Choosing Our Direction

Emerging Into A New World




"When the dogs bark, the caravan keeps moving."

June was a challenging month that put us in a quiet, inward state. It was sometimes hard and sometimes brilliant. Outwardly, there was much for us to do, but even more was going on beneath the surface. This massive movement on internal levels made many of us want to stay as quiet as possible. It was similar to traveling through a series of locks in a canal. We continually shifted levels, even though this didn't happen in a linear progression. This movement through the locks was mirrored by the extremely intense three Eclipses in one month. The first Solar Eclipse on June 1st brought us to a Turning Point which further loosened us from our old foundation.

The Lunar Eclipse of June 15 was rough for some. It created lots of distortion, which threw some of us way off balance. Most affected were our Forlorn Fragments -- the parts of us who feel insecure, separate, fearful, unloved or vulnerable. Now that the spotlight was on our Forlorn Fragments, we had to bring these isolated parts of ourselves back into wholeness. We needed to reassure our fragments that ALL IS WELL. We did this by realigning with our Heart's Knowing and giving our Forlorn Fragments massive LOVE. The whole experience of the Lunar Eclipse was a good lesson in not resisting or reacting to distortion, but simply to recognize its presence and keep on going. This is when we strengthened our resolve not to get thrown off balance, no matter what is thrown at us. "When the dogs bark, the caravan keeps moving."

All month long there was the sense of waiting for something to get into position so huge changes could come in. Some of us went on HIGH ALERT. We didn't know the outer reason for this, but sensed that it was greatly needed. We sat as Silent Watchers and consciously held the Worlds within Worlds in balance while strengthening the resonance of Trueness and PURE HEART LOVE. The HIGH ALERT is in effect from June 15 - July 15.

The Solar Eclipse of July 1st put the focus back on the elements within ourselves that need to be released before we can fully begin our New True Lives. And this will be one of the major themes of July.



July is a very powerful transitional month. During this time, the doors to many old situations and completed cycles are being closed. We are already aware of some of these doors and are actively participating in closing them. Others are completely unexpected. The end of a cycle can occur through the death of someone close to us, the end of a job that we've been doing for years or the sudden dropping away of a deeply ingrained old habit or belief. It can happen if we move somewhere totally different from what we have known before. It can also dramatically occur when a natural disaster null zones our old landscapes, when an economic collapse shatters our financial security or when a war destroys our previous peace.

The moment that something is irretrievably gone is when we see it so much clearer. We see who it really was, how it really was and what it meant to us. We gain a new, heightened perspective that wasn't there before. Often we are filled with a poignant sadness at the loss of what used to be. But we don't need to plunge into this sadness. We don't need to fall back into the old, automatic responses that have been programmed into us since infancy.

When people, places, jobs, relationships, situations or major cycles come to a close, they give us the greatest of gifts. They immeasurably deepen our true feelings by allowing us to fully feel them. Whenever doors close, let's be Silent Watchers and hold everything in perfect balance. Let's continue to strengthen the resonance of PURE HEART LOVE and TRUENESS for all the planet. And let's remember that old situations and old cycles are ending because it is time to begin new ones.

In July we have the opportunity to absolutely release whatever remains of those old habits, behaviors, beliefs, and ways of living that have held us back for a long, long time. Especially highlighted are the areas where we harshly judge ourselves, including the false beliefs we carry that we are not loved, not capable, not worthy, not appreciated, not loveable, not included.

Many years ago I printed some car bumper stickers that said, "If you seek to be one of the Chosen, simply choose yourself!" And if you haven't already done this, you can choose yourself right now. Choose to be a True One; choose to LOVE and BE LOVED; choose to follow your Heart's Knowing at all times.



July is a month of major decisions that will have a huge impact on the future direction of our lives.

This is a photograph of one of those railway turntables that rotates so the trains can travel on a new set of tracks in a new direction. This is exactly where we are right now. It's time to choose if we are going to continue traveling in our old direction or if we are going to shift tracks so we can travel in a new direction.

