Solara's July 2006 Surf Report


Into the Big Boats

June went out with a huge splash... more like a mini tsunami. Mega Quantum Surf swept in and inundated everything. The energies powerfully pushed us towards our new directions. Many situations reached their crisis point, some people became unbalanced, unhealthy relationships were pulled apart.

The Surf is rising throughout July. The waves are getting increasingly larger. The Quantum Surf isn't going to suddenly stop or go away. Instead, it's something that we need to get used to. Big Waves are becoming our New Normal. We know that we cannot ride Big Waves in small boats, yet many of us are still trying to do exactly that.

In many ways July is a critical month, for any small boats that we still cling onto will eventually get broken apart in the Surging Surf. It's time to jump ship and leap into the Big Boats with our full beings. Once we do this, riding the waves of the Quantum Surf will actually become fun. It's wild for sure, but it's definitely not boring! And they will take us just where we most want to go.

Part of the process of jumping ship requires that we honestly face any remaining fears of or resistance to stepping into our whole being, of doing what we can here to do, of being responsible for our own selves and own emotions, and for our One Being and of embracing LIFE itself. Once we see where these fears and resistances reside within us, then we must do everything we can to dissolve them once and for all. We can no longer live in the world of fears, doubts and resistance.

Nor can we travel further until this is done. We can try to stay in our small boats, justifying our actions with a profusion of excuses; we can repaint our small boat so it might appear a bit larger; we can plaster it with spiritual and religious symbols; we can angrily lash out at those who are already in large boats to cover up our real anger and frustration at our own perceived limitations and lack of courage, but all of it will not alter the fact that we are still in a small boat. All small boats are going to have a rough ride in the times to come.

For some, June's Quantum Surf brought up another layer of long submerged issues to be resolved, major core issues and emotional patterns that have long held us back. Now here they are, right in front of our faces, and there is no turning away from them.

We don't have the option of turning back since we have already entered the realm of NO DOWN - NO RETURN. We cannot remain paralyzed in inaction for much longer. We have to honestly and courageously face what's in front of us and move through it. We have to bring these core issues to a final resolution so we can go forward on a totally new level. We do this by repatterning them, changing them into a new configuration so the old pattern no longer exists.

It's almost a NOW or NEVER situation; if we don't do it now, we will miss out on the wondrous breakthroughs coming our way. If we don't start doing what we came here to do, either it won't get done or someone else will do our true purpose instead of us. We will have literally "missed the boat".

One of the first things to do is to totally accept our present circumstances. Accept where you are RIGHT NOW. This is the canvas you have to work on. The foundation of all that is to come. Now start recalibrating your present reality from within. Add some beautiful colors to your canvas. Perhaps, a bright glowing Sun. Some flowers. Whatever makes you happy. Start incorporating these elements into your daily life. Raise the resonance of your being. Raise the resonance of whatever is around you. Fill your surroundings with Love. Fill your being with Love.

All year long, we've been putting together a huge picture puzzle, trying to see the details of our new lives. Large segments of the puzzle are now coming together and the true picture is steadily emerging. What we are now discovering is that some of our puzzle pieces have been put into the wrong positions; this is why we couldn't achieve many of the things that we really wanted to do. This month, we are able to clearly see which pieces need to be moved to new locations. Which of our concepts and perceptions are invalid or limited. Which of our emotions need to be refined and recalibrated. And in July, we will be busy moving them into their rightful positions.

Once we do this, we will be amazed at how quickly things fall into place. July will bring major resolutions and major steps forward. We will experience sudden revelations when everything becomes clear and our path becomes surer than it's been for a long time.

July also has a strong emphasis on relating to others. It's never been more important that we are absolutely honest in all our communications with others. This is an excellent time to clear up any old misunderstandings and perceived slights that have distorted our relationships with friends, business associates and partners.

