies? Do you have him locked away in a secure stable so he / she won't stray away or be stolen? Do you treat your Windhorse like a domestic pet, feeding them organic snacks, braiding their manes with brightly colored ribbons, rather than as a wild, magical, transformative creature that will take you directly into your True Life? What holds you back from climbing into the saddle right now?

Our magical, wondrous Windhorses are with us this year to take us on the ride of a lifetime to our True Homes, just at the perfect time when it is essential to do so. We are in this amazing Wind Horse Year when we can quite easily manifest our most Wildest Dreams and get into our True Positions, yet many of us aren't fully utilizing these energies. Miracles abound and all things are truly possible this year, but in order for this to happen, we must fully embody our stripped down Trueness and then ride like the wind to our True Homes in our True Positions.

It's easy to see who is already on their Windhorse this year and who is not. If you are holding on for dear life so you won't fall off, as you zoom into the New Landscape with a look of both shock and awe on your face and a huge smile in your heart, you are definitely on your Windhorse. If you have set the Compass of your Heart to take you to your True Home without any detours or diversions, you are riding your Windhorse. If you are experiencing a massive creative surge without a free moment for yourself, you are galloping on your Windhorse. If fully aligning with your True Purpose is your highest priority, you are on your Windhorse. If you are already in your True Position, you are on your Windhorse.

If you are still making excuses why you cannot do this, if your Windhorse is languishing for your attention, if you are pretending that you don't have a Windhorse, you might look around and see that it's whinnying for you, while impatiently pawing the ground, waiting for you to acknowledge its presence and leap upon its back. We all have a mighty Windhorse beside us this year. Absolutely all of us.

Right at this very moment, we can choose to jump on our Windhorse and begin the ride of our life! Or we can choose to wait another sixty years until it returns. There's still time to leap on our magical windhorses and ride into the New and True. To let them take us to where we most want to go. It's not too late. We haven't missed our chance. Not Yet....

Let's leap on our magnificent Windhorses for the ride of our life! And let them take us to our True Homes and the Air We Can Breathe.


June felt like a deep in-breath while July is the very strong out-breath which follows. Right from the very beginning, July grabbed our attention. As Mercury went direct, forward moving energies were suddenly unleashed, like the release of a slingshot.

July is an extremely powerful month in which just about anything could happen, on numerous levels. This month feels extremely potent, both full of promise and with a heightened sense of alert. There's the sense that something wondrous, or something ominous, or both, could happen at any moment. This is why it's essential that WE STEP OUT OF DUALITY NOW.

Duality will start to get louder and louder this month as it tries to reassert its control over us. There is the possibility that something might erupt or explode on a massive scale that would impact everybody and everything. For this reason, it's super important that we are ultra alert all month long. We need to be both grounded and expanded. We have to be very well anchored in our true and E X P A N D E D selves. We also need to make sure that each step we make is a true one.

If we haven't yet fully aligned with our True Direction, we may feel like we are in a super pressure cooker where the energies are building up to an unbearable intensity. There's the feeling that water is constantly pouring into a dam, but that the dam sluices aren't yet open wide enough to release the water. Yet more water keeps pouring in.... Something has got to give; the dam has to break, so there will be a free flow of energy.

As soon as we align with our True Direction, the pressure will dissipate. Once we start riding towards our True Position on our mighty Windhorses, everything will feel much better. It also feels like we are moving, very rapidly, up to a Point of No Return and again another major Reset. There's the strong sense that something is going to happen very soon which will touch everybody´s lives.

All month long, there are numerous parallel activities and events happening at the same time. These parallel activities are not all from the same reality system; some are from duality, while others from the Ultra Greater Reality of the New Landscape. It often feels like playing a game of tennis with fifty balls in the air at the same time. Some of the balls are sparkling orbs dipped in the elixir of Pure Love and Trueness, while others are covered in mud and may have bombs inside.

July brings us a massive creative surge containing myriad, smaller creative surges within it. Before, we had our normal, everyday lives with occasional creative surges. Now, the creative surges have become so huge that our normal lives have been washed away. All we can do is to surf the creative surge with everything we've got. There is no time for our normal, everyday activities anymore. This is especially true for those of us who are riding like the wind on our magical Windhorses.

There's also a strong element of joyousness interlaced in July. Many of us feel a deep sense of inner comfort, as if we have finally connected with the true inner essence of our eternal being, and this feels really good.

The deeper we go into the New Landscape, the greater is the distance from where we are to the dying world of duality. This makes many events on the world stage now appear small and unreal. From this vantage point we can more clearly discern what is real and what is artificially manufactured by those who are trying to manipulate us back into powerlessness, anger, sadness and fear. If we go there, it actually ends up feeding the duality and prevents us from connecting from a deeper level and accessing our True Selves.

The truth filters in our Heart's Knowingness are speaking to us clearly, stronger than ever before. If we listen to them, if we follow what they show us, they will always lead us into our Truest Direction. And ALL WILL BE WELL.

We are increasingly inhabiting the Silent Watcher level where we can be infinitely more effective in bringing lasting change. This is happening naturally and effortlessly. We no longer have to go sit as a Silent Watcher at a special time to be one. Silent Watchers no longer sit passively above it all, observing everything with absolute neutrality.

We can now walk openly as Silent Watchers in the physical because the predominant reality is no longer duality. We are now living, breathing, flesh and blood, Silent Watchers. Silent Watchers in Action, living physical lives as True Beings, mixed in with the rest of humanity, yet constantly embodying the knowingness that ALL IS WELL. Anchoring Pure True Love. Strengthening the resonance of Trueness wherever we go.

The Silent Watchers emanate from a state of beingness that dissolves the calcification of duality. So wherever we walk in our authenticity, duality is loosened, while trueness is strengthened. Residing in a permanent state of Silent Watchers is essential right now.

Here's a link to more information on the Silent Watchers:

July is a month of aligning with our True Direction. Because of this, some of us will be changing our residence or preparing to move in the next few months. We will become increasingly aware of our True Purpose, or increasingly want to find it, if we're not there yet. A deep refinement is happening and many of us are finally finding our True Position. We are looking at our personal maps and doing what we know is right for us personally, as well as for our part in the collective purpose of our One Being. We are bringing all the true elements of our selves together. We are discovering more creative, natural ways to manifest what we truly want within our lives and within our One Being. We may also be healing some hidden pockets of our deepest, oldest wounds or hurts.

Many elements will be brought into a new balance this month. July has the potential for us to fully accept and embrace the massive changes that are happening on a big scale. No more games. We now want it true and real.

The vibrant colors of the New Landscape are not only becoming more visible, but they are coloring our lives, what we do, how we feel, what we focus on, how we act.

If you're not already riding with the wind, please leap onto your Windhorse now. It's super exhilarating! It's the Quantum Leap of all Quantum Leaps. Our Windhorses will take us out of the world of duality and into our True Positions. And it just may be essential to our survival and the survival of this planet.


On my Windhorse riding like the wind
and loving every minute of it!


With deep Gratitude and Love for the inspiration and brilliant insights of:
Alanah, Antares, Arbaline, Denise, Eliana, Emanaku, Grace, Inger,
Kalasara, Maria, Maru, Nicola, Pam, Sebastian, Yuliya


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