We need to choose wisely by listening to our knowingness as a True One because this is a huge opportunity in front of us. If we choose to shift tracks, we will be opening ourselves up to totally new experiences, new people in our lives, new areas of mastery. It may also be a choice to leap into the Unknown without a visible safety net.

If we choose to remain on our old track, it could be the right one for us. This will depend on whether or not we make our choice based on our Heart's Knowingness or on fears and insecurities. If we consciously choose as a True One to stay on the same track, then we will remain in the state of RIGHT TIME - RIGHT PLACE. But if we make our decisions based on insecurity and fears, we might find that our old security soon deserts us.

If we choose to move our lives onto a new track, we will also have to choose which carriages go with us on the new track. We may well end up with a shorter train that can travel much quicker. The same is true if we consciously choose to stay on our present track. We can now decide to unhitch any carriages that hinder our progress. We can clean out the carriages that are coming with us and prepare them for the new people who will soon join us.

Many people might pause while facing the momentous decisions of July. Some might panic at leaving their old lives behind because it is the known and the familiar. Some may feel uncomfortably insecure. Some might become nostalgic at what they are going to leave behind, even when they know that they weren't happy or fulfilled there. Everyone knows that when we move forward onto a new track that there is no going back to the way that things used to be. NO DOWN- NO RETURN.

What many people don't yet see is that it's not just that we are leaving our old lives, but that our old lives are leaving us. Change is all around us. The old worlds are shattering simply because they have reached their time of completion.

In July, anything that we're holding onto that weakens us or keeps us small and any situations that keep us from living as a True One will reach their crisis point. This will create a huge discomfort until we deal with them.

While waiting for the railway turntable to rotate, we might feel a deep sadness or a sense of hopelessness. We might have doubts that we can create a New True Life. When things get to the place where we are dissatisfied with almost everything, then we have reached the point of breakthrough. It now becomes untenable to remain where we are. When this happens, it's helpful to allow ourselves to feel this extreme discomfort, then utilize this opportunity to say goodbye to our old situations.

Many people are afraid to burn their bridges behind them, but if you do, it will propel you forward more quickly. If you burn the bridges to your old life, your old concepts, your old roles and definitions, your obvious safety nets, then you can move forward without the limitations of who you used to be. These old support systems are now leaving us and we will be fine without them.

Our positions in our old lives held us into certain roles that became crutches for us. We relied on these duality-based crutches to define who we were. If the old circumstances were seamlessly replaced by new circumstances, then the crutches wouldn't be removed; they would just replaced by new ones. This doesn't strengthen the True One within ourself. If we let go of our old safety nets and expect to get a new safety net that looks exactly the same, we will be disappointed. The same is true if we trade in one job as soon as we have a new job. That's not the way it works. Our new safety nets are Living True Lives as True Ones. We are being given tailor-made new situations and opportunities that are just what we most need.

This Transitional Zone between the old and the new is a time to strengthen the True One which is strong without any crutches or definitions. It can know itself without these old definitions and roles, and it can make decisions and perform actions which emanate from its core being. The challenge is to feel like a True One even when there is nothing outside ourself that supports that.

In our New Lives, our way of life is absolutely different. We aren't just replacing old jobs with new jobs or old karmic relationships with new ones. There is something TOTALLY NEW that is now coming in. It really is not only a New Landscape, but a New Paradigm.

I am learning this in my New Life in Peru. Previously, if I was walking from my house to the market in town, I would simply walk from here to there, lost in my own thoughts or focused on my destination. Here it is different. From the moment I open the door of my house onto the walking street outside, the adventure begins! I need to be super aware. I look all around me and greet each person I pass with love and respect. Often, there is a brief exchange of honoring as we pass by. If it's someone whom I have met before, we stop, shake hands, kiss each other on the cheek, have a small conversation, kiss each other on the cheek again, then walk on.

