JULY 2005
The Gordian Knot

Updated JULY 1, 2005


The Gordian Knot


The last two weeks of June were full of wild and surprising changes. Insertion Points abounded. The Wheel of Destiny turned and propelled us into new directions. Some relationships became unhinged and were released and some jobs and places of residence were changed. And this is just the beginning....

The Winds of Change have been stirring up the Surf making it choppy and rough at times. Bringing up lots of suppressed emotions which have been pushed far down below the surface.

Many of us have been like garbage compacters; not dealing with things or integrating them as they happen. Instead, we push them down deep inside ourselves and before they can rise to the surface to be sorted out and released, we stuff another layer on top of them. And yet another..... Until everything is wedged down so deep and so compacted that extraction becomes difficult.

Not only that, but when these things are finally extracted, they no longer resemble the emotion or misassumption that we originally stuffed inside. They have been squashed into a distorted shape and distorted understanding. Just imagine how these compacted layers of distorted emotions and distorted understandings continually affect us on subconscious levels that we aren't even aware of.

Luckily, here come the Winds of Change to the rescue! Bringing everything up to the surface and out in the open, and then sweeping it away. It's just in time because we are undergoing profound course corrections during this time. The Winds of Change are bringing in our new directions and new situations.

July is going to highlight a surge of creativity. The BIG WAVES of the New are rolling in with a mighty roar. Many of us are moving even deeper into the realm of pure action, achieving the impossible.

There is a strong sense of urgency to finish repatterning the past and to bring things to completion. We have from now until the end of August to get things resolved. If they're not finished by then, we may never get to them. This is because there will be a huge shift around that time that will open up new directions and move us onto a totally new track.

Many of us have an unbelievable amount of things to do. In spite of this "impossible" workload, we are finding that we are getting much accomplished. It's happening remarkably easily, feeling almost effortless, even though we are practically working nonstop. And this is just the beginning....

We are moving into a period of quickened activity. Things coming from all directions, all demanding our attention at the same time. This requires utilizing our mastery at jumping from wave to wave... yet even this is not enough.

It's time to become so large that we can straddle numerous waves at the same time. It's time to not allow ourselves to fall into any more sinkholes. There is too much to be accomplished. We can do it all if we utilize our full beings and make every minute focused and true.

The new directions are already starting to make themselves visible. This brings a dramatic quickening of our development. A great reshuffling is taking place both within ourselves and in our immediate environment. It is a time of letting go and a time of rearranging the patterning of how things were put together before.

We need to become totally open and flowing. We also need to be open to the call of our new directions. Doors are opening and doors are closing. Be prepared to let go of relationships and jobs which have served their purpose. Let go of the past and the old ways of doing things and follow the surging currents of the surf which are bringing us to new people, new situations and new opportunities.

Throughout the month, there will be tests and challenges. All of these will be easy to surmount if we keep focused and don't allow ourselves to get stuck in them.

Sinkholes will continue to open up on the very ground we stand. Suddenly, we will find ourselves sunk in a deep pit. This is happening because the calcification of duality is constantly loosening, causing the ground under our feet to collapse without warning. However, it's important to remember that whenever we fall into a sinkhole, we don't need to stay there! At any moment, we can choose to get out of the pit. We do this by energetic positive action. Recentering ourselves in the Greater Reality and taking any necessary steps to realign ourselves with what is real and true. We can always choose to LOOK LARGER rather than staying in the distorted world view from down inside the sinkhole.

If you're not feeling the surge of creativity and action yet, then it's time for you to take some decisive steps to move forward. We need to realize that not all old issues are worth the time and effort to resolve. Staying focused on them puts us on a hamster wheel where we just go round and round, putting all our effort into spinning the wheels of duality and not resolving anything. Sometimes the resolution comes by deciding just not to go there and refusing to inhabit that world of distortion.

A History Lesson (much abbreviated)

Back in ancient Macedonia, there was a city which had no leader. The oracle had foretold that the first person who arrived by wagon was the new leader. This happened to be a humble man by the name of Gordias who was in the depths of poverty and struggling to survive. When Gordias came into the town, he was warmly welcomed by the elders and instantly made king.

In commemoration of this massive shift in his destiny, Gordias's wagon was placed on display in the city center. It was tied to a post by an elaborate knot made of wet tree bark. This complex knot was Turkish in origin and contained no loose ends, making it impossible to undo. Especially, after the bark dried and shrunk.