We're going to put forth a lot of time and effort in helping some of our friends and family who remain stuck in repetitive old patterns or who have fallen into deep holes. We will do what we can to help them, but if they choose to remain stuck by the end of the month, we will have to continue on without them. Everyone is making their own choices. These choices are critical for they set the templates for all our future endeavors. Although everyone is entitled to their own choices without judgment, some of the choices being made by others will not enable us to travel further with them.

We are experiencing an immense sorting out process that is affecting all elements of our lives. Much is spinning away from us. This is particularly affecting the people around us. It's becoming almost like a revolving door with some exiting our lives and others entering it. We're not doing anything to make this happen; it's just something that's going on. Some people will be leaving our life and new people will be coming in. This is especially true once we get in our Big Boats. We will be traveling so quickly and over such a great distance that the ones in the small boats won't be able to keep up and will disappear into the far horizon. However, we won't be traveling alone anymore; the time for that is finished. New friends and relationships will appear once we are on the new level.

All year long our One Being has felt fragmented as we were all thrust back onto ourselves, focusing on our individual growth. We have questioned everything, looking for new solutions. Now our One Being is coming together once more, more alive and infinitely stronger than ever before.

The Lotus World is almost here and we really don't want to miss it. It's an exquisite new level of being. A whole new way of living and relating that is imbued with the most magnificent TRUE LOVE. Great Treasures await us in the Lotus World. These Treasures will manifest in many areas such as abundance, creativity and partnership. But we must be in our Big Boats in order to experience this. And the Treasures are already starting to arrive....

Quantum Surf always requires new ways of surfing. We must be ever vigilant not to be swept away by the powerful energies, but rather to surf them gracefully and remain grounded at all times. It's easy to go a bit crazy with so many emotions swirling around and so much calling our attention, but this is just what we cannot allow ourselves to do. We need to remain balanced and just keep doing whatever is in front of us, behind us, off to the sides, above and below. Nothing can be neglected.

We need to constantly expand ourselves so we can face new perspectives and deal with everything. With this Quantum Surf, nothing is moving in a linear fashion. Instead we are dealing with things coming at us in dimensional overlays. It feels much like being a flight controller with flights coming towards us from many different altitudes and from all directions. Somehow we have to maintain a 360' view at all times. We need to operate on numerous levels.

We will see that what is behind us is also in front of us. By doing this, we will discover a new way to Surf, a 360' multi-dimensional way. A Quantum Surf way. We do this by living large, not small and by being multi-faceted whole beings. This isn't as difficult as one might imagine; it is our Natural State.

We are dealing simultaneously with Past, Present and Future. They are all mixed together and cannot be separated. So one minute we might be dealing with a past issue by repatterning it, and the next minute something from our future will be revealed. Every time we repattern the past, we fling open the door to the future. We don't need to be intimidated by Quantum Surf, for these are the waves that we were born to surf.

And whenever it is necessary, call a "time out" and do something physical and fun. Take a walk, swim, ride a bike, garden, clean the house, play some sports etc. It's essential that we constantly maintain our link to the physical world, no matter what is going on energetically. We can't space out if we want to stay on top of the Surf. The physical world is here to help us; all we need to do is remember to go there.

From the New Moon on July 24th to the end of month, there will be another powerful surge of Mega Quantum Surf, even stronger than the one at the end of June. It's going to be a powerful time. There's a huge spectrum of possibilities for this time which includes major Quantum Breakthroughs, earth changes, connecting with your One True Love, leaving the planet, becoming unbalanced and crazy, unbridled creativity, major revelations, new career paths opening or finding one of your Treasures. What happens will be determined by our attitudes and actions between now and then.

July is a brilliant month in which much will be achieved. We will experience emotional healing, major resolution of old core issues, the dissolving of blockages, Wild Cards, Quantum Breakthroughs, possible Treasures, new people coming into our lives and a quickening and recalibration of our LOVE.

Most importantly, July is like a lock in a canal. We enter it on one level and exit it on another. Throughout the month the sea will rise and we will raise our resonance until finally, we have grown too large for our small boat and old problems. Then in one decisive, love filled moment, we will make the leap, jumping ship into the Big Boats where we truly belong.



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