One of my areas of old mastery is the tool of language. I can no longer use this well developed tool to communicate since I'm not eloquent or fluent in Spanish. But I can go out as a True One embodying PURE HEART LOVE. I can serve my village by being a Sacred Pagoda. And this feels very fulfilling.

July is an intermediate state that gives us an opportunity to make a deep cleansing. We need to root old behaviors out of their most hidden places. Some of these are like addictions; we know that they're bad for us, but we can't seem to let them go. If we still try to hold onto them and carry them with us into our New Lives, they will come out into the open and bite us. They might destroy much of the progress we've made. There are many elements from our old lives that we can take with us, but there are some that we absolutely cannot.

One very effective way that we can clear our beings of all the old definitions, concepts, beliefs, emotional residue, astral hooks from old relationships, fears, insecurities, doubts, hopelessness, and duality-based ways of doing things is to stand tall as an Aslan, the mighty Golden Winged Lion. The Aslan's heart contains a million glowing Suns and it radiates within you. Put all the untrue things within you and your current life into the center of your Aslan Heart and let them burn up in the mighty fires of LOVE. You can do this whenever you feel old emotions stir within you.

The more we can let go of the past, the more we can embrace the new.

The more we can let go of our old ways of doing things, the sooner the new ways will come in.

The more we can let go of our duality-based behaviors and beliefs, the sooner we can fully be True Ones.

The more we open our minds, the more we will learn.

The more we release our old concepts, the sooner we will see what is REALLY going on.

The more we are fearless, the more we can embrace the Unknown.

The more we are our natural selves, the more we can demonstrate our true mastery.

The more we open our hearts, the more we LOVE will we feel.

There's a finality to completing the old that wasn't there before. We can't keep open all our options as we used to. There are some old escape routes that now need to be sealed off so they are not an option anymore. This will free us immeasurably and allow us to more fully inhabit the Expanded HERE and NOW.

In July, we will be completing old situations by either walking away from them or by taking them to a new level. We will pull off all the layers of our old skins until there is nothing left but Trueness.

Many of us still carry the old belief that dismantling our old ways of being is something that is hard to do, or that the needed support won't be there. The energy of this transitional month is supporting us by helping push out of us any untrue energies.

What are we waiting for? If you are miserable where you are, then move. Don't wait until the real estate market "recovers"; that may take years. Don't wait until you have enough money in the bank because the banks might fail. If you hate your job, then create a new one that fulfills you. Any of us could leave the planet at any second, then we will see how silly it was that we held onto our fears and insecurities rather than leapt into our New True Lives.

We aren't just choosing our new direction. We are choosing our True Selves. We are choosing to be true to our Heart's Knowing. We are choosing to be True Ones living True Lives.

What do you REALLY want to do?

Where would you like to live?

What would you like to be doing for your work?

Who would you like to live with?

What is most important to you?

What elements do you want in your New True Life?

What makes you wake up with a huge smile on your face?

What do you LOVE the most?





June brought us many insights and knowledge; it showed us what parts of our life need to be changed. July is about finding the strength and courage to change these things and make them true. June brought us the opportunity to open new doors to the future; to find our truest path in this moment. In June we had the opportunity to see and to follow our HEART'S KNOWING, even if it meant discomfort or sadness, as we detached from our old lives.

What is false is becoming ever more apparent. We just saw this demonstrated in Monaco with their pompous and sad Royal Wedding. Despite the fact that this opulent wedding cost over fifty million Euros, the lack of love between the bride and groom was so obvious, making the nuptials feel totally hollow. It was such a difference between this wedding and the British Royal Wedding where so much love was present.

July is a transitional month when there will be periods of releasing the past, followed by periods of massive and sudden activity leading us towards where we are destined to be in the second half of this year. But, we won't 'get there' in July; it will be a further period of awakening, of research, of understanding, of finding ourselves, of gathering together with our right people, and learning how to navigate the new world that is opening in front of us.

In July we have the sense that we are coming out of our cocoons. There will be a lifting of much of the heaviness that we've been feeling. We won't focus so much on our specific tasks that need to be done, but on being in the Expanded HERE and NOW. When we do this, everything will get done in a Zen-like manner in its RIGHT TIME - RIGHT PLACE.