Some time later, the knot was moved to the city of Gordias which was located 100 or so miles southwest of Ankara, Turkey. The oracle there proclaimed that anyone who could untie this Gordian Knot could rule the world. For years, numerous people came and tried with no success.

When Alexander the Great heard of this prediction, he made haste to Gordias. And with one strong slash of his sword, the knot was severed!

Since then, the Gordian Knot has symbolized apparently unsolvable problems which require bold and unconventional solutions. We all have stuck places in our beings and in our lives where we have spent years trying to untie the knots. Now is the time to take out our swords and cleanly cut through whatever has held us back.

We all have areas where we make things more difficult than they need to be. We all carry weight and responsibility which we refuse to share with others and which continually drags us down. Now that we are anchoring Oneness, it's time to utilize our One Being and share the load. We don't have to do things the hard way anymore. We don't have to do it all by our self anymore. We can still get everything done, and get it done better and more efficiently than before, by doing things in a light, joyous manner.

This is what those who are riding the surging waves of creativity right now are discovering. We just need to step outside the box, bring out our swords and cut through with wildly creative solutions emanating from the Greater Reality.

If we so choose, we can drop all our old baggage in an instant. We can resolve old issues by simply choosing to let them go. We can climb out of sinkholes shortly after discovering that we have fallen in one. If we don't do this, then it becomes an indulgence which will only serve to keep us stuck. We will become like broken records endlessly repeating the refrains of our poor sufferings. We won't be free. And we won't be doing what we came here to do.

The massive Wheel of Destiny is turning. As it turns, it is altering our perspective; turning us upside down or rightside up, depending on how we perceive it. Our landscape is being altered; our beings are being turned around so we can see new vistas. A sense of urgency is in the air. The Earth itself is rumbling and shifting and reaching the boiling point. There is a strong possibility of earth changes UNLESS enough of us move our beings to the Greater Reality and live there. We are reaching a point of critical mass and this has never before been so vitally important.

Each of us is needed to step forward. It's time to realign with our purpose. We can no longer sit back on the sidelines and sort through our stuff. Those old issues are no longer important. They are lifeless and endlessly dwelling on them, makes us lifeless as well. We need to come alive and get involved. Getting involved can take many forms. The most important one is to live each moment anchored in Oneness and make the resolution to stop feeding any form of duality.

The time that we're in right now is very similar to the final days of Atlantis when it was evacuated by us in those long, low, covered wooden boats. We were told to row ceaselessly, night and day, with everything we've got, no matter what. This is exactly what's required right now. We must row night and day, with our full beings, no matter what.

It's time for Second Wavers to leap into action. And it's time for the First Wave to step forward as never before and pass their sceptres by sharing what they know. We need to come together and support each other. It's going to take all of us serving with our full beings to make this lasting shift into the Greater Reality.

What is ahead of us in July?

The huge waves of unbridled creativity are here. We can ride them into exciting new directions. They will take us far beyond what we can presently see. There will be a natural ease and flow to everything we do. It will be inspiring and fun! We will be filled with energy and enthusiasm. But we can't surf carrying a bunch of old stuff with us, so letting that go is our first priority.

We will still be Repatterning the Past, but this will continually become easier and more fun as we utilize more creative solutions.

July will be laced with Insertion Points. Insertion Points come from the Greater Reality and take us to totally unexpected places. They always bring something new which wasn't previously visible on our horizon. Suddenly.... an unexpected trip, a job offer which comes out of the blue, a fortuitous meeting, a parting of the veils which brings a sudden flash of revelation, a great opportunity. Insertion Points can take many forms. They are always positive and shift our lives dramatically,

There are going to be lessons of love coming to us. We need to be ready for this and to make sure that we don't repeat our old relationship patterns. We are in the process of moving into a totally new level of love and it requires the full participation of our vaster beings rather than just our smaller ones.

Although the next 11:11 Gate, the Eighth Gate, won't be activated until the end of next year, it's resonance is already entering the planet. It's focus is on entering the Lotus World where the purest, Truest Love resides. To ready ourselves to go there, we need to get in touch with our True Heart and listen to its promptings.

July is an exciting month with the Winds of Change blowing strongly. It's important that we make every moment count and stand in our One Being at all times.





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