The basic foundations upon which we base our lives are shifting. This is the month to either change them, strengthen them or dismantle them so we can create our new foundation for the new reality.

As we increasingly shift worlds into our New Landscape, we are starting to discover the scope of what has dropped away from us. Whole new areas of mastery appear, while old levels of mastery drop away. We are developing a brand new approach to life. The deeper we enter our New Landscape, we find that we often need to take short breaks, lie down and be ultra still to align ourselves with the New Paradigm. When we do this, there is an immediate clicking into position. This is when we are encoded with the blueprints for our New Life.

Some of us are having more experiences of becoming a Key. This happened to me on June 11 here in Ollantaytambo, Peru, exactly one month after my experience of becoming a Key in Palenque. Again, it was completely unexpected. I was standing in the center of the main plaza watching a procession at the beginning of the Choque Killka Fiesta. There were 18 groups of dancers in colorful costumes simultaneously circling the plaza doing 18 different dances with 18 different bands. It was a profusion of sound, movement and color. While this was happening, I looked up to my right at the huge profile of the Inca Tunupa on the nearby mountain, then I glanced up to the temple on another mountain on the left. I did this without thinking about it; it just happened naturally. Suddenly, I triangulated with Tunupa and the temple and we clicked into position as One Being. Then the dancers, musicians and all the people in the plaza fused together with us as One Being. At that moment, there was a quiet explosion of energy and something activated in the Heart of AN....

The veils between the worlds continue to thin and dissolve. Sometimes we feel that we could step out of this world effortlessly, simply by releasing the tenuous thread that keeps us here, yet we know that this thread is far stronger than it feels. At times there are sudden breezes of astounding freshness that bring total newness. "Ah, this is it!", we think to ourselves. "The New is finally here!" The freshness is so stunningly new and different that we can see through the veils to what REALLY IS and it's magnificent and full of wonder!!! .... Then the thinnest of veils returns and the fresh breeze of the New is gone. We try to hold onto the feeling of the New and True for as long as possible, and then it disappears back into the Invisible. But something has changed deep within us.

Most of us are still waiting for our New Purpose to be revealed. Whenever we try to think about how it might manifest, all our old concepts come in, but we know that none of them are what we are seeking; it's much more than that. There's a totally new component to our New True Lives that we don't yet see. When the New and True does come in, it will completely wash away any lingering residue of the old.

Once we choose our direction, there are lots of preparations to be made before we can align with our New Purpose. This is why it's so important to get rid of the elements that we don't want to take with us and gather together the things that we do. This frees us so we can see what is REALLY there. We will be shifting tracks to one with a whole new set of people and experiences. Some of the people we might have known before, but we will come together in new ways to do new things. There will also be an influx of new people who are aligned with our New Purpose.

The Activation of the Tenth Gate of the 11:11 will take place on September 11th. The Keynote of Tenth Gate is Living True Lives as True Ones. Even though the Gate hasn't been activated yet, we can already feel its energies affecting us. This is why it's now time to release our past, change our behaviors and choose our direction.

The energy will build up and everything will accelerate during second half of the month, after the time of HIGH ALERT has passed. By the end of July, we won't be fully in our New True Lives, but we will have chosen our direction. We will be much more ready for Living a True Life. Our invisible efforts are going to become much more visible. New beginnings and new opportunities will be presented to us all month long. And while we are waiting for the necessary elements to click into position, we will start working with others to gather the information we still need.

July marks our emergence from a passage through a barren desert into a fruitful land. The fruit isn't on the trees yet, but here there are trees that will bear fruit and where our garden can flower, where before in the desert, they couldn't.



With deep gratitude for your inspiration and insights:
Emanáku, George, Susan, Darren, Ale, Lelle, Keenuane, Sylvia,
Maria, Laya, Petra, Nicole, Indigo, Malcolm, Solissa, Craig & Darity.

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